Dad’s Lost Bet

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Everyone is over eighteen in case anyone did not know.


Once again it’s football season and as usual I had all my friends over to watch the game on our satellite television. They did not come for just the games, they also enjoyed being around my mother. My mother looked good for her age, at thirty seven years old and all of my friends never failed to comment on it. At first I used to get upset over the comments, but once they learned not to get too lewd or anything I grew to accept it as compliments.

My parents are pretty opposite my dad as they grew older, dad is forty two, he met mom when he started work for the company he is at since he got out of college. Dad went on to rise up to production manager, with long hours, bad diet, he is starting to get a gut on him and he is starting to go bald. He said he never participated in sports in high school or college but he does enjoy watching them.

Mom on the other hand left her job after she became pregnant with me, she does not work out and the weight she put on when she was pregnant proportioned itself in the right places on her body. Mom is five foot six, her breasts benefited the most from when she was pregnant all those years ago, and she went from a thirty six b to a thirty eight double d. Her breast have just slight sag to them, the rest of the weight rounded her rear end nicely and make her legs look thick and muscular. Mom has blonde hair and also enjoys the games and when my friends come over to watch.

This Sunday my best friend Tommy and my other two buddies Kevin and Mark arrived at noon so we can watch the pre game shows. It started out like any other Sunday we took our usual seats in the living room to watch. We proved to my mother we could be careful and she was bringing in the snacks and sodas for us.

Dad was nursing a manhattans and not paying attention to the young men that had invaded his living room. Nor did he see the guy’s eye balling his beautiful wife, I had warned them many times not to let him catch them, for Dad is the jealous type. The way mom had dressed today did not help, dad would get jealous when other men would flirt with her and check her out, yet she encouraged her to buy her clothes online from websites and Victoria’s Secret.

Mom came back in the living room carrying a trey that she leaned down for each of us to take a soda and I had to grab the big bowl of chips off of it for her. She was wearing a purple velour pant suit that she had unzipped enough to reveal a little of her ample cleavage.

“Shannon could you get me another Manhattan?” Dad asked.

“Sure Bill, but take it easy.” She said.

When mom came back in she gave dad his drink and she also had a white wine for herself. She sat down in her chair and read her book as the show began, we were talking smack about players and the games. At halftime of the first set of games dad got up and made another manhattan and by the end of the first games he had another, mom was on her third glass of wine as well.

“Wow your parents are getting rather buzzed.” Tommy commented.

“Yeah dad does not usually drink so much; he is under a lot of stress at work.” I said making up an excuse for him.

Mom complained that it was too hot and got up to go upstairs and change; she stopped at the thermostat and turned the heat down a little. Dad took the moment of her leaving to turn and talk to us, his speech a little slurred.

“So what game are we watching next guys?” He asked.

“We are going to watch the Panthers against the Cardinals next.” I said.

“The Panthers suck, the Cardinals should steam roll them.” Dad laughed.

“Care to make a wager on that Mister Reynolds?” Tommy asked.

“I can’t take money from a kid, it would not be right.” Dad snorted.

“Sounds like you’re scared to lose.” Tommy egged him on.

“Well Tommy, this spring I was going to have Shawn paint the garage, if you lose you will have to help him and you will also paint the house as well.” Dad said sure that the Cardinals would win.

“And if I win?” Tommy asked him.

“I’ll give you five hundred dollars.” Dad said smugly.

“I rather have something else.” He said to my dad surprising every one in the room.

“Oh what is that Tommy?” Dad asked.

“I want four dates with your wife.” Tommy said looking my drunken father right in the eye.

“Tommy are you fucking nuts.” Mark said swearing in front of my dad.

“Why you arrogant little bastard, sit there all smug and shit, I tell you what.” Dad said getting up. “I see you little bastards eye balling my wife when you come over and I’m so sure of this game I will up the ante, if you win you can have four dates with my wife, if I win not only will you help Shawn paint the house and the garage, but you can never come over to watch football in this house again.”

We all sat in silent shock at what had just happened, I could see betting for one date, but why did Tommy want four of them, did he really think if mom would let this Güngören escort bayan happen that he had some kind of shot with her. Mom came back in the room wearing a crewneck tee shirt and a denim skirt. Dad came in with a fresh drink for him and a new glass of wine for her.

