Daniel Ch. 03: Senior IS Students

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Daniel Ch. 03: Senior Students Become His

Daniel puts his plan for a harem into action

WARNING: This new story continues with the introduction of a new character, Daniel. Here in involves scenes of graphic sex including breastfeeding, reluctance, discipline, seduction, anal and incest. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by female adults over eighteen years old. They are seduced by Daniel as he takes advantage of them to pleasure his cock. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on.

My name is Daniel Johnson. I have my PhD in English Literature and am in New England for a one term assignment. I have accepted a short term assignment at an extremely private women’s boarding school. I have a concentration in the Gothic Period that concerned itself with elaborate tales of mystery, suspense, and superstition. Most Gothic villains are powerful males who prey on young, virginal women.

In my previous story you can read were I watched a blonde haired girl in a short plaid school skirt masturbate in what she thought was a deserted train club car as I took the night train heading up to New England. She said she was almost twenty as she dared me so I fucked her on the club car table. She turned out to be a Dean’s daughter and she now attends my literature class. I wound up having to discipline her and fucked her on my desk.

I had dinner in the hotel that first night then went to the bar. A woman my age, early forties, in a black dress sat at the stool next to me. She came back to my room and I fucked her in all three holes and sent her home. It turned out she was the Dean’s wife. I fucked them both one night in my college quarters but was caught by that Dean.

Situations changed and I taught him how to dominate his wife and daughter making them into his supplicants and available for sex as he chose. But at his age, in his sixties, he gave me permission to have sex with both his wife and daughter to ease demands on him.

He offered me a full time assignment. All in all it’s been a great start to a new phase in my life. I went back to grading the first test of my assigned multi grade class Literature course. The course covered excerpts from novels of the Gothic Period regarding art, fashion and politics. Most of the students were doing very well. Much was expected from these students from the upper crust of society. I was all but done when a knock sounded on my door. I answered, “Come in!”

The door opened and a beautiful oriental girl entered. She was the first of the over eighteen seniors that Penelope, the daughter of the Dean, had recruited for my Independent Study. I motioned to her to stand beside my desk. I pushed my chair back and faced her. “What is your name child?” “I’m not a child! I’m almost twenty,” she said defensively. I slammed my hand down on the desk causing her to jump.

“I asked your name slut not your age!” I growled. “Tsumugi. It means silk cloth, Sir.”

“Lift your skirt Tsumugi and show me the silk cloth between your legs.” Without any concern she slowly raised her skirt until bubble gum pink panties appeared. I could smell her scent as her pussy juices had began to darken her gusset. “Kneel down and remove my cock and put it in your mouth,” I ordered.

She dropped her skirt and knelt. She unzipped me and carefully removed my fat cock. She looked up at me as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked in just my cockhead. Her warm tongue bathed my cockhead tasting my pre-cum. “Do you think you can take this big cock in all your dirty holes Tsumugi?” I challenged her. “Humm,” she said around my cock shaking her head, “Yes.”

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up by her black shiny short hair. She stood and slowly moved her arms to behind her back and lowered her head. “What is your GPA slut?” “4.0,” she whispered. “And where are you going to college?” “UCLA,” she whispered.

“Ok you may return this Friday night at 7pm for the first of the lectures. Now remove your panties and place them on my desk. Tell no one else what went on here.”

Tsumugi put the hem of her uniform skirt in her teeth then pushed her panties down to her black and whites. Her labia were covered in her dark black hair and her mons hair was trimmed like an arrow pointing to her slit. She picked up her panties and placed them on my desk. “Now leave!” I ordered her.

In about a half hour there came another knock on my door. I answered, “Come in!” The door opened and a beautiful red haired girl entered. Her long hair covered her white blouse and the swell of her breasts. I motioned to her to also stand beside my desk. I pushed my chair back and faced her. “What is your name princess, and are you over eighteen?” “My name is Aoife and I’ll soon be nineteen,” she replied confidently. “Do you consider yourself to be a fierce woman warrior ready to face the world?” “Yes Sir, I do,” she replied.

“But the question for you now Aoife is will you take orders?” I stared at her with my hypnotic deep blue güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri eyes. Her green eyes shimmered then closed slowly. “Remove your skirt.” Slowly she reached her hands behind her and I heard the zipper open. The skirt dropped to her shoes. “Remove your green panties and place them on my desk next to the pink ones.”

