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“Damn Yoli.”

She was asleep face down on the couch snoring into the pillow originally provided for me, but naturally forfeited by the tired woman after an impromptu shoot. Yoli was still in her birthday suit leaving me with an appreciation of her long and lean form. I was weary after spending a good chunk of time editing together a lot of the footage.

“Yeah?” She stirred turning toward me with one of her false eyelashes hanging off.

“Just admiring the visual.” I commented.

“What, you wanna go some more, babe?” Yoli raised up finding the eyelash pulling it away with care and a chuckle.

“Don’t tempt me.”

Yoli pushed the lash against my cheek with a weary laugh earning a loud slap to her loose, heart shaped butt. She giggled and squirmed around inadvertently encouraging me to smack that thing a few more times before she captured my wrist. We ended up kissing and making out for a few minutes before my lust kicked it into overdrive.

She knew my habits well flattening herself against the couch turning her head sideways in my direction. I caressed her head pushing my member between those big, puffy lips. Yoli’s proficiency at giving head seemed unparalleled as she laid there perfectly still using only her mouth, vacuum sucking me on each outward stroke. Things were slow and sensual as I took her orally luxuriating in the feel of her mouth and throat. The visual of my member drawing backward out of her naturally clingy lips was exciting. I was compelled to get a knee up on the cushions at the top of her head grabbing the top of the couch, palming the back of her rounded pate with my other hand.

At this point, Yoli could play me like a fiddle knowing exactly when to change her technique up to keep things interesting. I’d spent half of the night enjoying her in this manner slowly panicking when I realized it would come to an end at some point. Her lips tightened up around me almost restricting my movements leaving one direction to go. I couldn’t get over her complete absence of a gag reflex pushing deep enough that my cock’s outline was visible in her slender neck. I drew backwards as she pursed her lips as hard as possible exploding in several scintillating pulses. Yoli followed me gradually raising her head working it in a sawing motion.

“Fuck, you like Peter North on some shit, or something.” Yoli commented quickly cupping her hand under her mouth to catch my seed, swallowing it like she had innumerable times during the night.


“Old school porn stud; this guy was known for massive money shots. He looked sexually fluid half in half outta the closet with an Alan Thicke type hairdo and a West Hollywood bod. Used to just hose females down with his jizz.”

“Alan Thicke, who’s that?”

“Shut up and cuddle.”

I climbed up onto the couch between her legs rolled us both on our sides in a warm, symbiotic embrace. We drifted off into deep slumber wrapped in each other’s arms. I liked the feel of her body close to mine but knew not to give it much thought.

Hours later I woke up finding her gone to work and a posted attached to my forehead detailing as much. Yoli had rose two hours earlier going to work admitting in writing that I’d made it difficult for her to sit down after taking so many back shots during our night of mutual lust and filming. She wanted me to hang out relating that her object of unrequited love and admiration wanted me to stay put. I was cool with that, stoked at the possibility of messing around with Yoli further. I checked my messages further finding a few from my estranged cousin Jaquan. One had a pic attached worrying me as to the content.

“Fuck.” My cousin and Renee were in bed together with their toddler daughter between them, one happy little family. I chaffed inside for a few moments before taking a closer look at the photo. Baby mamma number two was fast asleep along with her daughter. Jaquan, however, was smirking evilly like he’d one upped me or something.

“Alright, I got you cuz.” I forwarded the photo to Yoli, who’d thought to leave her number behind on the posted. She’d instantly know why it had been sent and show it to her boss.

I went back to my laptop tapping away at it for a few minutes before I received a return message from Yoli with a brief video clip attached. I opened it watching Renee with eyes hidden behind her butterfly shades storming by Yoli’s work station slinging her purse. The shop door slammed loudly as her phone cam turned revealing Yoli’s beaming face.

“AH SHIT, SOMEBODY DONE FUCKED UP!!” Yoli did her best Chris Tucker imitation to a raucous chorus of laughter from the other women present in the shop.

I went back to working on a clip featuring my host walking down her hallway in a thong and heels. After posting the seconds long clip, I immediately saw activity ramp up along with activity on Yoli’s blowjob clip which had been edited to obscure her identity. There was steady activity with a record number of buys which told me I’d been bookmarked or favorited antep escort by a number of visitors to the site. I found myself watching the clip wishing Yoli was present instead of working down at the shop. She was a true head queen with unparalleled talent in that regard.

