Daddy’s Lockdown Lover

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*All sexual activity takes place between characters 18 and older.


The kittenish voice came from the open doorway to Carl’s home office. He looked up from his computer screen to find his daughter, Willow, leaning against the doorframe. The eighteen year old had colored her hair again. It was a muted shade of ginger that suited her tanned complexion to a T as it cascaded well past her shoulders. She was wearing a cropped, light blue T shirt that ended barely a couple of inches past her tits, and a pair of light grey booty shorts she used to wear for playing volleyball or going to her dance classes. But she hadn’t been able to do those things for months now, and Carl felt bad for the way he had to keep his teen daughter on such a tight leash. Yet the pandemic was surging to frightening new levels, and the man was focused on one thing over anything: to keep his precious daughter safe.

“What is it, sweetheart?” he asked. His mind was still half submerged in the business he was conducting online, but the vision of pure, teen sensuality standing in his office doorway had him fixated on her.

Willow’s tits weren’t especially large, but they could fill a man’s hands and had an insanely gravity-defying perkiness that pushed against her belly shirt in the most distracting way. Carl could tell his daughter wasn’t wearing a bra, a practice that seemed to be much more common the longer their home quarantine went on. His eyes quickly traveled over the girl’s shapely hips and legs, one crossed in front of the other, as he hoped to catch a quick glimpse before she could tell he was sizing up her classically formed young body.

“Well, um, I need to order some more stuff,” she said demurely, as if there was some chance he might deny her anything. He doted on her more than he probably should have, but he could never help it. But since all the worries and stress of the pandemic had altered their lives he thought she deserved to be spoiled.

“Stuff?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” she said, as if ‘stuff’ was a perfectly clear word.

“Umm, okaaaay. Explain ‘stuff’.”

“Uhh, stuff. Ya know. Like some clothes and stuff.”

The girl could have started a used clothing store with what she had in her overstuffed closet and dresser. On top of that, the only places either of them went were for essential trips, such as the pharmacy or supermarket. Although at least once a week, Carl got Willow out of the house for a drive just to get a change of scenery. He knew enough places that were private or else sparsely crowded enough that he could get the girl out in the open air to relieve some of the stress of being locked down. At least she had the pool and their home gym in the basement to help her keep active while she wasn’t involved in her usual activities.

“That’s not much of an explanation,” Carl pointed out. Her thighs were pressed together and he could just see a suggestive hint of the girl’s camel toe, but he quickly brought his eyes back to her face before she caught him looking where he wasn’t supposed to.

“Well …” she hesitated briefly, “I need a couple new bikinis. Umm, some workout stuff. And a couple of nice outfits, maybe a summer dress or two. Even if you only take me out to a drive-through place, I still wanna look nice. It kinda helps things feel more normal.”

Carl felt his heart sink. As rough as the lockdown was on him, it was probably double that for his daughter. He wouldn’t have said no anyway, but now he wanted to make sure Willow got something extra. Something more than she was hoping for. She deserved at least that much.

“Okay, sweetheart, no problem.” He shifted in his chair and reached for his wallet, then pulled out one of his credit cards.

Willow came into the room and took the card.

“So how much can I spend?” she asked, her pert tits bulging against her shirt.

Carl pretended to think about it, even though he’d already decided. “A thousand,” he said.

Willow’s eyes lit up with surprise. She planted her hands on the arms of her father’s chair and leaned over to kiss him. She probably didn’t mean to, but in her excitement she kissed him on the mouth. Carl felt his pulse skip. She didn’t even seem to realize she’d just kissed her dad on the mouth. When she leaned back, her father could see her tits all the way to their puffy, pink caps as her shirt bowed down. She caught him looking, then she turned away with a coy smile.

Automatically, Carl’s hand arced out and swatted his daughter playfully on her beautifully curved ass. She spun and looked at him with a shocked expression.

“Go do your shopping,” he told her with a serious frown he didn’t really feel on the inside. “I’ve got an online meeting in just a few more minutes.”

Willow giggled. “Thank you, Daddy.” She turned to leave, but before she did she bent halfway over and stuck her ass out at him, wiggling it just as playfully as he’d swatted her. Then just as quickly, she straightened up and strutted out of the room with güvenilir bahis an extra sway in her hips.

