Curious WM 30

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Disclaimer: Some readers are going to be surprised that there will be some oral sex involving a curious older male and a curious younger male! If you don’t understand the nature of sexual curiosity please don’t read any further. If, on the other hand you do and want to offer constructive criticism, please do. I welcome any and all comments that will help me be a better writer or to better understand the curious male.

CURIOUS WM, 30 looking for first time oral experience from another man. All calls answered. 4257

You’ve seen the ads. Maybe you even thought about answering one. Maybe you did. I saw this ad and was drawn to it. It was so simple. A curious guy wants to find someone to satisfy his need to know what it would be like to have a man give him head. He may have had oral sex from a woman but he wants a man to go down on him. He didn’t say “with” which would imply reciprocity, it seems that he just needs to find a cock sucker.

But it’s not so simple is it? First there is the danger of trusting a complete stranger. You won’t tell your closest friends and relatives what you want to try but you’ll admit to a stranger that you want him to pleasure you orally! How nuts is that? What if he’s sick? What if he’s a sicko? What if he’s a gay basher looking for a victim. All kinds of bad things could go wrong. But still you try. Maybe there is someone out there willing to give you your first time oral experience.

It takes guts to answer this ad too. There are many game players out there looking for lonely men to take advantage of. It could be a set-up. Lots of things could go wrong. If you are married you could loose your wife and family. You could catch AIDS or another disease. Why would you risk it?

To find out. To answer the nagging question, “what does it feel like to go down on your knees and willingly take another man’s manhood into your mouth and pleasure him?” For years you have wondered, for years you’ve had a recurring masturbation fantasy. You’ve had wet dreams about it; you can’t shake the need to find out.

So you call the number, you enter the code, you answer the questions and then you wait!

One day passes, then two, you feel foolish. You tell yourself it was just a shot in the dark, nothing ventured, nothing gained. By the weekend you are almost glad that there has been no response. Saturday morning you tell your wife you are going to the barber. She asks you to pick up a half gallon of milk and some Danish pastry for Sunday brunch with your mother.

As you leave the drive the cell phone you so judiciously obtained just for this purpose vibrates. It can only be one person, CURIOUS WM 30.


“Hello, Karl. Is that you?”


“Is Karl there? I’m returning his call.”

You forgot your pseudonym. “I’m sorry, I miss-heard you. This is he. Who is this?”

“This is CURIOUS, Karl. Have I called at a bad time? I don’t mind calling back later.” He seems very unsure of himself, courteous and apologetic, sorry to be imposing.

“No, please, this is perfect. I’m alone now; we can talk for a few minutes.”

“I read your response to my ad, Karl, and quite frankly I’m only calling to be polite. I promised to answer all calls but I’m afraid that you don’t really fit the profile I’m looking for. But thanks for responding, that took some courage on your part and I respect that. I hope you’ll understand. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time…”

My mind raced after I heard “to be polite.” I needed to keep CURIOUS on the line. “I’m not sure I understand, CURIOUS, would you take a moment and help me?”

“I will if I can.”

“What were the things that disqualified me in your opinion?” I couldn’t believe I was asking this man to tell me why I couldn’t suck his cock. Just the fact that I’d do it at all should have made him want me to do the job!

“The first thing was your age, Karl. I don’t think a man over twice my age is a good fit really.”

“Would you rather I lied and said I was fifty or better yet forty-nine. You would Göynük Escort find out soon enough if I lied. Besides, I’ve been thinking about doing this as long as you’ve been alive.”

“That’s the second thing, Karl. You admit you have no experience. I think I want someone who knows what they are doing to guide me.”

“Think again, CURIOUS, do you want to be guided or do you want to take control. I’ve never done it it’s true but I don’t have any bad habits. You can tell me were to lick and when, where to kiss and when, where to suck and when, how long, how hard. You can have the blow job you’ve always dreamed of because I’ll let you tell me how to do it.” I was trying to sell myself as a blow job trainee, I couldn’t believe my ears!

“Get real, Karl. I need some one who will follow through, swallow if you will. I don’t need a beginner who will gag and quit.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll swallow or even finish the job until I learn more about you, CURIOUS, but neither can anyone else who has contacted you. These cell phone calls are expensive, why don’t we meet and discuss this over breakfast?

“I don’t think so, Karl.”

“There’s a diner on Main near 77, do you know it?”

“I’ve eaten there!” CURIOUS seemed surprised that we had the same breakfast place in common. So was I really.

