Cut to the Chase

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It was early on a Saturday afternoon. Rick was in his basement office working on a porn story. He wrote them for his wife, June, who loved them and always fucked him unmercifully when he shared a new one with her. He also published them on a web site under another name.

When he heard a knock on the door upstairs, he knew June would not answer it because she had gone to visit her sister, and he was alone in the house. He hustled up the stairs and found his neighbor Carol standing at the door. Carol was a divorcee living by herself in the house next door. She was in her late thirties and although a bit plump, Rick had always found her attractive. Today she was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a loose T-shirt that draped itself over and around her big tits. Rick was definitely noticing her big, round tits. Her nipples showed plainly through her bra and the T-shirt.

“Hi Carol. What can I do for you?”

“Oh!” she seemed definitely surprised to see him answer the door. After a moments silence she finally said, “I was, ah . . . I was looking for June.” More silence. Finally a tentative, “Is she here?”

“No,” he said. “She went to visit her sister this weekend. She won’t be home until Sunday afternoon.”

“Oh . . . I see.” Carol kind of paused at the door like she didn’t know what to do.

“Would you like to come in?” he asked, stepping back from the door.

Carol stepped in still saying nothing. This wasn’t going as she had planned. Unbeknownst to Rick, Carol and June were lovers. They had been having an affair for about six months now. Carol had expected June to be home and Rick to be off at work. He often worked on Saturdays. She had been thinking all morning about an afternoon romp with June, and she was horny as hell.

June had never told Rick about her affair with Carol, but she had told him a lot of what Carol had told her about her former lovers, men and women. If what June had told him was to be believed, Carol was basically a slut. The notion intrigued Rick.

June had told Rick that at first she and Carol just had coffee in the afternoons. Then one day Carol had brought out a joint, which they smoked in lieu of the usual afternoon coffee. The dope was pretty strong, and the two women had gotten pretty silly when the full impact of the grass set in. That was the first time Carol had told June about any of her former lovers. Carol’s description was pretty graphic. When Rick had come home that evening June was so horny she had virtually ripped his clothes off at the front door and they had fucked furiously in the middle of their living room. When Rick asked what June had been doing that afternoon she told him about the afternoon joint and Carol’s graphic tale about sex with her former lover.

Carol and June soon made a habit of an afternoon joint followed by a lewd tale of Carol’s past sex life. It wasn’t every day, but it was at least two or three days a week. After each session June retold the story to Rick as a prelude to sex. Rick found Carol’s tales of her sex life so good he began to incorporate parts of them into some of the porn he was writing in his basement office. He had no idea whether any of it was true, but that hardly mattered since nothing he wrote was based on anything that actually had happened.

There were a few things June hadn’t told Rick about her afternoon dope smoking sessions with Carol. First, she hadn’t told Rick that she was sharing with Carol descriptions of her sex life with Rick, especially graphic descriptions of the fucking they were doing each evening after one of her afternoon’s spent with Carol. She also never told him that she was sharing some of the stories Rick wrote with Carol. Carol found them unbelievably hot, but June never told Rick because she had promised him that she would never tell anyone about the stories he wrote.

A final detail she left out was that after a few sessions of talking about sex, she and Carol had escalated to having sex. At first the two women had just watched each other masturbate, with their hands and with a variety of sex toys. Carol had quite a collection. Eventually it had moved on to using the dildos and vibrators on each other and finally to lesbian sex in a wide range of positions and actions; whatever they could think of. June had never met anyone with as talented a tongue as Carol had. When she licked June’s pussy it left her screaming for mercy and then totally destroyed once the last of her climaxes passed. She had been doing her best to return the favor to Carol.

While June had never disclosed her sex with Carol, Rick kind of suspected the two women of doing more than just sharing dirty stories. He wasn’t too upset about it. He and June had been married for nearly twenty years and each had cheated on multiple occasions and each time admitted it with gobs of regrets, followed by a bit of screaming and yelling, and promises never to do it again, which neither party really expected to be kept. Oh yes and then there was always the make up sex that invariably followed. That was türbanlı escort the most important part of the whole process.

Carol walked into Rick’s living room and sat down on the couch. “How much has June told you about our afternoon get togethers?” she asked Rick.

