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Tom had taken a plane from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago and had changed planes for this leg of the trip to San Francisco. The trip was uneventful and no fantasies had been fulfilled. The plane for this part of the flight was an L1011.

Tom worked for a company as a customer support specialist. That meant if he or someone else wasn’t able to assist a customer with fixing their equipment over the phone, he had to hop on a plane and fly out to the customer’s site and fix the problem. Tom worked out of an office in Columbus, Ohio. Small problems on the east coast were usually handled with out and back the same day trips. Trips to places like California were another matter. Often they were an overnight event. This trip was one of those. Moreover, it was one that he felt he didn’t really need to make if this customer wasn’t quite so dense. Like most men doing this sort of work, he dreamed of finding a great looking woman on the trip who wanted a passionate night of hot meaningless sex. What the hell, James Bond always got it! It had never happened to him and it had never happened to anyone he worked with. It was always just a dream.

Tom settled into his seat. He had the B seat. He was wondering what he was going to get next to him in the A seat. If there was no luck at all, he would get some chatty little kid. With a little luck, no one. If a low order miracle happened, a horny woman with nothing else to do tonight except come up to his hotel room and screw him silly.

Tom watched the other people find their seats. Pretty soon a rather attractive woman came down the isle looking for her seat, and as she got close to him she started paying more attention to the seat numbers; then she found her seat, the A seat. She was a little older than he was, but not much so.

He enjoyed a nice view of her figure as she lifted her carry on luggage into the overhead bins. As she scooted in front of him and over to her seat, he had a nice close up view of her shapely ass covered by a tight skirt. After she sat down, Tom introduced himself and asked where she was headed.

Her name was Sheila and she was going to San Francisco too; on business.

Tom told her she looked pretty good and wanted to know if she was going out for a job interview. He thought it was a pretty cheesy line, but it worked. She was very flattered, but no, it was just a business trip to see a customer of the company she worked for. They got to taking. One thing led to another and before too long Tom again mentioned how good she looked. She then told him that her husband wasn’t too impressed with her looks any longer. After having two kids, her breasts sagged and they weren’t as firm as they use to be, he was really turned off by her stretch marks, and he complained about her ass being wider than it was back when he first knew her. Tom told her that he had seen her ass when she had moved past him on her way to her seat and he thought it was pretty sexy.

Now to Tom’s surprise, she opened up to him and told him that her sex life with her husband had gone to hell as a result of her husband’s dissatisfaction with her body. Tom eventually gave her his business card to make damn sure she didn’t forget his name, and if need be, could even get the spelling right. He told her where he was staying in San Francisco and scribbled that on the back of the business card. Then he told her that if she wanted someone to take her to dinner to just meet him at the restaurant in his hotel. He would be more than happy to have a drink with her and take her to dinner. He also implied, and made it very obvious, that he would just love to get her in bed as he thought she had a pretty hot body just as it was. Sheila again surprised him by saying that she just might see him that evening for his “second opinion.”

When the plane landed, they gathered up their bags and parted. Tom didn’t really know if he would really get to see her that evening. He thought it was a very long shot at best. He hoped he would see her, but she had quite a number of hours to changed her mind. He grabbed a taxi and went over to the hotel to check in. Once that was done, he took another taxi over to the customer’s site. Sure enough, the problem wasn’t all that bad. It took about an hour to sort things out and get everything running again. He spent about three more hours there with the customer giving several of the operators a few tips on how to get a little better performance out of it. He told them he would check back with them in the morning before he left to see that things were still going okay. That all done, he hailed another taxi and headed back to the hotel.

Tom checked with the hotel desk to see if there were any messages; nope, none. It was early evening now, and if she was going to leave one for him, she probably would have done it, if people actually left messages at hotel desks these days. He headed up to his room to take a shower before dinner.

Arriving at his room, he found no messages slipped under the door and no messages on the telephone. His hopes of seeing Sheila again were fading. Maybe she had been having some second halkalı bdsm escort thoughts about cheating on her husband, even if he didn’t like her body any longer. The longer he had thought about her body the more he wanted to have her in bed with him. He liked her body just fine. Even as he thought about her now he felt himself starting to get hard.

