Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen! I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol

The Idol of Lesbos III — Sacrifices

Chapter 4




“The two of you are in big trouble!” William Sr. boomed. “Out all night! Not answering your phone! Scaring us half to death! What were you two doing?! Drinking? Having sex?”

“I swear to God,” Tilly started, “That I did not touch a boy in any sexual way. Not a kiss, not a touch, nothing! And I can tell you that Billy didn’t do anything either. He got a hotel room for us in case we got tired and the two of us stayed in it. That is the absolute truth.”

William looked at his son, “Is this true? You better not lie to me.”

Billy shrugged, not feeling as confident as his sister, especially since she fucked with his head last night. “It’s true dad. Tilly wasn’t with any guys last night. And Kelly and I… We kinda just didn’t get along last night as well as I thought.”

He glanced at Tilly who nodded ever-so-slightly. She may have twisted his mind sexually, but the rest of his brain was intact. He could tell their dad the truth, but Tilly promised that the video of him jerking off and admitting he was pathetic would go to everyone he ever knew, along with the video. Of course he really wanted to watch the video of that night so that he could jerk off again and hoped that Tilly would allow it.

William Sr. was not so convinced of his twins’ innocence. He stared at them for a while before finally passing sentence, “Fine. But you still could have called. So, the two of you are grounded… Till graduation. You will remain in the house unless going to school. No extra-curricular activities, no graduation party, nothing! Do you both hear me?”

“But dad!” Tilly cried, “What about my game this afternoon? It’s the final game of the season!”

“You should have thought of that last night!”

Tilly stared at her mother and reached out to give her mind a tweak. Megan responded immediately, “Bill, while I think they need to be punished, I think skipping the game today is unfair to her teammates. They are already down two players.”

The two parents deliberated for a time before Megan finally convinced her husband. His mood was terrible after not getting any sex for so long, so perhaps he was trying to make his wife happy by agreeing with her? Who knew, but the end result was the same.

“Fine,” he acquiesced, “You can go to the game. But that’s it! Nothing else.”

Tilly poked a little at the situation and found it all too easy to manipulate, “Well, what about church today? Billy and I are in the youth group and we’re supposed to be having a party today!”

“Party?” her dad snapped, “Uhh, no. No, no, no. You are staying home from church today. In fact, I’m going and your mother is staying home to watch you two to make sure you don’t get in any more trouble.”

“Oh come on!” Tilly let out a mock whine, “Please?”

“No!” her dad yelled before storming out of the room. The three waited fifteen minutes before William Sr. pulled out of the driveway and headed off to church. Tilly wasn’t sure when her dad would figure out that there was no youth party at church, but it was her best guess it wouldn’t be today. Megan watched apprehensively from the window as her husband left before she was interrupted by Tilly holding matching purple rabbit vibrators. Billy was sitting in the easy chair staring blankly ahead.

“Well, mommy? We have about an hour. What are you waiting for? Get out of your clothes!” Tilly tossed the two toys on the sofa and began stripping.

Megan was mortified as she glanced between her daughter and her son. “T- Tilly! What are you doing! Your brother is right there!”

Tilly fell back on the leather cushions and took one of the toys in her grip. “Oh, don’t worry, mom. I fixed him. He’s not going to tell anyone, are you brother?”

Billy ulus escort shook his head dumbly and started rubbing himself through his sweatpants. Megan gawked at him and yelled for him to stop but found her son unwilling to do so. She looked at Tilly and shook her head, “What did you do to him!? I can’t do this in front of Billy! Are you insane?”

“Insane is probably a good description, mom,” her daughter answered honestly. “But I don’t care. Now get over here and lick my pussy. It’s really sore from last night and it needs a mother’s special touch.”

Megan resisted and found herself being dragged slowly toward her daughter’s glistening mound ever so slowly. She kept looking at Billy who had pulled out his penis to play with it. It was so repulsive on so many levels. It was a man! It was a penis! It was her son! It was her son taking sexual pleasure at the sight of her and Tilly doing something forbidden! Megan cried out as she felt compelled to lick her daughter’s pussy lips, shocked that there was still a line for them to cross. She could hear her son babbling to himself like an insane person while he jerked off to his mother and sister engaged in lesbian sex.

“I’m worthless…”

“I have a tiny penis…”

“No woman would want me…”

“I must watch lesbian sex…”

“My sister taught me I’m pathetic…”

The family was disintegrating and what lay beyond could not be imagined.

** ** **

The power of the idol was much fainter. Tilly noticed it when she struggled to bring her mother over to the couch while her dad went to church. She supposed that the power had been waning all along, but either it was so gradual that she never noticed, or she was simply in denial that all her good things would come to an end. Now Tilly was truly worried, for if the Idol of Lesbos was telling the truth about fading, it also meant her life might be in jeopardy.