“Good, I’ll be there in twenty minutes. I’m wearing beige slacks, a light blue polo shirt and a white painter’s cap. I’ll get a booth. If you decide to join me, introduce yourself as “Phil” and lay a copy of the paper that’s open to your ad on the table. Don’t say anything more, just think about it and surprise me.” I didn’t give him a chance to say no. I just snapped the cell phone shut, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and exhaled.

I could not believe that I had just made a date with a man to have oral sex and that I would be the one to go down. I’m sure he knew it too. If he showed up I would be giving him head soon. The only question was where.

I parked behind the diner and went in. The morning rush was over so there were plenty of booths available. I took the one closest to the door and seated myself facing the rear of the diner. I didn’t want to check out every man who entered, I’d let “Phil” find me.

I ordered coffee and was working on my second refill, beginning to loose hope and feeling foolish when a young man approached, laid a copy of the paper on the table and said, “Hi, I’m Phil.”

I smiled, extended my hand and returned his greeting, “Hi, Phil. I’m Karl, please sit down.”

The waitress took his order for coffee. When she brought the coffee she asked, “Are you ready to order?”

“Just coffee for me,” Phil said.

“Just coffee now,” I agreed.

We sipped our coffee and silently studied each other. I wanted him to break the ice; after all, I got him to come to the diner. The next move was his.

“Do you come here often?” He asked softly.

He was trying to pick me up! Guys use that lame line on women when they can’t think of anything else to say. He may not have known it but subconsciously he had accepted me. All I had to do was get him alone in a safe place. “Maybe once a month.” I replied. “You?”

“Every day, my office is in the building behind the diner.” My poker face must have cracked; I couldn’t believe we might be able to use his office.

“Is your office open on Saturday?”

“Only during tax season and by appointment.”

“I think you know what’s next, Phil,” I pointed out in hushed tones. “Fate has brought us together here, today. You are curious about letting a man go down on you and I would love to find out what a nice hard cock feels like when it erupts in my mouth. Take me to your office. Let’s see what we’ve been missing.” I was taking the direct approach, no pussy footing, let’s do it or forget it.

Phil just looked at me. He wanted this as much as I did but I understood his hesitation. Maybe I was too aggressive, maybe I should have taken more time, maybe he would get cold feet and Göynük Escort Bayan turn me down. The longer it took the more confident I became; he was warming to the idea that an older man could satisfy him. I didn’t fit his fantasy but he was mentally rewriting it as we sat there in silence.

“Can I warm up your coffee?” Our waitress offered.

Phil looked up and said, “No thanks bring us our check.”

I smiled. “Our check.” He had already made us a couple!

Phil took the check and handed the waitress a five dollar bill, “Keep the change.”

She thanked him and we got up to leave. “After you,” I said. “You’re the leader now!”

We walked up a sidewalk to an office building on a rise above the restaurant. I took stock of his physique as we climbed the steps to the front entrance. He was not overly athletic, not fat, but maybe a little paunchy. A younger version of me. Only now did I think about his penis, what if it was too big or too long. I wanted something I could comfortably accommodate. Was it too late for me to back out?

We took the elevator to the eighth floor and entered a small office that had a glass door and wall facing the hallway. He locked the door and went through a doorway into a larger office. There were two arm chairs and a small table by the window, his desk faced the window and the chairs. The view was spectacular. “Where are the drapes?” I wondered.

“We don’t have any,” he answered. “Our lease specifically prohibits drapes and blinds, but we don’t need them anyway. The windows are mirrored on the outside. The whole building is a giant mirror. No one can see in but we can see out. Besides we are on the eighth floor and there isn’t another building on this side of the valley. You’d need a hell of a telescope to make out anything from that distance.

I wasn’t sure this fit my fantasy, it was unnerving, like being in a fish bowl. “I don’t know what to do next.” I confessed. “Why don’t you describe your fantasy and we can act it out.”

“Ok, I’m seated at my desk checking over a clients report when my assistant comes around the corner and announces, “Mr. ah…, Phil, your nine o’clock is here.”

I say, “show him in, Angela, and then why don’t you get some coffee, I don’t want to be interrupted for any reason. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she answers coyly, “I’ll be in the coffee shop, when your consultation is over you can call me.”

You take a seat in one of the easy chairs, Angela leaves, and we hear the door close. I wait a moment and go check the lock. It’s secure. When I return I stand in front of my desk and say, “If you want it; come and get it.”

“That’s good, why don’t you lean on the desk and we’ll pick it up right there.”

Phil took his position at the desk and I took mine in the easy chair. I waited. Finally he caught on. “If you want it; come and get it!”