“Oh, not much,” Rick lied.

“Oh I’m surprised,” she said. “I thought she had told you all about them.”

“I know you guys smoke some dope,” he said.

“Yes,” she said. “I brought some with me. I thought Carol would be here and you out at work, but she’s not here.

“And I am,” Rick said, wondering just where Carol wanted to go with all this. He wanted to make sure he left the door open for her to lead wherever she wanted to go. He was horny from working on a porn story.

“Yes, so you are. Care to join me?” she said patting the couch as she pulled a joint out of her purse. He assumed she meant for him to join her in sharing the joint, but he wondered if she might not want him to join her in something beyond the joint. He kind of hoped so. He had fanaticized about fucking Carol ever since she had moved in next door.

Rick sat down next to Carol. It was an old couch and it kind of sagged a bit pulling Carol down toward Rick so that her hip was pressed tightly against his. Neither of them made any effort to distance themselves. Her hip felt warm against his and Rick could feel his cock starting to grow within his shorts. He just couldn’t keep his eyes off Carol’s big tits, an indiscretion Carol noticed and enjoyed.

Carol lit up the joint and they were soon sharing it with the usual comments, like “Ooh, this is good shit,” and “Oh, if we keep this up, I am going to be so fucked up.” And pretty soon the joint was gone, and they were both “so fucked up.”

Carol had twisted herself around so she was stretched out on the couch with her head in Rick’s lap looking up at his face. She had one foot on the back of the couch and the other on the floor, an obscene posture, aside from the fact she still had her clothes on. She could feel Rick’s growing cock pressing against the back of her head and she wished he would put his hands on her tits. She had come over with the intention of fucking June, but since June wasn’t home Rick would have to do. God I’m such a slut, she thought.

“You know she shares your stories with me Rick? I mean the dirty ones you write for her and post on the web.”

“And do you like them?” he asked. He was just a little surprised because June had promised not to let anyone else know about his erotica, but mostly he just wanted to put his hands on her tits.

“Oh fuck yes,” she responded to his question. As she spoke she moved her head a bit rubbing it against his now hard cock. Oh yeah, she thought. I definitely want to fuck him. His cock feels really large.

“Do they make you horny?” As he spoke he put a hand on one of her tits. Nothing more than just laying it there. She did nothing to register any objection.

“Oh yeah,” she said, nominally responding to his question, when what she really meant was, “Oh yeah, your hands feel so good on my tits.” She didn’t say that, but she hoped Rick would understand that was what she meant. She reached down with one hand and “adjusted” the crotch of her shorts. Rick watched closely as she stroked her sex through the fabric as she pulled her hand away. His cock twitched in response.

“So which ones do you like the best?” he asked.

“The ones with lots of fucking,” she said. Now she was openly stroking her sex through the shorts. “Sometime I wish you would write a story that just skips the whole plot and has nothing but the fucking.”

“So you don’t want to hear about the long drawn out seduction?” Now he was openly massaging her tits through the fabric of her T-shirt and bra. He had a hand on each one.

“Ummmm. That feels good,” she said, ignoring his question.

How about foreplay? He asked. “Do you like foreplay?”

“Foreplay’s great,” she said as she continued to stroke her pussy through her shorts. “As long as we don’t waste too much time on it. I like to get right to the fucking.”

Was she talking about his writing or what she was doing to her pussy and he was doing to her tits right now, Rick wondered?

“I’ve written a story or two that just starts out with somebody fucking,” he said. “Those must be your favorites.” He pulled her T-shirt up and she cooperatively sat up long enough to finish pulling the shirt over her head and release the catch on her bra, letting her big tits spill into his eagerly awaiting hands as she lay her head back down in his lap again. All she had on now were the shorts she had arrived in.

“Yeah I liked those,” she said. “So did June. They made us both horny as hell.” She smiled a bit as she thought back on what she and June had done after reading those stories.

Well, that’s the point in writing them,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be great literature. They’re just supposed to make people tüyap escort horny and help them get off.”

“Oh they did that all right,” she said. As she spoke she wiggled out of her shorts, taking her panties with them. This left her naked. Now when she put a foot on the back of the couch and another on the floor she really was in a lewd position. Rick was looking down at her thick bush and the ripe pussy lips not quite concealed beneath it.

