Crystal Clear Cruise

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What a week! Who would have thought your whole life could turn upside down in such a short space of time. At the beginning of the week everything was going smoothly as Rachel and I prepared for our luxury dream cruise together. I would never have imagined what would happen on that cruise liner!

It all began on only the second day of our cruise around the West Indies. I couldn’t believe how many people were aboard but soon began to relax in the baking heat enjoying just lazing about by the pool, taking in the sights. And what sights there were… beautiful women in tiny bikinis were everywhere, it was too much to resist the odd peek as they strolled past. It was my eyes roaming that started my troubles as Rachel caught my gaze following a buxom redhead who was walking along past the pool.

“What are you looking at?” she scolded.

“Uhm nothing babe!” I replied, knowing already that I was in for trouble.

You see there is one thing about Rachel is that she gets jealous very fast.

“I saw you looking!” she responded, “I suppose you prefer her to looking at me now huh?”

“Eeeer….no” I said.

“You hesitated, I knew it! well I’ll make it easy for you” and with that she stormed off leaving me sitting there bemused and amazed at how quickly she had become upset.

I sat there by the pool just wondering what the hell had happened when I saw an absolute vision! I mean she looked amazing. She had long blonde hair and was wearing the tiniest little white bikini as she stepped from the pool. Even better was to come as she walked past and I realised that the bikini was almost see-through when wet and I couldn’t resist staring at her perfect little brown nipples poking through the material. My gaze travelled south over the flattest stomach imaginable to rest on her nether regions where I could see a tiny tattoo peeking from the side of her bikini bottoms. As well as the tattoo you could make out a thin shadow of pubic hair, neatly trimmed angled towards her pussy lips which were also just about visible. Her lips seemed to be trying to eat the material of her swimsuit as they showed of every detail and shape of her delectable pussy that was clearly shaved smooth. The lips reminded me of the rounded petals of a flower, I couldn’t help but stare until I felt her eyes on me. I averted my gaze but to no avail, I was busted big time!

The vision walked straight up to me and asked me if I was enjoying the view! I couldn’t believe it as I spluttered,

“Erm sorry…Yes… errr I was just wondering what tattoo you had in such a daring place!”

How lame was that?!

“Oh my tattoo, its my lucky charm, it’s a little Gecko, its keeping an eye on my modesty!” she said, and with that pulled her bikini bottoms to the side a little and thrust her hips closer to me so that I could see the tattoo better. I couldn’t help but take in the stunning sight barely inches from my eyes. The feet of the gecko tattoo were nestling in the edge of her golden pubic hair. I spotted that the material had also been pulled forward slightly so I altered the angle of my gaze in an effort to see those wonderful looking petal like pussy lips. But she was too quick for me. She let the bikini bottoms snap back into place but she did treat me one more time when she pulled up the sides of her wet bottoms. The material became even tighter, it seamed to separate her lips and I was sure that I could make out the tiny bulge of her clit at the top of her groove. I couldn’t believe what was happening and in my flustered state kicked a drink that was on the deck all over the place.

“Oops! I suppose I had better let you clear that up,” She quipped, and with that she was gone, leaving me stunned at what had just occurred. I was definitely feeling hot under the collar and had to have a swim to cool off before going to get dressed for dinner. Was Rachel going to join me? I didn’t care right now as I still had a vivid picture of “her” in my head.

However, after a shower I had cooled down a bit and began to wonder where Rachel had gotten to so I headed to the restaurant we had chosen before our argument. I asked for a table for two hoping that Rachel would turn up soon. She didn’t! I sat there for over an hour slowly getting madder with every J.D and coke that I drank.

Just as I was about to leave I couldn’t believe my eyes as my vision sat down at a table not fifteen feet away…and she was alone! I could feel my face beginning to flush as a ripple of excitement flowed through me. I ordered another drink and sat trying to discreetly glance at her when she wasn’t looking. I felt like a naughty school boy but couldn’t help myself. It was during one of my adolescent glances that I saw the most erotic sight ever. My vision slowly uncrossed her legs revealing a tiny pair of white lace panties before crossing her legs again. It was almost too much to bear and as I looked up I saw a glimmer of a smile cross her lips. Had she done it on purpose? I fervently hoped so! Like a fool I quickly looked away, embarrassed at being caught again looking at her with Manisa Escort pure lust in my eyes. “Time to leave,” I thought as my composure deserted me completely.