I licked my lips as I smiled and looked him directly in the eyes. I knew that very soon I would be sucking a cock, a real cock, his cock. I slid forward in the chair and dropped to my knees. I licked my lips again. Phil smiled as I crawled across the room and knelt at his feet.

“May I unbuckle your belt?” I begged.

“You may.” My hands brushed the sides of his thighs as I brought them up to his waist and undid his belt buckle.

“May I unzip your trousers?”

“You may.” I let my hands lightly caress the front of his thighs as I gently rubbed his crotch and slid his zipper down.

“May I unbutton your trousers?”

“You may.”

As I undid his trouser button I begged. “Please, let me help you out of your trousers.”

I licked my lips again as he stepped out of his slacks. I folded them neatly and laid them on his desk. His cock was already hard and tenting his boxers. I put my face on his package and nuzzled it, I could feel the heat of his cock as it throbbed and his balls were tight. I began to worry that he might not be able to last long enough for me to fulfill my fantasy. The musky odor of his Escort Göynük genitals was as pleasing as it was familiar. “Please let me help you out of your boxers.”

His cock sprang free as he stepped out of his boxers and my mouth began to water as I looked at the first cock I would ever suck. It was just an average cock but that was all I really wanted. I hesitated, not because I was afraid but because I wanted to remember this moment, the moment my mouth would loose its virginity. “May I lick your balls, please?”

“You may.” He raised one leg and laid it on his desk exposing his crotch. I stared, not truly believing that I was this close to a naked cock; a hard cock that curved upward. His balls were drawn up tight and looked ready to explode. I must have looked too long because he goaded me, “Are you going to change your mind? Are you going to leave me sitting here with my cock waving good-by?”

“No, please. It’s just that I want to remember your beautiful penis! When I’m alone and jacking off I want to remember what your testicles look like! Soon I will be giving up my mouth’s virginity and I want to remember every last detail.’ I leaned in and let the tip of my tongue touch his sack. I tasted salt. I became bolder and licked with more tongue. As his sack became slick with my saliva I began to be less timid.

Slowly I licked him, as his cock brushed against my cheeks and nose; I licked his balls and the base of his cock. He made low groaning noises as I sucked first one ball then the other, all the while his cock waited impatiently for its turn. When I knew that I comfortable washing his crotch with my lips and tongue I realized what was next!

“May I lick your cock, Sir?”

“You may,” he sighed, “please, please do!”

I began at the root of his penis, under his ball sack and licked slowly up the underside of his engorged prick. I licked up one side and down the other being careful not to stimulate the very tip. I’d suck on the side and lick, and then I’d move closer to the tip, suck gently and lick. When I couldn’t wait any longer I asked, “May I suck the end of your cock, Sir?”

“Do it already, you cock teaser, suck it and suck it dry!”

My lips covered the head of his penis and I gently sucked as I flicked the tip with my tongue. I let a half an inch more in and licked the underside as I pulled slowly back. The second time I sucked him in I took almost half of his cock. As the head rubbed the roof of my mouth my tongue continued to lick the underside. I began to find a rhythm, slowly bobbing in and out, licking and sucking as his penis slid out, using my tongue to hold it against the roof of my mouth as it slid in. I became more and more comfortable with taking it deeper and deeper until my lips found the base of his cock. It wasn’t especially long so I forgot my worries about gagging and increased my tempo. He let me do all the work as I held onto his ass and fucked him with my mouth. In and out, faster and faster, until I felt his ass tighten and his cock throb. The first spurt filled my mouth so I swallowed quickly and held his cock in one hand and stroked it, his balls in the other as I sucked his cum from his wilting dick, spurt after spurt until there was no more to eat.

His cock slipped from my lips and I looked up at him. He put his hand on the side of my face and caressed it. “I can’t believe I almost told you no! You were better than I imagined, better than I’d hoped for.”

“May I help you put your boxers on now?”

“You may.”

He stepped into his shorts and as I pulled them up I kissed his cock one last time as if to say good-by. “May I help you put your trousers on, Sir?”

“You may.”

I held his trousers as he stepped into them and then pulled them up, tucking in his shirt, buttoning his waist band, buckling his belt and finally zipping his fly. I patted his crotch and kissed it one more time before standing up. I looked at him and knew I wanted to do this again. I wondered how long I’d have to wait.

“How was it for you?”

“If you mean would I do it again the answer is yes. Your cock is just the right size and your cum is sweet. I think I’d like to do it for you whenever you feel the need.

“How about Monday morning at nine?” His eyes twinkled.

“Book it!” I smiled knowing next time would be even better!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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