Daddy’s Day of ‘Fourplay’ Ch. 03

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Reader’s note: This series recounts her intense first-time foursome that plays out over the course of a single day, so start at Ch. 01 and enjoy the wild ride.


Daddy turned to the table behind him and reached for a dildo the colour and shape of a man’s cock – if that man happened to be an 8-foot tall gladiator.

My eyes widened in shock and I began to struggle against the bindings.

Daddy laughed, then also grasped two cruel-looking clamps and a marginally smaller, absolutely transparent crystal dildo that flared outwards in a sweeping cone shape from a tip the circumference of a cock.

“Hey mate, doesn’t the ‘Pussy Persuader’ usually make its debut much later in the day?” John asked Daddy, eyeing the rigid toy he was hefting in his right hand.

“We have a lot of stretching to get through first if we’re going to rescue her from the malaise of being a fisting virgin,” Daddy told David and John, who considered his words for a moment then nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

Daddy’s friends moved across the bed and settled on either side of my splayed thighs.

Daddy knelt between them, coming to rest a forearm’s length away from my drenched pussy.

Acting in unison and by seemingly unspoken agreement, all three men reached out and began to massage my cunt.

I felt fingers trailing along my perineum, others lazily circling my inner folds and yet more capturing my clit and rolling it like a ball of wax.

The sensations made me writhe, small moans escaping my lips.

Then as one the fingers all moved inwards towards a specific goal; deep penetration.

I gasped at the bizarre sensation of three rigid fingers sliding into my cunt, each from a distinctly different direction.

Daddy and his friends started finger fucking me, their motions intense and determined, but maddeningly slow.

I felt Daddy’s left hand settle on my shaven mons.

First he cupped the rise of flesh and stroked the smooth skin softly then he suddenly clenched his fist around it, inflicting a cruel twist that forced me to cry out.

My body instinctively jerked trying to roll away from the pain, but trussed open against the headboard I was completely at Daddy’s mercy.

John growled at Daddy to let go.

“When you pinch like that her cunt convulses and it’s already so damn tight that görükle escort one of us could break a finger!” he complained.

Daddy laughed, but he loosened his grip slightly until I could again feel the blood throbbing through my aching mons like a second heartbeat.

His thumb slid down into my wet slit until it found my acutely sensitive clit, and pressed it firmly.

“That’s precisely what we’re doing right now,” Daddy told John, “There’s no way this cunt is going to take a fist at the moment, but we know how to fix that problem.

“In a few hours she’s going to be begging to be fisted and love every second of it!”

The sensations produced by Daddy’s thumb vibrating across my clit drove everything else from my mind, until I felt the fingers that were now plunging into my pussy to the hilt, begin to pull apart.

There was no change to their pace or motion except for the outward pressure being exerted against my pussy walls, forcing them to balloon.

John’s middle finger was pulling to the left as it pistoned in and out, while David’s was doing the same on the right.

Daddy’s finger, meanwhile, forced my cunt opening downwards and I could feel my skin stretch uncomfortably tight.

My mind dissolved in a maelstrom of pleasure and increasing pain.

Daddy thrummed my clit faster while the relentless fingers continued to stretch my cunt open.

Suddenly David plunged his index finger into me as well, an action mirrored by John a split second later.

I whimpered at the aching, alien sensation of five digits forcing their way into my pussy, slamming down harder and harder between my gaping thighs until it felt like an oversized jackhammer was pile-driving into my pelvis.

Daddy’s insistent thumb, though, forced me back from the precipice of pain to a place in my mind where pleasure was steadily building.

I hovered between the two extremes for what seemed an eternity, rising on the rolling swell of an orgasm that just wouldn’t crest.

Then I wailed as I felt Daddy’s thumb vanish, but it was immediately replaced by his warm, sensuous lips sucking my clit deep into his mouth.

Daddy’s tongue lashed over the now aching nub and that ecstasy combined with the wanton lewdness of having so many hands playing with my cunt, forced a bucking, screaming, writhing orgasm bursa escort bayan from me that sent wave upon wave of tremors coursing through my painfully extended limbs.

