Daddy’s Retirement Gift

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Hey once again, yep, I’ve been busy finding old stories and doing some new ones too. I know I bug you by not totally finishing a story, but sometimes it can be better if you dream up your own ending. I’m trying my best to stop doing that. I hope you enjoy this. It was 19 pages on my WP.

Frank Johnson came through the front door of his plush home, wondering if his cheating wife was home or out fucking every man, she could. He walked through the house, checking each room, until he heard soft whimpering coming from his daughter, Dani’s room.

‘I’m going to kill somebody!’ he growled to himself, but he heard something that blew his mind and his life was never going to be the same again.

“Ohhh, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me, harder! Ram your big, hard cock in me!” Dani was moaning and Frank was lost for words. He slowly eased open her door and he got another surprise.

Dani was wearing a sheer-black, bra and panty set, with matching black stockings. Her legs were spread wide, her right hand was rubbing her pussy and her left hand was tending to Dani’s small B cups. Her soft moans flooded Frank’s ears and a very odd thing started to happen. Frank’s cock grew harder than it had been in the last ten years and it was all because of his baby girl, Dani.

He watched her as his cock grew hard and it pulsed with boiling, hot blood. “Ohhh, Daddy put it in me, please! I need you love me, hold me and be my first man,” she moaned as her small hand rubbed at her excited pussy and Frank reached for his very, swollen cock. He knew it was so wrong, but fuck she was turning him on like never before and he loved it.

‘Fuck, if I didn’t have any fucking morals, her little ass would be mine!’ he thought as his eyes watched Dani, working her tiny pussy and Frank knew he needed to leave.

He headed down to the kitchen and got a cold beer from the fridge. He needed a stiff drink after seeing what he just saw, but he wasn’t sure if his trembling hands could make it or not. Plus, he didn’t want to ruin Dani’s fun by making a bunch of noise.

Frank moaned with a mix of pain in his back and at the wild visions of his pretty, little daughter masturbating. “What a way to fucking come home!” he stretched and saw the hall light come on.

“Hello, is someone in there? I have a gun and I know how to use it too!” Dani yelled from the hall, hoping that no one had broken into the house. She set the alarm and made sure that it was on before going to play.

He had to laugh at Dani because, he knew she hated guns with a passion and ever picked one up. “Don’t shoot, it’s me silly!” Frank laughed, heard a loud squeal of excitement and Dani running towards the kitchen.

“Daddy!” she screamed when she saw him and ran to him. “What are you doing home so soon? I wasn’t expecting you for another month, but I’m so happy to see you,” she softly said as she slid on his legs and hugged his strong, manly neck.

Dani sat on him so fast, Frank didn’t have a chance to hide his massive erection and he knew his beautiful, young daughter, was feeling every nine inch of it. “I got hurt two days ago and figured I better just come home,” he said with a low voice and knew that Dani was going to get mad at him for not calling her. “I know I should have had someone call you, but I didn’t want to worry you.” Frank said as he held Dani close, thinking of what he saw her doing less than ten minutes ago and his cock stayed as hard as rock.

“What happened, Daddy? Are you ok?” Dani asked as she softly caressed his face and she loved the massive piece of meat under her bottom.

“I was up on the rig, the wind gusted and I woke up in the hospital. The guy’s said I fell ten or fifteen feet and I landed on my back.” Frank said and a wonderful and alluring scent, drifted up his nose. He could smell Dani’s excitement.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I wish I would have known. I hate the thought of you getting hurt and me not knowing about it,” she cooed and his cock was so hard, it made Dani’s insides burn. “I could have flown down and helped you.” Dani added and made sure that her thin and very sexy lower lip came out.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Frank said as he looked into her very dark, brown eyes and brushed her matching brown hair from her face. He thought of Dani lying on her bed and dreaming of him loving her. “It won’t happen again,” he added with a smile and wondered if she was thinking of some other guy being her Dad. But he knew how much Dani loved him and he knew she would never do that.

“So, I guess that means you’ll be home with me a few days?” Dani asked with a low and sexy voice as she leaned to caress his thick, manly chest.

He smiled and held her close, but Frank could only see Dani on her bed, yelling for him to screw her. “I was thinking a few years, how would that sound?”

“Oh God, really?” she asked with happiness that Dad was finally getting out of the oil business and he would be home with her.

“Yep, think you can put up with me being around the house so much?” he asked with a smile and Frank knew Nevşehir Escort Dani would love him being home.

