Danger Ch. 1

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Big Cock

Chapter 1: Roommate Orgy

It was a slow Saturday night; Danger was sitting around watching TV with his two roommates Kara and Becky. The three had moved in together while they were away working. Despite his best attempts both girls had resisted all of his efforts to bed them. Kara, 24, who was a few inches shorter than Danger and had short brown hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build, was in a serious relationship with a guy back home. Becky, 22, who thought herself more glamorous than her other roommates, had shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Although she was the same height as Kara, her legs were longer and they led up to a wonderfully firm body. Becky had been looking down her nose at Danger since he had arrived and he had yearned for an opportunity to bring her down a peg or two. Well tonight Danger hoped he’d get his chance not only to get at Becky, but also to have some fun with Kara. A friend of Danger’s had given him an aphrodisiac that was supposed to make women unbelievably horny. The small white capsules had to be dissolved in liquid and their effects were noticeable within minutes.

Danger and the girls had been watching TV for a couple of hours. Many times one of the girls would get up but not both of them. Danger continued waiting although his excitement and impatience were growing. Finally! During a commercial break, Kara got up to go to the bathroom and Becky went to the kitchen for a snack. As soon as they were out of the room Danger dropped a capsule in each of the girls’ drinks. Kara was very fond of wine and would often have a glass in the evenings. Fortunately Becky had also taken up the habit. When the capsules hit the liquid, there was a small fizzing and then the drinks appeared normal.

Shortly after, the two girls returned each taking a healthy drink. Danger did his best to conceal the evil grin that was growing across his lips. Then the phone rang. Danger got up to answer it and unfortunately it was for him. His mother was calling to chat. He cursed silently hoping he wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity. After several minutes on the phone he heard the girls run upstairs giggling. Danger prayed that this was a sign the drug had worked. After another few minutes Danger hung up. He first looked in the living room and saw both of the wine glasses were empty. He then went upstairs to look for the girls. He found a trail of clothes leading from the top of the stairs to Becky’s bedroom. When he looked inside he had concrete proof that the drug had most definitely worked. Both girls were on the bed naked in a 69 position. Kara was on the bottom with her head toward the door and Becky was on top facing away from Danger. Both girls were furiously eating each another. After a few seconds, Kara looked up at Danger and with a giggle said, “I’ve got her wet for you.”

With this Danger stepped forward and began removing his clothes. When he dropped his boxers Kara just stared in awe at his nine-inch tool, which stood at a forty-five degree angle to his body. Danger grabbed a condom from on top of Becky’s dresser and pulled it over his cock. Kara wriggled out from beneath Becky as Danger knelt behind her and nestled the head of his shaft between the lips of her pussy. Kara sat at the head of the bed so that Becky could still work on her pussy.

With a feeling of revenge Danger plunged his cock deep into Becky’s cunt and began banging away. He grinned as he noticed that Becky was rocking her hips back and forth to meet his thrusts. This bitch that had been looking down at him for the last two months was now impaled on his cock. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sound of her thighs and ass slapping against him and the feel of her tight pussy as it gripped his cock. Meanwhile, Becky was going all out on Kara’s pussy. She was banging away with two fingers while rolling Kara’s clit around with her tongue occasionally pushing it in causing Kara’s hips to buck involuntarily.

After a few minutes Kara came, with her juices gushing all over Becky’s face who eagerly lapped it up. Becky then focused her attention on Danger’s dick that was pounding her furiously. Her moans became screams as her pussy clamped down on him like a vice and a thin film of sweat formed all over her body. Danger had to take a firmer grip on her smooth, white hips and literally drag his cock out and ram it back in again. This was the tightest pussy he had ever been in. Eventually he started to feel his cum rise up through his cock and explode into Becky’s sex.

As their orgasms subsided Becky fell forward into Kara’s waiting arms. Their mouths found each other and they kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining. After Danger had a moment to recover, Kara rolled Becky off to the side and knelt up face to face with Danger and plunged her tongue into his mouth. He responded by grabbing a tit and sticking a hand between her legs to grope her cunt. Kara the turned him around and laid him on the bed next to Becky. She then straddled his cock and slowly lowered herself video porno onto his nine-inch shaft. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as she felt herself stretch as Danger’s cock filled her.

