Daddy’s Lesson Ch. 02

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The day after Daddy’s… lesson …I didn’t go to work. Daddy didn’t let me.

I went into my room after he had finished with me, willing sleep to overtake me and bring me into oblivion. But for all I’d been tired, now my senses were on hyperalert. And for all my shame, all I could feel was how stretched my once-virgin pussy had been by Daddy’s cock in it. Oh God, he had been huge; I was certain he had torn me. Unable to achieve the sedative of sleep, instead I began inspecting myself with a tentative finger. I winced as I gently eased apart the lips of my pussy, sliding slowly, fretfully, down to my sore little hole. I groaned into my pillow, remembering as if he hadn’t left me, Daddy’s swollen merciless cock pounding into me, his shaft so long I thought his thick cockhead would rip right into my womb. I shuddered with a heaving cry, grateful for the condom, then let out a little gasp as I realised I had stopped tentatively fingering myself and was now rubbing my clit firm but slow and sensual. Unbidden, I imagined Daddy’s rough heavy finger pressing and massaging my stuck-up swollen clit, so engorged it was popping out from its hood.

My vagina was tensing its muscles, still trying to keep hold of a cock that wasn’t there. I bit my bottom lip and arched my back as ripples of pleasure shot through my body. I had slipped the straps of my dress back on after Daddy let me get back up, once he was done assaulting my boobies with his heavy grabbing hands, but now I slipped it off like Daddy had done, rucking it round my middle again. Fuck, I could still feel him everywhere, like his spirit had followed me into my room and wasn’t done with me. For all my mind wanted to tell me I felt dirty and awful – turned into a slut by my own father – my body wanted to rebelliously respond to all his touches, his painful thrusts, his disgusting, delicious words. My toes were curling, my vagina desperately wanted his massive dong filling it up, and my titties tingled with the memory of his fingers pinching my bloated nipples. I cried quietly as I rubbed, more harder, more furious, at my aching clit, mouthing “daddy, daddy… daddy!” into the still air.

My body was betraying me, uncaring that it was my father who had fucked my virgin pussy, filling me up with his merciless meat. And my mind was melting away too, following the pulsing rythm of pleasure my body was becoming slave to, making me relive Daddy’s weight on me, in me, pinning me down against the kitchen floor with his long thick cock in me like a pin through a butterfly. I felt him over and over again, each individual thrust building up to his tremendous orgasm, every pinch of my aching nipples between his hard fingers, until I was soaking wet, my finger dipping into a pool of my juices as I gave myself a quick fingering before furiously grinding against my clit. I came suddenly and relentlessly, feeling even my cervix shaking and rollicking, having to grind my teeth to stop myself from crying out “Daddy!” as I heaved and shook through the most violent, intense orgasm I’d ever had.

I was vaguely aware of my fingers still held against my vagina, wet with my pussy-juice, as finally sleep overtook me, my cunt on show, my titties shamelessly free of my dress.

That was how Daddy found me the next morning; I was humiliated before I’d even had a chance to wake up properly.

I quickly tried to pull my dress over myself, but Daddy was quicker; he grabbed my wrist with one hand, and a free naked breast with the other. Involuntarily, I cried out, feeling like I’d been shocked with pleasure. My body, like last night, didn’t care about family ties or the sanity of my mind. It wanted the pleasure that had been forced upon it, and here was the man to deliver it. That I called him Daddy and I was his daughter didn’t matter to my electrified nipples or my cunt which had felt such a large cock making it expand and be filled up tight for the first time ever.

“Mm, you’re a good daughter, making sure I can wake you up in such a way,” Daddy murmured, looking at me lustily. I wondered if he remembered how to look at me as just his daughter before he’d force-fucked me.

“Daddy,” I whimpered. I was confused, unused to my mind and my body being in conflict, unused to feeling such intense physical sensations. Daddy squeezed my breast between his fingers. Though I had a free hand, I already knew he was more than capable of just pinning my hands together to continue doing whatever he wanted. Besides… a part of me wanted this, so my quivering pussy told me. I was so dumbfounded, shocked and hurt. How could Daddy, who had done what he never should have, be making me want him to do it again and again?

“That’s right,” he said huskily, in his growling coffee-and-early-morning voice. “Daddy’s here to make sure your lesson stuck.” With his other hand he moved my face by my chin, making me look up at him. I felt him massaging my breast. “What did we learn yesterday?”

