Dance, Little Sister Ch. 02

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I can’t get her out of my head! The smell of her scented body and fragrant hair, the taste of her kisses, the feel of her cinnamon colored skin; every little thing about Marisol was engraved in my mind. Worse yet, the girl knew I was crazy about her, and sought every opportunity to tease or surprise me.

Today had been especially grueling, with Marisol text messaging me every dirty thought in her head. All her playful suggestions had me torturously aroused. By the end of the day I was able to vividly imagine my hands playing with her breasts and nipples, rubbing her hipbones and the flat of her belly. I wanted to caress her, tickle her, bite her, play with her mmm…

After finally leaving work, I rushed home, hungry for my little sister. I made my way to the door and knocked so Marisol would answer. When she did, I noticed she was unashamedly nude and I quickly wrapped her in my arms. I then assaulted her lips with a kiss that was deep, sloppy, and anything but brotherly.

At first, Marisol seemed hesitant, which I thought was odd. My right hand slid down her warm back to squeeze her delicious ass, while my left hand gently pulled the dark silk of her hair. I felt her go slack in my arms, giving in, mewing so slightly. The sound was music to my ears.

“Damn that’s hot!”

The sound of someone else’s voice was like a wave of frigid water. I jerked away from Marisol, beyond shocked to find her homegirl Kayla naked and staring at us. She gave me this ‘you little devil’ smile.

I realized that I was holding my breath and just as I exhaled, I heard another voice say, “What’s hot?”

Then Kayla’s brother Kyle came out of the kitchen—also naked. Upon seeing me he simply said, “What’s up Joel?” and went back into the kitchen. I was stunned, unable to put up any resistance at all when I felt familiar hands undressing me. I could only watch as Kayla’s eyes took in all of my body as it was revealed.

“Chill, Joel.” I heard Marisol whisper in my ear. “Kayla and Kyle are just like us.”

I looked down at my little sister, finding an awesomely cute grin on her face. Before I could think about what she had just told me, she pulled me over to sit on a couch. Kayla and now Kyle sat on the couch across from us, with the latter sparking up a joint. Looking the two of them over, you’d never guess they were fraternal twins. Kyle was a lean bodied skater, while Kayla was a voluptuous goth. The only things they had in common were blond hair, green eyes, and eighteen years of age.

The four of us got blazed pretty quick, following the puff-puff-pass guideline. The smoke felt both warm and cool as I held it in. We talked and laughed together, eventually coming to everyone’s favorite unavoidable subject: sex. As I thought back to that first night with Marisol—and all the nights Nevşehir Escort since—I got extremely aroused.

“Have you guys ever seen Marisol dance?” I asked, grinning lecherously at my sister. She looked shocked, while Kyle and Kayla looked interested. Then I watched Marisol become a whole different woman when I muttered these exact words. “Dance, little sister.”

She strutted over to the stereo, choosing a CD and keeping my attention for herself. I didn’t even notice Kyle move the coffee table, or that Kayla stood to dance too. Both she and my sister started to dance to Ciara’s ‘Oh’, swaying their hips to the slow and easy rhythm. I watched Marisol turn to show me her side, building suspense in me, and then turn to show me her beautiful rear. Kayla turned to face her brother and danced closer to him. She moved her hips around independently from her shoulders, running her hands seductively over her own body.

The enticing moves of our sisters had an effect on Kyle and me, making us both hard. Things only stepped up as Will Smith’s ‘Switch’ began to play. No doubt Marisol reveled in the positive attention that I completely direct at her and her body. Kayla’s upper and lower body movements had the same effect on Kyle, as his eyes were locked on her and he unconsciously licked his lips. The desire in his eyes was plain to see. I now understood what Marisol meant when she had said her friends were just like us.

My little sister swayed and moved and turned, giving me spectacular views of her back, her sides, and her front every time Will said ‘switch’ on the speakers. Behind Marisol, Kayla ran her hands through her blond hair and down her slim neck as she undulated to the music. Her tiny teases left poor Kyle all hot and bothered. I had to wonder who would make the first move.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found out, as things only got hotter when Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Wait’ began to play. Now Marisol’s and Kayla’s movements were purely sexual. They danced as though D-Roc and Kaine were actually whispering the song in their ears, making them horny.

Marisol danced over to me, taking my hands in hers and moving them up her body. There was a light glaze of perspiration on her skin, which made her glisten like a finely cut gem in the dim light. She continued to dance as my hands roamed over her body and pulled her closer. We were now in our own little world, forgetting about everything and everyone else.

With a loud crack, Kyle’s palm exploded against Kayla’s smooth butt-cheek, awakening me from my trance. I looked to find Kyle sitting on the opposite couch with Kayla cradled in his arms, their lips meeting in a soul-searching kiss.

“I told you they were just like us.” Marisol said as she sat down beside me, her hand stroking my thigh. Nevşehir Escort Bayan I looked at her and leaned in, kissing her deeply like I had when I first got home. My seeking touch led Marisol to spread her legs, the both of us urged on by the sounds of Kyle sucking on his sister’s heavy breasts. My fingers surrounded Marisol’s little clit, enticing it to come out and play. She inhaled sharply as I brushed a finger over it, causing a spike of pleasure to shoot up her spine.