Her boyfriend’s cock was only about seven inches and not as thick. Kara had always told him that size didn’t matter but she was beginning to rethink that position as she began to slide up and down Danger’s manhood. Danger couldn’t believe his luck at finding two pussies this tight. As Kara bounced up and down and rotated her hips around his cock, Danger started to massage Becky’s ample tits. She moaned slightly and began fingering her sensitive clit. “I’m going to have to fuck these tits,” Danger remarked. Both he and Kara were now on the verge of orgasms as her moans also turned to screams. Danger loved girls who screamed and thanked his luck again that he had found two screamers with tight pussies. Danger felt his cock explode for the second time as Kara arched her back and clamped down on the massive cock penetrating her body. She collapsed down onto Danger’s chest repeating the words “Oh God!” over and over.

Danger then got out from underneath Kara’s naked form and straddled Becky’s tits. He pulled off the cum soaked condom and placed his still hard and throbbing cock between her glorious mounds. They were larger than most but were still perky enough so that there was minimal sag. Just enough to make bounce slightly as she walked. Becky then pushed her tits together as Danger began sliding his dick back and forth. Becky’s nipples instantly stuck out like pencil erasers and were rock hard. She had never been tit fucked before and reveled in the amazing sensation emanating from her chest and radiating down to her sopping pussy. Kara sat on a desk chair with her legs draped over the arms. She had one hand between her legs and the other on her tits. As Danger was building towards another orgasm, the doorbell rang.

“Damn! Who can that be?” Kara cursed as she pulled on a T-shirt that was lying on Becky’s desk. The shirt barely covered her pussy and rode up slightly at the back to reveal just the bottom of her ass cheeks. Once downstairs she looked out of the window next to the door and saw her friend Danni. Kara giggled as she opened the door. Danni had an outstanding body and a gorgeous face framed beautifully by her straight, black hair. Kara had been on her school’s volleyball team with Danni and often stole glances of her Playboy worthy body in the shower after games. She invited Danni in who started to say hello but was interrupted by an orgasmic scream from Becky. “Were just having a little fun upstairs. C’mon up,” Kara invited as she closed the door and bounced upstairs. Danni was following close behind and could clearly see that Kara was naked under the purple T-shirt. She could also see a combination of Danger’s cum and Kara’s pussy juices slowly trickling down the inside of Kara’s left thigh.

As they reached the top of the stairs, Danni looked into Becky’s bedroom and saw Danger’s back and Becky’s legs spread lewdly revealing her swollen pussy. Danni began to feel her pussy tingle, she had developed a crush on Danger the first time they met and now she had a chance to have his cock inside her. Kara entered the room and pulled off the T-shirt as Danger dismounted from Becky. Kara climbed on top of Becky and began licking Danger’s cum off of her tits and face. Danni dropped to her knees in front of Danger and took him into her mouth. She began bobbing her head on his tool, sucking its head, and licking the shaft with her tongue. Very soon Danger felt his ball stirring again.

After Kara had licked Becky clean of cum, Becky walked over to her dresser and pulled a massive ten-inch vibrator from her underwear drawer. She turned it on and ran the vibrating toy from her chin, down between her breasts, over her flat stomach, and teased her clit. She came to the bed and Kara laid on her back with her legs spread. Becky sat between her legs and slowly inserted the vibrator into her roommate’s cunt. She slowly slid the toy in out of Kara’s sopped pussy with one hand while toying with Kara’s clit with the other. Kara was moaning in ecstasy and massaging her tits. Every once in a while Becky would pinch Kara’s clit causing her hips to buck. By this time Danni had expertly extracted another load of semen from Danger’s balls with her amazing cocksucking abilities. He sat on the foot of the bed and pulled another condom over his cock as Danni slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and let if fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she gasped slightly as the material slid over her now erect and sensitive nipples. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her black, silk panties and slowly slid them down her long, tanned legs. She tossed them to Danger and he put them to his nose and caught the scent of her sex before tossing them aside and pulling her down into his lap where he began fondling and sucking her firm, perky tits. He rolled her over into sex izle the missionary position and she reached a hand down to guide his cock into her waiting box.

