Cuban Heat

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It had been weeks since she had seen him. She had given up seeing him again, she thought for sure that he was just another man, see what he could get and disappear. She walked into the bathroom removed the towel she had wrapped herself in after her shower and heard her phone ring, but it wasn’t the regular ringtone that everyone else had, it was the ringtone she had assigned for him. She could feel her heartbeat through her throat. He had left her a message, a simple, “Mami, I’m 2 minutes away.” Her heart racing even faster, only two minutes away, oh god, she was going to see him in just two minutes. That jet-black hair spiked up was going to be in her hands. His tongue was going to explore the inside of her mouth. She had just put her lacy green thong on and had to remind herself that she needed to put the dog away before he came. She had just locked the dog in the bathroom, just in time for him to walk into her house. This had been the arrangement after all. He would come over and the front door was always unlocked for him to just come in. On several occasions, he had requested that she be lying in bed naked for him.

“Mami, I miss you,” he pulled her close and kissed her. His lips felt warm and sweet against hers. His tongue invading her mouth, she could taste the winter fresh scent on his tongue. Her hand cupping his neck, greedily tasting him. She pushed herself into him. Her pugnacious breasts rising and falling into him. He kissed her neck, she pulled away, he turned her around and stared in awe at her round butt. He bonus veren siteler then grabbed it with both hands. She grabbed him by the left hand, walking and kissing down the hall until they reached her bed. She laid down, her legs spread, he came down and kissed her again. Her soft moans escaping her lips, his hand running down her pierced nipples and soft sides. He stopped on her panties, feeling her clit, he then lowered his head and kissed the lace on her panties, followed by a small bite. He looked into her eyes, his deep brown eyes penetrating her soft green eyes. He then brought his head back up to her, sliding his fingers in her panties, he slowly pulled them down her legs.

She laid herself in front of him. He stood in front of her, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, his erect dick flopping out. He kissed her again, deep, she stroked his dick, the kissing, getting more intense. His fingers claiming her vagina, making her moan his name, she then put her lips around him. He tasted amazing. His shaft, so smooth and welcoming. Her warm mouth begging for him to go further. He enjoyed himself in her mouth, he lost himself in her mouth. She began sucking him harder and faster, as much as she loved the taste of him in her mouth, she really wanted to be fucked by him. It had been ages since she had been touched by a man, and right now that was all she had thought about. Him in her, there was no time limit, there was nothing that would make this feel more right. He showed special care when she sucked his bedava bahis dick, he wrapped her hair around his hand and guided her even further down his shaft. She laid on her back and put her head at the edge of the bed. He put his dick down her throat and watched the bulge he put there. His dick covered in thick slobber. He pulled himself out fast and reentered her. He played with her full breasts while he did it. When he grew tired of watching her throat bulge he had her expose her butt to him, he leaned over her, she still sucked him, then he fingered her and brought a finger up her butt crack. She grew more excited about his fingers in her butt, secretly wanting him to take her anally. She would do it for him, let him know that she was his for the taking. He enjoyed putting his fingers in her. She moaned more audibly.

He had her stop. She thought something wrong had happened and looked at him a little painfully. He quickly calmed her, and brought her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs again for him. He put himself in her, she whimpered. His dick lubed already with her slobber, and she was lubricated very well from her own secretions, giving him head always made her very horny. He put his hands on her breasts, then lowered his head to her left nipple. He fucked her and sucked, licked, and bit her left nipple with each thrust into her. He played with her ring so forcefully she could feel little bolts of pain, but she didn’t mind. She enjoyed seeing his head on her breasts, her nipples in his mouth. She deneme bonus didn’t even notice the blood until afterward. He was speaking rapid fire Spanish, she pulled him closer to her, grasping his forearms, and kissing him.

She raised her hips into him, matching tempo, he came down to her again. She pulled his head into her breasts, keeping him there, still enjoying every inch of him in her. When she let him back up all she asked if he was ready to cum, he looked down at her, and said after you. She was close, she could feel the orgasm on the brink of her body. The waves engulfing her, she pulled him back down, another kiss, and moaning I’m close. They locked eyes on each other, she came, hard. He could her satisfaction in her voice, and her vagina tighten around his dick, he came, and growled like an animal. He then laid his head on her chest for a moment, both breathing heavily on each other. They laughed for a minute with each other. Kissing her forehead, she played with his hair, enjoying these simple moments together.

He had taken care of her, the one thing she needed more than anything at that moment. He asked her, did you cum Mami? Of course, she had, she was completely spent. She put on a pair of pants, and walked him back to the front room. They talked for a little bit, laughing, and hugging, kissing each other like they had been starving for each other. This was always the hardest part, the good bye that could be forever, or just feel like forever. She never hesitated to ask for the one last kiss. Sometimes those kisses were the kisses that she had dreamed about. Even if she hadn’t been really belonged to him, for that small moment in time, she truly did. When he came over and made her feel like his, he owned her. She hated that he always left and went back to his wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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