Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 08

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Small note, I have realized that the last name of the lead character has changed a few times throughout the chapters. To correct this error and to keep things consistent, Cynthia’s last name from here on out will be what it was originally stated; Miss Watts. Also, I would like to apologize for the long delay for this part to the story; I just have not been able to focus on writing it the way I have wanted to. I hope you enjoy reading this next installment.


That next morning I did as I was told by Sage, and arrived at school naked. In fact that was a common theme for us, as I arrived naked each day for the next two weeks. Each day Sage would have me perform certain tasks, make sure to take plenty of pictures of me, and then usually minutes before the morning bell was about to ring would she provide me with the clothing I was to wear for the day. For the most part it was nothing overly provocative, but they each had their unique feature that would keep my on my toes and aroused throughout the day. Whether that it was no panties, a short skirt, flimsy open top, or a semi sheer piece, I always wore what Sage provided without any questions or hesitations. It also wasn’t uncommon for me to have a butt plug in for the day, and in fact I became accustomed to the feeling and was almost disappointed on the days Sage did not require it to be in. As for the weekends, let’s just say they were not boring.

After those two weeks our master/sub relationship progressed and became more defined, and Sage began to allow me to come dressed to school; but only under her strict dress code of which she provided for me the night before. We would still meet at school early and I was still to perform to her liking, but I for the most part remained clothed. The weekends where still as exciting as always, in the sense I never knew what was to be expected, and I slowly began to allow Sage to have complete control over my life. As it has been stated, I had already given over control to what I wear, and pretty much what I did with the majority of my days, but as our relationship grew I eventually gave over complete control of my finances, my work account information, and pretty much any other decision making role in my life.

Over the months leading towards holiday break, we seemed more connected to each other than ever; or at least I felt more connected to Sage. Even when I had a couple close calls, I never doubted my Mistress’ control or word. One in particular close call happened about a month before break, and of course occurred in my classroom. It was after school on a Friday, and Sage had requested I meet her at a book store for some rather exciting fun. She had also requested that I change into an outfit that she had left for me before leaving my classroom. As the final dismissal bell rang for the day, and my last student filed out the room, I closed the door behind them and retrieved the bag that contained the outfit I was to change into. I dumped its contents onto one of the student desks in the front row and was instantly aroused at what I saw. In front of me lay a pair of tight grey workout shorts, a white sports bra, my tennis shoes, my collar, and a normal sized black butt plug. Without a thought, I quickly stripped out of my work clothes and was lubing up my ass to get the plug into place. Once it was inside of me, I instinctively put on my collar and then pulled the shorts up into place. It took some effort because of how tight they were, but I eventually got them on. However, just as I did and was reaching for the bra, there was a quick knock at my door, followed by its opening up quickly after the knock.

I was stunned still as the teacher down the hall, Mrs. Bensky came inside my room unannounced. At first she did not notice the state of undress I was in, and I could do nothing more than just stand there shocked. Within seconds though she realized exactly what she had just walked in on, and apologized profusely before turning around and leaving. I was in a state of awe of what had just occurred; I was just walked in on while changing my clothes and I was topless. If she had been a few seconds sooner, she would have seen me completely nude or worse, bent over trying to put my butt plug into place. I was certainly lucky neither of those scenarios had occurred, for it would have been far harder to explain myself. Fortunately, the outfit that Sage had provided for me did allow for explanation. Understanding this fact, I shock myself out of the state of shock and got the bra and shoes on in a hurry. I gathered up the rest of my belongings and headed over to explain away the recent encounter to Mrs. Bensky.

I walked to her room and entered slowly, before greeting her with a somewhat friendly/awkward smile bursa escort and an apology. She apologized as well, and asked why I was topless in my room. I explained to her that I was going for a run after school, and didn’t what to go all the way home to change since the trail I run is closer to the school. The workout attire fit this story perfectly, even if it was rather revealing and tight. The only piece that did not fit, and that was on display, was the collar, but fortunately Mrs. Bensky did not ask about it. Instead she seemed to accept the explanation, and even seemed to understand the situation. With some parting apologies, and a reminder from Mrs. Bensky that I might want to remember locking my door, I left to meet up with Sage.

That was probably the closest call of any during my time with Sage before the break, and instead of causing me to question what I was doing, it instead ignited me to do more; that afternoon at the bookstore certainly was much more exciting for me.

So, as the break approached closer, I was certainly pleased when Sage informed me over the phone, on a Wednesday evening, that since her parents were going to be out of the country for the holidays, she was booking us a week stay at a spa in the next town over during the break. I was ecstatic, and had to fight to hold back my excitement to Sage’s news. This is something I had been dreaming about since the moment I submitted to her; extended time alone with her, just the two of us. The only thing that bummed me out was that I would have to wait a week and a half to get to spend that time alone with my mistress. However, before I could get to down about that particular detail, Sage had another bit of news to share with me as well.

