Daddy’s Sex Ed – Day 06

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You would think that after Eve’s display at breakfast the day before, I would have been ready for anything the next day, but you’d be wrong.

I nearly dropped my coffee cup on the kitchen floor in shock when she walked into the kitchen that morning. She was wearing the tiniest yellow bikini on earth.

Okay, yeah, I’d seen the bikini before, lots of times. But that was when my wife wore it, before she passed it down to Evie. On Kate, the bikini looked sexy as hell, with its tiny thong bottom and little yellow triangles on top that barely contained her beautiful tits. Had I mentioned before that Kate had passed up the opportunity to work as a model several years ago? When you saw her in that bikini, you could see why. It was as if she’d stepped out of a swimsuit issue.

But on Evie, the bikini looked absolutely lewd. Eve’s tits were so much bigger than her mother’s that the little bikini top failed to contain most of her big soft tits. The little triangles managed to cover her areolas, but that was about it. The straps were barely able to stay in place the moment Eve shrugged her shoulders.

Eve smiled brightly when she saw her mother and me staring at her. “Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Daddy! What do you think of my swimsuit?”

I was so entranced by her body I was barely able to blink.

“It’s… uh…” began her mother.

“Thanks so much, Mom, for giving me this suit! Isn’t it cool?”

She turned around to give us a view of her backside. Viewed from behind, you could barely tell that she was wearing anything at all. The little yellow spaghetti straps were so narrow they were barely wider than fettuccini noodles. And the thong bottoms didn’t cover anything, serving no other purpose than to draw attention to her exposed ass — her perfect, round ass that was just aching to be fondled and rammed from behind. I had barely gotten out of bed, and my stepdaughter was already giving me a hard on.

While Evie’s back was turned, I sidled up to her mother. “You started this,” I whispered to her. “It was your idea to give her the bikini.”

Kate stared in wonder as her daughter showed off her nearly nude body for us at the breakfast table. “I’ve created a monster!” she whispered back.

Eve turned around again and faced us. “Thanks so much for this cool bikini, Mom! I don’t think I’d have had the guts to buy something like this for myself. And I DEFINITELY haven’t got the guts to wear this at the beach or anything. But I’m gonna love wearing it around the house this summer! I’ll only wear it for you, Daddy! ONLY FOR DADDY!” There was an almost imperceptible pause before she added, “And you, too, Mom.”

She came toward me and gave me a hug, pressing her voluptuous, almost nude body against mine. I was self conscious about embracing her bare body in front of her mother, and besides, I still had my coffee cup in my hand, so I passively accepted her as she pushed her tits into my chest.

At that moment I knew that if I asked her to, Evie would get down on her knees right there in the middle of the kitchen and suck me off right in front of her mother. All I had to do was ask. I pictured her for a second in the moment after I would ask her to suck her Daddy, turning toward her mother and beaming as she would drop to her knees, maintaining eye contact with her mother as she fished my cock out of my pants, and then saying something like, “You don’t mind, do you, Mom?” just before she’d slurp my cock into her obedient mouth.

All I had to do was ask.

Still molding her nearly naked body to mine, Eve raised her hand up and put her palm against my chest. She turned her face toward her mother, beaming innocently at her mom’s flabbergasted expression. I put my arm around her and pulled her body even closer to me. I had a huge urge to bend my head down and begin kissing her tits.

We sat down to breakfast. Eve sat directly across from me at the square table, so every time I lifted my eyes from my scrambled eggs, I was looking directly at her humongous tits. Every time Eve moved, her tits jiggled enticingly. When she spread butter on her toast, the rhythmic motions of her arms and shoulders in that mundane action made her breasts wobble side to side hypnotically. It made me forget everything else on the planet and I froze in place, my fork halfway to my mouth, as I stared at the poetry of her lovely pale skin, her golden hair, her lovely curves, and her huge, nearly bare tits only a couple of feet away from me on the other side of the breakfast table. I pictured her pretending to drop her fork on the ground and crawling under the kitchen table to get it, then sucking me off while I drank my coffee alongside her mother.

As she finished her meal, she asked, “Does anyone want to join me for a swim after breakfast?”

Her mother said, “Maybe in a little while. Your stepfather and I have a few chores to do first. Why don’t you sunbathe outside and we’ll join you in a few minutes?”

Eve picked up her plates, put them in the sink and went out. My eyes followed her as porno she walked toward the back door, her ass cheeks shifting back and forth hypnotically as she walked. When she reached the door, she turned her head back toward us. “Don’t keep me waiting, Daddy,” she said sweetly.

