Daddy Gave Me A Job

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Daddy Gave Me A Job

My thirteen-year-old sister came into my bedroom. I was still in bed because it was a Saturday and I didn’t have to get up until noon if I didn’t want too. So I hollered to her to get out but she didn’t.

Then Marcy said, “Daddy gave me a job.”

I asked, “What job?”

Marcy replied, “I am the new Cocksucker. Mommy got promoted to Fuck-buddy.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Go away.”

Marcy said, “I can’t. Daddy assigned me to you. I have to get in all the practice that I can before Friday.”

I asked, “What happens on Friday?”

Marcy replied, “Daddy is having some friends over and I’ll be expected to suck all of their cocks after they fuck Mommy.”

Sleepily I asked, “So where do I fit in?”

Marcy giggled and said, “In my mouth silly. There are rules that I have to obey. I have to be completely naked, I have to be on my knees, and I have to swallow everything that comes out of your cock while I’m sucking it.”

I asked, “And if you don’t?”

Marcy cringed and said, “Then I get beat to within an inch of my life.”

I had heard that same statement come out of Dad’s mouth. We never ever pushed him to the point of finding out what that meant. We were both as scared of Dad as Mom was. We lived in terror most of the time, especially when he was drinking. If he was going to have friends over then he was going to be drinking.

Marcy undressed and knelt right next to my bed. She lifted my sheet and blanket, just enough to get her head under the covers right above my cock. She held it with her hand and then she slipped her mouth over it. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life. I had been jerking off a lot and that just felt too good for words. I reached down and held her head as I thrust up into her face. I heard her gag but at that moment I didn’t care about her at all, all I cared about was fucking her face until I came, and that’s exactly what I did. Being her first time and not knowing what to expect she couldn’t swallow everything that came out. She started to panic, she threw the covers off, and she started lapping up the excess that had gotten away. She was like a vacuum cleaner as she cleaned it all up and licked me clean afterwards.

Marcy said, “You won’t tell Daddy that I messed up. Will you?”

I looked down at my sister threw glazed eyes, she had swallowed everything that came out, but I said, “Not if you do that again.”

Marcy said, “Funny you should say that! Daddy told me to try for ten blowjobs a day from you today and tomorrow, and then as many times as I can on school days.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Oh, thank God.”

Marcy said, “Thank Daddy, it was his idea.” Then her mouth came down over my cock again. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had to pee like a racehorse.

She sucked on me for a good ten minutes and then lifted her head and said, “My jaw is starting to hurt. Can we take a little break?”

I said, “Okay. I have to take a leak anyway. Come with me and I’ll let you hold it.”

She giggled and followed me down the hall to the bathroom. Neither one of us were dressed and we didn’t close the door either. Marcy was trying to aim my erection at the toilet bowl but was afraid that she might break it off. I laughed and started Ankara escort it then backed up and let her hold it. From that distance my piss made a pretty good arch and hit the water in the bowl with a considerable amount of splashing. Marcy giggled as she moved it around and let some of it fall onto the bathroom floor.

Just then Mom said, “Marcy, I want you to clean that up with your tongue. Now drink whatever he has left.”

As soon as I heard Mom’s voice I immediately pinched the flow off. Then when I heard Mom’s command and watched Marcy slip her mouth over the head I released the flow flooding her with the backed up pressure. Her cheeks swelled up and her eyes watered with that first gulp. She sure was a trooper and swallowed what I had left. Mom stood there the whole time and then supervised her licking the floor clean too.

While we were standing there I asked, “So you were promoted to Fuck-buddy, just what does that entail?”

Mom said, “First off I don’t have to suck any more filthy cocks, swallow their tainted cum, or drink their piss. I don’t have to taste their wife’s or girlfriend’s dried up cum and I don’t have to suck their cocks after they had them in someone else’s ass either.”

I looked at her sternly like Dad does and said, “Okay, so you don’t have to suck any more cocks. What do you have to do?” I asked it in a voice that commanded an answer.

Mom looked startled and then she said, “I just have to let all of your father’s friends fuck me…that’s all.”

I glared at her and said, “Tell me more.”

Mom cowered just a little, but not as much as she does when Dad gets after her. She replied, “Instead of fucking my mouth they will get to fuck my cunt and my ass.”

I asked, “Can they cum in you?”

Mom replied, “Yes, if they want too. Or they can cum on me if they want too.”

Then I asked, “Can I cum in you?”

Mom held her head down in shame and said, “Yes. Your father said that I had too, any time that you wanted too. He said that it was my duty from now on.”

I asked, “Can I cum in your mouth if I want too?”

With a tear in the corner of one eye Mom said, “Yes, you can. I can deny you nothing. Neither can your sister. Your father made you king of the house but he reserves the right to overrule you.”

I said, “Strip then.”

The tear ran down her cheek as she dropped her clothing to the floor of the bathroom. Marcy stopped licking to watch. Mom did not reprimand her for it. She stood there proudly as I checked out her body.

Mom could deny me nothing…neither could my sister. I said, “Bend over and grab your ankles.”

I could see the blood drain from her face, she was as white as a ghost, but she bent over and grabbed a hold of her ankles like I had ordered.

I parted her pussy lips from behind and slipped my cock into her wet pussy. Mom was my first fuck and I was happy to give her my virginity. I almost knocked her over so I held onto her hips as I slammed my cock into her cunt. After Marcy’s blowjob and my morning piss I was in for the long haul. I knew that I could rub my hand on my cock for a good twenty to thirty minutes before I would cum again. I had not counted on the wonderful feeling of her velvety love tunnel or the sensation that one gets from fucking his own mother. All in all I was pretty sure that it Ankara escort bayan took me a good fifteen minutes to spill my cum into her. When I was completely spent I pulled it out and said, “Now suck it, Mom.” She got on her knees as Marcy had and sucked it into her mouth until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

Marcy smiled and said, “She’s sucked a lot of cocks.”