“Ohhh yes and I can’t wait! Mom is going to shit herself, but what the hell!” Dani giggled as Dad’s cock remained hard and driving her young body crazy. It was pulsing so hard, Dani could feel it through his jeans and she wondered what it would feel like pulsing in her pussy.

“She’s history and I’m getting a divorce too. Her days of cheating on me are gone.”

“Good, now I can be your girl and she can go fuck herself. I’ll take good care of you…I promise!” Dani purred the last few words and she made sure to snuggle closer to him. This was her big chance, but Dani knew not to rush Daddy into anything. It would be a slow, but very, very sexy process to get him to love her.

He held Dani tight and Frank hoped he could keep those dirty thoughts of her from his mind, but it was so exciting. “I’ll make sure you do and if not…I’ll spank your butt.”

“I’m a big girl now and I love a good spanking, especially when you do it, Daddy” Dani purred with lust as she thought of him bending her over and spanking her little, size 3 butt.

Frank held Dani and he wished he had the nerve to ask her about what she was doing in her room, but figured that he would wait and see what happened. “I’ll be sure to remember that,” he smiled and could see his hand spanking Dani’s cute ass, through a pair of her skin-tight jeans or through the tiny, black panties that were still on her slender hips.

“Are you in much pain Daddy or is everything better now?” Dani asked and really hoped she had a chance to take care of him and show Daddy that she was a grown woman.

“I get pretty stiff and it’s real hard to move at times, but they were kind enough to give me some awesome pain pills before I came home.”

“Good, I hate seeing you in pain or anything wrong with you.” Dani whispered and she had a great idea. “When you get stiff or hurt…can I give you a nice, easy massage?”

“Hell yeah you do and I can’t wait! You have the best little hands in town,” he replied and gently caressed the outside of Dani’s right thigh.

She just smiled and hugged him close. Dani could see her Daddy over her and giving her pussy a good screwing. “I’m going to spoil you to death and make sure that you never want for anything again, Daddy,” she purred and loved the feel of his big, rugged hand caressing the soft flesh of her thigh.

“You spoil away, sweet-heart. After all the crap your Mom has done to me, I could use a hot, little babe like you to keep me happy.” Frank said as he caressed up to her hip and to Dani’s little butt.

“I’ll spoil and make ‘damn’ sure you’re very happy…Daddy. I promise!” Dani smiled and hoped that she could get Daddy to love her.

“While you’re spoiling me, please remember I love your tight jeans and short skirts. My eyes haven’t seen or been able to admire a pretty girl in three months and I want to make up for lost time.”

“I know what my Daddy likes and I’ll be sure to keep yours eyes filled with nice things,” she purred in a soft voice and Dani leaned up and gently kissed the side of his mouth. “I’m off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. I gotta take care of my Daddy and get him back in good shape.” Dani purred, stood up and she kissed him again. “Night, night…Daddy.”


Frank woke just after just four-thirty a.m. His back was hurting and so tight, he wanted to scream. He managed to get out of bed and make his way to the bathroom to piss and get a pain pill, but a sharp pain deep in his lower back, sent Frank to the floor.

He grabbed for a small table next to the door, but it was just for decoration and not built to hold up two hundred pounds of man. He hit the floor hard and the whole house rattled. “Ohhh, fuck!” he yelled and grabbed his aching back. “Lousy mother-fucker!” frank growled as he kicked the broken table across the room.

Dani heard him yell and she jumped up. “Oh God, Daddy fell!” she said and ran as fast as her legs would move. She found him on the floor, a table smashed and Daddy wincing in pain. “What happened?” Dani asked as she helped him sit up.

Frank hugged Dani back as he rubbed over her ass and he slowly sat up. “I was on my way to pee and get a pill, but a nice pain in my back ended that plan!” he laughed, feeling his cock growing and was so glad that he had Dani. She was his sweet daughter, his best friend and he wondered if she was about to be more.

“Let’s get you to the toilet and back to bed. I’ll get your pill and if you want, I’ll even rub your back.” Dani said with softness as her small, right hand caressed Daddy’s back and she saw him growing in his shorts.

He smiled and carefully stood up. “That would be nice!” he replied and slowly walked towards the toilet. Frank started to pull out his cock and remembered that Dani was standing right next to him. He turned to look at he and he had to laugh. Her eyes were fixed between his legs and they looked like two big Nevşehir Escort Bayan dinner plates.

“I think you need to turn around or cover your eyes,” he laughed and Frank gave Dani’s tiny, panty-covered ass a little love pat.

