Crossing the Line

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Part One – Author, Author

“This meeting is never going to end,” Cathy Donohue thought to herself as she looked up on the wall of the makeshift conference room and saw that it was already twenty to eleven.

The regular PTA meeting had broken up over an hour ago and this little gathering of the executive committee was supposed to be brief. Just a quick chance for the committee to settle a few outstanding problems before adjourning for the summer. That was, however, before Dolores Azucena took the floor. The woman had been speaking non-stop for over half an hour.

The worst part of it was that Dolores was simply going over what had become by now a tired and familiar path. Every small town PTA, just like their big city counterparts, had their own Dolores Azucena. A frustrated, stuck up biddy who was determined to save the world from the immoral attitudes of less enlightened folk.

Dolores’ current crusade was directed against the school board’s decision to use the money raised by the PTA to give Cedar Grove Elementary School Internet Access. It was her firm contention that opening the doors of the Information Highway to the youngest citizens of their small town of 20,000 would create a generation of perverts and sex-addicts. Never mind that it had been explained to her over and over about the access safeguards that would also be installed, making it easier for their kids to access the Playboy channel on their parent’s cable television than adult material on the Internet. Her only response to that was that she’d been against adult access on cable as well.

Cathy wondered if Dolores would have a heart attack if she knew that one of those so called perverts who wrote erotica online was sitting less than ten feet away from her. It’d been three years since she’d first tried her hand at adult fiction under the pen name of Anne O’Donnell.

The name itself had been something of a private joke. Anne was her middle name and O’Donnell had been her maiden name. The response to her stories in that time had been nothing less than phenomenal. Her fan email after each new story usually ran from five hundred to a thousand. What had begun as a lark just to see if she could do it had become a very serious hobby.

Suppressing a groan as the older woman added yet another new verse to her litany, Cathy considered that if that didn’t put her into the hospital, she had another little revelation that most surely would. All of the people around the table knew Cathy as a wife and mother, cut in the same mold as most of the women sitting across from her. She was sure that even the most liberal of them would be shocked to learn that for most of her 41 years Cathy had lived a life exactly like that Dolores which was so proud to rant against.

From the time she’d had her first experience with another woman, Cathy had been a confirmed bisexual. A practice that continued up to this day, even after 8 years of marriage. In fact her last affair with a woman she’d met on a business trip to NYC last year had only ended three months before when the woman moved to the west coast.

Tuning out the drone of Dolores’s voice, Cathy let her mind wander. It was a favorite little game she liked to play when she had to kill time. It had come to her over twenty years before while in Air Force basic training and she had to spent a lot of time waiting in line. She’d pick someone around her and weave a sexual fantasy around them. It was a practice that had really paid off since she’d started writing erotica.

Glancing up at Dolores, Cathy concluded she’d be hard pressed to come up with a fantasy for the PTA Vice-president. It wasn’t that she was an unattractive woman, in fact the opposite was true. Cathy preferred women who were cute rather than beautiful and Dolores was certainly cute. The same held true for so many of the PTA members that Cathy sometimes secretly joked that the initials stood for Pussy Tits and Ass. It was just that in Dolores’s case she couldn’t separate her personality from her body.

One incident that stuck out in her mind about how much that personality grated on her occurred last year when she’d gotten a part time job at the local mall selling lingerie. She’d distributed sales flyers to all the women in the PTA since her boss had promised her a bonus if it brought in new business. It most definitely had and Cathy had gotten an added bonus when she was asked by so many of her fellow members to help them judge how they looked in the skimpiest of outfits.

Dolores of course had pointed out that it was inappropriate to pass out such material, ignoring the fact that every spring she did the same with flyers for her husband’s lawn service. So you could’ve knocked Cathy over with a feather when Dolores’ daughter Maria showed up at the shop, flyer in hand and asked her to help pick out something really special.

“I want something,” the 23 year old brunette said with a sparkle in her dark brown eyes, “that’s going to make my boyfriend, Christopher, come in his pants beşiktaş escort when he sees me in it.”

The image of the naked young woman was still fresh in Cathy’s mind. 5’4″, about 120 lbs with a dark complexion, Maria had the most beautiful pebble-like nipples that begged to be kissed. It took a lot of self control that day for her to let the full breasted young woman walk away.