There also quite a few messages in my inbox regarding Rashida Sikes, those teaser clips already past thousands of views as well. It seemed to be taking on a life of its own with most viewers convinced she was going to do some sort of boy girl scene. The front door suddenly opened revealing a visibly distraught Yoli.

“Hey Yoli, what’s up?” I stood up to greet her, but she waved me off motioning towards the outside corridor.

“Just go downstairs; she’s waiting for you.” She was on the verge of tears.

“Uhm yeah, let me pack up my stuff.” A few tears were already streaking down her chubby cheek alarming me. I wanted to go to her, but she reiterated her point motioning towards the open door.

“Don’t worry, you can leave it here; Renee’s waiting for you.”

“Sure, okay.” I measured my steps past her, finding that Yoli didn’t want to meet my gaze stepping out into the corridor.

The door closed almost before I cleared it as Yoli lost it sobbing hard behind it. I tried the door finding it shut as the crying got louder. Loud, angry knocking interrupted me as I glanced down the narrow stairwell finding Renee Kelly outside the apartment glaring at me. Her eyes were still hidden behind those butterfly shades giving me pause. I took my time walking down the stairwell under her predatory gaze slowly opening the door to meet my fate.

“Get your ass out here!” The second I pulled the heavy door open, Renee reached in half snatching me out of the stairwell. She looped her arm in mine yanking me down the short stoop onto the pavement. We did a force march halfway up the street before she spoke.

“What’re you doing sending shit to Yoli; you know that’s my personal business, right nigga?” She had a death grip on my arm almost hissing into the side of my face. I didn’t want to meet her eyes.

“I didn’t have your number. I figured Yoli would show you the pic.”

“Yeah, why’d you want me to see that fucking picture?”

“…uhm, well.”


“Jac-Jaquan sent me that pic trying to rub my nose in it; I guess it worked because when I noticed you were sleeping in the photo; I knew he was false flagging. I uhm, knew you’d be mad if you saw it, Renee.” Her palm collided with my face in a loud pancake slap. Renee turned pressing into my side grabbing a fistful of my t-shirt.

“Who is Jaquan?!!” When I didn’t answer right away, she cupped my chin forcing me to look into her slanted eyes.

“He’s your child’s father.”

“That’s right he is Daisy’s dad, so get that one undeniable fact through your fucking head, nigga!” I tried to look away, but she wrenched my chin back in her direction.

“Sorry.” She released me with a shove, putting her hands on her hips.

“Man, I never thought you’d pillow talk me; I thought we were cool. Yeah, I know you were fucking that skinny thot, too! Shit, you didn’t like Rashida; that bitch not your type or something?!” I rubbed my chin finally able to regard her.

“She treated me like some kind of creep; acted like I was gonna jump her or something.”

“Yeah, well I wished you would’ve found a way to get in her drawers instead of that jaundiced bobble head; my girl never would’ve put me on blast in front of my customers and subordinates.”

“I’m really sorry, Renee; I wasn’t thinking.”

“You fucked me over intentional or not, man; people up in my business, now. It’s true I put you at Yoli’s crib because I didn’t want Jaquan to find you there when he came over. Gotta admit that I thought your kiddie feelings might be hurt, too nigga. We had an impromptu family night, understand?”


“Shut up, I can’t take another crying simp right now; tell me about that shit you put together for Rashida.” Renee Kelly was all business, cold as ice.

“It’s on fire, but uhm; people think she’s gonna do a scene like the others I posted-a sex scene like, with a man.”

“You tell them that shit?”

“Of course not, but while her original page is popular enough; my work seems to have drummed up a fever pitch of anticipation for new, different content.” I pulled out my phone bring up the online page handing it to Renee. She watched both clips noticing one of Yoli as well before turning to me, eyes narrowed.

“You wanna fuck all my employees?”

“I wasn’t trying to fuck Yoli; it just sort of happened because…”

“She’s got a crush on me.” Renee didn’t regard me watching a clip of Yoli getting judiciously railed in the bulldog position.

“You knew?”

“Her family put her out of the house because she got caught fucking her best friend. I hired her off the street, even let her stay with me for a week or two. Thought I’d just ignore her until she found somebody else to obsess over.”

“Renee, did you fire her?”