After almost running out of the restaurant, I walked the decks for a while and my thoughts returned to Rachel who had it seemed vanished into thin air. I returned to our cabin and waited for her to return.

It was later that evening when she still hadn’t returned when I started to feel really annoyed as I felt I hadn’t really done anything wrong, just admiring the female form, and Rachel had really lost it.

“Sod it, I’m going for a drink.” I said to no-one in particular.

I trawled through three or four of the bars with no joy and as I reached one of the many bars aboard I saw Rachel, and she was enjoying the company of two of the cabin crew, with the three of them having a great time. I left for another bar steaming mad and quickly downed three shots of J.D before my mood mellowed and I began to take in the surroundings.

It was then that I saw her again, the beautiful woman from the pool dressed in a glittering gold dress seated on a stool at the other end of the bar. She had long hair that seemed to glitter and match her dress, and a figure to die for barely covered by the flimsy material. It was not an exaggeration to say that every guy in the bar was casting furtive glances her way. It also seemed that she was well aware of the fact and loved every minute of it.

I moved chairs so that I had her in my direct eye line and as I moved closer I could see that the gold dress she was wearing was as see through as any dress that I had ever seen, It was like something off a catwalk. I thought at first that she was wearing some tiny flesh coloured underwear until the light hit her at just the right angle. The shape and darkness of her nipples was clear for me to see, standing out proudly on her pert breasts. Was she wearing panties? I wasn’t sure and kept trying to discreetly look to see. It was whilst looking that she caught me staring at her and with a smile uncrossed her legs repeating her earlier performance but this time there was a magical difference.

It was like being hit with a thunderbolt as her little dress rode up the most wonderful pair of tanned thighs to reveal…no panties, just the most erotic sight ever, the pussy petals that I had earlier been prevented from seeing were there for my viewing pleasure. It seemed not long enough before she slowly re-crossed her legs, still smiling and I could feel the effects of the view that I had just had in my loins. I had to readjust where I sat to accommodate the erection this woman had just caused.

Now the question kept replaying in my head, “Did she do that just for me?” I fervently hoped so. In my semi-drunken state all I could think about was having this woman, I wanted to be the Bee who slid his tongue beyond her petals to taste her pollen. But then there was probably a similar thought running through every mans head in the bar. As I looked around it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one to see her little show as waiters were sent over with glasses of champagne for the lady.

I sat there now openly looking at her, the drinks numbing my thoughts to anything else other than to see her pantie-less pussy again. It was then she got up from her stool to go to the ladies room. As she did so she bent over to fiddle with the buckle on her shoe. I nearly exploded! Her perfectly shape arse was being revealed in all its glory, as well as just a glimpse of those sweet little pussy petals. What a beautiful little peach of an arse she had and every eye in the bar watched it wiggle into the ladies room.

Perhaps it was the drink that numbed my normal reserve but I decided to at least try and get to know this amazing lady a little better. I waited for her to return before approaching her, fully aware of all eyes watching, waiting to see my failure.

“Uh hi, I was just… uhm… wondering… would you… uh… like to dance?” I stammered.

How dumb could I sound? I was stuttering like a smitten child and in front of a bar full of people too!

“Sure, why not?” she replied, “we can’t have you being laughed at by everyone now, can we?”

I thought I had misheard but couldn’t believe my luck as this beautiful woman led me to the small dance floor where Bon Jovi was playing. “Living on a prayer,” how apt I thought!

As we danced I couldn’t help but look at her wonderful pert tits as they bounced gently to the rhythm of the music, beneath her golden dress. Her nipples hardening as I looked upon her. I looked down and saw that the illuminated dance floor gave me a wonderful view of her legs and their junction. I was sure that I could see the glistening like dew on a petal between her pussy lips. I realised that others would be watching and seeing what I could but she was dancing with me.

As the song finished she leaned in and said,

“Are you going to buy a girl a drink now?”

“Of course, whatever you want, lets go.”

“Champagne would be nice,” Manisa Escort Bayan she said.