After the shower Tom went back down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. He was seated quickly and handed a menu. As he was looking over the menu he heard a soft feminine voice behind him. “Hello Tom. Surprised to see me?” It was Sheila!

“Yes.” he said standing up, “I had given up on you showing up here.”

“Well, on the plane you said you would be eating about six, and it’s all of five after.”

“I guess I was just getting a little anxious. Have you eaten yet?”

“No, I thought I would see if I could mooch a free meal from you. Mind if I join you?”

“Sure. I haven’t even ordered yet. Have a seat.” he said getting her chair for her.

A waiter appeared and handed Sheila a menu. A few minutes later they ordered.

They chatted a little as they ate, but it was just small talk. He sensed she was a little nervous. Cheating on her husband, ass that he was, didn’t come easy to her. Cheating with a man she barely knew didn’t make it any easier.

After dinner they stopped by the bar to pick up a drink on the way to Tom’s room. She seemed a little more confident as they rode the elevator up to his room.

In the room, they sipped their drinks and chatted some more. He confessed that he had been having erotic thoughts about her most of the day, putting him in an awkward position sometimes. Finally Tom was getting a little anxious to see this body of hers that her husband didn’t want. “How about letting me see you with a little less on?” he asked her.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” she asked taking another sip of her drink for a little fortitude.

“Like I said, I’ve been thinking of you most of the day, and all of the things I would like to do to you if you ever came up here.”

“That sounds interesting. Okay,” she said standing up, “but how about turning a few of these lights off.”

Tom turned the ceiling light and the light over the table off, just leaving the lamp by the bed on. That made it quite a bit darker for her. While he was up he got a condom out of his luggage and set it on the table by the bed.

“Thanks for turning off those lights.” she said. “I don’t know if you are going to be quite as excited about the body of this used mommy when you see me with no clothes on. A little less light will soften the shock. I’m grateful you thought of getting a condom too, as I am so nervous I forgot all about them.” Her blazer came off and was soon followed by the blouse. The skirt slid to the floor next. That left her standing there in her bra, panties and thigh high stockings. “Well, you haven’t run out the door screaming yet.” she said with a grin.

“No,” Tom said, “I am sitting here getting hard as hell just watching you take your clothes off. Here,” he said standing up, “let me help you with the last few things.” He took her into his arms, kissed her passionately, and undid her lacey bra. As the bra slid down her arms, he kissed her neck, then her shoulder, and then down her chest to her now bare breasts. They did sag a little, though not as much as she would have led him to believe, and Tom had seen twenty year olds with tits that sagged more. They were very soft and warm. Much to his delight, he found a long sexy fully erect nipple on the end of each one just begging to be sucked into his mouth. Sheila gave a soft moan as he sucked one into his mouth and put his teeth gently but firmly on it.

“Oh, that feels good.” she cooed. “No one has done that in a long time.”

“And just what’s wrong with these?” he asked.

“They used to be up a little higher, like this.” she said softly and lifted them by the nipples. “And a little firmer.”

“Well, they look okay to me.” he said as his mouth went for the other nipple. She did have very long delicious nipples. Maybe it was from nursing two babies. Whatever the reason, Tom loved sucking on her nipples! Tom’s hands weren’t idle. The went to her waist and began sliding the modest though somewhat french cut panties down her still shapely legs. Her ass was a little wider than it might have been quite a few years ago, but he still found it very sexy.

With her panties out of the way, Tom kissed his way down her soft belly to her neatly trimmed busy. There were a few faint stretch marks, but again she had badly over stated how many there were and how bad they were. He gave Sheila’s fur covered outer sex lips a lick before standing up again. “How about moving over to the bed. I really want to eat you.” he said.

“Are you sure?” she asked as she went over to the bed. “You don’t have to you know?” she said as she rolled her stockings down her sexy legs.

“I wouldn’t have told you I wanted to if I didn’t.” he said getting his clothes off as halkalı elit escort fast as he could. As his briefs finally went down he legs an expression of his lust for her finally sprang free. His lust was made even more obvious by the large drop of pre-come that oozed from the head of his cock.