“No, I just told her the truth about us.”


“I gave her three days off to get it together or get the fuck outta my shop, too.”

Something struck me deep inside as I almost ran back to Yoli’s place wanting to comfort her. She had to be devastated after being rejected by her crush in no uncertain terms.

“Look, I’m sorry okay?”

“Whatever, take Yoli’s shit off your page.” Renee turned walking back the way she came. I just followed walking beside her unsure of what would happen next.

“She said it was okay to post it.” I reasoned.

“Did she sign a model release, nigga?”


“Then, take the shit off your page.” We reached the outside of Yoli’s apartment building, but Renee stopped me from going inside, instead directing my attention towards her car. Her daughter was sitting inside in her car seat as I noticed Yoli watching from the inside of the stairwell door.

“What about my stuff.”

“I’ll get your stuff, later.”

Renee almost shoved me inside the passenger seat before walking around the front of her car still watching her subordinate out the corner of her green eyes. I glanced over reluctantly finding Yoli looking as if she would burst into tears with a palm pressed flat against the door window. Renee gunned it out of there speeding down the street as I found my bearings.

“You driving too fast mommy!” Little Daisy Kelly admonished her mother, almost looking like a miniature version of the woman. She’d been preoccupied with a child’s tablet watching some children’s show on the net.

“Sorry baby; mommy will slow down.”

“Daddy know you have this man in your car, mommy?” Her little clone asked, revealing which parent’s DNA was stronger.

“This is daddy’s cousin, little flower.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Yes baby.”

“Alright cause I don’t want to get no amber alert or nothing.” Little Daisy Kelly was definitely her mother’s daughter.

I glanced in the side view mirror finding her looking at me with a childish scowl that reminded me of the larger version. I smiled to myself knowing this little kid was in good hands before noticing Renee smirking too.

“Hey, don’t you know how to talk to a lady; you didn’t say HI when you got in my momma’s car.” My smile became a wide grin of acknowledgement.

“Ma’am, miss Daisy I’m very sorry for that; it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Whatever.” I saw her wave her little arm in dismissive fashion stifling a chuckle at her attitude. Renee grinned reaching over pinching my cheek.

“No touching.” Daisy admonished both of us.

We continued tooling down the freeway and a few side streets as I noticed with increasing alarm that we were back in my cousin’s neighborhood. I glanced over at Renee in mute panic not wanting to alert her daughter. She stealthily put a hand over my own as she drove up on the side of Jaquan’s house. He was standing in his backyard in front of a grill, apparently cooking. My heart jumped in my throat as I considered rolling out of the car and making a run for it.

Unfortunately it was too late because he was looking directly at me, his eyes hidden behind shades leaving me with the impression it was some sort of family thing, a mute way of expressing anger. Renee rolled down little Daisy’s window diverting my cousin’s attention.

“HI DADDY!!” Jaquan did a doubletake realizing his little girl was waving at him.

“HEY BABY, THERE’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL IN MOMMY’S BACKSEAT!!” His expression changed to one of pure happiness at the sight of his daughter.

“Renee, I don’t know…” Renee put a finger to my lips, silencing me lest her child become aware of the animosity between her newly acquainted relative and her father.

“I think you guys should hug it out; I’m put out by this fake triangle thing you two got going on with me in the middle.”

“Renee, please.”

She pushed a button on her door unlocking mine. Jaquan was standing at the fence leaning over it staring a hole in my face. I ain’t gonna lie, I almost pissed myself likening the experience to being stared at by a T-Rex. “Rock With You” a Michael Jackson classic was wafting through the air emanating from his home.

“Take my daughter to her daddy.” I looked from his face to Renee’s lightly nodding as I slowly opened the door feeling like I was on death row.

“Don’t worry about it; you guys are family.”

There wasn’t even the slightest attempt at hiding her awareness of the immediate danger I was facing as she took out a vial of Chapstick doing her lips. Renee nodded towards the door as she peered at her reflection in the rear view mirror.

I stepped out cautiously reaching back opening little Daisy’s door. The adorable tike already unsnapped the seat belt on her baby seat handing me a pink toddler sized backpack, offering her tiny hand. I helped her out of the seat making sure to keep an eye on my cousin who watched, silently bristling. Daisy got down onto the grass reaching back into the car retrieving a tiny wicker basket full of assorted treats and candy.