We watched the game in silence and it started off great for Tommy as the Panthers got on the board first. Then the Cardinals came back to tie and Dad laughed in his chair mumbling something about how Warner was just getting started.

Nothing else happened in the first quarter and it was seven to seven, then in the second quarter the Panthers ran another one in for a touchdown, later in the quarter they hit a fifty yard touchdown pass and then picked on off for a touchdown. The Panthers were up at the half twenty eight to seven.

In the third quarter the Cardinals managed to get another touchdown which made dad cheer and surprised mom to see him getting into the game and now the lead was only two touchdowns. With the Cardinals offense they could make that up pretty quickly and still win. Well Warner and the Cardinals had a terrible game and could not score again in the third quarter and neither could the Cardinals.

In the fourth quarter the Panthers finally scored again with a field goal, the Cardinals added a touchdown and Dad was now on the edge of his seat the Panthers added another field goal. The Cardinals usual high powered offense gave up five interceptions this day and a couple of fumbles for a final score of thirty four to twenty one.

“Well we better get going, right guys.” Tommy said to my other two friends.

“Yeah that probably is a good idea.” Mark added. “Sorry Mister Reynolds, thank you for your hospitality Mrs. Reynolds.”

“Any time guys see you next Sunday.” She said.

“I’ll give you a call sometime Shannon.” Tommy said leaving the living room.

“Whatever did he mean by that?” My mother asked me.

“I really don’t know, maybe you better ask dad.” I said walking my friends out.

“Bill what is going on?” Mom asked.

“I’m sorry Shannon, you warned me not to drink so much and you know what happens when I drink so much, I get stupid.” He said sullenly.

“Bill what did you do?” She asked as you could hear the irritation in her voice.

“I made a stupid bet, a really stupid bet and I lost.” He said not once looking at my mother.

“And what did you bet?” She asked.

“I was going to have Tommy paint the house and garage with Shawn this spring and I offered him a bet of five hundred dollars, which he would not take.” Dad explained.

“So what did you bet Bill?” My mother asked in a louder tone.

“I see how that smug little bastard looks at you when he comes over, so he bet me that if he won he gets four dates with you.” Dad said finally.

“Four dates, why four dates and why did you agree Bill, you don’t know enough about football to bet on it.” She said angrily.

“I’m sorry I will call him tomorrow and offer him more money instead.” Dad said thinking that would get him out of it.

“No Bill we can’t afford it, Shawn what in the hell is going on around here?” She asked me as I tried to sneak upstairs.

“Sorry Mom, dad was drunk and made a stupid bet.” I said hoping that would get me off the hook.

“Why did Tommy bet a date with me, no correction why did he want four dates with me?” She asked me.

“Well mom, Tommy like a lot of my other friends think you are pretty hot and Tommy out of all of my friends has the most experience with the opposite sex. He thinks he will only need a couple of dates to score with you and if he doesn’t he said he still gets to date the hottest woman in town.” I explained.

“Well it serves the two you right, you Bill Reynolds for being drunk and stupid and you Shawn Reynolds for not stopping your father or your so called best friend. To teach both of you a lesson I’m going through with the bet.” My mother said and stormed up to the bedroom.

We both could hear her slam the door and open it again and throw dad’s pillow and a blanket downstairs. He was now sentenced to the couch, I went out to the kitchen and made us some sandwiches, and we ate in silence as dad looked as if he was going to cry.

I tried several times during the following week at school to try and talk Tommy out of dating my mother. He told me he was surprised she was going to go through with it and he was going to make the best of it. I felt as defeated as my father when I got home from school to find my mother talking to him on the phone.

“Okay, so you are picking me up at six thirty and then we are driving out of town to eat dinner and see a movie.” Mom said.

“Yeah I think it is a good idea we go out of town too Tommy, don’t need anyone we know seeing us out.” Mom said. “Pick me up around the block, I don’t need the neighbors seeing either, okay see you later, bye.”

“You and your dad will have to fend for yourselves tonight; I have my Escort İnnovia first date with Tommy.” My mother said.