Across from Dolores, who was still going strong, sat Alyssia Clark. A few years younger than Cathy, the tall copper-red haired woman was what you would call a full-figured woman. Most Men were quick to pass on a woman who carried a few extra pounds but Cathy though it just made Alyssia look that much sexier. There was nothing the brunette loved more than cuddling up between a big soft set of breasts on a cold winter night. She sometimes wondered about Ms. Clark, seeing that she’d moved to Cedar Grove only a few years after she herself did. Alyssia described herself as a widow and immediately set up housekeeping with another woman in order, she said, to share costs. A common enough practice for single women, both with children, but still it made Cathy wonder.

Next to Alyssia sat Lydia Boot. Six years younger than the redhead, Lydia had been born in the Philippines. Cathy’s height, she had long black shoulder length hair, brown eyes and the most captivating smile. Curvy and touchable was the way Cathy always thought of her.

In contrast, sitting across from the Filipina, was Whitney Wolf. Exactly the same age as Lydia, Whitney was as pale as Lydia was dark, the gift of a Scottish heritage. Dark brown eyes peered out from large red glasses. Short curly brown hair topped a full hourglass figure. Whitney had also attended that lingerie sale and it was there that Cathy learned of her taste for bondage when she quietly asked if the store carryied anything in that line. While Cathy downplayed her own experience in that area, she’d been more than happy to give Whitney a few helpful suggestions.

Sitting next to Cathy was Stephanie Lai, the youngest of the group. Only 27, the Chinese woman stood 5’7″. Over a half foot taller than Cathy but 2 lbs lighter, something she always felt was so unfair, Stephanie had the most kissable lips Cathy had seen in a long time. More than a few boring meetings had been spent wondering what it would be like tasting those lips. The fantasy of spending hours kissing Stephanie changed abruptly last month when the two of them were having coffee one morning and the slim Asian asked Cathy if she knew where she could buy a dildo. The older woman had to bite down to resist the urge to say that she had a beautiful strap on upstairs in her night table and would love to demonstrate it. Instead she suggested that a mail order house might be the best choice.

Without much prompting, the image of Stephanie spread out naked on all fours, her perky little breasts bouncing back and forth, filled Cathy’s mind. Kneeling behind her, with a firm grip on her hips, Cathy’s fantasy self pounded away at the younger woman. Strapped around her crotch was a long and thick dildo which disappeared and then reappeared as it penetrated her tight pussy again and again.

Quickly becoming lost in the erotic daydream, Cathy reached under the table and stroked the inside of her thigh. She knew her panties and the bare skin beneath them were now wet, but she dared not bring her touch closer. There were things that even she didn’t have the nerve to do. As it was, her attention became so fixed on the fantasy that she didn’t notice when Dolores finally stopped speaking and Alyssia immediately called for a motion to adjourn. A motion that was seconded simultaneously by Whitney and Lydia. She wasn’t even aware that people were getting up to leave until she felt a hand come to rest on her shoulder.

“Cathy, the meetings over,” Sabrina Drake said in her clipped British accent as she gently nudged her friend.

“Oh, sorry,” Cathy replied as she snapped out of her fantasy and ran her hand through her very short black hair. “I guess I was daydreaming.”

“Dolores has that effect on people,” the redhead smiled. “And I’ve had to listen to her a lot longer than you have.”

Sabrina Drake was Cathy’s best friend in Cedar Grove. A few inches taller than Cathy, she was also five years younger. They had become friends six years before when, eight months pregnant, Cathy had moved into a house on the same block.

Most of the other neighbors took a wait and see attitude towards the new arrival from New York City. Sabrina, having been even more of an outsider having spent her first 20 years of life living just outside London, thought this rather silly. She had showed up that first morning after the moving vans had left with a map of the area, a list of helpful tips and a tray holding a still hot breakfast.

Sabrina was an old hand at the PTA, as her fourth child had finished the third grade. Most of the other mothers of first graders were ten or more years beşyol escort younger than Cathy so she was doubly grateful that she already had a close friend when her daughter started school last September.