Tilly had so many plans for the game. She had planned to arouse the other team to the point where they could not concentrate, but she dared not use her power now. Instead it ate at her bitterly and the field hockey game quickly spun out of her control. So many luscious sets of legs, so many pretty feminine faces, and yet Tilly could do nothing. The worst part was that she needed to find two women and find them soon. Once the game was over, her dad would dump her in the car and she’d be at home for the night. She could try running away, but what if she couldn’t find anyone!

Half way through the game, Tilly realized she had found a solution and it had been there all along. Her class had not one but two sets of twins. Billy and Tilly were Fraternal twins, but the Hitch sisters were identical twins, brown and luscious and deserving of being fucked with. She would have done it long ago but didn’t want to have their team screwed up. Now Tilly didn’t care. It was the end of the year, they were graduating soon, and once they were sacrificed to the Idol of Lesbos, Tilly would have the power to manipulate everyone around her. The women she would bend to her will would be a vast collection for her to sample. No longer would Tilly be stuck on her own block. The cheerleader squad would be only the beginning. After that would be their sisters, and cousins, and mothers, and friends. Visions of an endless room filled with female bodies undulating against one another filled her mind and powered her determination.

While Tilly dared not use the full extent of her granted powers, she did nudge the women about her. A player here, a coach there, a referee every once in a while. A flash lesbianism in their eyes, a poke of lust in their bellies, the evening went as expected. The star players of the game were Lisa and Leslie Hitch who were lauded over and praised for an hour while the rest of the team took to the showers and cleared out of the locker room. Tilly remained behind, waiting patiently for her prey as the two finally stepped in to wash off before heading off to the after game celebration.

As they strode naked into the showers, they both looked up at Tilly who was soaping herself in the steam. They had such amazing bodies… It seemed a shame to sacrifice them. Tilly acknowledged that she had no idea what the sacrifice actually entailed, but the voice deep inside her told her it would become obvious once it occurred. And whatever it was, the idol seemed to approve of Tilly’s ulus escort bayan choice. Leslie and Lisa were twins — they couldn’t get any closer. They were never touched by her powers and Tilly really didn’t care what happened to them. It was perfect!

“What are you looking at, Till?” Lisa sneered as she wet her hair. “Oh, by the way, you were a fucking space cadet on the field today.”

Tilly continued to look at her, admiring her breasts. Leslie walked in and noticed Tilly’s obvious gaze. “Don’t look at my sister like that, weirdo.” She snarled,

Piggybacking on her sister’s ridicule, Lisa added, “Yeah, I figured you were gay, Tilly. Don’t go bring your gayness in here though.” Tilly slowly walked past the two, then leaned over and whispered something in Leslie’s ear. Lisa couldn’t hear it but Leslie made strange face, gasping as she did. It was like some epiphany was brought to her twin’s attention and made her whole body react.

“You know, Tilly,” Leslie spoke slowly, “You have a really nice body.” She drew close to the blonde and the two bodies contrasted in the steam. Blonde hair and dark hair, pale skin and brown skin. Leslie reached out and put her arm around Tilly’s waist to bring their wet figures together.

Tilly looked up at the mortified Lisa who was frozen in shock, “So Lisa, what’s up with your sister? Why is bringing her gayness in here? That’s kind of disgusting, don’t you think?”

Lisa stammered, “I don’t – what is going on here? Leslie, stop that!”

“Shut up and watch, Lisa.”

The idol made its push into the untainted twin.

‘Watch your sister having lesbian sex.’

Lisa stood there as instructed, mouth agape while Leslie and Tilly went from gentle kisses to a full on make out session. Tilly then broke away and grabbed Lisa forcefully, kissing her on the mouth. Lisa tried to stop the action but couldn’t. She was kissing a girl who was just seconds ago kissing her sister Leslie! That meant her sister’s saliva was in Leslie’s mouth! And yet there was a feeling stirring between her legs. The powerful yearning to be sexually satisfied was growing at an alarming rate and that bitch Tilly was doing it to her somehow.

“Mmm, good kisses. I think I need to sample each one again.” Tilly had her arms around each twin as she went from swirling tongues with Lisa to Leslie. As she went back and forth, her hands went down to their ass cheeks, squeezing them as the hot water fell about the three girls.

“Oh, I just can’t decide,” Tilly mused. “Why don’t you two help me out and tell me who is the better kisser.” Tilly pushed the sisters together so that their identical frames lined up against each other in the cascading water. Their breasts rubbed together and their nipples hardened at the touch. Leslie and Lisa were nose to nose, cocking their heads this way and that, accidentally mirroring each other as they drew closer to the inevitable. Eventually both girls bent their necks to the right and brought their lips together. Pensive at first, soon tongues began to swirl and arms locked around each other as the Hitch sisters enjoyed their incestuous kiss.