“I can’t believe you are going through with this.” I said in disbelief.

“You guys are getting what you deserved, what are you like your father and don’t trust me?” She asked.

“No I don’t trust him.” I muttered.

“Well I got to go get ready for my date.” My mom said leaving the kitchen.

The word stung me to hear, I could hear the shower turn on and my mother was now getting ready. Dad got home and he wanted to talk to me rather than face my mother.

“Shawn, I want you take my car after they leave and follow them, spy on them for me, call me on your cell phone and let me know what is happening.” He said.

“Sure dad, do you want me to kick his ass if he tries anything?” I said knowing I could not kick his ass.

“No, just watch them.” He said as my mother came into the kitchen all made up and dressed sexily.

Mom came down into the kitchen with her black leather dress coat draped over arm and she was wearing a stunning dress. It was black with a zipper down the middle; it was cut few inches above the knee. Mom was wearing a pair of black leather boots that went up to just below the knee and they had a five inch heel. Mom looked sexy has all hell with her bare shoulders and her breasts crunched up inside the tight fitting dress.

“Well how do I look?” She asked.

“You look great mom” I replied while dad sat silent.

“Well this should be torture for you guys and for Tommy, these four dates will give him an awful case of blue balls when he can’t get anywhere with me.” She said putting on her coat and left the house to go to her date.

I waited a few minutes and left the house, I got behind Tommy’s car as they drove about fifteen miles away. They went into a charming little Italian restaurant to eat, Tommy was really laying on the charm on my mother pulling out her chair and asking the waiter to light the candle on the table.

My mother ordered wine and the two of them sat and talked, then they shared some breadsticks with Tommy teasingly feeding my mother. He held her hands above the table gently stroking them. My mother and Tommy had dinner and left the restaurant to go to the movie theater, as Tommy escorted her out he had a hand on the small of her back as he opened the car door for her.

They drove to the theatre and bought tickets for a romantic comedy that was playing; they bought sodas and one tub of popcorn. I got a ticket for the same movie, a popcorn and a soda waited in the hallway waiting for the theatre to become dark, I went in and sat in the back row where I could see them.

Tommy was the perfect gentlemen still, he held the popcorn until around halfway through the movie it was gone. Tommy set the empty tub on the floor and repositioned himself so that was more comfortable. He cautiously put his arm around the back of my mother’s chair and placed his hand on her bare shoulder. She did not do anything to stop his advance and he left it there for a few minutes.

Tommy made his first move letting his hand drift down the front of her shoulder to an area that could be called her chest. Still undeterred he gently reached for the zipper and tugged it down a couple of inches, my mother finally stopped him and moved his hand back up, but she did not zip it back up either.

The movie was three quarters of the way over and Tommy let his hand drift again off of her shoulder. This time you could see him reach into the front of her dress and he was fondling her breast with soft gentle touches. Mom let him get a few feels and then once again she pulled his hand out and told him to behave. I text dad with what I saw and Tommy behaved himself the rest of the movie.

I left a moment before the credits to avoid getting caught and waited in the car for them to come out. Mom had her coat back on and once again he had his hand on the small of her back as he opened her car door for her. I followed them home or to where she had parked down the street out of sight of the neighbors.

Tommy parked his car and got out; he ran around to the other side of the car and opened my mother’s door. He stared down at her thick shapely thigh as she got out of the car and he closed the door and then took her by both hands. I rolled my window down so I could try to hear what they were saying.

“Tommy you surprised me with what a gentlemen you were tonight and you only got fresh once.” She laughed as she said the last part.

“Sorry about that, I had to try you looked so hot in that dress tonight.” He said.

“Well I have a reputation to up hold as the hottest mom.” She said.

“Shannon……” The rest of what he said was not loud enough for me to hear.

“I guess a good night kiss a reward for good behavior is okay.” She said.

