Dakota Performs on Stage Pt. 02

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In Part 1, eighteen year old Dakota agreed to appear with his father, world famous stage actor Clive Roberts, in a new broadway play. Unfortunately, he would have to appear nude for quite a bit of time and he was embarrassed and nervous. Fortunately, his so-star, Lily, and her daughter, Katy, initiate him into the world of nudity. Now, it was almost opening night.

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After the dress rehearsals in Boston, the company moved to NYC to begin preview performances. After his experiences with his co-stars on stage, Dakota was much more relaxed about appearing on stage in the nude. Of course, he was eighteen and that maturity helped a lot. On the evening before the opening preview, Dakota decided to treat himself to a massage. His father suggested his friend George who soon arrived with a massage table and instructions to Dakota to shower.

“What should I wear for the massage?” Dakota innocently asked.

“Whatever you are comfortable with – either keep your boxers on or drape a towel over your midsection,” George said.

Given his experiences in Boston with nudity, Dakota was comfortable with a towel. When George came back in, Clive was with him. It seemed that George’s daughter had injured herself playing basketball and he really needed to get home to help her. Dakota understood but when George left, he expressed his disappointment.

“Son,” Clive ventured, “let your old man reward you for all you have done. This play is going to be a hit (it was – it ran for over three years although Dakota stayed with it for only a year because it was interfering with his college career) and you are the reason why. Its success will do wonders for my career. And no one else was willing to appear in the nude like you.”

“I knew it was important for you and, in truth, I am doing it only for you. And it isn’t as if my mom or sisters or friends and teachers are going to come to it.”

“Well, I want to show my appreciation and love by giving you the best body rub you will ever have,” his father said.

“Really, dad?” his son said. “You don’t have to do that. And I am not wearing anything under this towel.”

“Well,” Clive laughed. “It is as if I haven’t seen you naked recently. I will turn the lights down a little and we will dispense with the towel.”

So Dakota relaxed as his dad removed the towel. Clive stood back and looked at his beautiful son, all naked, and focused on his soft, smooth, and elegant ass. He thought it strange that his son, although eighteen years old, had no hair on his butt. Clive himself did – funny how the genes work. After ten minutes of rubbing his son’s shoulders, back and legs, Clive cautiously placed his hand on his son’s left butt cheek. The young man gasped but did not tense up or object.

Dakota trusted and loved his father and whatever he did would be okay with him. He knew his dad was bi-sexual if not actually gay, so he wanted to pleasure his father by letting him touch him wherever he wanted. Dakota knew he could not return the favor and was sure his father knew that anything he did would not be reciprocated.

Dakota felt so good when his dad massaged his ass cheeks and got excited when he felt his father spread his cheeks apart and knew he was looking at his anus. Clive ran his finger down his son’s asscrack and began circling his son’s anus with his finger. Then he turned the young man over and his eyes fell on his son’s raging and pulsating erection.

“Wow, Dakota, your dick is quite impressive,” Clive said. “I love you, son, and want to make you feel good so I want to massage your cock and balls.

Dakota looked into his father’s eyes and said “I love you, too, dad.” So his dad gently massaged his son’s balls and stroked his hot penis, using a finger to circle his son’s glans penis and manipulated his piss slit so he could look down at his son’s urethra canal. Dakota was really groaning now.

Afraid that his son was going to cum, Clive stopped and whispered to him that now he was going to show how much he loved him. He turned his son over on his side, and put his top leg up toward his chest, spreading open his butt crack. Again unusual for an eighteen year old, there was no body hair to obstruct dad’s gaze at his son’s perfect anus. Clive leaned over and began to kiss and lick his son’s orifice.

Dakota could not believe how sensational his father’s tongue felt when licking his butt hole. Now, he began to really jerk around, making it difficult for his dad to keep his tongue in place. And through it all, Dakota could not believe that his dad was pleasuring him this way. It felt like his dad was caressing his asshole with his tongue. Then Dakota felt his father’s tongue enter into his body, kissing his rectal canal. The young man felt like his rectum was being engulfed and glorified.

