Daddy does the Job Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


He pushed me back onto the bed and pounced on me before I could get up.

“Little teasing bitch, time to take what you created!”

I could feel his hand yanking off my blouse, I was braless, and my 36D boobs swung free. Reaching under my skirt, he yanked it off, staring at my white cotton panties, and I was quickly stripped of that covering. He looped a belt around my wrists and soon had my arms stretched up, tied to the headboard of my bed.

He got up and said, “There, now I can take my time.”

I watched him strip, the sound of his zipper being unzipped, and the sight of his cock rising up. I was staring at the instrument of my deflowering as he got between my legs, yanked them apart, shoving my knees up to my tits. My cunt was upthrust, spread open and his cock nudged against me. My wild squirmings underneath him only fired up his lust even more.

“Just keep moving like that when I get this in you baby, and we’ll both have a great time. You gotta great looking pussy baby. You’ve hung onto your cherries for 18 years, that’s long enough. Yeah, I got 9 inches for you, it’s what you want, what all you prick hungry sluts want!”

A savage thrust tore into me. I shrieked as his cock hit my maiden barrier, then ripped through it, the shredding of my virginity stung like hell, powering me from chaste virgin to deflowered hard, in one lust-driven rush. His cock thumped hard against the back wall of my cervix, I let out another shriek as he Lefkoşa Escort was buried to the hilt.

“Oh fuck yeah, virgin tight, perfect!”

He pulled back slightly and hammered back in, I let out another pained shriek as I was spread open forcefully again.

“Yeah, like it don’t cha? You’ll never forget your first man, this fuck will stay with you forever!”

Of that there was no doubt, no way was I going to be able to forget losing my virginity in a hard, driving rape. After the hard, abrasive thrusts that had torn away my virginity, the tight elasticity of my pussy had stretched out to take his shaft, and the pain had subsided somewhat. He started to fuck me in a hard fast time, raping my cunt with a power fucking. I was letting out grunts as he continued, making sure every last bit of his prick was driven into me. “Oh yeah, keep wiggling around baby, just like that, only makes it feel even better.”

He was grunting and gasping as he rode me, and time seemed to stand still.

“Oh yeah, sweet fucking cunt. I’m no 2-minute rabbit fuck baby, you’re going to get a nice long ride, I’m going to savor every plunge.”

It was indeed, a long, hard ride before he finally exploded. I could feel his throbbing prick pumping his hot spunk into me, the rush of sperm-filled wetness flooding my no longer virgin hole. He squirted over and over before he was finally done with me.

“Whew, you’re a real hot cunted bitch. Glad you saved yourself for me!”

He got up, grinning as he got dressed, once he was done with that, her freed Girne Escort my arms, leaned over, and gave me a kiss.

“See you, tomorrow sweetheart.”

With a smile of satisfaction, my daddy left. He had fulfilled my deepest fantasy, getting my virginity torn away from me. My 18-year-old body had been filled with lust, I wanted my daddy to take me, take me hard. I had teased him incessantly, my body was hungry to fulfill my deepest fantasy of getting raped, whether he got the idea, or was just teased beyond the point of holding back, it had worked.

Mmmmm, it had been so good, fighting his overwhelming strength, the feeling of being tied to the headboard, unable to getaway. I rolled over, my fingers slid down, swirling through the creamy wetness. That’s my daddy’s cum went through my mind, making me even hotter. I plunged my fingers deeper, they were dripping wet when I brought them out and sucked them hungrily. The taste of daddy’s cum made my body light up, and I hungrily used my fingers to get as much of his cum as I could.

My lust roared back with a vengeance, and I pulled out my 9-inch dildo. I had saved my toy for when daddy had opened me up, and I let my remembering take me along. My daddy’s body atop me, pinning me to the bed. Shoving my knees up against my tits, the way my pussy had been positioned, defenseless. The touch of his stiff, swollen cock had made me freeze with anticipation. It seemed to stretch the time out, until my daddy, his face a mask of hungry lust, his solid dick had surged 3 or 4 inches into me, ripping Magosa Escort away my virginity. I plunged my dildo in at that thought, letting out a loud moan of pleasure. It had hurt, but the pain mixed with the pleasure of my deepest fantasy coming to life made me eager for every bit of mixed pain and pleasure to fill me.

The feel of his prick stretching me open, carving a path through my virgin cunt, his lust swollen cock powering in with a fierce charge, burying itself to the hilt as my cunt was now completely deflowered. Stretching me open, my first fucking, I buried my dildo as I remembered how my daddy’s sperm bloated balls swung down, smacking against my ass.

Getting stuffed with a lust-driven cock was exciting beyond description. I started to masturbate, fucking my now non-virgin pussy with the hard pumping of my dildo, simulating the hard, driving fuck he had just delivered. His cock reaming me with hard, ball-deep thrusts, the feel of his cock getting even harder, giving me a long, hard ride.

As I fucked myself wildly with my dildo, I could feel my orgasm approaching, oh fuck, I was gonna explode, and I held onto it as I relived the feeling of his throbbing prick pumping his hot spunk into me, the rush of sperm filled wetness baptizing my no longer virgin hole. That did it, and I let out a pleasure-filled shriek as I exploded, my pussy pulsing and spasming around my dildo, quivering wildly with pulses of pleasure.

I floated in the afterglow, I wanted more. My asshole was still tight and virgin, I hoped that daddy would be back tomorrow, so I could give that up. I wanted another ‘rape’ to take that tight little rosette, my mouth was also virgin, my body needed to be sprayed down, my big 36D boobs needed a titty fucking. Daddy would be doing all of me, I was eager to get all my virginities removed. Daddy, you are going to get such a workout.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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