Oh no mom don’t kiss him, I over heard a few girls around school say that Tommy had magic lips and was the best kisser in school. Kağıthane escort One girl even claimed that as soon as his lips would touch you she would melt. Tommy let go of my mothers hand and put them around her waist pulling her closer to him and mom put her around his neck. Tommy leaned in and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

Mom seemed like at first that she would not get into it, but after a minute or two she seemed to relax, pull him closer and open her mouth slightly as the kiss got more passionate. Now the two of them were making out, Tommy’s hands boldly ran down to my mothers round ass squeezing and rubbing it.

Tommy was a smooth worker he left on hand on her ass and moved the other one around to the front. He reached up and unzipped her coat and then he pushed up against his car as they continued kissing. He then unzipped her dress half way and reached up to play with one of her breasts. Mom did not have a bra on and he kneaded the bare breast gently.

Mom seemed to be enjoying this and did nothing to stop him, then I could see him stop playing with her breast and reach down the front of her dress. He then reached between her legs and mom helped by parting them a little. Tommy had her dress hiked up and I could see mom had a tiny black lace thong on that barely cover her pussy. Tommy moved the fabric aside and was now rubbing her pussy.

This went on for a few minutes and I could hear soft moans emanating from my mother as he played with her pussy. Finally my mother broke the kiss, and looked at Tommy for a moment while he played with her.

“Oh that feels so good tiger but that is as far as you go.” She reached down and moved his hand from her pussy.

Tommy did not protest or anything which was a surprise, he waited patiently for my mother to fix her dress and coat. Then he gave a quick kiss and walks her to her car and opens the door for her.

“I’ll call you sometime Shannon.” He said as she started her car and drove home.

I waited for Tommy to leave and then I went home too, when I went in mom was already up to bed. Dad sat in his chair wanting to know the rest of the details; I did not have the heart to tell him the rest of what I saw so I just told him that they just talked before she came home.

The date happened on Friday night, Saturday we did not hear anything from Tommy and my mother did not talk about the date, she only did her normal routine. The football games were on Sunday yet I, mom and dad watched the games alone. Around six o clock the phone rang and it was Tommy wanting to talk to my mother.

At first she talked to him for about fifteen minutes laughing and joking with him and telling him the date they went on was fun. Then she got up and went out to the kitchen with the phone still talking to him.

“Tuesday night, hmm let me check the calendar.” Mom said. “So your mom and dad are out of town and you want me to come over to watch a movie with you for date number two, okay but you better behave yourself.”

“Well Bill I have date number two on Tuesday night, you don’t have to wait up for me, and it’s a work night.” Mom said still punishing dad.

School on Monday and Tuesday I avoided Tommy every chance I got, when I got home other than the usual how was your days we did not talk much or mention the upcoming date.

When I got home from school my mother was wearing a snug fitting tee shirt and a tight pair of jeans. She put a casserole in the oven and announced that she was going to be leaving for her date soon.

Mom left me alone in the kitchen to go up to her room and about an hour later after a shower and changing her clothes she was back down in the kitchen in time for my father’s arrival from work. She changed from her normal everyday clothes to something a little sexier. She was wearing a very tight cotton ribbed sweater that was sleeveless, her large breasts seemed larger than usual and her nipples were protruding against the fabric indicating she did not have a bra on. Her jeans were very tight and she wore a black belt with a large silver buckle.

“Going somewhere Shannon?” Dad asked.

“Yes I have date number two of your bet Bill as if you did not remember; there is a casserole in the oven about ready to come out. Shawn will you get my jacket for me?” She asked.

“Sure mom.” I said.

After I gave her the jacket she went out the back door and got into her car and left, my dad looked at me defeated. He opened up the oven and took out the casserole with the pot holders that were on the counter and set it there.

“Do you think you can spy on them again?” He asked not looking at me.

“Yeah, I can try and look in the windows, they have a lot of bushes in front of the house or I know where they hide the backdoor key and I could try to sneak in.” I said to him.

“Which ever one you think is best, just don’t get caught.” He said and then he pulled out his wallet. “Here’s twenty bucks, why don’t you grab something to eat on the way home so you don’t go hungry.”

“Thanks dad.” I said taking the money and leaving.

I drove over to Tommy’s house and saw my mother’s car sitting out front; I got out of my car and discreetly walked up to the house. Making sure I was not noticed I slipped into the bushes and looked into the front windows of the living room.

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