“Ohhh, come on! Let me have a little peek. I won’t tell anyone, Daddy,” she cooed with the voice of a girl half of her age, dragging her long fingernails across his back and Dani saw his cock jump.

“Turn around before I smack your ass!” he said with his ‘father’ voice and Dani quickly turned completely around.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I was just playing,” she said using the same young voice as before, Dani turned and moved against his back. She pressed herself completely against him, making sure Daddy could feel her. Dani started rubbing him, but it was more like a touch of seduction. “Sometimes when you’re home, I get carried away. I dream of being your girl so much, I just slipped,” she whispered as her tiny fingers kneaded the injured flesh on his back.

Frank felt bad, but Dani couldn’t see his cock. He was her Dad for God sake. “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to be so nasty, but you scared me!” he said throwing in a fake laugh, hoping to lighten the mood. If Dani wanted to rub him down, he wasn’t going to go and hurt her feelings. She was great at giving massages and after what Frank heard earlier that night, it could turn out to be interesting.

“I’ll be a little more restrained next time and try my best not to scare you again,” she giggled, slid her arms around his body and her fingers found his chest hairs. “Are you ever going to pee? I’d like to get you back to bed soon. If you have another of those pains, we both might end up getting hurt!” she said, but Dani wasn’t worried about the pain, she wanted to get her fingers on Daddy and start seducing him.

He reached up with his left hand and held Dani’s. “I didn’t want my girl mad at me or anything. You’re the only person in the world that cares about me and if anything ever fucked that up…I’d die without you,” he said turning to kiss Dani on the side of her face and he finally started to pee. “Ahhh, that’s much better!” he laughed and when he started peeing, Frank felt Dani jump and hug him tighter.

She couldn’t help but jump as Daddy’s long cock started its release. Dani could see it in her body and emptying its warm seeds deep in her, this very same way. Dani knew that Daddy came hard, she heard Mom talking about a wild night they had together and it shooting to the ceiling. She wanted to feel him do it in her. Dani wanted him, her Daddy, to cum in her young pussy.

“I’m glad you feel better. Wait till I get my lotion and my fingers on you,” she whispered and ran her tiny fingers over his chest, thinking of Daddy over her, fucking her pussy, while she did the very same thing.

He shook off his cock, stuffed it back into his shorts and turned to Dani. “Let’s get moving! I can’t wait!” Frank said as he slipped his hand over her right butt-cheek, enjoying Dani’s muscles moving under his hand and he held it until they were at his bed.

“Here we are,” she said looking up to his six-foot-two-inch body and Dani’s heart was pounding in her chest. She was trying to seduce her Daddy and it was fucking working.

“Shoot, I liked my hand on your butt.”

“Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you do it again later!” Dani giggled and pointed to his bed. “Lay down and I’ll get your pill, my lotion and we’ll be all set,” she said holding Daddy’s big, strong arm as he slowly and carefully stretched across his bed.

“Thank you baby, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Frank said as he watched Dani walked away, enjoying her tiny butt wiggling under her small pair of panties and his cock grew hard. “I got to stop thinking about what she was doing. It’s going to end up killing me!” he moaned as her perfect legs and tempting ass filled his mind.


Dani came back to his room a few minutes later and she changed into a small tee-shirt. “Dang girl, are trying to kill me?” Frank asked as he turned to look at his very tantalizing, young daughter and took the pill and water from her.

“I’d never do that, you silly. I don’t want oil all over my clothes, so I figured that I would wear this. Don’t you like it?” Dani said with her normal soft voice, knowing he loved what she changed into and she slowly turned around, giving Daddy a good look at her body.

He looked her up and down, enjoying Dani’s lean and very slender body and Frank wondered what was going to happen. “It’s just a little strange seeing you dress so nice, but I love it. You remember how jealous your Mom always got and how fast she made you change.”

“But now, I can wear anything you want Daddy and she won’t be around to screw it up. Won’t that be so nice? Hum?” Dani whispered as she carefully moved on her Daddy and squirted oil all over his bare back.

Dani slowly rubbed up and down Daddy’s back, loving the feel of his muscles under her fingers and the massive strength Escort Nevşehir he had. He was a big man that worked all his life and it showed. Dani caressed up, side to side and she had an idea. She slipped her small shirt off and laid down on him. She spread her legs and Dani’s excited pussy was pushed into Daddy’s lower back, right where it hurt.

Her body melted into Daddy and Dani thought she was going to cum on him. “Mmmm, I could stay like this forever!” she moaned in his ear and her body was close to bursting into flames.

