Daddy’s Good Girl

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Daddy’s Good Girl

Missy knelt on the bed between his legs stroking his hard cock. The fingers of both hands were working on him, kneading and pulling, her thumbs rubbing up and round his head, pressing lightly against the slit at the top. Up and down his shaft she played, then grasped him somewhat tightly and lowered her head to press her tongue against his head, licking at the hot little opening oozing precum.

He moaned and his leg muscles tightened as her lips wrapped around him, resting just below the rim. She sucked, and her tongue pressed against his head as she sucked. Her fingers moved gently on his shaft while she sucked his head. Missy’s tongue pressed and moved against him and he moaned again. He finally brought his hands up and into her hair, rubbing gently at her head and lightly pressing her down. She stiffened her shoulders and back in resistance and Bob moaned louder and his fingers pressed deeper into her scalp.

His hips were thrusting insistently under her and his hands were pushing on her head, finally she opened her mouth and let him push himself inside. Missy slowly but steadily sucked and stroked him with her mouth until she heard him start to softly moan and felt him moving and stiffening beneath her. She lowered her head and took him deep into her throat, sucking and swallowing, her throat tightening around him and then sat up. She smiled at him and licked her lips.

“Good morning, Bob.”

Bob raised himself up onto his elbows and looked down at his hard, throbbing cock and then up at her.

“Finish it, Missy.” His voice was morning rough and sent a shiver down her spine. She smiled and shook her head, but the giggle died in her throat.

He had her on her back so fast. She yelped in surprise and he grasped her hands in his and held them to the bed. His knees were on either side of her head and he poked at her face, the spongy head of his rock hard cock pressing against her cheek. Her mouth opened and she twisted her head until he was pressed against the roof of her mouth, then he leaned further over and slid down her throat. Her legs fell open and she moaned, rocked her head slightly. His hands tightened on her wrists as he rocked into her, several deep strokes. When his hot salty cum hit her throat she swallowed and struggled under him.

After holding himself still above her while she sucked and licked at him he leaned back and off to the side, sitting on the bed next to her head. He looked down at her and smiled. Using his thumb he pushed a thick trickle of his cum from the corner of her lips into her mouth.

“Missy, antalya escort bayan you need to learn how to just be a good girl sometimes.” He watched her as she sucked at his thumb. “Do you always have to be the brat?”

He shook his head and left her lying there as he went to shower. She rolled over onto her stomach and went back to sleep. Hours later Missy woke to a quiet, empty house. She showered, put on black string bikini bottoms and made a glass of lemonade before turning on the stereo and going out to the pool. The sun was hot, but the water was like heaven and she closed her eyes, floating on her back, everything but her face, the tips of her bare breasts, hip bones and her knees now and then were submerged in the clear blue coolness.

Missy just couldn’t relax, she kept hearing Bob’s voice in her head. “Do you always have to be the brat?” She held her breath and let herself sink toward the bottom of the pool. Turning and kicking, she pushed to the surface and swam a few laps. She was a brat, she always had been. Though, she thought he liked it that she was a brat. All she wanted to do was make him happy. He wanted a good girl…he had said sometimes though. She smiled and pulled herself out of the pool. She would be his good girl…sometimes.

She lay in the sun for a while to dry off then wandered into the house to make herself something to eat. As she leaned against the counter waiting for the pizza, flipping through a magazine, Bob came home.

“Do you want some pizza?” She asked him.

He just stood there looking at her. Her skin flushed and her nipples hardened, the puckering of her skin pulling her breasts up high. She straightened her back and shook her hair a little.

“Do you want me to put a shirt on?” Her voice was quiet, and she lowered her eyes.


They sat and ate together, talking and laughing and then Bob led her into the den where he sat on the leather loveseat. He pulled her down next to him and she curled into his side. As they watched T.V. his fingers played at her breasts and nipples. Soon her back was pressed against his chest and both of his hands were squeezing her. Her back arched and she moaned. His fingers felt so good on her breasts.

He ran his palms over her hard nipples and then pinched them between his thumbs and fingers, tugging and rolling them. She started to moan softly and reached over to grip his thigh.

“No.” His voice was soft and quiet.

She immediately removed her hand. His intake of breath and the tightening of his hands and the muscles of his escort antalya arms told her that he was surprised, and pleased. He settled back into the couch and continued to play with her. His hands traveled her breasts while his mouth roamed her neck and she squirmed against him.