I hiccupped a stifled sob, bottom lip quivering. Realising I wasn’t fighting, he released my wrist finger by finger, then – more soft – grabbed my other breast so he had a hold of both of them. I moaned without thinking dikmen escort and my clit quivered, more free of inhibitions than my mind. It was like I had two minds, one driven solely by my pussy. If it could, it would’ve shrieked for Daddy’s cock to fill it up.

“What did we learn?” Daddy repeated. His eyes were gleaming with triumph as he fingered my heaving breasts, my breath short, my blood pumping to my swelling clit. Thought by thought, my mind was losing a battle – it was being obliterated by a pleasure that set my body on fire and was threatening to consume all of me.

I shook my head with tears in my eyes. “I don’t know,” I confessed quietly. Truly I didn’t; for all Daddy had spoke about boys and lessons, all I could think of was his hands, his great length in me, and my trembling twitching pussy around him.

Daddy tutted and I watched as his expression looked genuinely disappointed. He dropped his hands from my breasts, my nipples taut and red, puffed up from the heat and pressure of his palms, and it took the remains of my self-control not to look upset by his letting go of me.

“We learnt…” Daddy whispered, kneeling in front of me where I sat on the bed. “…That Daddy is the best person to teach you what others will do to you.” Without another glance at me, he dove forward, mouth clamping around my already wet vagina. I felt his tongue dart in between my moist lips, his pointed tongue making me wetter, and I let out an airy gasp, shutting my eyes tight as I fell back on the bed.

“Daddy!” I groaned between gritted teeth as his tongue went deeper, his nose pressed against my shuddering clit, his mouth pushed firmly against my pussy as if he was kissing it as well as licking me deep inside. He replied by moving his mouth as his tongue lashed against my inner flesh, making soft sucking sounds. I curled my hands into the sheets and without thinking of it I wrapped my legs around Daddy’s neck, wanting to make sure he didn’t stop. Oh God, never had I felt anything like it! He was sucking and licking and lapping and I could feel the saliva of his mouth mixing with the wetness of my pussy. He grabbed my hips with both hands, managing to push back against my legs as he took his tongue from my pussy – only to re-engage his suckling mouth right on my engorged clit.

I arched my back up as high as it could go. My whole body was straining with a building orgasm and the pleasure that writhed under my skin. I felt electrically charged, all by Daddy’s teeth and tongue nibbling and licking away at my sorely sensitive little button. I was vaguely aware of my grunting and whimpering at Daddy’s hands held my hips in place and kept my butt pushed firmly against the bed with his face pressed hard against my pubic area. Oh sweet God, all I could feel were his teeth nipping at the hood of my clit as if he could bear it back and take more of my swollen, throbbing exposed bud into his mouth, sucking, tasting, slurping away at me. Juices were running freely from my pussy, and I could just imagine Daddy’s chin wet and shiny with it.

Daddy was adding his own sated groans to mine as he continued with his never-ending licking. Oh God, Daddy was certainly tasting me, his lust-frenzied daughter! I imagined the salty tang on his lips, dampening his tongue with my sheen.

Then he removed a hand from my hip and, shifting himself slightly, pushed two fingers into my pussy.

“God, fuck, Daddy!” I roared, unable – unwilling – to stop myself, my body, from enjoying everything he was doing to it. My legs were trembling around his neck, my pussy felt like it was thrumming with sheer energy. I was sure I was going to-

“Mm, you like that, baby girl?” Daddy was asking, looking up, licking his lips.

I wanted more, I didn’t want him to stop, I didn’t want the man making me feel this way to be my dad, but through all the sickening shame my libido didn’t care. I thrust my hips up, trying to plant my pussy firmly against his lips, but he was angled wrong. I pushed myself up on my elbows, disturbed lust running embarrassment and shame off the scene. “More,” I simpered. Begging my own father to keep performing cunnilingus on me turned my stomach, but so did his eating me out – in a more pleasant way. “Please.” There were tears in my eyes from frustration and shame and euphoria.

“Say what you want. Tell me what I’m doing to you,” Daddy said. The fingers of the hand that had been in me were now stroking my thigh up and down, languidly, delicately, teasing and promising his touch.

“You’re… you’re licking me. Sucking me.” Again I thrust my hips up, again to no avail. Daddy hummed his approval and for me to continue. “Your mouth was right against my pussy,” I panted.

“Was it good?” he asked sharply. His fingers moved once again as he pinched the aroused bud of my clitoris, making me squeal “yeEes!”

“Really good?” He asked, and I saw his head shift, felt him plant a kiss on my clit. The cotton sheets were a tight ball in my clenched hands, and I breathed heavy and long through my nose, trying to keep from crying out.

