Dad’s Secret Gift

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My wife and I hadn’t had sex in over six months. The stresses of being new homeowners, and our schedules being out of sync, I thought was the cause. Since we moved in over a year ago, she had been begging for a security system so that she could keep an eye on the house and its surroundings. So, as a Christmas gift, I secretly bought and installed a Nest system, including hidden cameras in the common areas of the house. By Christmas Eve, it was installed and ready to go. I had to go to bed early due to my normal shift and said good night to my wife and son.

I fell asleep quickly, but soon my phone dinged with a security notification of movement outside. I picked it up and saw my son Brandon, who had turned 18 this year, taking the trash out. Thinking that I needed to change these settings, I went to close the app but swiped instead. There, I saw my wife tearing off her clothing in the living room. Under her pajamas, she was wearing sexy red lingerie with Christmas bows on her nipples and crotch. It was strained against her massive breasts and huge belly. She lay seductively in front of the Christmas tree.

My son walked back into the house, knocking snow from his boots, and into the kitchen to replace the trash bag. Nikki, my wife, called out “Thank you for doing your chores, you can come and open your present now” her hand dipped to her crotch.

Brandon walked into the living room, I could only see his back, and he only stopped for a moment before tearing off his shirt. He crawled across the floor and grabbed her ankles. “Mmmmm, is this for me?” he said as he spread her legs and stared down.

Nikki just smiled. bursa escort “I promised you the best Christmas present, now why don’t you unwrap it?”

Brandon lowered his head to his mother’s sweet pussy. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could guess from the look on her face. “Oh baby, you really know how to make mommy feel good,” she said, throwing her head back. He looked up at her “You taste delicious” he said quickly before diving back in.

I was shocked by what I was seeing, but my cock had grown hard. I had fantasized about Nikki cuckolding me, but this went way beyond my wildest fantasies. I watched as Nikki writhed on the rug to our son’s oral ministrations, her hands gripping his hair. I reached into my boxers and began stroking myself.

“Oh! Oh! Stop baby, stop. I don’t want to cum yet.” she nearly screamed out. But he kept going, and she shoved her hand into her mouth as she came into his mouth. He stood up, and pulled down his pants, releasing his cock. He gave it a few strokes and he knelt by her head, his left hand reaching down and three fingers dipped between her pulsating labia.

Her eyes shot open as he penetrated her and his thumb rubbed her clit. The resolution of these cameras was amazing. I stroked harder as I watched him run the head of his cock across her lips. “Open up mommy, I have a present for you”

Nikki turned her head, opening her mouth with a moan, she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock. He stroked her face as she gently suckled. Her hips bucked against his hand as he finger-fucked her. “You’re my Christmas Present, my cum bucket for bursa escort bayan the night. Tell me you want me in your pussy.” he said. She shook her head and tried to swallow his cock whole, but he pulled away, grabbing her massive hips with both hands, and spun her, positioning his cock on top of her pussy.

“No, we can’t” She whispered as he reached down and ran his cock down her slit. She groaned, and her hips bucked involuntarily. “Your lips say “No”, but your body says “Yes”, Tell me you want me to fuck you” He teased his cock across her clit, which had grown larger than I’d ever seen it. She shook her head again, but her back arched pushing her pussy against his thick cock. I’d seen this before, she was getting desperate.

“You’re a Slut for me, mommy. Say you want your son to fuck you!” he nearly shouted. He leaned forward across her massive belly and pulled down her lingerie, freeing her huge tits. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and made short thrusting motions with his hips.

Nikki seemed breathless, she was panting and reached down to grab her own legs and pull them back. “Please fuck me” she gasped

Brandon kept sawing his cock across her pussy. “Who do you want to fuck you?” he asked

Nikki was bouncing her hips up, trying to be penetrated. “I want you, I need you.” he cried

“You want your son to fuck you?”


“Say it then, beg me”

“I want my son to fuck me!” she screamed out, I could just barely hear it through our thick doors, a moment before it came over the screen.

“And what you are?” he asked.

“I’m your Slut mommy, I’m your cum escort bursa bucket, please fuck me, breed me” her entire body was shaking in her excitement, and waves traveled up and down her fat belly

With that, Brandon pulled back, lined up, and shoved the full length of his cock into my wife’s, his mom’s, pussy. “You’re so hot and wet,” he said as he began sliding in and out with the vigor of youth.

“Only for you” She moaned out, then she rested her chubby legs on his muscled shoulders and thrust up into him with the same intensity and rhythm he was fucking her with. She was whispering something, I couldn’t hear but it looked like “oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” over and over again. I’d never seen her so active during sex, not even in her 20s and a hundred pounds lighter. I came inside my boxers.

“You’re making mommy cum so hard, cum for mommy, cum inside me” she begged.

The camera angle was perfect for me to see when he began pounding her harder and faster than before, his thick cock stretching her pussy, pulling her lips out every time he withdrew. Suddenly, he nearly roared and shoved his cock as deep as it would go inside her. “I’m cumming mommy, take it all” he began to twitch, and I could see another orgasm overcome Nikki, her limbs shaking.

Brandon collapsed on top of his mother, both of them breathing heavily. Nikki stroked his hair, “Did you like your present?” He nodded “Yes, thank you. I think I want to play with my new toy some more.” he said and she giggled.

I set the system to record and began to turn it off, as Brandon rolled his mother onto her stomach and positioned himself behind her, her head under the tree among the presents. As I drifted off to sleep, I decided that I wouldn’t tell Nikki about the interior cameras when I gave her her gift on Christmas day, I’d keep that as a gift for myself. A gift that promised to keep on giving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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