I laughed and said, “Maybe one day you’ll be this good.”

I could feel myself growing hard in her mouth, I felt the head slid down her throat, and then I told Marcy to bend over and grab her ankles.

She said, “I’m a virgin.”

I replied, “So was I a few minutes ago and I’m king of the house, so do it.”

My thirteen-year-old sister stood up, turned around, and then bent over to grab her ankles like Mom had. I slipped my cock out of Mom’s mouth and then slipped it into my sister virgin pussy. I gave it a couple of pumps and then I slipped it back into Mom’s mouth. I went from one hole to the other for a hell of a long time. Neither girl said a word. I must have fucked the two of them for close to an hour. When I finished cumming in my sister she passed out and fell to the floor.

I said, “Mom, lick her clean and swallow.”

I sat on the toilet to watch her. Mom did as I commanded and she did a really good job of it too. Then before Marcy woke up, my mother said, “Please do that to us again. I love her pussy and I love her taste.”

I looked at Mom and asked, “You’ve never tasted a woman before?”

Mom said, “No. Never. Your father hates lesbians and he though if I ever tried it that I would become one.”

I smiled and asked, “Was he right?”

Mom leaned over and kissed Marcy’s pussy then she said, “Yes. I think he was. I can’t taste of her though or any other woman unless you tell me too. Otherwise I’ll be punished.”

I asked, “Has Dad ever punished you?”

Mom said, “Once I really pissed him off and he gave me to a whore house for a whole week. It was awful.”

I saw goose bumps going up her arms, giving me chills. I helped Marcy up and then I took both girls into my bedroom.

I then said, “Tell me about it.”

Mom lay down on my bed in the center and cuddle Marcy and I into her breasts as she told her story.

“I was a young bride and your father told me that I had to let the landlord fuck me for that months rent. I wasn’t about to let that old bastard fuck me and I wasn’t about to let your father pimp me out as a whore either. That went over like a lead balloon. The next thing I knew he was dropping me off at some old lady’s brothel and I became a two-dollar whore and the Madam kept half. It took me a whole week to make enough money for that months rent. I’ll tell you, I let that landlord fuck me anytime he wanted to for the rent. The guys that go to a whorehouse with only two dollars are not your good-looking clean-shaven guys. They are the drug addicts, the drunks, and the homeless. Two hundred guys fucked me day and night for eight days. I can still feel their rotten cocks in my cunt, their foul breath in my nostrils, and the stench of their unbathed bodies on top of me. I was required to suck their cocks before and after they fucked me. I had to lick their assholes too. It was absolutely disgusting. I never pissed your father off after that. I hope Marcy never does Escort Ankara either.”

I was hard again and told Marcy to start sucking me, after all that was why she was there.

I asked Mom, “How often does Dad invite his friends over for you to suck?”

Mom answered, “Only a couple of times a year. Whenever he needs money. You see he sells my…” She looked down at Marcy sucking away and continued, “I mean our services to men that are willing to pay him. Marcy will bring a bundle. Men like sticking their cocks into young girls like her.”

I asked, “Wouldn’t they rather fuck her?”

Mom replied, “Sure but your father wouldn’t allow that. He still thinks that his precious little girl is a virgin. He’ll sell her mouth for a couple of years and then sell her pussy.”

She looked down at Marcy again and said, “Don’t let him catch you fucking her. He’ll kill you both and I’m serious.”

I believed her. A few minutes later Marcy was sucking and swallowing like a professional cocksucker.

Dad took off that weekend to solicit some new ‘friends’ to fuck his wife and to get their cocks sucked by his thirteen-year-old daughter.

I got my cock sucked and I fucked them both every chance that I got. I wouldn’t let Marcy drain my cock, I needed to cum inside one of them every time that I got hard. Mom loved it whenever I would tell her to clean Marcy up afterwards.

When the day finally arrived Marcy got to suck eight of Dad’s ‘friends’ until they were hard enough to fuck Mom. The deal was that they could fuck Mom in both of her holes until they couldn’t get hard anymore. The day started at eight o’clock in the morning and ran until midnight.

There was just one problem…

Four of the men were close friends and took over. Dad got tied to a chair in the corner of the room where he could watch the eight of them fuck his wife and his daughter all day long. They called a few of their friends to come over and enjoy the two girls too. I managed to stay out of sight.

Finally around suppertime I couldn’t stand it another minute. I called 911 and told them that sixteen men were raping my thirteen-year-old sister and my mother. I told them that Dad was tied to a chair and that I was too scared to come out from under my bed. The police arrived in droves. There were police cars everywhere, the house was surrounded, and then they came in. The naked men put up no resistance and even tried to implicate my father as the pimp and mastermind.

I came out calling them liars, telling them that I had seen the whole thing, and that I was willing to testify as to what I had seen. Then I handed my digital camera card over to the police.

The next day I told Dad that he was a looser, a fuck up, and that I was now in charge of the family. He resisted the idea until I told him that I had videotaped the first hour with him telling the men that his daughter would suck any cock put in her face no matter where it had just been, that they could fuck his wife all that they wanted too, and that their money had bought the two girl’s services until midnight.

Knowing that I could put him away for the rest of his life changed his attitude.

Mom asked, “Why did you wait so long to call the police?”

I smiled and held up a DVD as I said, “I have a great rape movie to sell of a real life mother and a daughter being raped in all of their holes by sixteen men while Dad is tied to a chair. I should make millions.”

The End
Daddy Gave Me A Job

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