Without delay she pushed her panties down her legs. Her fragrance emanated from her as her thighs moved to let the panties descend. “Turn around, bend over and pick them up.” She turned and when removing her panties from her shoes her thighs opened and her moist labia pushed back. Short red hair covered her wet nether lips. I reached forward and slapped her ass. All she did was moan. “Place your panties and bend over my desk,” I ordered.

Aoife dropped her green silk panties next to the other pink pair then lay across my desk. On her own she spread her legs wide. “Have you ever tasted the tresses of a flogger across your beautiful ass Aoife?” “No Sir,” she said quietly. “So you’ve been a good girl up to now?” “No Sir, I just haven’t been caught yet.”

When I stood my chair scrapped across the floor and the poor girl jumped. I opened my desk drawer and removed the flogger that had turned Penelope’s ass dark red. I sensuously ran the tresses across Aoife’s ass and between her legs. “Your test is to allow me to strike your ass three times and you are to count them out loud. Shall I begin?” I challenged her. “Yes Sir,” she replied.

I pulled my arm back and brought the tresses of the flogger down across her ass cheeks. She hissed out, “One.” The flogger descended once again. Pink stripes appeared on her ass cheeks. She moaned out, “Two.” I looked between her legs and her inner thighs shone from her dripping pussy juices. I tested her complete submission by taking a hard swing with the flogger. Red stripes appeared on her ass cheeks and the back of her thighs. Some of the tresses had to have hit her plump pussy lips.

Aoife moaned and shook on my desk as she was lost in her orgasm. Her ass trembled before me and her cum rolled down her inner thighs to wet her knee-high socks. She moaned for several minutes as aftershocks circulated throughout her groin. Her breathing finally eased. “Three Sir. Thank you Sir,” she whispered. I ran my hand across her ass and several fingers between her wet labia. “You may go now,” I said uncaringly.

Aoife slowly stood and turned to me. She spread her legs and sat her ass on my desk wincing from the discipline she had endured. “Will you kiss my kitten Sir?” she asked in a little girl’s voice. I leaned forward and sucked her clit between my lips. She grabbed my long red hair and pushed my face against her pussy. “Oooohhh Fffuuuuuuccckkk!” she moaned and came on my face.

When she recovered she put on her skirt and left my office. When she left I cleaned up in my en-suite and went down to the student cafeteria for some dinner. I was mobbed by my senior level students as many had formed a crush on me this early in the term. All students in my class were required to be over eighteen because of the subject matter. My bold Celtic red haired look and strong physique put me into the ‘hottest male teacher on campus’ category.

I was ordered to sit and was served by blushing females in Hospitality and received more than enough food and drink. Only seniors could take the Hospitality major so all the girls were eighteen or over. I thanked them all and pushing the envelope of propriety gave many of them a soft kiss on the cheek. They gushed and ran off with fantasies filling their thoughts.

I returned to my quarters and heard a noise in my bedroom. There bending over my bed was a female grunting to smooth the remade bed. I watched her school skirt ride up the back of her thighs as her ass wiggled as she completed her task. When she turned and saw me she screeched and covered her face. She looked to be one of the senior class. She had brunette hair tied up in a ponytail and a nice shape. She had large breasts and her shirt pockets had a damp circle on each one. I wondered if she was actually lactating.

“Oh my god you scared me Mr. Johnson. I’m in Hospitality and was assigned your quarters. I thought you were out for the night,” she said as a way of explanation.

“What is your name Miss and how old are you?”

She curtsied and said her name was Wendy and she was soon to be twenty one. I pointed to her blouse and told her she was leaking. She looked down and screeched again in embarrassment and covered her breasts with her hands. It made it look like she was offering them to me and my cock began to get hard.

“I take it you have a young baby Wendy?”

“Yes Sir. I pumped at my apartment earlier but I make too much milk. I still have several hours of work. Oh what am I gonna do? I’m a single mom and the school gave me a room for me and my child as I finish my course work. What am I gonna do?” she began sobbing.