Once the door closed behind her, I exhaled heavily. “Fuuuuck,” I said softly. I turned toward Kate. “Your daughter is….” My voice trailed off. I couldn’t think of how to end the sentence.

“Yeah,” she said. She picked up the dishes and, in a couple of minutes, she quickly rinsed them and put them into the dishwasher. Then she gestured to me to join her at the sliding glass door looking out on the back yard and pool.

Several years ago, we installed plastic filmy filters on the windows that were designed to reflect the summer light and reduce the light and heat coming into the building. The result was that, from the outside, the windows reflected most of the light, turning them into dark tinted mirrors and making it almost impossible to see inside the house. That meant Kate and I could watch her daughter Eve, but Eve couldn’t see us.

I stepped up to the plate glass sliding window. Outside, only a couple of feet away, Eve had laid down in profile to us on the chaise lounge near the pool. She stretched her arms backward, relaxing against the cushions. Her entire body was on display for us.

Kate positioned herself behind me, pressing her body against my back. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” she whispered in my ear. “It’s so quiet in our backyard. So private. No one can see her but us.” She brought her hands around my torso on both sides and began stroking my chest.

Outside, Eve reached over to a small table and grabbed a tube of sun screen. She squirted a gob of white goo onto her bare stomach. It look just like cum. She started rubbing it all over her stomach. Her hands drifted upward, and she began caressing her big soft tits, rubbing the lotion into them.

“Ooh, Daddy!” Kate whispered urgently. “Little Evie is going to give us a show!” Her hands moved downward toward my crotch and she began unfastening my belt. “Look how small her hands are compared to those big knockers! Don’t you want to help her cream her big boobs?”

My wife unzipped my zipper and my pants fell down around my ankles. She started caressing my cock through the fabric of my boxers.

“Evie needs you, Daddy! Evie needs you to cream her tits!” She reached into my boxers and started jacking me off. “Don’t you want to shoot a nice hot load all over my daughter’s tits?”

Eve’s hands were roaming all over her body, spreading glistening lotion all over herself. One hand caressed her tits, reaching under the tiny bikini material and squeezing her nipples. The other hand pushed the minuscule thong out of the way and began fingering her clit.

“Look at her now, Daddy! She doesn’t know we’re watching her! She doesn’t know she’s putting her horniness on display for you! She doesn’t know how much you want to fuck her!”

My boxers had fallen down around my ankles. Both Kate’s hands were now reaching around me, jacking off my aching cock while I watched her daughter play with herself.

“Teach her, Daddy! Teach my innocent daughter to suck your Daddy Cock! Teach my virgin daughter to fuck her Daddy! She’s aching for a man and you’re the only man in her life! Fuck my daughter!”

I was shaking all over, gasping for breath as my wife teased me with her daughter’s perfect body. Outside, Eve was writhing with pleasure. Her fingers were thrusting in and out of her pussy, and her pelvis was rising and falling rapidly and uncontrollably as she finger fucked herself.

“Daddy!!” she screamed.

Kate and I both heard it through the closed glass doors, heard my stepdaughter call my name as she came. When Kate heard it she stopped automatically, shocked. Her body, pressed against mine, shook all over in what I thought might be a mixture of guilt and erotic taboo thrill.

But then she began jacking me off again, even faster than before. “Oh God I’m going to Hell, but this is so incredibly hot! She wants you, Daddy! She wants to fuck you! Look at her body — her incredible body. She was built for sex! It’s what her body was made for! My virgin daughter needs to fuck you. Cum all over her! Cum inside her! Fill her pussy with sperm! Knock her up! Give her a baby and make her tits swell even more! Cum for us, Daddy! Cum! Cum! Cum!”

Outside, Eve’s mouth opened and she cried out. Her flawless thighs shivered and she continued to pump her fingers in and out of her twat. Her body arched upward and she held it there for several seconds, suspended in space in orgasmic ecstasy.

Kate’s body pressing against me from behind and her hands on my cock felt incredible.

“Eva!’ I moaned. I was barely even aware of what I was saying, barely aware that I was calling my stepdaughter’s name instead of my wife’s. “Suck me, Eva!”

Kate quickly moved in front of me and dropped to her knees. “Feed Evie your cum, Daddy!” she said, getting into porno the role of playing her daughter for me. “Let Evie suck your cock!” She reached both hands around my ass and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling my cock into her hungry wet mouth. Urged on by her hands pulling my cock into her face, my pelvis started bucking uncontrollably.