“Only the best then,” I replied.

“Obviously!” she laughed, and led the way to the bar.

I could see her nakedness underneath her little gold dress, her spine took my eyes down to her two wonderful orbs and the small gap between her legs where I could see the half moon of her pussy lips in silhouette. I could feel myself getting hard in my trousers and just praying that no-one else could see my growing erection. As we sat at the bar all I could think about was what was underneath her dress, barely covered and openly on view for all to see. But it was me sitting with her sexy body..

“Well are you going to say something?” she asked.

“Uhm yeah sure…uh ….uhm…”

“Cat got your tongue has it?”

She was teasing me just like she was teasing all of us in the bar.

“You’re beautiful” I blurted out, to which she gave a small grin.

“Sorry, I just haven’t met someone as openly sexy as you before and feel a little, well a lot overawed by you showing off your body like that. sorry.” I apologised.

“Don’t be,” she replied, ” I enjoy the attention otherwise I wouldn’t do it, so how about we have another dance or two and just maybe when I leave you can join me in my cabin…just maybe.”

Well I was on the dance floor in a flash, my eagerness making her laugh again, which in turn made her tits shake seductively. After half a dozen rock songs a slow song came on and she moved closer and held herself against me as we swayed in time with the tune. She had her arms around my neck raising her dress so high that when I put my hands on her butt all I could feel was her soft skin. I was grateful that the dance floor was so busy. I wanted to bring my hand round to the front and slide my fingers between her legs, but I felt bound to protect her butt from prying eyes. The thought had a natural effect on my manhood. I couldn’t help it, She couldn’t fail to feel my erection pressing into her midriff.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, “That feels good!” and with that she moved her right hand between us and began stroking my length through my trousers. I was seriously horny now as this amazing woman softly toyed with my cock. I could hardly stop myself as I felt the fire growing in my loins. She must have sensed how close I was to really embarrassing myself as she then led me back to the bar to buy her another glass of champagne.

It must have been obvious to everyone in the bar how much I wanted her, but by now I didn’t care! I was totally in her power and was willing to do anything to make it happen.

“Ok sit next to me for a while whilst I have a little fun.”

“Fun?” I asked, a little confused.

“Yes fun! I want to do a little dance for you. You stay here and watch me.”

What could I do but oblige and sat down to enjoy the show. She walked to the edge of the dance floor and facing me at the bar, began to dance to the music. The yellow light from the side illuminated her breasts and the light from below showed the world her long legs and pussy. She may have well been naked. As she swivelled her hips and bent her knees there was no material obstructing my view of her perfect pussy.

As I sat there, I could hear voices saying what they would like to do with her. I could hear another couple of other guys laughing at me. It must have looked like I had blown it with her and I was the brunt of their jokes. I mean what guy would sit there and put up with this?

This went on for what felt like an hour, with the sexual electricity racing around the bar before she got up and went to leave. I held my breath as she walked straight past me without even looking at me. “NO” my brain yelled as I thought I had blown it somehow. What had I done wrong? It wasn’t until she reached the bars exit that she turned round and without a word beckoned to me with her finger.

“YES!” I was up out of my seat in a flash, smiling as I followed, at the guys who earlier has laughed at me, “see you around lads,” I quipped.

As we left she said, “Thought I was going without you did you?” and laughed. Even her laugh was sexy and caused a certain amount of discomfort in my trousers.

“Well I wasn’t sure…” I replied.

“My name is Crystal by the way,” she informed.

“Oh sorry mines Stuart… Crystal, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she laughed, as she continued to lead me around the ship to her cabin.

“So why are you all alone on a cruise then Stuart?”

I told her about my jealous girlfriend who had decided to repay my looking at other girls by going off with the cabin crew and she just smiled and said,

“Well don’t worry I am sure I can make you forget all about her for a while, and it sounds like she is too uptight for you anyway, after all just looking at beautiful women does no harm now does it!”

We reached her cabin and she led me inside taking off her shoes as I closed the door. The view was even more Escort Manisa amazing close up as her arse strained to be released from her dress. I let out a gasp of desire and she looked at me and asked,

“Like the view?”

“Love it! You have a truly sexy body and a figure to die for.”