Carl sighed. What was he thinking? Being cooped up for too many hours every day for months with his sweetly precocious daughter must have been playing on his brain. And now, his teenaged girl was starting to look hot and desirable to him. But no. When he really thought about it, Willow had always looked hot and desirable. She was simply made that way. Maybe if her mother were still alive or if their daily lives were more like they were before the pandemic he wouldn’t have so much time to notice the captivating creature she had become.

He finally tried to shake off these distracting thoughts and turned back to his computer. Getting involved in his work, Carl wasn’t sure how long it was before Willow was suddenly back in his office, returning his credit card. He hadn’t even noticed her until she put the card down right beside his keyboard.

“Thanks, Dad. I found everything online, and I only spent like eight hundred dollars,” she said, as if she’d done him a huge favor by not spending the full grand he said she could.

Carl looked up to find his daughter now wearing a revealing black bikini. The bottom was cut high on the sides and the top had a halter style neck strap that pulled her teacup tits upward and closer together. It was impossible not to help himself to a long glance at the girl’s entrancing orbs with so little fabric covering them. At the same time, he couldn’t help noticing a hint of her camel toe in the bottom. There was no doubt she was keeping her pussy smoothly shaven.

“That’s great, sweetheart,” he managed to say. “I hope you found everything you want.”

“For now,” she smiled, hinting at a next time. “You’re the best, Dad, thanks.”

She leaned over and kissed her father’s cheek. She straightened back up with an awkward laugh, as if she’d really wanted to kiss him on the mouth. Carl was relieved she hadn’t. He wouldn’t have had the will to stop it.

“Well, you know I love you, baby,” he told her. “I know these are hard times and I just want you to be as happy as you can under the circumstances.”

“I’ve got you, Dad. So I’m happy,” she quipped with a bright smile.

Carl was in danger of getting hard. If his daughter had to be that hot and sexy, why did she have to be so sweet too? But the truth was that he was just as happy just having her around. He barely missed seeing his friends or coworkers.

“That’s sweet, honey,” he replied. “But I know you’d probably like to be able to get out and see your friends more than just on video calls.”

“Sometimes, I guess. But you’re my best friend so it’s cool.”

Carl just smiled. He felt proud and overwhelmed with love for this girl he shouldn’t have even noticed was as pretty and sexy as she was.

“You’re the best daughter a man ever had,” he told her truthfully.

“Well you’re the best dad so I guess we’re even.”

Carl had a severe urge to stand up and sweep the girl into his arms and kiss her so hard she could hardly breathe. But he resisted. That was a pleasure he could never enjoy no matter how much he wanted to.

“I guess I’ll go out and hang at the pool,” Willow added. “Maybe you can take a break and come out. You don’t want me getting lonely, do you, Daddy?”

Carl thought he detected a suggestive gleam in his daughter’s eyes, but he did his best to ignore it. “Maybe later, sweetheart. I’ve got to get a few more things done,” he lied.

“Okay. Don’t take long, though, okay?”

Willow then turned to go. The bottom of her bikini looked like it was pasted to her ass as she walked out. He shouldn’t have been looking, but at least her back was turned.

That was the end of Carl’s work day. He couldn’t concentrate on anything business related after watching his eighteen year old daughter wiggle her delectable ass on the way out of his office. There was a cater-cornered view of the pool from his office window, and he stood there watching his baby girl dive into the water and swim laps. When she came up out of the pool in her wet bikini he gave in to the urge to fondle his growing cock through the fabric of his shorts.

Willow arched her back like a magazine model and finger-combed her wet hair back. It was as if she knew her father was watching. Did she really want him to see her this way, Carl mused silently. He was glad he put the tall, wooden privacy fence around the yard last year or the neighbors would’ve been watching his teenaged vixen the same way he was. At least the houses in their neighborhood weren’t that close together.

Willow finally picked up a towel and slowly patted her body dry before lying down on a chaise to work on her tan. Carl looked at her for a while longer, his hand rubbing along his now fully swollen cock. It was so wrong to want her so much, yet she was the most desirable thing he’d ever seen and he didn’t know how he could love anything or anyone more than her.