I sat in a padded chair and called Wendy over. “Sit güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on my lap and we will work this out so no one knows.” She blubbered as she sat on my lap. She made the mistake of looking into my hypnotic deep blue eyes. I reached for the buttons on her blouse and began opening it. She watched me as each button was undone. She made no move to stop me. I pulled the hem from her skirt and pushed the sleeves off her shoulders.

I remembered my way around a nursing mother and dropped the flap of her nursing bra. Her long nipple was still dripping milk. I put my hand behind her back and pushed her breast against my face. My lips opened and I latched onto her fat nipple. Her milk began to flow as I sucked strongly.

Wendy was taken aback at first but then softly ran her hands through my long red hair as I pulled down her milk into my mouth. It tasted sweet almost with an undertone of honey and of course was warm sliding down my throat. After some time that breast went dry. I playfully nipped her nipple and softly she told me to behave in a wispy lost voice.

Wendy turned and straddled me to make her other breast available. The back of her skirt covered my knees and legs as her bare thighs warmed my lap. She unclipped the second flap and gripped her large breast and brought her fat nipple to my mouth. “Now this one Mr. Johnson, please,” she sighed and pushed my face against her breast. The nipple slid between my lips and her milk flowed into my mouth. Before the breast was emptied I started licking her crinkly aureole and flicking her nipple. When I sucked now I took a good chunk of breast into my mouth and bit down lightly.

Wendy was humming softly giving into the sensations she was feeling. I took a chance and put a hand under her skirt and slowly moved it towards her panties. My fingers brushed her gusset and she pulled my face hard against her tit. My fingers quickly formed a cameltoe with her now wet panties. Wendy moaned but did not stop me as she actually rubbed against my fingers.

I sucked on her nipple until her milk went dry then started nipping her breast, aureole and nipple. She took in a hissing breath when my fingers slipped under the hem of her panties and stroked her nether hair then between her pussy lips which opened and coated my fingers with her warm wet lube. My fingers easily pushed up into her vagina lubed on her wetness. My thumb found her little bump of a clit and I started circling it.

“Oh my god, Mr. Johnson! With my life and schooling and my Hospitality work and keeping my apartment cleaned I haven’t had time for enjoyment like this. Would you please keep going and make me cum?” she said whispering as she leaned her forehead down to mine. As my fingers moved within her pussy my thumb massaged her clit. She gave me tender soft kisses on my face then on my lips. Her kisses there deepened.

I could feel her thighs tighten on mine and her pussy began to pulse on my fingers. I sped up my massage on her clit and she started hissing her breath against my face. Suddenly she pulled back and her face looked at my ceiling. Her pussy crushed my fingers as my palm was filled with hot juices. Just one, “FUCK,” burst from her mouth as her body trembled on my lap. I held her tightly as her body shook through her climax.

“Oh Fuck, Mr. Johnson! That was wonderful! I so fucking needed that! Fucking thank you, fucking thank you Sir,” she babbled on. When she recovered she took my cheeks in her hands and kissed me deeply. When she stopped she asked tenderly, “May I service you Sir. I have heard the rumors that many of the girls want to give themselves to you. I heard some of the over eighteen year old seniors say they would let you fuck them in a heartbeat. I will gladly do so Sir!” she said genuinely.

“No Wendy it’s been a long time since I made love to a mother. It’s a dangerous game to play with your affections. You gave me a wonderful gift and I think it will help me sleep tonight in this strange place.”

“Well then Sir I shall give you my gift as often as I can sneak up here on the pretense of cleaning your room. I make a lot of milk Sir. I pump and sell my milk as it is so I shall always have enough for you Sir,” she said then brought each nipple to my lips for one more dose of mother’s milk. She then laughed as she put away her large breasts and buttoned up her blouse. She stood then pushed her hem into her skirt.

As some women do she lifted her skirt and smoothed her blouse all around. Her movement allowed me to see her wet blue panties. She looked where I was looking. She blushed deep red then softly asked me if I wanted them. I whispered, “Yes.” She pushed them down her legs and handed them to me. They were soaked with her juices and strong with her fragrance.

“Tell you what Mr. Johnson. You put them on your bedpost and when I come by to clean again I’ll give you a new wet pair fragrant with my pussy juices as a sign I’ll return at bedtime to fill your belly with fresh mother’s milk. güvenilir bahis şirketleri And should your desires manifest I shall give my body for your pleasure. So let’s leave it like that Sir. Now give me a kiss goodnight as I have work to finish and big breasts to refill,” she said laughing.