Another kiss, and another, the pointed tip of his tongue elvankent escort tasting me again and giving me another taste of what he could do. What I wanted; needed. I writhed against the bed, sure my father meant to drive me mad with this all-consuming lust that spread like fire throughout my body, so fierce I thought I’d combust with it.

“Was it good?” he asked again, harder this time, giving my clit a sharp little nip.

“Yes!” I squealed, “yes!” I was unable to contain myself, I needed some outlet for the feelings Daddy was forcing me to feel, to experience. “Please Daddy, suck me, taste me, fuck me!” I was roaring my need, shouting my frenzy, uncaring how horrible I’d feel afterward. Daddy couldn’t do this to me and leave me hanging! He at least owed me the most explosive orgasm to rack my body! A part of me wanted to cry, understanding that no man – now my Daddy was the first and was so honed – could make me feel the way he could; no other man could make my body a vessel for pure desire like he had. Like he would. Like I wanted.

Based on yesterday, I expected Daddy to lunge up, to rip off his pants and to plunge into me, pumping back and forth with wild abandon and gusto, his thick heavy length of meat-pipe battering into my womb and-

God. I couldn’t think that. For all I wanted everything else, I couldn’t think of him squirting an ocean of semen into me, pumping vigorous baby-making spunk into my womb. Suddenly I knew that for all he could do and all he could make me want him to do, he didn’t own me completely if he didn’t cum in me. I felt suddenly terrified that he would do what I’d imagined, what he’d already done yesterday but without a condom, and I whipped my legs from around him, backing away on my bed.

I was so wet that when I moved my own juices trickled down my thigh, and I could feel the coolness of Daddy’s saliva slick on my vagina.

I was watching Daddy and Daddy was watching me. I felt like the sheep eyeing up the wolf that’s going to devour it. But Daddy was calm, unperturbed. I saw now he did have my wetness glistening on his chin, against his lips where he hadn’t licked it off entirely. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, unblinking, and didn’t say anything as he stood up at last, unzipping his trousers. He must’ve known what I was thinking because he said, “your tits have been neglected” – Daddy’s version of setting my mind at ease in the circumstances. Almost without thinking, I grabbed them both, nipples rough and pointed against my palms, jiggling my busty boobies in my hands. Daddy smirked wickedly. “See? Lemme give them some attention.” Gone was the soft semi-caring voice of before, of asking me if I enjoyed his tongue licking out my pussy and sucking my clit; here was the rough demanding voice of a man who expected no more arguments, who had done what he’d needed to do to get me to a state of … unwilling willingness. “Lay down,” he barked.

I did as he said, a little disturbed by how quick he could change and more disturbed by how I was still doing what he – what I? – wanted. I watched as he slid off his trousers, ditto his underwear, and sprung free his cock. Now it wasn’t just being rammed into me I saw Daddy had a cut cock; there was no foreskin to hide the long hard meat that had previously been sheathed inside a condom. He must’ve been ten inches, and I understood now why, among other reasons, it had hurt when he’d pounded back and forth in me. He was thick too, the girth of him at least four inches, and wider at his head. I was surprised Daddy hadn’t split me in half!

Smiling more to himself than at me, Daddy stroked his length up and down, the precum from his tip oozing onto his hand as he slid up and down. “This won’t hurt a bit,” Daddy murmured assuredly, “and you’ll get to taste me too.” Without waiting for any further questions or giving me further explanations, he hauled himself onto the bed and straddled my stomach, taking hold of my round breasts in his hands and pulling them apart. I tried to shift under his weight but I was firmly held down. If I had wanted to flail my legs they would’ve been useless, and once again I remembered how easily Daddy had pinned my arms down. My clit was still twitching and aching for release, and my pussy was trying to tighten around nothing, making me feel tremendously like it needed to be filled. But Daddy was intent on doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and I counted myself lucky that this time had been so much more pleasant – damn sensational in fact – than yesterday.

Daddy spent his time with his hands on and around my large breasts, pushing my nipples underneath his thumbs, leaving finger-shaped indentations against my plump flesh, making me squirm and softly moan, making sure I was still in the same spirit of mind, my pussy still producing its juices as proof of my own lust. Then he pried my blushing boobs apart again and I watched as best I could as he slid his erect virile penis between them; then he let go and my boobs bounced back together, enveloping his cock in my bosom. I blushed crimson, but Daddy was too busy admiring the sight of his cock between his daughter’s bust, particularly emek escort the threatening heavy head pointing toward my face. I understood what he had said now, knowing he meant to cum with his large length between my tits and his warm spray of semen intended for my face.