“I hope you’re as tight as these two,” Danger said motioning his head towards Becky and Kara who were still at the head of the bed pleasuring themselves with the vibrator. With that he pushed his cock deeper into her sex. Much to his delight he found that Danni was just as tight as his roommates were. “Somebody up there likes me,” he thought as he established a rhythm in and out of her velvety-smooth pussy. Danni leaned her head back on the bed and wrapped her legs around Danger’s waist locking her ankles together just below his ass so that she could help thrust him even harder into her cunt. She laid her arms above her head causing her tits to rise up on her chest to where Danger could easily fondle her ultra-sensitive nipples without breaking his rhythm in her twat.

As Danger and Danni humped furiously, the vibrator in her pussy caused Kara to cum again. This time her juice squirted out onto Becky’s soft tits. After quickly licking it off she got off the bed and led Becky into her own bedroom and instructed her to lie on the bed. She took a pair of fur-lined handcuffs out her a dresser drawer. Twirling them on her finger she asked Becky if she really wanted to have some fun. Becky put the vibrator down on the nightstand and lay on the bed as instructed. Kara straddled her and looped the handcuffs through the center of the headboard and fastened a cuff on each of Becky’s wrists.

She then plunged her tongue into Becky’s mouth thoroughly exploring her mouth. She then parted Becky’s legs and teased her roommate’s clit just enough to make Becky ache and beg for a good fucking. Kara let out an evil giggle as she got off the bed pulled on a T-shirt and started out of the room. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she disappeared out the door and headed downstairs. Kara had often seen high school kids hanging around the block of townhouses in which they lived. Whenever she walked by some of the guys would stare or whistle. Kara never paid them much attention since they were only seventeen or eighteen and since she was already involved with someone back home. However, the drug Danger had given her made her forget about all that and she hoped that they would be out there so that she could hatch the plan she had in store for Becky.

Becky was lying on the bed aching for a dick to be pumped in and out of her hot pussy. She stared at her massive vibrator on the nightstand wishing she could get it and attack her box with it. As the heat between her legs grew higher she could feel her juices starting to flow again. Kara opened the door and smiled as she saw two teenage boys sitting in the back of a pickup truck across the small parking lot sharing a smoke. “Hey, you guys wanna have some fun?” she called out to them. When they looked up and saw the beautiful coed standing in the door wearing only a T-shirt, they quickly lost the cigarette, jumped out of the truck, and dashed over to the door.

“What did you have in mind?” one of them answered trying not to let his voice betray the nervousness that was causing a knot in his stomach.

“Well, what are your names and ages and I’ll show what I have in mind,” Kara replied as she took one of the boys hands and placed it between her legs and squeezed her thighs together causing some of her juice to squirt out onto his hand.

“My name’s Josh and his is Matt and we’re both eighteen,” he managed to stammer as his cock grew harder by the second. Josh was about 5’10” with blue eyes and short brown hair. Matt was about the same height with brown eyes and his hair was a little longer. Kara removed Josh’s hand from her pussy and looked down at the boys’ crotches. Their erections were causing considerable bulges in their pants. An evil grin spread across her face as she invited the boys in and led them upstairs. When they reached the top of the stairs the boys could clearly see Danger and Danni, who were now fucking doggy style, in Becky’s bedroom. They couldn’t believe their luck! Kara led the teenagers into her bedroom and gestured towards Becky’s naked form on her bed.

“She’s all yours boys, one of you get in her ass and the other in her pussy. I’ve got some condoms here for you.” The boys’ dicks grew even harder, if that was possible, at the sight of the naked twenty-two year old girl handcuffed to the headboard with her legs spread exposing her swollen, aching cunt. “C’mon guys. Strip off!” Kara continued as she began unbuttoning Josh’s jeans. Once the two boys were naked, she carefully examined their cocks. “I’d say they’re about seven or eight inches,” Kara estimated, “think you can handle two eight inchers at once Beck?” The handcuffed coed just continued begging for a cock in her aching pussy. Kara, figuring her roommate had suffered long enough, gave each boy a few strokes with her hand and pulled a condom over their rock hard shafts. She then took bedava porno a jar of Vaseline from her dresser and smeared some between Becky’s legs making sure to lube her asshole. She gave Becky’s clit a playful slap and wished her luck. “Go to it boys!” she exclaimed as cleaned the excess Vaseline off her hand with a Kleenex.