He pressed her away from him, lying her back down onto the seat next to him and pulling her legs up into his lap. Her bottom was pressed right up against his hip and he pushed her legs open. She squirmed a bit as he ran one finger over the wet spot at the crotch her bikini bottoms. Using one finger he pressed at the spot, pushing the material into her warm wet slit. Bob pinched one nipple and then the other with one hand while he worked at soaking her bottoms with the other.

She moaned and moved on the couch, unable to keep her body still. Her hips rotated, lifted and dropped, moaning and wanting more. Her back arched and swayed as he pinched and tugged her nipples. Missy was all over the small space of the seat cushion and Bob watched her writhe under his hands. He untied the bikini at the hips and then pushed with the tips of two fingers until her plump pink lips swelled out around the material inside her. His thumb massaged her clit in tight circles, faster and harder as her legs tightened and she started to toss her head. With both hands she reached down and grasped his wrists, her moans high and frantic.

“Sshh, calm down, baby, not yet.” He put his hands on her quivering stomach and slowly ran them up her ribs to her breasts.

She tightened and pressed against the material pushed inside her and moaned deeply as the pulsing shocks in her clitoris ebbed. Her breathing slowed and he ran his hands back down to her thighs, pressing them open again, massaging them, his fingers grazing the tips of her swollen, wet lips. He dropped to his knees next to the loveseat and opened her legs further. He ran his tongue down her thigh and into the crease of her leg as he pulled the material from her.

Missy gripped the cushion under her and cried out. He sucked one lip into his mouth and slipped a finger into her clenching pussy. Then he pulled her clit between his lips and Missy whimpered. He grasped her hips and pulled her up and into his face. The way his mouth moved against her was insane, she knew she would cum soon. He licked and sucked at her, pressing his tongue into her and then running it up and down from her clit to her ass. He was moaning and his hands clenched tightly at her hips. Bob lifted her further and pressed his tongue against the tight rim of her ass and she writhed antalya escort against his face. The bridge of his nose pressed against her clit and his tongue sank into her hot tight ass.

“Ohhh I’m cumming, Daddy.” Her fingers clutched at the cushion and then she gripped her own thighs and pulled her legs further apart, grinding into his face as her juices flowed from her.

She bathed his face in her cum and he licked and sucked her, fucking her with his tongue, back and forth from her ass to her pussy. She had never felt anything like it, his mouth was everywhere, his lips, tongue and teeth eating her. The surprise of another orgasm so close to the last made her frantic.

“Oh, Daddy, wait. No, please. OHHH God, again.” She grasped his head and her legs trembled and pressed around his face.

He let go of her hips dropping her back to the cushion and grasped her thighs in his hands and pressed them open. He buried his face between her legs and sucked her clit into his mouth until she screamed.

Bob raised up and turned her over, her chest pressed into the cushion and her ass hanging off the edge. Using his knees he pushed her legs apart and sank his throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks and spread them open as he stroked in and out of her. Missy loved the sounds of their moans and rapid breathing, the squishing slapping sound as he pounded into her. The tips of his thumbs were pressing between her cheeks, first one slipping into her tight hole and then the other.

Missy’s back was arched and she reached under herself to grasp her breasts in her hands, squeezing them, pinching roughly with her fingers and nails. His cock was thick and hard and her pussy clenched and tightened around him. But her concentration was focused on his thumbs, stroking and pulling at her, opening her tight ass, which was wet with her juices and clenching in the same rhythm as her sweet little pussy.

He roared and pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy and pushed it quickly past the tight rim of her ass. Missy screamed and pressed her ass against him, taking all of him deep. The hot jet of cum shooting into her ass sent her over the edge again. She dropped onto the couch and hummed and shook through an explosive orgasm. He dropped his chest onto her back and kissed and nibbled at her neck.

They lay there like that for a long time, and she loved the feeling of his cock softening inside her, beginning to shift and come out of her in the thick mess of his cum. He kissed her neck gently and rubbed her hair out of her face, whispering.

“You were such a good girl tonight, Missy.”

His arms gathered her close to him and he sat back onto the floor rocking her in his arms, kissing her forehead. “Daddy’s good girl.”

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