Clive then quickly turned his boy back over and stroked his cock. Dakota’ body soon contorted and his balls tightened up and he ejaculated stream after stream of cum. It was a massive orgasm and exhausted gaziantep escort reklamları the young man.

Dakota just lay on the table with his eyes closed while his father cleaned his cum up. He looked briefly and saw his dad lick some of his cum.

“Did it taste okay?” Dakota asked.

“The sweetest taste I have ever had, my boy.” Clive, a strong man, lifted his son, who at eighteen weighed at least 150 pounds, and carried him to his bed. Before covering up the young man, he leaned down and kissed his son’s sex organ. A special night, and it left the young man pondering who gave the best blow job and rimming job – his girlfriend or his father?

The opening of the production took place in September of Dakota’s senior year. The play was a major success and he would continue in the role until the beginning of his freshman year in college. When he was chosen for the part, no one else in his age group wanted it. Peter Andrews, if you recall, tried lots of young actors but none wanted to play in the nude. But when the play was a hit, and Dakota became famous in it (he won the Tony for Best Actor in a New Musical), Peter had no trouble replacing Dakota when he wanted to leave the show. Lots of young actors wanted to be in a hit show, naked or not. So, in the end, Dakota performed for an entire year (and he returned, periodically, to perform for special shows or when both the actor and his understudy were unable to perform because of illness). So to summarize, Dakota and the play were major hits and he found himself popular and very famous.

Montana, Dakota’s twin, just loved what was happening. If the reader remembers, Montana was a freshman in college as she did not have to repeat a grade in elementary school as Dakota had. And she became popular and well known at her college because she was the sister of the famous Dakota Roberts. But she had not, in fact, actually seen her brother perform. That was no accident. Dakota, if we recall, made conditional to his participation that his family would not see him nude on stage. But, as might be expected, neither Dakota nor his father could control that situation and within a month of opening in September, the situation changed. And it began with school.

His English class was with his favorite teacher, Mrs. Donaldson and as it happened, this was the one class in which all his closest friends attended. These were the students with whom he had spent the last ten years together in school and out of school (essentially since the second grade). They all knew that Dakota was in a broadway play with his father and they all assumed he had a bit part playing Clive’s character’s son. They had read the reviews and knew the play was a great success and noticed that Dakota had a larger part than they had thought.

Finally, on a Wednesday in September when Dakota was not in class (he was performing in the Wednesday matinee), the students asked Mrs. Donaldson if she couldn’t arrange with Dakota’s parents to have a class trip to see the play. So, Mrs. Donaldson called Connie (Dakota’s mom) to ask about the possibility and this request prompted a visit to the class by Connie the following Wednesday.

“Normally, students,” Dakota’s mom began, “there would be no problem with you attending and if you chose to do so, my husband and I will pay for you and secure the best seats for you.” This brought a lot of smiles. “Does Dakota know you are considering this?”

“Well,” Mrs Donaldson said, “I haven’t, in fact, mentioned it to Dakota. Has anyone in the class talked to him.” Remarkably, it turned out no one had.

“Well, good,” Connie said. “Let’s keep it that way for now. Because there is a problem with you all attending and it is an awkward one,” Connie proceeded to discuss what the play was about and what the author was trying to accomplish. Then she continued ” The problem is this: the reason my son does not want his friends, teachers, and family to come to this play is that he appears completely naked.” That brought considerable gasps and giggles from the students. “As you can imagine, if it were you, you wouldn’t want friends and family attending the play.”

Well, the students thought, it isn’t us and we do want to attend. After all, a field trip is a field trip. The vote was unanimous and plans were made. Parental permission was required, two buses reserved (it turned out that some parents and a few other teachers wanted to attend), and promises made that no one would tell Dakota. If he knew, he simply would get ‘sick’ that day and the play would be canceled.

One might wonder if these students were betraying their friend of ten years. But the boys already had seen Dakota naked as showers were required after PE classes and sports. And the girls were very, very interested as Dakota was easily the best looking and cutest boy in the class and the idea of seeing their good friend showing off his beautiful body, and especially his pretty sex organ, had great appeal. gaziantep escort bayan reklamları Even Mrs Donaldson was excited – she always was dreaming of seeing her handsome male students naked – to see the shape of their cocks, the hang length of their testicles, and the curve of their fleshy buttocks.