“I could give you a blowjob,” I started. I knew the term but not the act. Daddy, as well as fucking me and fingering me and eating out my pussy, would be my first blowjob. But he shook his head, clearly enjoying the prospect of ejaculating his load over me. I was so naive that I didn’t realise even if I’d given him a blowjob, Daddy could have easily pulled his length out toward the end and still shot me in the face with spunk.

“I’ve built myself up for this,” Daddy growled, his hands still kneading my breasts. Beneath him, I still wiggled and kept arching up my cunt, desperately longing for something to touch it. His touch became rougher and he squeezed my tits so hard I cried out. Then he pinched both my nipples at the same time til tears came to my eyes! “It’s all part of the learning process.”

Starting slow at first, Daddy started rocking, sliding his big man-meat between my quivering tits. The tip of his helmet was leaking precum, and everytime he slid forward it brushed over my chin and touched my bottom lip, leaving a bead of cum there. Almost instinctively, my tongue lashed out from my mouth like his seed was water and I’d just come from a desert. The head of Daddy’s cock prodded my tongue when it wasn’t quick enough darting back into my mouth, and on these occasions I noticed he would close his eyes and sigh blissfully, til he started going faster and ordered, “Keep your mouth open!”

I did as he demanded, half-hoping he would be done soon, half-hoping that when he was done he might get back to lavishing his tongue on my besotted, sopping little pussy. Whatever Daddy intended to do after remained a mystery; he was wholly in the moment of thrusting his cock between my jiggling breasts, held in place underneath his hands which had become gentler now he was far in the rhythm of his self-gratifying wank. As he continued to thrust forward, now my mouth was open – and jaw already beginning to ache – he made even more of an effort to go faster, harder, so his helmet went past my open lips, leaking precum dribbling onto my tongue with each motion; my saliva and what little precum was left smeared across my chin as Daddy pulled back. His eyes were closed entirely now, head flung back, his hands squeezing and kneading my breasts furiously. My pussy was aching for more stimulation of its own but Daddy was deep in the enjoyment of his hard penis between my soft tits that tingled from his constant touching. My clit was throbbing and all I could do was lay back with Daddy’s weight on me, my mouth and tongue tasting his precum, as I moaned and ‘ooh’ed and ‘aah’ed in little gasps of pleasure that was beyond my control. I was a slave to Daddy’s molesting, loving every pinch of my nipples, feeling his palms cupping my breasts with a possessive ownership.

Daddy started to grunt as he pushed his long length between my boobs, kneading harder and faster. My own legs started to tremble, I felt a weakness in my knees and a supreme tingling in my clit, but before I reached my orgasm Daddy suddenly came with an explosive force. My gasping moans rolled into a surprised little scream and my mouth, open in an ‘o’, caught the first gush of warm thick semen, hitting the back of my throat, making me swallow automatically, trying to gulp it down. The next spurt from his pulsing jerking cock went higher, and I felt the hot jet land between my eyes, dripping against my eyelids; there was more, I thought Daddy would never finish cumming, and viscous spunk landed with each unstoppable twitch of his cock, on my cheeks, on my chin and again in my mouth! I was gasping one long ‘aah’, shaking my head as Daddy’s sperm quickly cooled on my face, feeling thicker as it did. My clit was still pulsing a rhythm of its own but I hadn’t reached orgasm! Daddy let out one last grunt and with it a final spurt of spunk that landed lower this time, the force of his orgasmic cock almost complete, splashing just above the mountainous rise of my breasts before I felt it trickle down into a small pool between Daddy’s helmet and my boobs.

Daddy was laughing as he finished his orgasmic reverie, one hand leaving my breast to stroke my hair. Tentatively I opened one eye then immediately closed it, spunk oozing into it and stinging! It brought another roar of laughter from Daddy and underneath the layer of his semen coating my face, I blushed crimson. I didn’t know what to expect from Daddy next, but he didn’t give me a long time to think about it: suddenly giving my breasts a swift slap, making them bounce against each other (and making me yelp!), he hauled himself off me and rolled my body over like I was nothing but a rag doll to him. It was further testimony and a reminder of Daddy’s effortless strength over me! I thought he was going to plunge into my exposed cunt or – a thought that made me wiggle with expected discomfort – my bottom, and I was so naive that I thought he would be emptied from all his ejaculating until at least… tomorrow! But all he did was grab my head from behind, roughly wiping my face against the sheets, adding his spunk-stains to my orgasm from earlier. I tried to grab blindly at his hand or arm but he only laughed at my futile attempts.

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