He laid there and didn’t move or say a single word. Hell yes he loved this and Frank wondered what it would feel like if Dani, was lying on his chest. “Oh Lord, you’re going to kill me!” he laughed and Frank could feel the heat pouring from her body and two little things poking him in the back.

“By the way, your shirt is really thin. It’s kind of like…it isn’t there.” Frank said with a low moan, enjoying Dani’s oily body slithering all over him and Frank was fading fast. If Dani tried anything, there was no way that he would be able to say no.

“I’d never hurt my sexy, Daddy. I love you too much,” she whispered as her tiny hips started to gently rock back and forth, just like she was fucking him. Her wet pussy was rubbing him and Dani really hoped he wanted more, but if not, she could wait.

He laid there, enjoying the softness of her panties and Dani’s wet pussy on him. Her legs were spread and lying over each side of his lower back. Dani’s pussy was smashed against the small of his back, right were it hurt the most and it was like he had a heating pad on it.

“I shouldn’t say this to you, but you make my dick so fucking hard…it hurts!” he moaned and lifted his back, reached under his body to shift his long cock.

She giggled and asked. “But, isn’t that a ‘good’ thing, Daddy?”

“Oh yes, but since you’re my daughter, I can’t…um…you know.” Frank laughed and the way Dani was acting, he wondered if he could take her or if she was just fucking with him.

“Ahhh, Daddy! Are you having nasty thoughts about me?” Dani moaned in his ear and her hips pushed deep into his back, hoping Daddy would know she liked it.

The pain pill started relaxing Frank and it made Dani’s young body feel even better. Her slender, oily hips felt so good as Dani gently rocked back and forth, making him grow more. He thought of Dani lying on his chest, covered in oil and moving this same way.

“fuck yes…I am,” he whispered and Frank drifted off to sleep.

Dani heard Daddy snoring and she smiled. “You sleep Daddy and I’ll be right next to you…just in case you need anything,” she said with a devious grin and eased off him, hoping Daddy would turn on his side. Dani wanted to play with Daddy’s big, long cock.


Frank woke the next morning against Dani’s back, with his stiff cock nestled in her warm and deep butt-crack. “Oh great, just what the fuck I need!” he whispered and wanted to move, but his cock felt so good and it grew more.

Dani felt him stir and she giggled at what he said. “Don’t you like snuggling with me, Daddy?” she whispered and gently pushed her ass back to his very, swollen cock. Dani thought a hot sword had been slipped on her ass, but it was Daddy’s big cock and he was hard for her.

“Yeah, I like it too much!” he smiled, caressed her hip and slid his big right hand up her side under her breast. “I can’t believe how beautiful you are. My little girl has grown up to be one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen in my life.” Frank said as he moved completely against Dani, flexed his cock and cupped his hand over Dani’s breast.

Her breast was soft, a like a warm sponge and no bigger than an apple. He felt Dani’s back arch and Frank could not believe this. His daughter was turned on and he was sure that she wanted to make love.

Dani wanted to scream when Daddy flexed his big cock and held her boob so gentle. He had a soft touch and she knew it wouldn’t take make to make her cum. She couldn’t wait to feel him touching and caressing her body, while his cock was nestled deep in her young pussy.

“Ohhh Daddy, I love it! Please do that it again,” she moaned loudly, grinding her butt against him. Daddy flexed his cock, pulled back his hips and he thrust against Dani’s butt. “Oh shit!” Dani screamed, grabbed at the blanket and for anything else she could hold. Daddy’s cock and hips slamming against her ass, made Dani cum.

“Like that?” he grabbed her, squeezed Dani’s little boob again and Frank felt something. Dani’s little body started trembling, quivering and it felt like she was having a seizure. “Oh baby, are you cuming?” Frank asked and he hugged Dani harder, lifted her leg and pushed his cock between them.

Dani thought she was having a heart-attack. Her heart started pounding in her chest, every nerve in her body was on fire and her pussy clamped shut. “Oh Daddy!” she growled shoved back to him and juice squirted from Dani’s pussy. “Yeah, I’m cuming Daddy! Yeah, oh my God, yes! I’m cuming, I’m cuming, Daddy!” she squealed as her Daddy held her in his arms, giving her the most delightful and the most forbidden feelings in the world. Dani knew that incest was a sin, but being joined with her Daddy as lovers, was worth anything. If there was, a ‘hell’, Dani was willing to take the chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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