“DADDY I MADE YOU A GOODIE BASKET!!” This little girl was the epitome of a princess, her actions tugging at my heartstrings as she ambled across the grass to the fence.

Jaquan reached down over the top of the fence picking up his daughter. Daisy gave him a peck on the cheek before presenting him with the basket.

“Thank you baby; daddy loves his little princess.” Jaquan kissed his daughter on the cheek hugging her tight to his chest as he peered over her shoulder glaring at me. I turned back to Renee who was busy rolling up her passenger side window to expel my hand on the open door.

“You guys hug it out, now.” Renee gunned it out of there to strains of “Pray For Me” by Kendrick Lamar. I watched the car disappear in seconds.

Jaquan was quickly carrying his daughter away into the back of the house closing the door behind himself with a loud thud that echoed. He’d left his grill and the cooking food unattended leaving me with the impression that I wasn’t welcome. The weight of my actions haunted me in skewed fashion as I recalled hooking up with Renee blaming myself for succumbing to her charms. I’m ashamed to admit it, but my loins stirred at the memory of her naked body. That ill-advised tryst resulted in me getting laid with three women in rapid succession, having more sex in a weekend than at any other time in my young life. The other women I’d been with were distant thoughts as I stood there watching that food burn on the grill.

“Damn, I fucked up.”

I leaned on the fence for another few seconds considering my options. There was some movement out the corner of my left eye. It was Jaquan walking around the far side of the house in my direction.

“HEY MAN, WAIT-A-MIN…!!” His fist was cutting air almost with a whistle colliding with my face like a miniature nuke. Everything went black after that releasing me to the embrace of dark oblivion of unconsciousness.

I gradually regained consciousness finding myself staring through my right eye at Little Daisy Kelly’s concerned face. It was just uncanny how much she resembled a tiny cloned version of her mother. I managed a weak moan feeling sharp pain and a goose egg at the back of my head and my left eye which was covered with something wet. It turned out to be a thick piece of steak as Daisy lifted it up staring at my swollen eye.

“Did that two piece my daddy gave you, hurt?” She asked with childish concern full of innocence.


“Cousin, you shouldn’t eat chicken if it makes you sick, then.” She cautioned, making my addled, punch drunk mind reel at the absurdity of the statement.


“Daddy gave you two pieces of chicken, you fall down.” She put the steak back over my damaged eye as Jaquan reappeared with a foil container full of barbecue.

I reacted jerkily sitting up only for Daisy to gently push me back down on the couch. It appeared my cousin carried me into the house after knocking me clean out. He stood there staring at my face for a few seconds before putting the container down. There was a child’s program playing on the television.

“You hungry; want some meat homie?”

“None for me, I’m driving.”

I palmed the steak on my eye staring up at the ceiling. Jaquan began making a plate for his little girl as she watched television sipping out of her child’s cup. I felt like an idiot as waves of remorse coursed through my prone body.

“You probably should eat something, cuz.”

“Don’t be mean daddy; I’m a tell momma on you.” Daisy warned knowing the pecking order between her parents.

“He look hungry baby; I just want him to eat some food.”

“You shouldn’t have gave him that chicken. I think I’m gonna tell mommy about that because you was bad, daddy.” Daisy pulled a pink cell phone out, but Jaquan softly put his hand over hers kneeling down.

“Hey baby, you don’t have to do that. Daddy loves his little cousin and we can get him something else to eat, okay?”

“I’ll get him something to eat; you make bad food.” Daisy got up from the end of the couch returning with a big tollhouse cookie from the dining room table.

“Here, this will make you feel better.”

“Thank you miss Daisy.” She was beyond cute, responding with a condescending smirk as she returned to her television program. Jaquan finished preparing a little plate for his child setting things up on a tray even waiting for her approval, which he got with a simple nod.

“Bruh, there’s some food over here.” Jaquan reiterated.

“Daddy!!” Little Daisy warned again, still watching television. I passed out minutes later with the cookie in my mouth.


I opened my eyes finding Renee’s face uncomfortably close, still impassive as the last time I beheld it. She was sitting on the edge of the couch snapping her fingers in my face. There was no sign of Jaquan or Daisy as I stirred finding the steak missing from my eye. Renee cupped my cheek chuckling when I instinctively winced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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