Carl decided to join Willow güvenilir bahis siteleri by the pool, but he had a problem to take care of first. There was no way he could go out with the unruly hard on now bulging into his shorts. He went upstairs to the master bathroom and stripped naked. Stroking his shaft, all that was in his mind was that beautiful girl now waiting for him by the pool in a wet bikini. He rubbed out an intense load of cum into the bathroom sink and felt completely ashamed of himself afterward. Had he really sunk so low as to be jerking off to fantasies of his own daughter? Only a true pervert would ever do such a thing. And if he was a pervert, what did that make his daughter for teasing him more than she should?

After cleaning up and pulling on a pair of swim trunks, Carl convinced himself he’d gotten his secret lust for his baby girl out of his system. He went downstairs assured of the fact that he wasn’t a horny pervert for his daughter. It had just been a one-time lapse in judgement. Millions of fathers with pretty daughters must go through the same thing every day, and now his unspeakable moment was behind him.

But then Carl walked through the back of the house onto the deck by the pool only to discover that Willow had taken her top off and was sunning herself with her mouth-watering tits exposed to the sun. When he went out, she sat up and covered her pert orbs with her arm.

“Oh, hi Dad,” she said brightly.

“Oh, umm, I can come back later if you want some privacy,” he said, looking at the way her tits bulged up against the pressure of her forearm.

“No!” she almost shrieked. “I don’t want you to go back in. It’s just us here, right? I didn’t think you’d mind if I decided not to end up with tan lines. It’s only my boobs, Dad. I bet you’ve seen lots of boobs before,” she ended with a giggle.

“Well I’ve seen my share,” he admitted. “But those weren’t my daughter’s boobs.”

“Then try not to think of me that way,” the girl said with a coyly suggestive tone.

“Not much chance of that,” Carl muttered as he lay out on one of the other lounges.

Willow moved her arm and exposed her tits with a smile. She lay back again, and Carl kept his eye on her. Over the next hour or so he watched his daughter change sides several times. She also dove into the pool to swim again and he joined her. He was relieved when she finally decided to go back inside, leaving him in the water with another throbbing hard on in his swimsuit.

The next few days were pretty much the same, with Carl trying to work from his home office, and Willow coming in and out of his office and distracting him in the most revealing outfits she owned. With the extra time she’d been putting in at the pool and their basement home gym, the girl had a large collection of swimwear and workout outfits. Sunbathing topless was now her daily routine, and Carl couldn’t help but go out to join her by the pool as often as he could.

The cuddling started one night when Carl was up a little late watching television. He was kicking back in his large, reclining easy chair with a movie running that he was only half paying attention to. He was starting to feel sleepy, but then Willow came downstairs and into the living room. She looked like she was half asleep herself, but must have been tossing and turning upstairs in her bed.

She was wearing a thin tank top that was cropped a couple of inches below her perky tits and a pair of boy short style panties that didn’t fully cover her perfectly round ass cheeks. Without a word, she climbed onto her father’s chair and snuggled up to the side of his body in the scant space beside him. Willow used to cuddle with her dad in his chair nearly every night, but she was a lot smaller then. Now there was much less room for both of them, and the girl pushed her pussy up against her dad’s hip while throwing her bare leg across his body, her thigh directly on top of his cock.

With the girl’s face lying against his upper chest, her hair just touching his chin, Carl shifted and looped his arm around her.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said sleepily.

“I love you, too, sweetheart,” he replied, laying a light kiss on her forehead.

Carl let his hand rest on Willow’s body just above her hip, right where her soft skin was bare between the bottom of her tank top and the waist band of her panties. She made a soft, cooing sound when his hand touched her skin, but in less than five minutes the girl was asleep.

Carl didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to wake his daughter. It felt too good to hold her so close and feel her breath against his chest. Yet at the same time his cock was growing hard under the warm pressure of her bare leg. He was only wearing a T shirt and boxer briefs, and his cock was soon throbbing and swollen. He was afraid if he woke her up she’d discover his rock hard dick trapped under her leg. Maybe she wouldn’t be so cheeky in teasing her father if she were presented with the reality of his swollen iddaa siteleri cock. Even if she didn’t mind, Carl didn’t think it was a good idea for Willow to know how much she aroused him.