“Oh so June liked them too,” he said. “I’m not surprised. She’s a horny wench.” Rick lifted Carol’s head up and released his trousers. His hard prick popped out and nestled alongside the side of Carols face when he set her head back down. It felt hot to her.

“She certainly is,” Carol said. She had two fingers in her snatch now and was slowly finger fucking herself. Rick had moved Carol’s head farther out on his knees so he could stroke his cock. Now he had one hand on his cock and one on Carol’s big soft tits. He was using his fingertips to massage her nipples, which had grown quite hard. When he lightly pinched them she gasped.

“Did she tell you that she and I have sex after we read your stories?” Carol asked.

“No, but I kinda suspected it.”

“Ooops, I guess I wasn’t supposed to tell you that,” she said with a stoned giggle.

“Well, like I said, I kind of suspected it, and it’s not like I don’t have an affair now and then. We both do. Monogamy just doesn’t seem to be our thing.”

“I was never good at it either,” Carol said. “Maybe that’s why I’ve had three husbands. Funny thing. You would have thought, as much as I love fucking, I would ‘a picked husbands who were better at it than I did. They were all three kinda pathetic at sex, so I always wound up going elsewhere, and my husbands all objected to that. But what’s a girl to do? At least they all had a lot of money.”

There was a silence while they both continued to masturbate and think about how much they wanted to fuck each other.

Carol turned her head to the side and licked the end of Rick’s cock while he continued to stroke it. “Would you feel better about what June and I have been doing, if I sucked your cock?” Carol asked.

“Are we going to fuck too?” he responded.

“God I hope so,” she said, “But now I want to suck your cock. I just love to suck cock and I’m really horny right now.”

Carol got down on the floor between his legs after clearing away his shorts and underwear that were tangled around his feet. Rick pulled off his T-shirt, leaving him as naked as Carol.

“Do you want me to swallow or are you a guy who likes to squirt on my face and tits?” She was sitting back on her haunches with both hands stroking his cock while he stared at her naked tits. “You know,” she continued without waiting for his answer, “You have a beautiful cock.”

“I want to coat your tits,” he said.

“I thought so,” Carol said. “That happens a lot in your stories.”

She leaned forward and just touched the end of his cock with the tip of her tongue. A drop of pre-cum stuck to her tongue and when she pulled her face back, it stretched out like an obscene silken thread. Eventually it broke and fell, landing on her tits, a preview of things to come.

Rick’s cock was as hard as he could ever remember it getting. He reached down and put his hands on either side of Carol’s head, his fingers entwined in her curly hair, and then he pulled her head towards his cock. “Suck it!” he said as he pushed the head of his prick against her lips.

Carol rose up on her knees and grabbed the rock hard prick before her with both hands. Then she sucked the bulbous head into her mouth and used her tongue to stroke the sensitive underside, especially the part just below the head. She hummed, knowing that the vibration would work on Rick’s prick just like a vibrator on a woman’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, fuuuuuck, fuuuuuck!” was all Rick could say. He didn’t think he could last long. He had been pretty horny for the last hour or so before Carol showed up. Working on one of his sex stories did that to him. Then there was the dope and the foreplay. Oh yeah! He knew that it wasn’t going to take long and he was just going to explode. He hadn’t fucked or masturbated for several days. It was going to be a

fountain of cum.

Then Carol adjusted her angle a bit and in a quick move pushed Rick’s cock all the way down her throat. She had learned years ago to control her gag reflex and she loved the surprise effect it had on men.

Rick gasped. No woman had ever taken him down her throat before. Fuck. It felt just like a hot, tight, wet, pussy. She worked his cock up and down in her throat, never taking it all the way out until she ran out of breath. Then she pulled it out of her throat and worked the head and top two or three inches of the shaft with her lips and tongue, while she jacked the rest with her hands.

“My god Carol. Where did you learn to do that?” Rick asked.

She pulled back so tuzla escort she could answer him, but still jacking his cock with her hands. “What can I say? I’m a slut. Always have been. It’s just one of those basic slut skills that you have to have.”

Rick used his hands to pull her head back to his head and she sucked him in and all the way down her throat again. His balls were pushed up snug against Carol’s lower lip.

