Crystal Drop

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Several years ago a female friend asked what it felt like when I masturbate. I decided to turn my reply to her into a story. Some may find this story arousing, others I’m sure won’t. It’s not really meant to be one or the other.

If a female writer here would like answer from her perspective I’d be eager to read it. Just somehow let me know it’s there or send privately if you’d like.

Thanks to Literotica editor Hotincali for her input.


They sometimes call it “the little death”. I’m not sure I’d go along with putting male orgasm in such drastic terms but there is an element of truth. There is something very final about the process even though with youth or Cialis the ability might quickly return. You can prolong or delay but sooner or later discharge happens and recharge must occur for the process to begin again.

You asked me to describe how it feels when I masturbate. Funny how each gender wants to know how it is for the other when it comes to pleasure. I’ll try to explain how I do it and how it feels. Whether I succeed will be based on how well I write and how well you can imagine having a cock and balls. We both have our challenges.

Come along with me. For you, I’m willing to share a very private moment. Envision yourself in the room with me. Observe from whatever angle you prefer, interested observer or from inside my body.

There are, of course, as many methods as there are men. You can grab yourself and stroke rapidly to conclusion or play with yourself as the feeling is savored. Physical manipulation or erotic thought are the two main routes to travel. Pictures or video can be a turn on or perhaps reading some erotica. What a concept huh? Here I will describe my favorite way. It assumes total privacy and unlimited time. My goal is to prolong the feeling, savor being hard and dripping, and finishing with a great orgasm. Are there non great orgasms? That’s philosophy, this is masturbation.

I must say that I love the feeling of being half hard. The feeling of slight swelling and heaviness in my balls knowing the pleasure to come if you’ll pardon the pun. Before actually doing it I can enjoy the feeling. Allowing my mind to wander a bit to center on my genitals. Perhaps it’s enough to leave a spot on the underwear. It may happen several times during the day. Slight swelling, then subside. No matter, not enough for anyone to notice. Soon everything that leaks out will become part of the process.

I’ve been anticipating this time alone. I go into the bedroom, pull the blinds, turn on the light by the bed, and climb in. Generally I put a couple pillows behind my head because I want to watch as my body responds. I lay back, naked, with my cock flopped over against one thigh. I’ve made sure it’s shaved totally smooth well beyond the base of the shaft with the pubic hair trimmed.

I use different scenarios each time, different women, places, and activities. Since you’re watching I’ll use you as inspiration. You could be any woman. Someone from work, a girl I knew in school, or the wife of one of my friends could all provide the fantasy. It could simply be remembering a true encounter or a dream about one that will never happen. Today you’re here, at least in my mind, and it is you that will provide the inspiration. bedava bahis I’ll imagine your reaction to watching and that will be part of today’s fantasy.

Knowing the pleasure that is coming makes my member stir. I close my eyes and think of you. I imagine you standing at the end of the bed watching me. I can feel your eyes on my private parts and the imagery causes me to grow just a bit more. My cock seems to have a mind of it’s own, swelling to reach further down my thigh or getting very hard and lying flat along my belly. I love this feeling.

So I watch you watching me. Hmmmm, I wonder what those breasts of yours look like. Are they pink or brownish? Big nipples or tiny ones? I bet they get good and hard when you’re aroused. Did you know that I’ve had that thought many times? I’ve wondered what it would be like to be with you and right now that thought will be allowed to flow. I imagine walking right up to you and placing my hands on those boobs. Ah, that’s it, I’m getting harder.

Did you know a man can actually feel the pre cum traveling up his shaft? Pre cum will be important in this story. I love to focus on the feeling of it heading toward the tip. Anticipation is an element I very much enjoy. Today I’m not in this to see how quickly I can cum but rather how long I can prolong the feeling of being on the edge, dripping that clear fluid.

The thought of you watching me is a turn on. Perhaps it is a fantasy we should get together and share sometime. Masturbating for each other would be a wonderful way of sharing, don’t you think? For now I imagine you standing there as I divest you of clothing, piece by piece. A man could have great fun with that body of yours and now I will, at least in my thoughts.

For a moment I move you to the back of my mind while I focus on the feeling in my cock. It’s starting to swell now and I can feel the first drop starting to climb. Since I’m not yet fully hard, I make sure it’s pointed toward my face so I can watch. Just thinking about getting hard and pleasuring myself brings the pre cum closer to sight. I can feel it now, right at the tip and I imagine more building up.

As you watch can you feel it? Maybe it’s like growing moist when nobody knows, a secret pleasure in knowing your pussy is getting wet? There is great pleasure for me in feeling the pre cum slide up, then out.

There it is, the first drop. That crystal drop clings to the tip, perfect and clear. There will be much more to follow. For now I try to see how much I can get to balance on the tip before it slides down. It amazes me sometimes how much can gather before it begins it’s downward journey. Soon there is too much to balance. That very first drop is going to run down, but which way? I could let it go down the underside of my cock and run onto my balls. I could let it drip off the other way and fall on my belly. I could hold my cock straight up and let it slide down the top to settle in my pubic hair. Yes, that’s the way this time.

The drop builds and slides down the head and I can feel it all the way. It hangs at the place where the head flares out so I hold my cock up straight enough so that it falls on the shaft and starts to run along the length. It feels so good and more pre com emerges. I keep my cock vertical so it will slide down the bedava bonus front. I can feel it trickling along. The first drop is near the bottom now and gets caught up in my pubic hair, eventually finding flesh. The drop on the other side slides onto my balls and I can feel it there as well.