Tilly was so overwhelmed with the sight of the twins embracing that she stumbled and slid down the wall of the shower. The twins gradually followed her to the tile floor, grabbing and rubbing and sliding as they did. The sisters were locked in an embrace that seemed to brighten the room and made Tilly’s body shiver. She knew the idol was speaking to them, invading them, filling their hearts and minds with every unspeakable act it had experienced over the centuries. They both knew what they were doing was wrong and they reveled in the lust that forbidden encounter generated.

‘Encourage them, Tilly.’

‘Make them love it.’

‘Make them need it.’

Tilly commanded for them to climb into a sixty-nine position and couldn’t help but masturbate as she watched Leslie atop Lisa licking each other. “Ooh that’s it… Lick your sister’s cunt, bitch! Do it! More!” Tilly commanded. She cared not which one obeyed her, figuring they probably both would.

‘With their innocence sacrificed you will control all women.’

Tilly was so excited her vision blurred in the steamy shower. They had to orgasm simultaneously and so she spoke aloud the nastiest comments she could make, hoping to bring about their shared climax. “That’s it, Bitch ulus escort kızlar Sisters. How does it feel knowing your tongues are in each other, huh? Licking each other! Incest with your own twin sister? You girls are dirty slutty fucking lesbian whores! More! Lick your sister!”

The Idol was loud in her head now.

‘You will pleasure all women.’

Tilly’s own orgasm was building beyond measure, “More!”

The idol’s magic intensified.

‘Together we will experience everything.’

Tilly watched Leslie and Lisa begin to quiver and moaned aloud, knowing the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced was about to occur.

‘You will be one with me.’

“Yes!” Tilly cried.

‘Tell me you want it, Tilly.’

Tilly whimpered, barely able to get the words out, “Oh I want it! I want it more than anything!”

The words all made sense now, and Tilly was too far gone to recognize the consequences.

‘They are my living sacrifices.’

‘And you are my vessel.’

Leslie cried in pleasure and was shocked as Lisa did the same thing, screaming almost in the same tone. Lisa experienced the most wickedly divine sensation and likewise seemed to know that her twin sister was equally pleased. The room seemed to blaze with a peach colored light and the voice in her head that had been pushing them to perform the forbidden act seemed to wash every part of their being. The pipes from the walls burst out of the tiles and shot the aluminum shower heads into the opposing walls. The copper pipes twisted like snakes, whipping about before they melted into a glowing pool that flashed with light.

Whatever had taken over the twins had connected the sisters in a bond closer than they ever experienced; a difficult task for sure. They shared each other’s thoughts and feelings and dreams and lusts. They were one, fully aware that only together would they know true pleasure. Of course, it wouldn’t prevent them from bringing other women into their arms, but for now they would be contented knowing that their summer would be a long and passionate one spent in a myriad of incestuous lesbian acts.

The two broke their embrace only because of the sound of the locker room door swinging open and the clicking of heels growing louder as somebody wade her way past the lockers. Lisa and Leslie Hitch looked about the shower and the hot and cold water shooting out at the broken tiles. The sisters grabbed their towels and met the stranger as she rounded the corner.

“What the hell happened in here?” the woman asked them, her face drawn in shock.

“We don’t know!” Lisa stammered. “We were showering and all the pipes seemed to just burst!”

Leslie added to the fiction, “One of the shower heads flew right past my face! It almost killed me!” In truth neither sister truly understood what just happened, but the voice speaking to them told them to keep their new relationship secret for now.

“Was anyone else in here?” the woman asked.

The two looked about, realizing that Tilly was missing. “Nope, just us.”

“You sure you didn’t see Tilly Buchanan in here? Her mom and dad are looking for her.”

The twins looked down at the broken wall and where they last saw the girl. A copper colored statue rested against the broken tile, covered in plaster and debris. “No, she wasn’t in here when we got here. The last time we saw her was on the field.”

“Okay. The two of you need to get dressed in a hurry. They are going to have to shut off the water main and bring in a work crew to take care of this mess. You don’t want a bunch of men looking at your naked bodies.”

Lisa shook her head, “Definitely not.”

When the stranger pattered away, Leslie tiptoed through the shards of ceramic and grabbed statue. It was about eight inches tall and depicted a woman masturbating, her face twisted in pleasure. The metal was still hot, but she wrapped it in her towel and inspected it. The features looked very much like the blonde haired girl who had brought her and her twin together, who had taken away their perfect heterosexual lives, who had manipulated the Hitch Sisters to this one moment.

Lisa and Leslie dried off and put their sweats on, quickly brushing each other’s hair and helping each other put on a little lip gloss before going out. Who knew what kind of fun they might have at the victory party tonight? Before leaving, Leslie tucked the shiny new Idol of Lesbos into her gym bag and the two sisters walk out of the locker room together holding hands.

Its voice was always there, whispering to them, guiding them. And if the twins listened carefully, the voice sounded much like a sultry, feminine duet.


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