“Yes!” I cried. My sperm shot out into my wife’s eager mouth as I stared at my blonde sexpot stepdaughter masturbating for me.

Kate swallowed it all. “Thank you, Daddy,” she cooed.

Outside, Eve began to come down from her orgasmic high. Breathing heavily, her prodigious chest heaving, she lay back and ran the fingers of both hands through her hair.

Kate spent the next several minutes slavering and drooling over my cock while I continued to watch her daughter slowly come back to normal.

Eve reached over to the table and grabbed a paperback novel, but instead of reading it, she opened it up and laid it face down over her own face to shield her eyes from the sun. With Eve’s eyes covered, I felt even more free to ogle her as much as I wanted. While my wife knelt before me, contentedly sucking my half-hard cock, I watched my daughter’s perfect body outside. I stroked my wife’s brunette hair, encouraging her to service me. “Good girl,” I said softly. “Good Eva. You’re such a perfect stepdaughter. You’re so good at licking your Daddy’s cock.”

Kate mewled happily at being called by her daughter’s name.

“Suck me, Eva. Your mom wants you to suck me. Your mom wants you to worship your new Daddy’s cock. Your mom wants Daddy to take your virginity. Your mom wants you to fuck Daddy over and over — whenever Daddy wants.”

Kate took her mouth off my cock for a moment. “Yes, Daddy,” she said. Then she went back to sucking.

Life was perfect.

A few minutes later, my cock had deflated enough to where I felt it was decent to go outside dressed in a swimsuit. I put on a pair of boxers that were pretty short but still good for swimming. Kate changed into a dark blue bikini that wasn’t nearly as revealing as Eve’s outfit, but it was still incredibly attractive on her tall, curvy body. The top wasn’t the type that had cups exactly, but was instead a sort of mini crop top that wrapped around her boobs.

Before we went outside, I marveled yet again at how beautiful, yet how different, mother and daughter were from one another. Kate was much taller than her daughter, and though she had lovely breasts, nice hips, long brown hair and dark, sultry eyes, her body didn’t have the intense, gut-wrenching sexuality that her daughter had. Eve’s body was so incredible that it made my whole body ache sometimes with lust. When you coupled that body with her platinum blonde hair, creamy white skin and delicate features, not to mention the beautiful innocence of her large blue eyes and her girlish smile — well, the effect took my breath away.

Eve sat up as soon as Kate and I walked outside.

“Let’s play!” she said.

She meant the pool, of course.

She started to get up, but then paused. “I didn’t finish putting on my sun screen. Daddy, can you put it on my back?”

I exchanged glances with my wife, whose eyes widened. It was one thing to fantasize and role play. But this was crossing a line into reality. On the other hand, it was just suntan lotion, right? In answer to Kate’s worried look, I said, “Uh, sure. I guess.”

“Great!” said Eve. She handed me the tube of cream and turned over onto her stomach. “Thanks, Daddy.”

Kate retreated to a chair that was slightly out of her daughter’s line of sight, but still visible to me. I nervously squirted a dollop of cream onto Eve’s back and started at the shoulders, rubbing it into her skin.

“Oh Daddy! That feels so wonderful!”

I moved my hands a little downward, toward the center of her back. Kate brought one of her hands up to her mouth, as if she were suppressing a cry of concern. Her eyes were wide open in shock, riveted on her daughter’s back. Her other hand came up to her chest, as if she were feeling her own pounding heartbeat. She had the option to stop us at any time, but she remained silent.

My hands moved toward the side of my stepdaughter’s back, rubbing the lotion into the area just next to where her large breasts were bulging out on the sides where she was lying against the lounge chair. My fingertips grazed against the sides of her swelling tits.

Kate’s hand, which was resting against her own breast, began caressing her tits through the fabric of her blue bikini crop top. Her mouth was open in a shocked “O” shape as she stared at her daughter and me. She began breathing more heavily, her chest rising and falling as she played with her C-cup tits.

My hands went lower, toward the small of my stepdaughter’s back.

“That’s it, Daddy. Cream me all over,” said Eva.

I reached over to the tube of sun screen and squirted more white cream onto my stepdaughter’s ass. My hands reached Eva’s bare ass, and I began rubbing the cream into her ass cheeks.

“Oh türk porno yeah, Daddy!”

