Cum Over

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Damian walked out into the sunlight and immediately felt the humidity in the air. The contrast from air conditioning to summer afternoon was like a rolling oven blast. Damian had thrown on a cotton Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of jean shorts, frayed at the cut offs. On his plump feet, he wore a pair of sandals. Today Damian was going commando. As the heat bounced off the asphalt, Damian felt it cook his nuts. The heat made them sag and jostle in his baggy shorts.

Damian found his truck and set the beers he had bought, in the passenger seat, turning the engine over and setting the fan to high. His AC had gone out a few weeks ago and driving the truck was hell. He had braved the drive today only because he had gotten a text from Marcus. It simply read “Cum over.”

Damian put the truck in gear and gunned the engine, spreading his chunky legs to let his testicles breath. He undid the top three buttons on his Hawaiian shirt and his belly creased and jiggled as he drove, his dark skin beading with sweat. Damian was aware of sweat running down his legs as he drove, more so today. He had shaved his entire body that morning.

Damian enjoyed lathering himself with shaving cream, in the shower, and take a brand new razor, running the five blade tool around his puffy nipples, over his chest, down his armpits and over his pudgy stomach. With a hand held mirror he made smooth passes over his ass cheeks and ass crack, paying special attention to his taint. Then his legs and thighs. Finally, taking his avocado sized testicles in one hand, and carefully shaving them to smooth round brown veined perfection. The only hair on his body being a thick mass of pubic hair above his cock. A dense black V that pointed at his brown hooded fuck meat. With the heat, Damian’s cock had grown to a flaccid eight inches and he felt it against his thigh, incredibly hot and tumescent.

Damian knew Marcus’s address, and he pulled up to the secluded house on two wheels, heart and cock throbbing together. His body was slick in sweat. He climbed out of the Ford and dragged the case of beer. The sun beat on his bald head as he walked up the drive to the from door of Marcuses house, he felt his sweat slicked ass cheeks jiggle and bounce gaziantep escort with every step. He knocked twice, and patted his cock into a more comfortable position in his shorts.

Marcus opened the front door wearing a bath-towel. His long cock outlined in the damp cloth. His massive frame took the whole door way and he undid his towel as way of welcome. Marcus was muscular with a proud ass and round hard belly, his age showed in the grey in his beard and his dreads. His age did not, however limit his lust. His cock was hanging down, a metal stud protruding from the dark slit on his purplish head. A pair of testicles almost as big as Damian’s hung half way down to his tip. Marcus had a neatly trimmed carpet of curls for pubes. Oiled and shining, Damian could not wait to grind his fat ass on them.

Damian knew the procedure, he set the beers on the table inside the foyer and began to unbutton his shirt. Marcus watched, his cock rising and twitching ever so slightly.

Damian unbuttoned his rough jean shorts and shrugged his massive ass out of it, he felt his man tits jiggle as he knelt to help his left leg out of the shorts. Kicking them behind him he raised his hand above his head and spread his legs. Marcus opened a drawer on the table, surveying his toys. Watching Damian stand naked in his foyer, he closed in, and began to tweak his nipples, he cupped Damian’s smooth nuts in his hand and squeezed, hot and slippery, his balls pulsed. All this was done with the front door wide open.

Marcus circled him, his cock bouncing off his own thighs, and inspected Damian’s body.

Marcus slapped his ass cheeks and roughly grabbed hand fulls of black flesh. He stopped when he had done a full circle and then took Damian’s hands in his hand, holding them above his head in one massive hand. He spit on his right hand and quickly slapped Damian’s cock head, hard.

“Ah fuck!”

Damian was never ready, his cock deflated.

Marcus gave him a look of warning. Damian bit his lip as he felt the meaty sting again and his cock shrugged back to its normal flaccid length. Marcus continued the assault, slapping Damian’s dick, nuts and nipples, until the pain overdid the lust and he felt his cock shrink to three inches. Damian moaned and shivered.

