Daddy’s Anal Daughter

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When Daddy’s little girl came back from her first year in college, she was no longer a little girl but a curvy, sweet young woman of 18. She was still very fresh and innocent, but he was amazed at how round and plump her butt had grown and how she liked wearing such tight little shorts, as if she was unaware of how crazy her juicy ass made guys.

It had been about a week since she had been back and she was driving him nuts with her tight short shorts that showed her healthy creamy thighs and firm, round bottom. She was still sweet and innocent, but had an air of flirtatiousness and the girl just emanated unpretentious nubile sexuality.

One night his gorgeous daughter came home drunk and passed out face first on the couch. He nudged her a few times to wake her, but she wouldn’t move. She had on incredibly tight shorts and her creamy legs and wide ass lying there were just too much to ignore.

Hesitating for a moment, he touched her smooth, thick teenage thighs, rubbing them slowly, moving up her bare leg to where her shorts and ass began. It was a plump round butt in soft khaki shorts. Gently, he felt her fat ass and looked to see if she was awake. A little pinch got no response.

He grabbed a firm handful of his daughter’s wonderful fat ass and jiggled. He had both hands on her round teenage rear and spread her cheeks. Then Daddy ran his fingers in her butt crack, massaging between her legs. With his other hand he took out his cock and stroked it while groping his passed out daughter’s big rear.

He was startled when she shifted her legs a bit, but was assured when she merely opened them up wider, allowing his hand better access in between her legs.

He rubbed her butthole and pussy through her shorts and kneaded her plump ass. She started moaning with pleasure in her passed out state as he kept rubbing her. Then he felt something hot and wet on his big cockhead. His daughter had put her mouth on his hard-on.

This encouraged him and he reached around and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. He spread her fat butt cheeks and took a look at her gorgeous naked butthole. It was like a big dimple in a deep crevasse, totally hairless and inviting. He licked one of his fingers and rubbed her anus as she continued to suck his meat.

He pushed one finger in rather easily and buried all the way in his daughter’s ass. Her big round bottom was beautiful and he loved finger fucking her butt.

“Daddy, fuck my ass!” He heard her beg. He pulled his pants off and got on the couch with his daughter. He wet his big prick up good with Mersin Escort his saliva and pressed it against his daughter’s butt hole.

He felt her tight ring open and squeeze his cockhead as his daughter lay still, more passed out than awake. Her bottom was pretty loose, probably because she was so drunk but also maybe because she got it up the ass all the time.

Anyway he was able to plunge his sausage into her smooth rectum rather easily. It felt so good being on top of his daughter, plunging her bottom real good with his pole.

Her big ass took in his dick so well, it wasn’t long before he started to feel his balls getting ready to unload.

He was deep in her butt when his cock unloaded his sperm inside her smooth bowels. He kept his cock in for a moment, laying on top of his daughter’s back. Then he got up, spread her fat ass wide and looked at her beautiful reamed asshole. He put his spent penis in her face to see if she would clean him off.

What a great daughter! She took in his dick and licked all of her ass of his pole, then passed out again.

Daddy put on his pants and carried his daughter to her bed, tucking her in for the night.

The next morning Daddy was up reading the paper at the kitchen table when his little angel came downstairs. She was feeling quite hung over with a big headache and was still in a half-drunken daze.

“Morning Daddy.”

“Morning sweetheart.”

“Oh, I feel awful.” She looked through the fridge for something to eat, just wearing a long t-shirt that barely covered her panties and bum.

Daddy lowered his reading glasses on his nose and admired those beautiful thighs.

“You passed out on the couch last night and I had to carry you to bed.”

“That’s not all I remember.” she let him know, still rummaging through the fridge. “I remember something else happening.”


“Maybe it was just a dream.”

“Was it a good dream, sweetheart?”

“It was the most wonderful dream, Daddy, and you were in it.”

“Maybe it wasn’t a dream, Jenny. Maybe it really happened.”

“Well I want it to happen again.” She said standing up with a carton of juice.

Daddy put the paper down. “Come sit on my lap, pumkin.”

Even though she was a grown 18 year old college girl, she still loved to sit on her father’s lap. He was after all a grown man and much bigger and stronger than she was. Jenny sat her fat butt down on one of his legs, so that her pussy was rubbing his thigh. Daddy could feel the warmth of his daughter’s cunt Mersin Escort Bayan on his leg and he placed both of his big hands benignly on her plump thighs.

“Tell Daddy what happened in your dream.”