Connie decided that she and her daughters, Joan and Jill would also attend and serve as chaperones. If Dakota’s teacher was excited at seeing him in the nude, the young man’s mother was out of her skin and mind anticipating the day. The family, like the community they lived in, was very conservative in their morals. Nudity was frowned upon and none of Dakota’s family had seen him naked in years and as far as his friends were concerned, boys had never seen the girls nude, and vice versa. But Connie’s incestrous feelings for her son threw out all her moral conservative teachings. She hadn’t sinned in action but certainly had in thought. She no longer cared.

Attending this performance were Dakota’s mom, older sister Joan, oldest sister Jill and her fiance Fred, Mrs. Donaldson and three other teachers, Dakota’s twenty closest friends, and some of their parents who knew and loved Dakota since he was in second grade.

It was fun to see the faces of the students when their friend and buddy appeared on stage completely naked. He enters, strips his clothes off in anger, and sits indian style on the floor with his back to the audience so only the upper part of his butt crack was showing. But soon he stood up and all could see his beautiful smooth ass with his fleshy cute cheeks separated by his graceful, curved ass crack. Then he turned around and all his female friends, his teachers, and his mom and sisters, at long last, could see his perfect and sexy manhood. As Dakota moved around in these scenes, they all saw his cock and balls flow with his body movement.

Mrs. Donaldson was in erotic overdrive watching her favorite male student walking around on stage on Broadway completely and utterly naked. When he appeared tied to the cross (his character was seeing himself as persecuted), she focused right on her student’s cute sex organ, taking it all in. It was just beautiful. Her only regret was that she was fated to just see his penis and balls, not to touch them.

It was different for mom. She was determined that she would do more than just look. She began thinking about how she could do this. She didn’t want sex, as such, but she wanted to touch, feel, smell, and taste every inch of her son’s body. When Dakota was on stage with clothes on, she focused not on him, but how to caress his nude body.

And the students? The boys thought it was cool what Dakota was doing but they did not get any erotic feelings about his performance. Not so the girls or the one gay boy (still in the closet – it was a conservative town and school) – they were as erotically propelled as teacher and mother were. His female friends just melted seeing their life-long friend completely exposed to their eyes. To see his cock and balls, and his ass, made them feel all fuzzy and goosy. They all loved Dakota and the fact that they could see all of him made them feel even closer to the young man.

This performance had been designated as one where the cast came back on stage to meet with select groups of members of the audience. This happened after most of the rest of the audience had left the auditorium. When Dakota came out and saw who was there, he froze and covered his face with his hands. Everyone laughed and clapped and cheered so there was no help for it, Dakota had to accept that everyone whom he held near and dear had just seen him completely naked. Everyone he loved, family and school, now knew what he looked like in the nude. Dakota was almost nineteen and had matured into a kind and confident young man, so he recovered from his shock rather quickly. He sat on the stage and waited for questions.

One question stood out and it came from Mrs. Donaldson: “How do you feel after performing for us?”

“I will be frank,” Dakota responded, “I am very embarrassed because my teachers and best friends just saw me naked. When I just walked out and saw you all, I thought ‘oh, my god.’

“If you had known we were all here, would you have performed?” she asked.

“I would not have performed except I am contractually required to do so. But I don’t think I would have performed well because I probably would have turned this way and that to cover myself. But here is the thing. I am an adult now and I will recover from my embarrassment. I did not know that there was a school field trip to get everyone here but I knew some of you might have come to see the show on your own or with your parents. If I was not okay with that, then I would have been very wrong to have agreed to do the show in the first place. So there – I hope no one will need therapy to recover from seeing me all naked and stuff.”

Everyone laughed and cheered escort gaziantep reklamları and mom and Clive marveled at how well their son handled all this. Clive was not surprised, however, because he knew how mature his son now was, how comfortable he was in his own skin, and because he was, after all, an adult.