“You’re the lucky one,” The 5’2″ brunette said as she pushed her chair back under the long table. “If you hadn’t gotten that phone call before you’d have had to listen to Dolores’s speech too.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, Cathy,” Sabrina whispered. “There wasn’t any phone call. I asked the desk guard to just come in twenty minutes after the meeting started and say I had one. I’ve been on the executive committee too long not to know that Dolores had at least one more speech in her for the year end meeting.”

“Cheat!” Cathy hissed in mock anger as they exited the room.

“You’re only angry because you didn’t think of it too,” the 35 year old said.

Both women laughed.

“Did you finish that report for the summer study group you were working on?” Sabrina asked.

“I have most of it on disk, but our computer crashed Wednesday night,” Cathy replied. “I was on the phone two hours yesterday with tech support but couldn’t get it working. They promised to have someone come out and take a look at it on Monday.”

“Well just drop the disk off at my house later and I’ll print out what you have.”

“Can I just hide out at your house until Monday?” Cathy quipped in a semi-serious voice. “Jim’s going to have a fit when he gets home from his trip Sunday night and finds I crashed the system again.”

“You do seem to do it pretty often,” the younger woman said.

“Can I help it if the machine doesn’t like me,” Cathy laughed.

“I have an idea,” Sabrina said after a few moments of thought. “My son Glen is home from college this week. He’s pretty good with computers, he should be since he’s majoring in them. Why don’t I ask him to stop over after lunch and take a look at it.”

“That’d be great,” Cathy gushed. “If he gets it up and running I’ll owe you big time.”

“You really don’t have to owe me, just get me something nice…” Sabrina said. “Something like…him over there.” she added as her voice dropped to a whisper.

Cathy tuned to see Dave Hoch, the gym teacher walking down the hallway from the opposite direction. 6’1″ and 215 lbs, the bearded 39 year old bore a striking resemblance to a younger Kenny Rogers, right down to the silver streaks in an otherwise black beard. Striking blue eyes sparkled from behind round tortoise shell glasses, eclipsed only by a broad friendly smile. Sabrina whispered a speculation about a non visible part of his anatomy causing both women to laugh. As he passed, Dave wondered what the joke was.

Cathy ran a few errands before heading home. Her daughter had a Scout meeting after school and this was Dora Fletcher’s turn to pick up all the girls and drive them home. The living room clock was just chiming twelve thirty as she closed the front door behind her.

Ten minutes later, Cathy had just finished changing out of the dress she’d worn to the PTA meeting and into a simple blue skirt and white blouse, when the door bell rang.

Opening the door, she was greeted by a muscular young man in red gym shorts and a white Empire State University T-shirt. He stood 5’5″ with blue eyes and dark ginger hair. Cathy’s first thought that this couldn’t be little Glen.

Then again, she really hadn’t seen him since last fall when he went away to college. Despite having just finished his freshman year at State, Glen Drake had only just passed his 18th birthday. Always at the top of his class, he’d skipped a grade during elementary school.

“Hello Mrs. Donohue,” he smiled. “My Mom says you’ve been having some problems with your computer.”

“Oh, yes,” she said as she realized that she’d been staring at the young hunk. “Come on in.”

As he stepped inside and Cathy closed the door behind him, she couldn’t help but check out his back view as well.

“Nice ass,” she thought to herself.

“So how’s college?” she actually said.

“College is great,” he replied as he stepped into the living room. “There’s so much to learn and do. I’ve even gotten into working out at the gym and biking. Mom kept drumming into me that I had to exercise my body as well as my mind.”

“Well she’s definitely right there,” Cathy grinned, hoping that her look didn’t betray a too lustful thought. Like the fact that if she was 20 years younger and all other things being equal she’d like to jump his body right here on the living room carpet. He definitely wasn’t what came to mind when you thought of a computer whiz.

“Should we get started?” he asked.

“What?” Cathy replied in a somewhat confused tone.

“The computer? Where do you keep it.?” he asked.

“Oh, the computer,” she answered, telling herself to put that little fantasy out of her mind. There would be time enough to explore it more fully when she crawled into her empty bed tonight. “It’s beykent escort in the work room upstairs. Come on, I’ll show you.”

“You’ve really fixed the place up since the last time I was here,” Glen said as he followed his mother’s friend up the spiral staircase.