Matt moved first, walking around to the other side of he bed. He lay down next to her and rolled her up on her side. He raised her leg as she grasped his cock and guided towards her puckered asshole. She had never been fucked in the ass before but she was so horny that she didn’t care which hole a cock was stuffed into. As she felt the head of Matt’s cock push against her ass Becky took a deep breath and shoved her pelvis down onto his member. Her asshole gave way and Matt slid into her tight asshole. He had deflowered a few virgins in his day but no virgin pussy could ever be as tight as this gorgeous coed’s ass.

Matt reached around and began fondling her soft tits as he humped her ass. Becky was enjoying the amazing sensation caused by a thick cock jammed into her back door, but her pussy still ached for some attention. She gazed up at Josh and he could see the longing in her eyes. Kara gave him a quick pat on the ass and gave his balls a quick squeeze, “C’mon stud. Jump on in.” Josh moved quickly and settled down next to Becky. She snatched his cock in her hand and jammed him into her pussy. A low, throaty moan escaped as she felt his manhood penetrate deeper into her steamy box. Josh almost came instantly as he felt the intense heat of her pussy clamp down on his dick. Becky wrapped her raised leg around Josh’s waist and the three quickly setup a rhythm where one was thrusting in as the other withdrew.

As Kara watched the scene unfolding in front of her, she began to feel her juices leak from her pussy and trickle down her thigh. She quickly tugged the T-shirt over her head. Matt noticed her tits jiggle slightly as they fell from the T-shirt. He hoped he would get a piece of that action later. Kara pulled her desk chair over so that it faced the bed. She then retrieved Becky’s vibrator from the nightstand. Draping her legs over the arms of the chair, she switched the vibrator on and began teasing her nipples as her free hand slid down over her firm stomach and began thumbing her clit and slowly sliding her fingers into her slit. The vibrator also found its way into her hot, swollen pussy. The soft motion of the vibrator quickly set her juices flowing. Her spare hand found her clit and she began rolling it through her fingers. She left the vibrator deep in her pussy and brought her hand up to her chest and began rubbing her juices over her rack. She threw her head back and enjoyed the sensation of the vibration deep within her body. Kara’s pussy began to clench down on the toy lodged in her sex. This felt almost as good bouncing on Danger’s cock. Although the vibrator was larger there was no substitute for a real, hot cock. Thinking of Danger’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy made her cum immediately. Her pussy released a virtual flood as she soaked the chair and a patch of carpet below it. She removed the vibrator and went in search of her male roommate, leaving Becky in the middle of a screaming orgasm at the hands of her two teenage lovers.

She found Danger lying on top of Danni in Becky’s bedroom slowly licking the fine film of sweat off of her flat stomach and firm tits. Kara walked up and rolled Danger off of her friend and gazed into his eyes. “Fuck me!!!” she demanded. She then faced away from him and, on all fours, thrust her ass towards him.

“I can hardly deny an order like that,” Danger replied as he knelt up behind Kara and prepared to plunge into her for the second time. Danni pulled another condom over Danger’s shaft and guided his cock to the entrance of her friend’s box. When she nestled the head between Kara’s lips some of her juice oozed out and dribbled onto the bed.

“Somebody’s been having fun,” Danni giggled as she reached down and tweaked one of Kara’s nipples. Danger gripped Kara’s hips and pushed into her. Her lips parted and her cunt sucked his cock in. She rocked her hips back to meet each of his thrusts. She began moaning loudly as her climax approached and her muscles clamped down on his cock. Kara’s ass smacked hard against Danger’s pelvis as she lunged back to meet his thrusts. After her orgasm she slid off his cock and curled up on the bed moaning softly. Her legs were still slightly parted, as her pussy was far too sensitive to close her legs completely.

Danni covered Kara with a blanket and then she and Danger left her there on the bed to rest and went looking for Becky. When they found here they were impressed with her abilities to take both guys at the same time. They stood in the doorway watching as Becky finished the last of multiple orgasms. The three lay on the bed panting and sweating. Becky, still handcuffed, looked up and saw her the two standing there and introduced the two teenagers as presents from Kara. “Well I can’t let you keep them all to yourself,” Danni remarked. She motioned for the boys to follow her. As they left the room, Danger sat down next to Becky and slowly stroked her naked formed paying special attention to her soft, swollen tits.

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