“Well don’t die just yet,” she quipped, “Pour us a drink will you whilst I slip into something else.”

I poured two drinks as she went in to the bedroom and waited for her. She reappeared wearing the sexiest lingerie set I had ever seen. Her lacy white bra barely covered her wonderful brown nipples but was transparent enough that they showed proudly through the sheer material and the lacy little white panties just covered her golden tuft of hair. Again this made little difference as her beautiful thatch was easily visible through the whiteness with the outline of her petal-like pussy lips captivating to the eye.

“Well, you like?”

“Like? Adore is more like it! I feel like this is just a dream!”

“Well in a dream would I do this?” she asked as she walked over and unbuttoned my shirt. I took off my trousers as well to leave me in just… my Homer Simpson boxer shorts!! Again her laugh sent a warm glow through my body as she teased me about Homer.

“I think Homer should be left out here while we go into the bedroom don’t you?”

“Yes,” I agreed whilst taking them off, realising for the first time that I would be naked for her. How would Crystal like what she saw, would she be disappointed? God I hoped not.

Crystal seemed to pick up on my fears and just eroded away all my doubts with a simple “mmmm.”

With that Crystal led me into the room holding my erect cock like a lead, she made me lay down on the bed and declared,

“Tonight I will drive you wild with pleasure and show you the time of your life… if you can keep up!!”

With that Crystal began slowly dancing in front of me, a vision in her virginal white bra and panties. Crystal began gyrating to some music in her head, running her hands over her body, stroking her wonderful tits and teasing her own nipples. She continued running her hands down over her taught belly and between her legs, stroking herself through her panties running a finger along her pussy lips before sliding her hand inside the material and continued her stroking. Her other hand returned to her breasts and released one of her tits from its constraint.

Crystal’s nipple was as hard as a rock as she toyed with it and a little gasp escaped her lips as she continued slowly dancing in front of me whilst pleasuring herself.

The sight of Crystal’s performance had me hot with desire and I couldn’t stand it any more. I asked her,

“May my hands take the place of yours?”

“Oh yes please be my guest.”

With that I got up and moved behind Crystal and wrapped my arms around her. My hands were everywhere, cupping her breasts, caressing her nipples, sliding down her belly, over her hips, between her legs feeling the heat of her sex.

“Oh yes Stuart, your hands feel amazing…and your cock pressed against me feels so hot. That’s it gently stroke my pussy… that’s it…just there…oh god yes…”

My hands felt alight with passion as I then led her to the bed and asked her,

“Kneel down for me please Crystal?”

“With pleasure” she groaned.

What a sight I had before me with Crystal bending over on all fours for me to continue stroking her wonderful body. I stroked her back and tickled her sides before moving down to her stunning sexy arse and I couldn’t resist kissing both cheeks as I gently teased here with my fingertips. To my delight Crystal responded by pushing herself backwards encouraging me further with little moans of excitement.

I could stand it no longer, I had to remove her little panties and have Crystal in all her naked glory. I slowly removed them to reveal the absolute perfect pussy peeking out at me from beneath her peachy little bottom. I ran my hand between her legs to feel the softness of her flesh at the core of her desire. Her pussy felt as though it were alight, the wetness letting me know that she was enjoying my touch. Her panting turning me on further and further making my penis more swollen than ever before.

“Oh god Stuart that feels so good, your hands are amazing. Come here and let me pleasure you now.”

I reluctantly stopped what I was doing, laid down on my back and looked up at her beautiful face now flushed red.

“I’m yours to do whatever you like Crystal,” I said.

With that she straddled me and began stroking my chest, teasing my nipples to hardness, running her fingernails down my chest and stomach until Crystal reached my loins. Crystal began gently rubbing my erection and with her other hand fondled my balls before wrapping her hand around my shaft began slowly pumping my cock up and down its length revealing the large head of my cock every time. I couldn’t help but moan and groan with pleasure as her soft little hands drove me wild with desire. Then to my delight I felt her long golden hair begin to tickle my belly as Crystal lowered her head to my penis and began running her tongue along my length. Crystal took the head of my cock in her warm mouth and began gently sucking the head whilst still massaging my balls and pumping my cock up and down.

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