In my periphery I saw that Kayla’s nipples were bathed in saliva and glistened as she moved off the couch. She began to give her brother the same treatment, lapping at his scrotum. She sucked each nut into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue and lips. Then she gobbled down his erection, inflaming it with the roof of her mouth and the smooth flat of her tongue. Having Marisol do the same to me was tempting, but I had other ideas.

Pulling my tongue from Marisol’s mouth, I slid down to the floor and licked furiously at her blossom. I pressed my mouth around the baby-pink flesh of her pussy, clamping my lips around it and sucking hard, teasing out its nectar with the tip of my tongue.

“Ooh damn!” Marisol gasped, her dark hair falling in her face and stirred by her hot breath.

Kayla was salivating in reaction to the taste of her brother’s cock, both salty and sweet at once. Her moans sent shivers through Kyle, who pressed his hand on the back of her head. His pleasure was clear as he voiced one encouragement after another. “Yeah baby, take it deeper,” and “suck that cock,” and “ah, it’s good,” passed though his lips in hoarse rasps.

Though I could’ve eaten my sister’s cunt until my next birthday, I felt her suddenly but gently push me away. She switched places with me so I now sat on the couch, and I felt her lips close over my swollen dick. She then began to glide up and down it with practiced smoothness. My full length was swallowed into her slick throat and I felt a deep pleasurable ache that gathered in my ball sac.

Crawling onto all fours and yelling “Fuck me!” with the impatience of a girl half her age, Kayla stuck out her round creamy ass for her brother’s use. I saw Kyle move up behind his sister quickly and slam home without warning. A cry of ecstasy left Kayla, followed by several more as Kyle began to rock into her, his sperm heavy testicles thudding against her clit.

I could hear Marisol’s muffled exclamations of delight as my salty precum oozed in pearly droplets from my piss slit. Pulling free of her mouth, I lay Marisol on her side on the floor and I lay on my side behind her, lifting her leg. With a slowness that was torture for us both, I slid into her, wanting the wet smacking sounds of Kyle’s thrusts to excite her. She groaned Escort Nevşehir in frustration, watching Kayla squirm as Kyle drove into her.

“Oh shit, yeah!” Kayla cried out. “Take my pussy!”

After a moment of watching the wild blondes, I began to shove my cock into Marisol with fast jabs, taking hold of one of her tits and pinching the nipple. In her ear I said, “You feel so good girl, you know that?” The only response I got were her cute little squeals and whines—so much sweeter than words. I knew she could feel an orgasm rushing to overwhelm her.

Kyle’s pace increased to a frustrated speed and he pounded into his sister roughly. Then he slowed, almost pulling his cock entirely out of Kayla’s hot tunnel. With a grunt, he rammed back in, deep and hard, again and again. All thought blocked out by the sensations in her pussy, Kayla’s body began to shake as the tidal wave flooded over her, starting deep in her belly and spreading outwards to the tips of her fingers and toes. Juices splashed from her hole as Kyle continued his wild thrusts.

After her orgasm passed, Kyle pulled out and moved back onto the other couch, pulling Kayla up to sit on his cock with her back to him. Just as Kayla began to rise and fall on his rigid length, the building heat inside Marisol radiated to a flashing white. Her entire body locked in a massive convulsion as her landslide-like orgasm tumbled through her every cell.

While she continued to quake and shiver, I moved my sister onto all fours. I had brought her to the peak of sexual rapture, now it was my turn. Lubing my cock with spit, I pressed it into Marisol’s puckered asshole, causing another orgasm to slipstream through her golden-brown body. I eased my cock all the way up her contracting rectum, causing a deep groan to burst from my throat.

“Dick’s so fuckin’ good.” Marisol growled, beating a fist on the floor.

Eyes wide with astonishment, Kyle felt his cock stiffen and a heat rushed to its tip like a flaming arrow. With a long exhalation, he ejaculated hot streams of spunk up into Kayla’s drenched pussy.

As I moved in and out of Marisol, all I felt was a vice-like pressure milking my cock like a hungry mouth. The moans around me and the ache inside me finally brought me over the edge. I lunged forward again and again, gasping loudly with each squirt of sperm. Ripples of ecstasy went through me like shockwaves.

I don’t remember much after that, but I know I passed out. Early the next morning, I woke up on the couch with a thin blanket covering me.

“Hey you.” I heard Marisol say. I looked up to see her gazing down at me from her seat on the couch’s arm. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” I breathed. I smiled as I noticed she was wearing my shirt from yesterday. She looked cute as always. “Where’s Kyle and Kayla?”

“They left last night.” Marisol told me, smiling. “But they said they couldn’t wait for out next incest party.”

I was stunned. “In—what?”

Marisol just giggled.


(I don’t think this one was as good as the first, but tell me what you think. Thanks – musless_me.)

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