“Oh, my! I guess you are a little excited.” she said tossing her stockings over to her other clothes. Her just seeing how excited he had gotten getting her clothes off changed her attitude about herself. He was excited and hard for her and she hadn’t even touched him. Maybe her husband no longer found her body exciting, but this man did. Sheila spread her legs wide for him.

Tom dove between those sexy legs. He parted the puffy outer sex lips with his tongue and licked up and down her thoroughly wet slit. Sheila was clean and fresh and tasted great. She was just as excited as he was. In a matter of a few moments Tom’s talented tongue had her moaning as it slid over her erect clit, already peaking out from its hood. He also spent time on the sexy inner lips, licking them, then gently sucking them into his mouth one at a time. Now that she was thoroughly aroused, they had swollen and were sticking out just beyond her thicker outer sex lips. She was so horney that a few minutes later he had her on the verge of her first orgasm.

“Oh, this feels so good.” she moaned. “Keep that up just a little longer and I am going to come all over your wonderful tongue.”

Tom had no intention of stopping until she did come. He loved to make a woman come on his tongue. He like the smell, the taste, and the sound of her coming that way. To help her along he held his hand palm up, and slipped two fingers into her sopping wet opening to give her a little something to squeeze, and he didn’t have to wait long for her to do that. As soon as he had them all the way into her hot little opening, he felt her give his fingers a good strong squeeze. Now he crooked his fingers and began stroking what felt like her G-spot.

“Good…uh..oh, yea, that’s nice…..Oh God am I going to come for you!” she said. As horney as she was and the way Tom was working over her very erect clit, she didn’t last long. “I’m……I’m gonna…..COME!” she screamed as her body lurched with the onset of her orgasm.

Tom hung onto her for dear life as she came all over his face. She creamed all over his tongue for what seemed like the longest time.

“I haven’t…” she panted, “gotten off like that in a long time. I almost forgot how good that feels.”

“Let me guess,” he said, “your husband gave up on oral sex too?”

“Not exactly. He still expected me to blow him to get him nice and hard when we did have sex. You could say that he got one way about oral sex.”

At this point Tom decided that her husband had his head clear up his ass. There was nothing wrong with Sheila at all. Her husband must have just wanted someone who looked like she was twenty again. “You ready for something nice and hard between your legs?”

“Wouldn’t you like me to suck on you some?” she asked with a grin.

“Maybe later if we really get carried away here tonight. Right now I just want to be inside you.”

“Well then come on up here lover.” she said holding out her arms to him. “Right now there is nothing I would like better than to have you deep inside me.”

Tom got up from between her legs, slipped the condom on, and crawled over her. He felt Sheila’s hand on his cock, guiding him into her, as he lowered himself onto her body and he went all the way into her in one thrust. “Oh yea!” he moaned. He just stayed there enjoying the feeling for a few seconds before he began pumping slowly in and out of her. She was surprisingly tight for a woman having had two kids. “This feels wonderful.” he said as he pumped away at her. “Really nice.”

“You bet it does!” she said wrapping her legs around him. “Fuck me nice and slow. Give me those nice long deep strokes. I could come again right now if I wanted to, but I want this one to last a little.”

“Right now I am so horny I would come in a few seconds if I go fast.” he laughed. “Nice and slow sounds great. I haven’t been with a woman in a while so I don’t want this over quickly.” He bent his head down and sucked one of her long sexy nipples into his mouth as he continued to move in and out of her.

“That’s okay, I haven’t had a man who cared very much to be between my legs in so long that I am about to get off on just the thought of it!”

Tom sucked on her nipples and continued to move his hard cock in and out of Sheila for the next few minutes. Gradually they both got to the point of wanting to get off badly. The night was young after all and they could do it again later if they wanted. He began moving faster now as he felt his need to come getting closer. He sat up now between her legs, holding onto her hips as he pounded himself into her, enjoying the sight of her body and the way it shook and moved as she took the pounding he was giving her. Her moaning loudly only served to egg him on. A few moments halkalı escort later he was at the point of no return. He was about to fill her with his come. “I hope you are ready for this Sheila.” he warned her.

“Are you ready to come in me?” she teased him. “Are you going to give me all of your hot come while I come all over your nice hard cock?”