“Since this trip will obviously be a bit rewarding for you, seeing that you will get to spend a week alone with me your mistress, this next week and a half leading up to it will be a way for you to earn such a gift. Tomorrow, and for the remaining days until the break, you will be expected to show up to school as you previously had, naked. Is this understood my slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very well, I will see you at the usual time and location, and do not worry about bringing clothes along; they will be provided for you. However, you are to wear the pair of shoes I had you buy two weekends ago. I this clear whore?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She did not reply back, but instead hung up and the line went silent. I was filled with both excitement, and a bit of uneasiness from her statement that I would have to earn my time away with her. Had I not already shown my unbreakable commitment to Sage as my mistress? What would be different over this week and a half that would prove I was worthy of such a gift? These were the types of questions I continued to ask myself for the rest of the night, until I gave up trying to figure out my mistress’ ways, and simply got ready for bed.

Knowing that I would have to show up to school naked again wasn’t so bad, but it was a bit cooler now in the later months of the year and I was sure it would be even worse in the early hours of the morning. To help combat that issue, I decided on taking a shower the night before, so not to be cooled down by the water in the morning. After my shower, I gathered up my school stuff, and retrieved the shoes I was to wear the next day. They were of course heels, black leather ones, with a black criss cross zipper detail, and a heel height of 5 inches. They almost looked like something from a bondage film, and not something I would have ever worn to school before meeting Sage. However, just the idea of having to wear them at school had my pussy saturated with arousal, and I decided I better get to bed before I was up all night from sexual frustration.

The next morning I awoke, and got ready for the day by doing my hair and makeup, getting those rather sexy heels on. I grabbed my bag and keys on my way out to my car. However, before exiting the my room, I stopped to check out how I looked in the heels; it was the first time I had worn them since I bought them with Sage two weeks earlier. Simply stated, I looked drop dead sexy in the heels and nothing else. To be honest, I almost came just from the sight, and I knew Sage would be happy with them as well.

Now with added arousal and confidence, I hurried to my car and quickly made my way to the school. I was there, as usual, early and before Sage. I took no time to get to our usual meeting place at the back entrance to the school, and waited for my mistress to arrive. After five minutes she did, and was carrying a duffel bag with her. She did not say anything to me, but simply signaled for me to follow her. I did without a word, and she began leading the way bursa escort bayan to the front of the school. As I followed behind her, I realized just how sexy what she was wearing was. She had on a pair of tight, white yoga pants that perfectly formed to her plump rear end. They basically were like second skin on her, and even feel into the crease between her cheeks to emphasize the roundness of her ass. For a top, she wore a simple light cotton, blacked striped t-shirt that hung to just the top curve of her butt. As for shoes, she just had on a pair of black flip flops. I was transfixed with her ass however; I was sure she hadn’t any panties on, for if she did they were extremely tiny. The pants where nearly see through, and clung to her legs and ass so tight; it was as if she was not wearing pants.

By the time we reached the front of the school, I refocused on making sure to follow Sage’s every command. At the door we stopped, and she dropped the bag down in front of them. She still was silent when she bent over at the waist with her ass facing me to open the duffel. It was then that I confirmed she had not worn panties, as I could clearly see the outline of her lips as the fabric of the pants stretched over them. This only flooded my own sex further, and I had a harder time still trying to focus on what exactly Sage was doing. Almost oblivious to just how sexy she was being, and the effect it was having on me, Sage stood back up and had in her hands a small leather collar, and a large red, ball gag. She simply handed me the items without saying a word and return to the open bag. I, of course, instinctively knew to put the two items own and had them fastened by the time she again stood.

This time she had in her hands a pair of metal cuffs, her strap-on harness, a large black dildo that I had become accustomed to over the past months, and video camera. She silently indicated that I carry the duffel and to open the door. I did just that, and Sage led the way inside. Once inside and the door shut, she stopped us and began getting the harness and dildo into place between her legs. With it secured, she finally spoke to me for the first time.

“So, you have probably been wondering what exactly I will be having you do over this next week and a half to prove to me that you do deserve the trip I booked for us. Well, you will simply be doing task and activities, not much unlike we have previously done before, but now they will each get progressively harder, risky, degrading, humiliating, and insulting. Is this understood you dumb little teacher slut?”

With my eyes widened from what I was just told, I instinctively and submissively nodded my understanding of what she had said since I had the gag in my mouth.

“Great, because today we are starting out rather hard, so from here on out things will only get harder. What I want you to do is lead the way, as seductively submissive as possible, to the open air quad in the middle of the school, and then stop in front of the school’s namesake mural wall in the middle. I will be filming you as I follow to capture your submissive behavior. Once at the mural, I will toss you the cuffs which you will take and use to fasten yourself to the little rod iron fence in front of it. Do so in a way that you will be bent over at the waste with your back to me. Got it whore?”