My thoughts turn back to you for more inspiration. Such a nice thought to have you pleasure me. What would those lips feel like as they engulfed me? If I sent a finger to explore would I find you wet? I bet you’d be very wet and slippery.

The thoughts propel more pre cum up and out. It begins the journey to join drops that came before, pooling and making me slippery as well. I love to repeat the process, hardening, dripping, softening to let more drizzle out, then focusing on a thought to get me hard once again. I love the feeling of pre cum all over me. Sometimes I take a finger and rub it around in my pubic hair or on my balls.

I sometimes let my penis cycle through many times. Once I’m hard and dripping I may take my mind off stimulating thoughts and let it subside. When it gets soft some pre cum will inevitably leak out and add to what’s there. Then in a bit I resume thinking sexy thoughts and revel in the feeling of hardening. Again I can feel more of that clear liquid climbing the length. The supply, unlike cum, seems endless.

So can you do it? Can you imagine having a cock and balls? Can you feel the pre cum inching it’s way up, out, and down? If I squeezed out a drop of my lubricant and let if fall on your pussy lips could you feel it make it’s way along? That’s the feeling I get. At least, I imagine it’s the same. The feeling of getting hard, then softening, then getting hard again? Do your nipples do that? Thinking about it gets me hard again. Maybe our experiences are more similar that one would think.

I can imagine you watching. What would you be thinking? Would you want to lend a hand, so to speak? Would you want to catch one of those silver drops on your tongue and paint your lips with it? Would you want to straddle me and bury me deep inside you since there is plenty of lubrication already applied? Or would you rather just watch the explosion that’s inevitable.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to describe to you the feeling of being flaccid and then becoming hard and going through that several times. Can you feel it when your clit engorges with blood and pokes out? My guess is that’s the most similar feeling a woman would get. I suppose a lot of the pleasure comes from the anticipation of release as much as the orgasm itself. I know that this time, instead of cumming inside a woman’s mouth or pussy I’ll be cumming all over myself. I’m okay with that. Masturbation helps a person know their own body.

It seems my entire focus is on my penis and whether it’s softening or getting hard again it feels as if my cock is savoring the attention brought to it by my thoughts. When again I concentrate on you it hardens on it’s own. I might think about your large breasts, how your pussy lips look, or what you’d taste like if I could place my face between your legs.

It is, of course, not always thoughts alone. I sometimes let a finger glide gently along the shaft, gently massage my balls, or smear some of that liquid around on the head. I can take a large deneme bonusu drop on my fingertip and bring it to my tongue. I swirl it around knowing that’s the feeling a woman would have if she were pleasuring me with her mouth. Smooth with not a lot of taste but the sensation in my mouth can cause stirrings below as I imagine a lover taking me in that way.

Masturbation, like sex, can be quick or can be prolonged and savored. Neither is wrong and there’s a place for both. Still, the delicious frustration of not letting myself cum too quickly has a strong allure. It’s the delightful prelude and is worth extending. Maybe it’s different sometimes for women with their capacity for multiple orgasms but for a guy it’s best to hold on to the feeling since it will be at least a little while before it can happen again.

After while there is a time when I know it’s time to throw away all restraint and help myself over the edge. During sex with a woman, there are times that, despite all efforts to delay climax, a guy knows it’s just too late. At that point it’s best to just totally surrender and let loose every drop, spurting as hard as possible. It’s as if there is a voice telling a guy they can no longer hold it and they may as well enjoy the ride over the falls because trying to swim upstream won’t help. In this case, as I masturbate for you, it’s that time.

Hand over the head I start to tease, rub, stroke. My other hand plays with my balls as I know the end is near. I circle my fingers around my hard shaft and squeeze out more pre cum to accumulate on my fingers. I then rub all that all over the head and shaft. As I mentioned, if I need more it’s pooled on my lower stomach. Now it feels like it would if I’d poured a healthy dollop of lube on my cock and I start to stroke. I let my hand glide up and over the head, then down to the base and back again. This entire episode has been based on you watching me so I mentally bring you in again. I imagine you’ve climbed on the bed and have your face inches away wanting to see the finale from close range. I watch your face as I stroke faster and faster. It’s no use now. Going through another stop/start cycle would be impossible.

The decision has been made and this time I’m cumming for my pleasure and your entertainment….or education.

Faster and harder, there is no stopping, nor would I want to stop. It’s coming and I stroke quickly. It’s building and I can feel the milky white cum surging up. I can feel it as it happens. The rush of cum escapes as the orgasm overwhelms me. It’s as if there is nothing else in the world, just the pleasure. I imagine that I’m exploding with your face only inches away as you watch. The first spurt launches itself several inches into the air before falling on me. Successive spurts coat my cock, balls, belly, and hand. The amount can vary, depending to great extent on how long it’s been since I last found release.

After climax, it feels like I just finished a race. Soon though I’m totally relaxed. The aroma is strong. No one could doubt what just happened in this room. It’s like the distinctive smell that is created when a man and woman combine their juices.

I lie there, spent. I’ve cum all over myself but it will be a few moments before I move to clean up. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, good sex is messy, whether it’s with someone or solo.

So, was it a good show for you? Did you learn something about me and how my body responds? Is it similar to what you do when you bring pleasure to yourself? Maybe next you’ll write for me. For now, I’m very content.

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