He just loved a woman who was really vocal during sex and would even talk dirty. It got him even hotter. “Here it comes baby.” he groaned as the first load of hot white come shot up from his balls and went deep into her. “Oh God you feel soooo good.” he moaned as his come continued to pour into her, thick heavy spurt after spurt.

She was able to take the wonderful sensation of him pumping his hot come into her for just a few seconds. “Oh Tom….you’re…..MAKING ME COME!” she half screamed. Her body lurched and spasmed as he filled her and she came all over his spurting cock. She moaned and lurched while he pumped himself in and out of her for several minutes. “Oh God I needed that.” she moaned softly as her orgasm finally started to subside.

A few minutes later, two exhausted people lay next to each other on the bed – tired but very satisfied. “You know,” she said with a sigh, “I guess I should have done this not too long after he – my husband – decided that my body just didn’t cut it any more. I should have either left him or found a discreet lover. Maybe I should have indulged in a few lovers. Maybe I should have tried more than on man at the same time!” she said with a giggle. She had just been laid by a perfect stranger and felt good about it. This stranger had liked the way she looked just as she was. The stranger also thought she was a great lay.

“I suppose I could arrange that if you are serious.” Tom said with a grin.

“Arrange what? A few discreet lovers or a couple of men at the same time?”

“I was thinking of the group sex thing. A couple of men at the same time.”

“I suppose you know someone else who just happens to be out here on business that is into group sex?” she asked.

“More correctly, I know someone who lives out here who is, or used to be, into it.”

“Oh, now I don’t know. This is all so sudden.” she said, sounding like she was changing her mind about having a fantasy that she had apparently been dreaming about for some time come true.

“Look,” he said, “you sure don’t have to if you don’t want to, but didn’t you just have a good time with me?”

“Yea, but I don’t know about having two guys I don’t know at the same time. Who is this other guy?”

“Jim. Jim is his name, and he’s a real nice guy. Overall, about my size, give or take a little.”

“Are we talking about height and weight or cock size?” she asked giggling.

“Height and weight.” he replied laughing.

“So, he’s hung like a horse?”

“No, about like me. Should I give him a call?”

“I don’t know.” she said hesitating and somewhat unsure about actually fulfilling her fantasy. “Do you think he’ll be home?”

“If he isn’t, he is really going to be pissed when he finds out what he missed.” Tom said picking up the phone. Jim was home, available, horney, and after a very short conversation, on his way over to the hotel.

“I think I would feel a little better meeting him for the first time with a least a few clothes on.” Sheila said getting up and slipping on her panties and blouse. She didn’t button the blouse. She didn’t feel so naked this way, even if she really didn’t have much on.

Tom knew it wouldn’t take Jim too long to get here, so he ordered a round of drinks for the three of them from room service. He slipped his pants on before the bellboy arrived.

What seemed like a very short time later, the bellboy arrived and set the drinks on the table. He was so enjoying the sight of Sheila sitting nearby that he hardly heard a thing Tom said. Sheila was dressed in nothing but her panties and a blouse. The blouse wasn’t buttoned at all and exposed her chest and all but the nipples of her breasts. While pretending not to notice, she was really thoroughly enjoying the attention she was getting from the bellboy, including seeing the bulge rise in his trousers. She was being ogled by a complete stranger, getting him aroused, and she was enjoying it! For a brief moment, she even considered moving so the blouse would slide open even further and expose a very erect nipple for him.

Tom finally managed to get the bellboy’s attention, tipped him, and ushered him out the door.

“He was all but drooling!” Sheila laughed as Tom came back to the table.

“I think he was drooling!”

“I wonder if he will be…..uh….taking care of himself pretty soon and be thinking of me when he does it?”

“Yea,” said Tom sitting down in his chair, “he’s probably in some broom closet right now putting pecker tracks on the walls.”

Tom no sooner sat down when there was a soft knock on the door. He got up and answered the door not sure if it was the bellboy coming back on some pretext to get another look at Sheila or if it was Jim; it was Jim this time. Tom introduced Sheila and Jim to each other, and Jim pulled up a chair to the table. It was readily evident to both Sheila and Tom that Jim was finding Sheila’s scantily clad body more than just a little attractive. After a little small talk, Jim asked Sheila if she had ever done the group sex thing before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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