Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 03

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What a fantastic night it had been already. Daddy and Mom both fucked me senseless. I was in a daze. I was not sure how to feel about all of this. Of course, I had been attracted to my father for years. I just never expected us to actually fuck. And here I was down on my knees in the shower making my mother come all over my face. My pussy is dripping wet, not just from the shower either! I could not keep my hands off her as we were getting out. I wanted to touch her and feel her body and make her come again and again. This was the first time that I had ever tasted pussy. I just could not get enough of it! I wanted so much more. Mom sat up on top of the counter and spread her beautiful cunt for me to eat once again. I started on the outsides of her pussy lips slowly working my way into her clit. I reached my hands down between my own legs and slowly started to roll my little love bud in circles. I could not get enough of my mother’s delicious juices. It turned me on more than I could have imagined. Her cunt was like a fine wine. It was aged with perfection. My mother and I both started moaning with simultaneous orgasms when I heard the doorbell ringing.

“Oh shit!” I said hurriedly trying to find something to throw on. I could her my father talking with someone else. And It sounded like Mark! He had been my boyfriend for quite sometime and I had never had the balls to actually fuck him. He was an extremely attractive man. Mark was 26 years old and had a body that Denzel Washington wished he had! He was dark and muscular. And his hair was neatly cropped. On his face he wore a goatee most of the time. His big, fat chocolate cock was something I wanted right now. And I did not want to just suck him off again, I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to see his fat cock entering my mother’s juicy pussy too. But I was not sure if I could explain all of this to him.

My mother and I kissed a few times while she was rubbing her long red finger nails along my pussy lips.

“Oh honey, don’t go and get dressed. Mark would love to see you just like you are! You are so gorgeous.”

Mom led me by the hand out of the bathroom Ataköy Escort to the top of the stairs. We could hear Mark and my father talking below. Mark had some sort of rope in his hands.

“So, when they get down here you grab one and I will grab the other. We can tie them up over there by the fireplace. Trust me, son, I would be greatly honored to watch you fuck both of them.”

My mother and I both looked at each other in astonishment. We could not believe what they were planning to do to us. But it did sound rather intriguing! And I for one was very curious to see what they were up to. We walked down the stairs and they continued talking amongst themselves. Mark was the first one to look over and see us. His cock immediately came to attention when he saw the sight of my mother and I. He walked over to us and grabbed me by the hair of my head. My mother tried walking around him to my father but his arm circled around her while his tongue was still buried in my throat.

“Just where do you think you are going? Huh?” Mark said when he finished kissing me.

“Well, I was…” He silenced her with his long tongue sliding in between her lips and kissed with a hunger that I had never seen in him. I could tell that he was extremely turned on by the circumstances.

Mark grabbed both of us by the hair again and led us to the fireplace. He made us both bend over at the waist with our legs together. He proceeded by tying our hands to metal rings that were on either side of the fireplace and then he tied our ankles. My mother looked at me and I could see a little bit of shock in her eyes. But mostly I could tell that my mother was turned on beyond belief. I could smell her cunt juices in the air. Or maybe that was mine. I was turned on so much that I could actually feel my pussy juices sliding down the insides of my legs.

Both of them were walking around us “inspecting the goods”.

“You know, you have one beautiful daughter here and your wife is mighty fine as well. I can’t wait to get my hard cock into both of them.” Mark said as he walked over to each of us and ran his Ataköy Escort Bayan hands along our asses.

“ I wonder if they can both take my cock at the same time in each of their mouths?”

He untied us from the wall and sat us down facing him. My father was still on the couch watching us with a giddy, almost childish, look on his face. He was certainly enjoying this little show. Mark sat both of us up and removed his cloths. His dark body was glistening. And my cunt was throbbing to see him in all his glory. He grabbed my face and edged it towards his cock while he pulled my mothers hands up to fondle and caress his balls. My shoved his cock down my throat and made me gag on it. He had my hair tangled up in his fist. He was fucking my face with a fury while my mother softly caressed and his kissed his balls. Mark pulled his cock from my mouth and slid it into hers. It easily slid down her throat and she took his massive cock like a pro. I could see my father out of the corner of my eye with his dick already out of his pants and slowly stroking it. He obviously liked seeing my mother with another man’s cock in her mouth. I could see my boyfriend tightening up as he was about ready to come but he pulled out. Daddy stood up and walked over straddling my mother face on the fireplace. He forcefully grabbed her by her hair and forced his cock into her mouth as well.

Mark already had me laid back on the fireplace with my legs spread wide open fucking my pussy with his tongue. It was going in and out of my fuck hole while his fingers were working in and out of my tight ass. Mark had his other hand between my mother’s legs and three or four fingers were buried in her cunt. Both of us were screaming and writhing on the fireplace. After my mother came a few times Daddy and Mark pulled me up and threw me to the floor on my knees. Daddy lay down on the floor and told me to climb on his cock. Mark finished tying my mother back up to the fireplace before he came over to watch me fuck my Dad. My mother was licking her lips as she watched his fat cock enter me. I would have loved to feel her lips Escort Ataköy kissing and caressing my tight little ass.

Mark was slowly stroking his fat cock right in front of Daddy and I. He walked over and slid his cock into my mouth. He grabbed me by the back of the head and made me take the whole thing down to his balls. When he decided that he was done fucking my face, I watched him walk over to my mother. He got down between her legs and fucked her pussy with his tongue. I came all over my father’s fat cock just watching him suck my mom’s cunt. He then came over to me, he walked behind us and started rubbing on my ass. I felt his finger tracing my asshole before he slowly stuck it in. He was moving in rhythm with me. I could not help myself, I was coming again. I felt like such a dirty little slut. I loved every second of it. I could feel him putting his hands on my shoulders now. I knew that he was going to take my ass. At least that is what I thought. Next thing I know my father is looking at Mark and nodding his head, “Yes.” My cunt was filled to the max with two fat cocks. Both of them are working to please me. They made me come over and over again.

“Oh My God…Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!”

Mark slowly slides two of his fingers into my tight ass while both of them continued to fuck my cunt. “Mark, that feels so good. Oh baby, please don’t stop!”

Mark removed his cock from my cunt and I let out a little sigh, right before he took my ass with a vengeance that brought tears to my eyes. Here I was, sitting on top of my father’s cock while my boyfriend was fucking my ass and my mother was tied up to the fireplace coming all over the bricks. I could feel both of their cocks stiffen at the same time, both of the brink of coming. Mark grabbed me hair and slammed his cock into my ass growling as he came in me. My father grabbed both my nipples and twisted as hard as he could before I felt his cock exploding in me as well. Of course I was coming like a damn freight train. And of course my mother was screaming in release as well.

Both my father and ark slowly pulled their cocks from my very limp body and lay me down on the floor. My Daddy tied each leg to an ankle and spread me wide open. They released my mother from the fireplace and she immediately dove in between my legs sucking and licking all of the juicy come out of me.

Wicked Angel

August 2003

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