Clive took Dakota’s sisters back to college after the matinee and Connie and Dakota returned home. Connie knew that her time alone with Dakota was going to be her chance to caress her son. Dakota went off for a shower which was one of the glass enclosed showers. So when mom snuck in the bathroom, she could see her son clearly. What a fine young man he was to look at. Now she could see her son in better light than in the dimmed lights of the theatre. She stared at his genitals and soaked in the details of what she saw. His smooth butt was completely hairless and she could clearly see his two testicles just hanging there. She was overwhelmed with desire and pride – to have such a good looking son and to be able to see all of him was very special. At the age of nineteen, he was at his prime.

“God,” she said, “you are fucking beautiful, Dakota.”

“Mom!” he exclaimed, turning red in acute embarrassment. “What are you doing?

Please leave till I am finished.”

“Not on your life,” she said. She walked over and soaped up her hands. “Let me help you, sweetie.” With that, she placed her soapy hand on her son’s back and rubbed all over. She heard him groan and tense up as she began cleaning his buttocks.

“Mom, don’t do that,” he pleaded. Connie ignored the young man and spread his legs so could soap up his ass crack. He really began groaning when he felt her finger cleaning his anus. She spent a good thirty seconds cleaning her son’s butt hole.

“Turn around, Dakota,” she ordered. Reluctantly Dakota turned and revealed himself to his mom. Connie gasped with delight when she discovered her son had a profound and raging hard-on. His cock was standing out so she began to clean his crown, then his shaft, and then his hanging scrotum, being careful to roll his precious balls in her palm.

When she finished washing her son’s sex and his ass, she ordered him out of the shower. She thoroughly dried her son, being especially gentle with his butt and genitals. By now, the young man had completely surrendered to his mother’s ministrations. She grabbed him by his erect penis and led him to the bedroom where she kneeled before him and stroked his cock and massaged with her mouth his balls, one at a time. Then with her free hand, she fingered her son’s asshole. Suddenly she turned him around and ordered him to put his hands on the wall, spread his legs, and push his tushy out. Connie pulled her son’s ass cheeks apart and buried her face in his sweet smelling crack and proceed to fuck her son with her lips and tongue.

Dakota melted down when he felt his mother’s tongue licking his rectum and rectal canal.

Connie pulled out of her son’s rectum and asked him, “Do you want me to continue?”

“Oh, yes, yes, please,” he replied.

“Then asked me nicely,” she said with a smile.

“Mom, please suck my butt hole.”

Connie laughed and stuck her mouth and tongue into her son’s most intimate of parts, with even more passion than before.

“Mom,” Dakota suddenly exclaimed. “Oh, my god, I am going to cum!”

She turned the young man around, and sucked her son’s penis. Suddenly he yelled out and ejaculated his precious semen into his mother’s mouth.

Connie finally completed her dream and her son collapsed on the bed exhausted after creating a new dream of his own. Looking at her sleeping, naked son, Connie thought ‘I never had a sweeter drink than when I drank my son’s essence.’

And what of Montana in all this? Dakota and Montana were not just twins but were best friends. They were always talking, discussing everything important to them, and sharing their innermost secrets. What they did not share in discussion was their growing incestrous desires for each other. Montana was the more aggressive in these feelings (kisses, etc.) but Dakota was still out in left field. But after his experiences with his dad and then his mom, his views were opening up.

Watching her brother on stage was the first time she had seen him naked since they were small children getting their baths. Now nineteen years old, she was overwhelmed by seeing her twin as naked as he could be. What a beautiful sight for her eyes. She couldn’t believe that seeing Dakota nude had finally happened and she was not disappointed by what she saw. And she knew then that she simply had to have her brother’s cock and balls. She wanted to own the whole package. And as we have seen, Dakota did not know how to resist such feelings from a loved one. Nor did he try.

One night, when her parents were out of town, she snuck into Dakota’s bedroom. She sat on his bed and just watched his sleeping face and how cute he looked. She bent down and kissed her brother on his lips and he began to wake up.

“What are you doing, Montana?” he asked.

“Pleasuring you, dummy,” she replied with a smile. “Be still and let me caress you.”

Being an obedient young man, Dakota complied. He lay there in wonder as his sister lowered his boxers and exposed his manhood. She then proceed to kiss and lick every inch of his sex organ and his butt. When he got hard, she sucked hard and thoroughly. He then stopped her.

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