The intensity of the climax caused a momentary black-out; I was aware neither of the fingers withdrawing from my throbbing cunt nor of the three men repositioning themselves on the bed.

My eyes only fluttered open when I felt Daddy lightly tweaking my nipples.

“It’s not nap time, baby girl,” Daddy said, staring intently at me.

“I told David and John we were going to have a great day with you and I’d be very angry if you turned me into a liar.

“Do not let me down!”

I felt crushing dismay at having disappointed Daddy.

Rapidly blinking away the sheen of tears filling my eyes I whispered: “I’m so sorry Daddy.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this; never felt anything so good, but I promise I won’t lose concentration again.”

Daddy nodded briefly.

“Good girl,” he said, “I nevertheless think a lesson in focus is needed right now to ensure your head’s where it should be; to keep you alert.”

Watched by David and John, who were both stroking their hard cocks, Daddy reached across to the pedestal next to the bed and picked up the clamps he’d taken off the big table earlier.

Each comprised a metal circle pierced by two screws.

Daddy grasped my left nipple and pulled it up and away from my torso, pinching it hard as he did so.

He rolled the bulbous, sensitive nub none too gently until it puckered to even sharper attention, then placed the metal ring over it and began to turn the screws.

I watched the ends slowly squeeze my pale pink nipple so hard that the flattened flesh glowed puce.

Only then did Daddy remove his hands from the screws.

He turned his attention to my right nipple and repeated the process, giving both engorged, flushed teats hard flicks when he was done.

A small smile flashed across Daddy’s face as I yelped at the touch, struggling to comprehend how my nipples could have become 100 times more sensitive in a matter of seconds.

“You’ve been a greedy little slut so far today,” Daddy remarked as he gave the clamps holding my aching nipples a final tweak.

“Your horny little cunt had climax after climax with no consideration bursa escort of our pleasure, which is hardly fair, is it?”

My moist lips parted to remind Daddy that I hadn’t exactly been in a position to take charge of anything, but closed again as I realised it was precisely what Daddy would not want me to say in front of his guests.

Instead I smiled and said: “Slut toys who slack off aren’t any use to anyone; Daddy please would you and your friends use me to cum hard?”

Daddy grinned, delighted at my response.

He looked at David and John: “Jeez guys, do you need a second invitation?”

Then Daddy knelt down, straddling my chest, and with a hard thrust of his hips forced his throbbing cock deep into my throat.

I was helpless to do anything but gag and take the violation, pinned as I was as far back into the pillows as I could go and still spread-eagled against the headboard.

With throat full of cock, I felt the bed move as either David or John squatted over my abdomen, reached down to spread wide the lips of my cunt, then plunged a cock far into my aching depths.

I tried to yelp but Daddy simply rammed his cock further down my throat precisely as a third member was pushed forcefully into my arse, accompanied by a deep grunt of satisfaction.

I had never before been with more than one person, so having all holes plugged was overwhelming.

The three rampantly horny men used my body hard, fucking every orifice with driving thrusts that jarred the length of my spine and forced my head backwards at a nearly impossible angle.

Moments later, with a roar resounding through the room and one final bone-crushing thrust, the latex-encased cock filling my arse exploded.

It was soon followed by Daddy’s friend who was pounding into my abused pussy.

With spit and gag-induced tears forming runnels down my cheeks, I opened my mouth even wider to encourage Daddy to abuse my throat with his pulsing cock; to release as deeply as he chose.

At the very last second possible, though, Daddy pulled out of my mouth and with a growl he grasped his twitching erection and spurted hot streams of cum across my face.

Daddy, John and David collapsed across the bed, all breathing hard.

A few minutes later Daddy raised his wrist and idly looked at his watch.

“I can’t believe it’s so early!” he exclaimed in a surprised tone.

“There’s still tons of playtime left today, and we must make the most of every minute.

“There’s no way in hell this little one is going anywhere until she’s been fucked so thoroughly that her legs don’t work for a week…”

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