It wasn’t long until Rick was ready to blow his load. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” he said.

Carol pulled her mouth back and told him “Okay, cum on my tits. Spray that hot jism of yours on my tits.” She stood and then stepped over his leg and flopped down on the couch holding her big tits out. Rick stood before her, jacking his slippery cock with the head pointed at her chest. He could feel the cum rising in his prick. “Arrrrrrrrgh!” he groaned as the first spurt erupted from his cock. It ran a little high and hit her in the face. Then there were three or four more, better aimed, that left thick gobs of white cum on her tits, each delivered with a groan.

Rick collapsed on the couch, sucking air to recover from his climax. Carol used Rick’s underwear to mop his cum off her face and chest. “Fuck,” she said. “How long has it been since you got your rocks off. That was a flood!”

Rick watched her use his underwear for a towel and thought, who the fuck cares. We have a washer and dryer here.

Carol was looking at Rick’s rapidly shrinking prick. “Doesn’t look like it will be ready to go soon.”

“Fuck. That’s your fault. That was the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Thank you kind sir,” she said, still mopping his cum from her chest. “But really. How long ’till you recover. You promised me a fuck.”

“I don’t know. Maybe about 45 minutes,” he said. “Its not like when I was 18.”

“I know what we can do,” Carol said. “Lets go read some of your porn.”

“Okay, lets go to my cave,” referring to the basement space he had for himself. “You can see where I write my trash and read some while you’re there.”

They left their clothes behind and walked naked to the basement room where he kept his computer and did his writing.

Rick handed Carol a tablet and told her to sit on the couch. “I assume you know how to find my stories on the web,” he said.

“Anything in particular you recommend,” she asked.

Rick turned and looked at her. She was reclining on the couch, her legs spread, and the tablet laying open beside her. Even though he had cum just a few minutes ago, he could feel the pressure start to build in his loins as he stared at her big soft tits and her gleaming, wet, swollen, pussy lips peaking through her bush.

“Hmmmm. . .” He thought for a moment. “Try ‘In Town for a Funeral.’ It’s kind of long but there is plenty of sex. By the time you’ve finished it, I’ll be ready to go.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Work on the story I was writing when you came in. I always get horny when I work on erotica.”

“Then get to it,” she said, “Cause I really want that hard dick of yours in my pussy.”

The room was silent except for the rattle of Rick’s keyboard. He had been just about to start a description of a blowjob when Carol had rung his doorbell. Now he had some really fresh material and he launched into a detailed and graphic description of Carol’s cock sucking. Of course he didn’t use her name, but the character in the story was a horny next door neighbor who looked and acted a lot like Carol and was good, no not good, great, at deep throating the narrator’s prick and who really enjoyed having him spray his cum all over her face and chest.

As he finished up the description of the blowjob Rick could feel his cock recovering. It wasn’t standing up yet, but he knew that if Carol put her magic lips and mouth to work on it for even a few minutes it would fully recover. He looked over his shoulder at Carol. She was slumped on the couch reading the tablet with her legs spread and a hand casually stroking her pussy.

“Fuck this is hot,” she said when she realized he was looking at her. “How do you make this shit up?”

“I don’t know, he said. “It just comes to me.”

“Is that a pun?” she interrupted with a stoned giggle.

He was standing before her now between her widespread legs. His dick was engorged, but still hanging down one side of his leg.

Carol sat up and leaned forward, tossing the tablet aide. She picked up his dick in both hands and kind of lifted it to feel its weight, now that it was mostly filled with blood. Then she wrapped her mouth around it again and began to suck on it, humming as she did it. Rick could feel it hardening and growing in her mouth.

“Oh I love that,” she said as she pulled her head back to talk while continuing to twist her hands on Rick’s now saliva coated prick. “Feeling a guy’s cock grow and get hard in my mouth is so fucking hot!” then she plunged his cock back into her mouth.

She kept up her sucking until she judged Rick’s cock was hard enough for fucking. Then she pulled it back out of her mouth, but continued to stroke it with both hands. She looked up at him and spoke in the dirtiest tone she knew, “Lets fuck! I want that cock in my cunt. Now!” Then she let go of his cock and lay back on the couch, her legs spread in invitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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