But that smooth, luscious leg felt so good against his cock. The girl he loved more than anything in the world was molded to his body, and at that moment he wished he could have made the girl his woman more than anything in the world. Yet the impossibility of his desire was like a constant dark cloud over his thoughts.

For now, Carl pushed those thoughts away and carefully slipped his hand onto his daughter’s hip, touching the tautly stretched panties at her side. He didn’t dare move otherwise, even though he was dying to grind his cock shaft against her thigh.

Willow had come downstairs wanting to cuddle with her daddy like she did when she was younger, but she had no idea just how intimate they were now. It hardly seemed right to feel so good while the girl was sleeping so soundly. And it definitely wasn’t right for Carl’s hand to slide, ever so slowly, onto the curve of the girl’s ass cheek. He was dying to squeeze her supple ass, but with her sleeping he just let his hand rest there.

The occasional sounds the girl made in her sleep had a sexual feel to her father, but he had to write that off to the fact that his cock was throbbing with hardness against her leg. At that point he probably would’ve thought it was sexy if she sneezed.

He was aching to do so much more. As it was, he unwisely chanced sneaking his fingers under Willow’s thigh on top of his cock. He managed to pinch the waistband of his briefs and gently pull them along his shaft. The fabric was trapped between his cock and her leg, so it took some finessing to work his briefs off his cock without waking his daughter up. But he finally managed to do the job. His heart was pounding with the fear of waking her up, but now he could feel the girl’s bare thigh directly against his cock. The mere contact of skin to skin was electrifying.

Carl had to force himself to keep from grinding against the teen’s leg hard enough to wake her, but he couldn’t stop the subtle rocking of his hips. The warm, silky feel of her skin was painfully exquisite. He was breathing hard, but careful to keep silent while he went on and on, softly pressing his hot shaft against his daughter’s thigh until the pleasure finally built to the boiling point. His whole body was electrified while his cock spurt four or five hot jets of cum against her leg.

Carl could hardly believe he’d just cum on his sweet daughter’s delectable, young body. Just as carefully as he exposed it, he worked his briefs back over his cock. It was easier now that his hard on was subsiding, but the wet, gooey stain was still there to remind him of his irrational lapse in judgement. It was a stupid mistake he should never repeat, yet he never felt to warm and content, wetting his beautiful daughter with his cum and holding her close like the precious doll she had always been to him. It was so wrong on every level in existence, but god it felt so good.

He moved his hand back onto the girl’s hip. “I love you, baby. You have Daddy’s mark on you now,” he whispered. She cooed against his chest and snuggled tighter, causing him to wonder if she’d been completely asleep.

Some hours later, Carl woke up in his chair and discovered he was alone. Willow had gone back to her room, and he went upstairs to finish his night’s sleep in bed. Hopefully, she’d been totally unconscious after all and never noticed the wet stain on her father’s briefs.

It was another couple of days when packages started arriving from Willow’s online shopping spree. It seemed like packages were arriving every day for almost a week. That was when the teen started going out to the pool in a brand new turquoise thong bikini. It was the tiniest garment Carl had ever seen his daughter wear. But since she’d started sunning topless, she was only wearing the bottom half most of the time. The front barely covered more than her pussy mound, and Carl’s heart nearly stopped beating every time he saw her in it. There was no way he would ever allow her to wear anything that skimpy anywhere but in the privacy of their yard.

As Willow became more and more casual about going topless in front of her father, she started walking in and out of the house in nothing but her thong. She’d stop in his office doorway to talk about whatever seemed important at the moment, and Carl was left trying to work with a hard on every time. He made several futile attempts to forget what he’d done that night in his easy chair, but he couldn’t get the way her inner thigh had felt so warm and silky against his throbbing cock.

Willow had ordered a couple of other bikinis that were just as skimpy as the blue one, and Carl got to see her in each of them over the next few days. At least in the bottoms, since she’d given up on wearing the tops. She’d also gotten some sheer, skin-tight tank tops that she started wearing at night when she came to snuggle in his big, reclining chair. This included her wearing a new pair of panties each time, too, the new ones she’d just ordered, and none of them covered any more of her ass or pussy than her new bikinis.

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