I looked over at Kate to see if she was going to stop us. All she had to do was say one word or raise one finger, and it would stop right there. Instead, she dropped the hand that had been at her mouth and reached inside her bikini bottom. Now she had one hand playing with her tits while the other was fiddling with her clit. Her head was shivering with both anticipation and fear of what was coming next.

“Is this what you want, honey?” I asked, looking back and forth between my stepdaughter’s luscious ass and my wife’s shocked, horny expression.

“Of course I want it, Daddy.” said Eve. “Massage it into my ass. I want to be creamed all over.”

Kate said nothing. When I looked at her face, she seemed to be caught like a deer in the headlights, unable to object and not sure if she wanted to.

My hands were moving up and down, rubbing against the sides of Eve’s breasts one moment, then moving down to vigorously maul her ass cheeks the next.

Kate had a needy, scared expression on her face. Her fingers were dancing inside her bikini bottom, frigging herself desperately. She bit her lip to keep from crying out her need to cum.

Eva’s ass was glorious. I shifted my position, so that now my body hid from Kate what my hands were doing on her daughter’s body. Freed from her seeing how intensely I was invading her daughter’s body, I began to rub deeper into Eve’s ass crack, closer and closer to her pussy.

Eva and her mother both raised their asses off the lounge chairs at the same time.

My fingers touched Eva’s pussy lips and she cried out. “Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy!” Her body stiffened and quivered as she orgasmed.

Kate’s body stiffened at the same time. Mother and daughter were cumming together. My finger went deep into my stepdaughter’s twat and she began humping her ass up and down. My other hand slipped under her torso and gripped her tit.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

“You want this,” I told them. It wasn’t a question. It was an instruction. A command.

“Yes!” Eva cried. Her ass was humping up and down on the lounge while I finger fucked her. A few feet away, Kate was spasming all over, cumming and shaking. Her facial expression looked like she was overwhelmed and out of control, barely aware of what she was doing.

After several seconds, both women climaxed and were left panting and shaking.

I pulled my hand back and spoke calmly. “How’s that?” I asked, as if all I’d done was apply a bit of sun screen.

I stood up, facing my wife. My hard on was obvious, making a huge tent in the flimsy little boxers that I used as a swimsuit. My erect cock stretched lower than the bottom hem of my boxers, so the tip was peeking out from below. I tugged slightly on the top of the cloth, making the boxers ride up and expose nearly my whole rod.

My hard dick was pointed straight at the face of my wife. Eve still lay face down on the chaise lounge, unable to see the spectacle that I was giving her mother. Kate stared at my cock, then up at me, a needy, scared and desperate expression on her face. She licked her parted lips, mesmerized by the hard cock bobbing in the air a foot from her face.

I reached down and grabbed a tuft of her brown hair, then pulled her face closer to my cock. She looked up into my eyes and I silently mouthed the command, “Kiss it!” I roughly pulled her face the last few inches to the tip of my cock head. She dutifully kissed the tip of my cock, then looked up at me pleadingly to see if I approved.

Gripping her hair, I pulled her face in and out on my head a few times. “Good girl!” I whispered. Then I let go of her hair. She continued to bob her head in and out on my cock, but then pulled away.

“Who’s ready for a swim?” I asked. Then without waiting for a reply, I ran toward the pool before Eve was able to turn her head to see my erection. Kate stared open mouthed at my cock swinging and bouncing up and down lewdly as I ran past her toward the water and jumped in.

Kate blinked and shook herself back to earth. She jumped up and sprinted toward the pool, following me. “I’m ready!” she cried.

I was already in the pool by the time Eve rose up from the lounge chair. “Don’t get started without me!” she shouted. I watched her incredible, nearly nude body as she stood and preened for me like a sex goddess. She stared me in the face and licked her lips. She adjusted the straps on her inadequate little bikini top as she skipped toward the pool. “I’m cumming, Daddy!” she cried as she jumped in.

When they were both in the pool, I held out my arms invitingly. Both women swam toward me and embraced me. “I love my family!” I cried as I hugged both their bodies against my chest. Feeling their full, soft tits against my chest was heaven. I reveled in the feeling of having two voluptuous women hugging me and pressing their bodies against me. They both wanted their Daddy, and I was here for them.

Eve hugged me tightly, but within a second or so she broke away. “What a great day for a swim!” she said. She got out of the pool and, water dripping from her delectable body, she walked over to the diving board and dove back in.

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