“Daddy,” she whispered, “it was a naughty dream. Promise you won’t be upset?”


“I remember waking up and feeling your big hands on my butt. I was just so happy knowing you were with me and I felt so good and safe.”


“Then I felt your finger going inside my bottom, you were making it go in and out, and then I remember opening my eyes and seeing your penis in front of my face.”

“And then what happened?”

“So I put it in my mouth as you stuck your fingers deep inside of me.” Jenny grabbed her father’s crotch and gave it a squeeze. His big dick was rock hard. “And then you got on top of me and put your dick inside my ass and came deep inside of me.” She was kneading his cock.

“And how did that feel?”

“I LOVED it! I LOVED it so much and I want it again!” She unzipped his fly and pulled out his fat erection.

“Okay honey. Stand up for me and show me your bottom.”

“Yay!” She got off his lap and lifted her shirt above her ass. It was a tight, round, young, and bubbly bottom.

“Okay, now bend over and pull your cheeks apart.”

Jenny bent way over so she could look at her daddy upside down while showing him her ass.

“Do you want me to touch your bottom?”


Daddy firmly placed his hands on his daughter’s round butt and felt her smooth panties. Then he took a finger and gently encircled her butt hole.

“Right there sweetie?”

“Yes Daddy!”

He softly rubbed her butthole over her soft panties, then began to press real hard against her ring. She pushed back against his finger, giggling.

Then he took hold of his big dick and pointed it at her. “Come here baby.” He placed one hand on her plump butt as she backed into his daddy cock. She rubbed her butt right up against the tip of his dick, wiggled into it and sat down on it a little.

“Oh Daddy I want to feel it inside of my big butt again!”

“Okay dear. Take off your panties and spread your ass open again for me.”

She pulled down her panties and then took off her oversized t-shirt. Her back was to her Daddy so he couldn’t see her puffy nipples and small, almost non-existent breasts.

“That’s such a pretty rear end sweetheart.”

“Thanks Daddy!” she said, looking at him upside down again.

He cut off a slice of butter and picked Escort Mersin it up. Then he smeared it all over her puckering little ass hole as his daughter giggled. His first finger slid in very easy and made her moan with pleasure. Then he put two fat fingers in and slid them in and out of her greasy butthole.

“Do you like that? Do you like Daddy fingering your poop hole?”

“Yes Daddy! It feels so good!”

He casually plugged her bottom in and out with his fingers as he stroked his large cock.

“Do you think you can get this big penis inside there?”

“We can with plenty of butter Daddy!”

“That’s right angel.” He cut off another slice and smeared her hole up real good. “Come on sweetheart. Sit on Daddy’s big sausage. Let me see you fit it in your pretty bottom.”

Jenny stepped back and straddled her Daddy’s lap. She arched her back and lowered her beautiful round ass above his massive pole. There was greasy butter all over her shitter and it looked nasty and good as her big dimpled hole pressed against his throbbing cockhead. Daddy felt the pressure of his little girl’s anal ring trying to open to take him in. Slowly her asshole tightly squeezed around his dick more and more until just the tip was in. His daughter lowered her fat ass on his cock and took him in deeper. When she was in enough she slowly started riding his dick up her rear. Her butt lining was silky smooth and her sphincter grabbed him tightly, but she continued to take him in deeper up her ass. She fucked his cock in long, slow strokes with her ass.

“That’s a good girl. You like feeling that way up your rear?”

“Oh yes Daddy! I love your cock inside my big ass.”

She was slapping her juicy teen ass against his lap now, moaning with guttural anal pleasure.

It was way up her butt when she said, “I want to taste it. I want to taste my ass on your dick, Daddy!”

She pulled it out with a popping noise, turned around and got on her knees and crawled between his legs. There was a little brown mixed with the butter, and a little piece or two of shit. She took his big dong and put it right in her mouth and sucked all her ass off his cock. Daddy loved watching his little girl eat meat right after it was deep in her dirty rear, bobbing her head in his lap.

“Daddy, cum on my face!”

She sucked him real good, slobbering and drooling on his knob. Then he pulled it out and stroked it a few times as she held her pretty little face in front of it. Daddy grunted and out came a long thick rope of cum which hit his daughter’s nose. A second and third big stream off jizz exploded out of his cock and covered her mouth, nose, and chin. She put it back in her mouth and sucked it until it was soft, cum dripping off her face.

“That’s a good girl. You made Daddy cum really hard.”

“Mmmm, I love it!” she slurped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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