“Well with Laura in school now, I have a lot more time to work on it.”

“How’s she like school?” he asked as they reached the top floor.

“Oh she loves it,” Cathy said as she opened the door to the work room. “She actually gets constant A’s.”

“That’s great,” Glen commented as he stepped past her and sat down in front of the computer.

The college student pulled a small leather folder out of his carry bag and opened it on the desk. As he spread it open, Cathy could see it was full of brightly colored floppy disks.

“OK, lets see what we’ve got,” he said as he hit the power switch and the C:\ prompt appeared on the screen.

Cathy watched as the youth began to type in commands too fast for her to follow. What Cathy could only describe as gibberish flashed across the screen as Glen pulled a bright red disk from his folder and slid it into the “A” drive. Then he began to type in a new set of commands.

“This doesn’t look too bad,” he said out loud as he replaced the red disk with a blue one.

Feeling a little silly standing there with nothing to do but watch Glen work, Cathy asked if he’d like a soda.

“That’d be great,” Glen said, never taking his eyes off the monitor screen.

“Coke, Pepsi?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any Mountain Dew, would you?” he said, turning around and looking at Cathy with a broad smile.

“Let me take a look down in the basement,” Cathy said, admiring his smile. “I think there might be some left over from our last party.”

Glen was already back at work before Cathy exited the room.

As she looked through the cans of soda stacked in the basement pantry, Cathy was sure she was going to find a good use for that vibrator she kept in her night table tonight. When she really thought about it, she thought it was funny that she would find Glen so attractive. Back when she’d been in high school, she really hadn’t been that interested in guys her age. Then again, at that point in her life, she hadn’t been too interested in guys period.

“Bingo!” she said in triumph as she spotted a green can in the back of the shelf.

A quick side trip to the kitchen produced a glass full of ice and a few snacks to go with the soda. As she carefully navigated the stairs with her burden, Cathy wondered if Glen would still be working on the computer when supper time rolled around.

Stepping into the workroom, Cathy’s blue eyes opened wide in amazement as she saw the familiar picture of the starship Enterprise that served as windows wallpaper filling the computer’s monitor screen. She couldn’t have been gone more than ten minutes.

“You fixed it!” she excitedly called out as she set the tray down on the snack table.

“It was nothing, really,” Glen said as he began sprouting what Cathy categorized as techno-babble. He might look like a varsity player, but he still had the mind of a nerd. Finally he came to the point and said he’d like to run a few more tests on the system.

“Sure, you’re the disk-doctor,” Cathy laughed, relieved that she now didn’t have to even mention to her husband that the computer had crashed.

Leaving Glen to his work, Cathy spent the next ten minutes cleaning up the adjacent bedroom. She was wondering if she should offer him money for the work he’d done. Even though he was doing it as a favor for his mother, Cathy felt she should at least make the gesture. And if he accepted, so much the better.

“Oh shit!” Glen yelled loud enough to be heard in the next room.

Cathy dropped what she was doing and rushed out into the hallway.

“I don’t believe it!” he continued.

“What’s wrong?” Cathy called out as she burst into the room, visions of a totally ruined hard drive in her head.

It was a few seconds before Glen took his eyes off the screen. A screen filled with Windows 95’s Explorer and a few open text files.

“What’s the matter?” Cathy asked, unable to imagine what could’ve caused the young man’s reaction.

“You’re Anne O’ Donnell!” Glen exclaimed as the older woman stepped into the room.

“Oh God!” Cathy mentally exclaimed as the words died stillborn in her throat. It was her worst nightmare come true.

From where she now stood, she could see that the open text files contained two unfinished stories as well as email addressed to her Anne identity. Mentally she gave herself a swift kick in the ass. For the longest time she had been planning to install some sort of security program to protect those files. A necessity prompted by her daughter’s new found reading skills and her desire to read anything her eyes came across. She reminded herself every time she opened one of the files but never seemed to get around to it. After a moments reflection, remembering Glen’s skill with the keyboard, a security program mightn’t have made a difference.

The young man was still going on, his voice reflecting both excitement and apology at the same time. His words were coming out so fast that Cathy had trouble making a few of them out.

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