I again nodded, and began to lead the way to the quad. Sage now carried the duffel as she followed behind and filmed. I did my best to look as sexy and submissive as possible. I made sure to sway my hips as I walked, and did my best to make the click of my heels on the hard tile as loud as possible. Every so often, I would look back at the camera, dough eyed, to add to the submissive feel, as well as to show off the large red gag lodged in my mouth and the trail of saliva that had begun to fall out from behind it. Sage just followed behind with the camera, not giving any directions or cue, but I did notice she was making sure to pan around every so often to take not that we were in fact in a school.

As I slowly continued to walk through my school, naked and gagged, we passed the lockers and it really began to dawn on me the levity of the moment. I, a teacher at the school, was completely naked except for whore heels, a collar, and a bright red gag, walking through the school as a student filmed the whole thing. Thankfully I trusted my mistress, and remembered that it was still rather early, so no one would be arriving anytime soon. It also helped that I was extremely aroused and was practically leave a trail of arousal on the floor as I walked.

We eventually reached the mural in the quad, and as previously stated, Sage tossed the cuffs over to me, and I quickly took to locking escort bursa myself into the position she described. As I did, Sage began to circle back and forth around me, capturing the whole scene on film before finally stepping behind me in my bent over position. Without a word, she reached into the bag, retrieved some lube, and began applying some to the thick cock jutting out in front of her once she dropped the duffel off her shoulder. With the dildo thoroughly lubed, she applied some more to my asshole, and I realized what was about to occur. Sage was going to fuck my ass with, that large cock, in the middle of my school, while she filmed the whole thing. She was right, these tasks were going to be rather humiliating in nature, but that humiliation would only add to my arousal.

Soon I felt the rubber head of her black cock slip inside my eager little asshole, and slide its way deeper until it was fully lodged inside of me. Sage reached out with her hand that was not holding the camera, and pulled my head back by my hair. As she did, she began her rather relentless assault on my anal passage. The act went on for about three minutes, with Sage never saying a word, but simply reaming me with the dildo while pulling my head back and filming the entire event. She made to capture my face and its expressions as she worked me over; she also continued to capture the surroundings that indicated it was a school, and what school it was by zeroing in on the mural with the school’s name painted on it.

Once Sage was satisfied with her anal exploitation oh me, she filmed herself slowly sliding the intruder out and capturing my gaping hole as it finally vacated. She then came moved towards my head and unfastened the gag. My jaw was thankful to finally be allowed to rest, at least I thought it would it get to. Sage had other intentions, and soon pulled my head back once again by my hair. She then guided the now slimy, anal intruder towards my mouth. I needed no further guidance, as I obediently opened wide and allowed her to have access to my slutty mouth. She did not force it down my throat, but rather just had me suck it gently and lick it up; I figured since she was still filming she just wanted to capture me submissively savoring that taste of my own ass. So, I did just that, and soon the rubber member was soon clean as a whistle.

Sage, happy with my performance, pulled away and began to walk away while she continued to film as is she was leaving me behind. She went as far as actually going back into the school and letting a door shut. To be honest, I for a moment actually though she was truly leaving me behind. Fortunately, the door swung back open and Sage returned back to my side with a devilish grin on her face before speaking.

“You did very well slut, and I really enjoyed using you in such a depraved way while I filmed it. I think I might make it a reoccurring theme. Anyways, let’s get you unlocked, and over to your room.”

She did just that, and once inside my room she pulled out my clothes for the day and gave me further instructions.

“In this bag are the items you will be wearing today; you do not have to wear the collar as it does seem a bit out of place for a teacher. Also, we will be engaging in another task at lunch, and remember it will be more difficult, and riskier than what we just previously did. Enjoy your morning, and I will see you in class.”

With that, she turned and left me to get dressed before the morning bell rang. Unlike other times, the events of the morning gave me an ample amount of time to dress, and calm my nerves. However, my nerves would be calm once I opened the bag to see what I was expected to wear.

Inside, I found a pair of yoga pants that were just like the ones Sage was wearing, and a sleeveless collared, button down blouse that was made of light fabric and nearly sheer. I pulled on the pants, and because of how tight they were, and them being white, my arousal was almost immediately noticeable. Putting of that problem for the moment, I put on the blouse and was happy to find that it wasn’t as sheer as I originally thought; at least not the front of it for it had a somewhat tuxedo shirt quality to it. The back however was indeed sheer. It was also a relief to find that the bottom of the blouse scooped down in both the front and the back far enough to cover my wet pussy, and worked over ass.

I adjusted the clothing the best I could, and eventually came to terms with how I would look. As long as I didn’t move around the room to much, and kept behind my desk for the majority of the time, I would be fine; at least that is what I had to keep telling myself as I waited for the bell to ring and the day to get started. After such an eventful morning, I was fearful of what Sage had in store for the lunch time task. However, I would have to wait four long periods to find out, and I just hoped that my soaking wet pussy wouldn’t saturate more of the pants.

To be continued…

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