Marcus took a chastity device from the nearby drawer and snapped it on Damian’s fore skinned clit. His balls hung out obscenely, Massive and veined and begging to be milked, sagging with the weight of seven days of pent up cum, they almost hit his knees, the brown bags a smooth brown.

Marcus stood up and took Damian’s hands and began to tie them together using a length of rope he had also taken from the same drawer.

Standing at six foot six, Marcus dwarfed Damian at his obese five foot seven. He held him on place like an obese marionette doll. He leaned slightly and ran his tongue down Damian’s bald armpit, a shade paler than his body, the center crease beaded with sweat. Damian couldn’t help himself.

“Oh fuckkk yeaaaa daddy.”

Marcus slapped his right nipple hard as punishment for talking, and continued tasting his right armpit, his silken tongue making Damian wild. Damian’s cock tried to grow but the steel cage stopped him. He felt his nuts ache and sweat run down his ass crack.

Moans and sucking sound echoed in the marbled halls as Marcus continued his assault on Damian’s shaved underarms. Without deodorant Damian’s scent was musky and sharp and he saw Marcus dribble pre cum onto the tiled floor.

Marcus stopped suddenly and let Damian’s tied hands drop. He closed the door and then stepped behind Damian. He ran his hand in between Damian’s plump black orbs of ass and inspected his man pussy. He found his dark puckered hole and inserted two fingers into Damian’s insanely hot slick ass, roughly, finding his prostate, he circled it slowly with his fingers pointing downward, toward Damian’s taint.

Damian’s legs almost gave out. His knees tried to buckle and he arced his back allowing Marcus better access to his guts.

“Fuck yesss, thats just what I need daddy!”

Marcus slapped his heavy cock on Damian’s back.

“One more word and i’ll put the gag on you.”

Marcus continued his assault on his prostate with two fingers, then three, making Damian suck his ass juices every so often before adding another finger. Soon the squelching sounds of hand fucking were echoing throughout the house. Marcus began fisting Damian’s enlarged hole, using his fingers as a clasp and milking his prostate unmerciful. Damian had begun to leak cum at a steady rate now, his heavy body shaking and jiggling with nasty pleasure. His extended hole creamy and angry.

Marcus stood him up and closed on him, his hard body slapping against Damian’s sweaty flab, and he covered Damian’s mouth with a hand as he took his own cock with his other hand and guided it underneath Damian, slapping his taint and balls with loud slaps of his fuck meat.

“Ohhhhh shiiiit.”

Marcus took his flared head and sank half of his cock up and into Damian’s hot ass.

“Fuckkk meee yessss daddyy thats what I love!”

He untied Damian’s hands a repositioned them behind his back like an arrest. Binding them tight.

“Start walking. To the pool.”

Slowly and with pleasure weakened knees Damian began to march, Marcus cock going deeper and deeper into his guts with every step.

He felt both of their nuts slap and bounce off each other and soon Marcus was all 12 inches of cock inside of him, his oily pubes tickling Damian’s cheeks.

The pool was in the backyard. The blinding sunlight made Damian close his eyes and Marcus prodded him to keep walking. He stopped to take a few items from a table, sunglasses and a towel, He guided Damian like a captive over to the edge of the pool and slid out of Damian’s ass long enough to let him down the steps into the water. Marcus laid the towel down and sat on the first step of the pool, his massive cock touching his left pec as he positioned Damian’s plump ass over his thick fuck meat. Marcus spread his legs and his nuts sagged into the water, bumping against the next step down. He knocked Damian’s brown starfish onto his cock head and let him sink down. Inch by inch, until Damian was kneading his dark moons of ass on Marcus wiry pubes. Damian rose, enjoying the feeling of Marcuses fat cock, pushing against his prostate. He felt the swollen cock head near his entrance and slowly Damian sank, repeating the ride over and over again, eyes closed, flabby body beaded with sweat, his ass slapping the pool water and Marcus thighs. Marcus leaned back and donned his sunglasses, he held Damian’s tied hands, like reins, and let his chubby bottom ride himself to a sweaty prostate orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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