She came forward and leaned down to kiss me. I couldn’t help myself and slid my hands under her skirt and cupped her naked ass cheeks. I squeezed them hard then being naughty I ran my fingers across her darkstar several times.

“Oh Mr. Johnson you are being a very naughty boy. If you want that you’ll have to come over to my apartment on a Friday night and stay till morning. I will gladly give you my ass, no strings attached. Just stuff my mouth with my dirty panties so my screams won’t wake the baby. Now let me go you tease or I shall ravage you myself right here right now.”

With that said she pulled my hands out from under her skirt and kissed them. She then took the other sheets and turned to leave. At my bedroom doorway she pulled up her skirt in back and bent over. She shook her naked ass at me then laughed and fled the room. I called my girls apartment and talked to Bridget and Fiona, then Eirí Gréine. My three girls, twenty, nineteen and eighteen attending the same college all lived off campus in the condo I purchased. EG was crying on the phone saying it wasn’t fair not to take her gift. She told me she will continue to save it for me to take and I should come visit them soon. She then ended the call still sobbing.

I have my Gothic Literature senior class every day and recognized some of my serving wenches from dinner last night. I scolded them and told them to behave next time. “I think getting kisses from a teacher might be breaking some rule. And after all I am the new Disciplinarian of the school,” I barked and slapped my ruler down on my desk. There was a room wide shriek then nervous laughter. Things settled down as they delved into that day’s assigned reading.

To control any inappropriateness I structured the class and put all the eighteen and plus students in the front rows. This way if they forgot to sit demurely a view of their panties would not get them or me into trouble. It was quite enjoyable to view the rainbow under the desks. I discouraged any overt display by a slap of my ruler on their thigh or desk top as I walked the aisles. I put Penelope directly in front of me. This way I could control her and if I wanted a treat I’d make a “V” with my fingers and she would spread her legs showing me today’s panties or her naked pussy.

I was back at my office when a timid knock came on the door. I answered, “Come in!” The door opened and a full figured curly haired girl entered. “Penelope told me to come see you Sir. My name is Betty and I am one of the senior class students. Penelope said I was to ensure you that I am over eighteen. My birthday was last month,” she said very shyly.

I greeted her warmly and told her to have a seat on my desk facing me. She was a bit frightened but scootched up on my desk and put her hands in her lap. She had large breasts to go with her figure, perhaps E-cups.

“Betty do you know what is expected in this Independent Study above and beyond the course work. Has Penelope told you anything?” With her head down she quietly said, “Yes Sir. We are to give our bodies for your pleasure. You are to command us and we are to obey.”

“Are you ok with that Betty? We cannot have a breath of scandal at this school. Are you that mature?” I asked concerned.

“Oh Yes, Sir! I thought long and hard about what Penelope discussed in our coven meeting. We five girls are very intimate with each other so we all agreed to be your submissive,” she said quite excitedly.

“Betty, hop down and pull up your skirt.” With a deep blush she stood and slowly raised her skirt. She had on white granny panties. “Now show me your bra.” Again it was white with no lace or design. “Betty are you a virgin, meaning have you never felt a cock inside you?” At barely a whisper she said, “Yes Sir, I am a virgin there but I have sucked a boy’s penis back at home during the summer and let him cum on my big tits but I’m ready to experience a man. I want to experience a cock inside me.”

I told her to button up and pulled out my wallet. “Betty, I want you to take my credit card and go on a web site called “Torrid” and order as many bras and panties that you find exciting. I want you to pay for overnight shipping. Then when they arrive I want you to put on the sexiest set of undies and bra and wear new ones every day. I want you to throw away those plain underclothes.”

“You can hop up here to return my card and show off your pretty things before Friday. Now for the hard part. I want you to ask Penelope to take your virginity with one of her dildoes. I do not want that responsibility. Do it tonight so you are not sore on Friday. Now if you do all that you can consider yourself in the Independent Study and show up at 7pm this Friday at this office.”

Betty squealed and kissed me hard on the lips then laughed embarrassed. She literally skipped out of my office. While the door was open another girl entered my office. Calling this female a girl was downright wrong. She was all woman and knew it. She’d make a good hunting dog run away if she whistled.

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