Danielle’s Decline

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This is the Sequel to Danielle’s Discovery. This story is purely a work of fiction, and any resemblance to any real person is simply amazing. All characters are 18 years or older.


For the past week I had chickened out. Every morning after Jacob left for work I had gotten ready, but couldn’t bring myself to go find the person responsible for the story that I kept hidden in my drawer.

Every night for the past week I had made love to Jacob, but each time I was left wanting. I still hadn’t seen Jacob erect, but my hand had memorized every inch of his cock. I had managed to give him one more hand job, and had gotten out of bed almost immediately and went into the bathroom. I saw what his seed looked like; I had looked in the mirror, as my tongue liked it off of my hand. I had reached down and masturbated as I licked the thick white seed from my fingers. My orgasm was so intense I almost fell over. I felt so dirty after, I crept back into bed, I couldn’t sleep, I kept seeing my reflection in the mirror, my tongue darting out, licking at my finger, sucking on it pretending it was Jacob’s cock in my mouth, and that he had shot his seed into my mouth. I wanted so badly to feel his cock in my mouth, but I was afraid to tell him, or to initiate it.

Other nights after Jacob had spent himself in my pussy and had gone to sleep I had touched myself, biting hard on the pillow so that no sound escaped as I brought myself to climax. Each time I found it easier, and each was more intense than one before.

Each morning after Jacob had left for work I would get the story out and read it again. My hands would caress my breasts, teasing my nipples to full erection. Since I had thrown my sausage away I had tried several other items, but none were as satisfactory, or felt as lifelike.

Today was the day, I wondered if he would think I was pretty. I looked in the mirror for the twentieth time at my face. My eyes were a soft blue; I thought my nose was cute. I had meticulously done her make up, and hair. Not knowing whom I would meet, I decided that dressing conservatively was the way to go.

I checked the address on the envelope, with the building. It was a light industrial area about a mile from where we lived. There was a white truck parked in front of the office. With trepidation I parked beside the truck and got out. My stomach was churning, and surprisingly my pussy tingled, it felt so illicit.

I walked through the office door, and called out, “Hello.”

A man appeared from the inner office, holding a phone to his ear. He motioned me to come in and pointed at a chair across from his desk. He wasn’t at all what I expected. He looked few years older than me, short brown hair, green eyes, and a goatee. He was wearing a black shirt with a company logo. I had to admit, he was a very normal, attractive looking man. I supposed I thought I was going to meet a swarthy faced, nervous man, with greasy hair. I looked around his office as he talked to someone on the phone. I couldn’t understand most of the conversation, there were a lot of technical terms. His desk was neat, maps, and plaques adorned the walls, and pictures of men in suits, one of them looked like the man across the desk from me.

He hung up the phone and looked at me and smiled warmly, “Now, what can I do for you.”

His voice was warm, like his smile. Now or never I thought, I handed him the manila envelope that I had kept hidden for over a week, “Well, uh, this came to my address by accident.”

He took the envelope, and immediately noticed that it had been opened. He raised his eyebrows at me, and took the pages from the envelope. I hoped he couldn’t see the way my hands were trembling.

“Oh good, we thought it had gotten lost in the mail,” he smiled at me, “Well, I see you opened it. Did you like it?”

I felt the heat in my face as I blushed, “Uhm,” that was all that I managed to get out.

He chuckled as he looked at my red face, “From the look on your face you must have read it.”

I nodded my head as I looked down at my shoes, “Yes. I thought it was very dirty.”

His voice softened, “So why did you come here.”

I looked at him, “I don’t know…I just wanted to see what you looked like. What a person who writes very dirty stories looks like.”

“I didn’t write that story, it was my friend Janice. Her computer crashed and she needed me to submit them to a website we belong to.”

I was totally taken aback, the idea that a woman would have written that story was something I hadn’t even once imagined.

“I do write erotic stories, I don’t think what I write is dirty,” he continued.

My face flushed again, “Well, I think they are dirty, because they make me do things I shouldn’t do.” I couldn’t look at his face; I had to look down again.

“What sort of things?” his voice was soft, and gentle.

Choking back tears I whispered, “They made me want to touch myself, and have thoughts…impure thoughts”

He laughed softly, “You masturbated? What’s wrong with isveçbahis that?”

Still looking down, “It’s a sin, I’ll probably end up in Hell.”

He laughed again, “Well if that’s the case, then you will have a lot of company.”

I looked up, “What do you mean?”

“If masturbating is a ticket to Hell then ninety-five percent of men, and about seventy-five percent of women will end up there. There is nothing wrong with masturbation, it is a normal and healthy thing.”

“Do you?” I was shocked that I had said that.

“Yes I do, and I enjoy it,” he replied.

“Is that why you write dirty stories, so you can… masturbate?” I asked timidly.

He looked at me thoughtfully, “No, that is not why I write, I write to relieve stress. I don’t masturbate to my own stories, occasionally I will when I read something written by someone else.”

My fear and embarrassment had subsided a bit. His answers seemed honest and forthright so I decided to continue on, “What about the woman who wrote the story I brought in, why does she write them?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, I’ve never asked her. I don’t know a lot about her. I met her while writing to a site on the Internet. We just critique each others work, occasionally we will collaborate on a story.”

“Oh, I’ve heard stories about people who meet on the Internet. It seems to lead to a lot of problems,” I stated in a matter of fact manner.

“No,” he was laughing, “It’s not like that, she has her life, and I have mine, the only place our lives intersect is in our writing. I don’t know if I’ve done anything to help her, but she has challenged me to improve my writing. You might think they are just dirty stories, but a lot of what I write has meaning to me. There are pieces of my past, my present, and hopefully my future in what I write. I really wish you had seen a different piece of work first. What you got in the mail was a part of something that she is writing with a group of different writers, it wasn’t the whole story.”

It hadn’t occurred to me that someone who wrote stories like this might be proud of their work. This isn’t going at all like I imagined. “Can I ask you one more question?”

“By all means.”

“I read in the story where she mentioned phone sex, what is phone sex?” somehow I couldn’t envision sex with a telephone being enjoyable.

“Well, how do I put this,” he thought for a moment, “Let’s say that your husband was out of town, and that either you, or him needed sexual gratification. One way would be to talk to the other on the phone while masturbating, telling each other how you feel, what you would be doing to the other, something like that. It’s something like having sex together but from a distance.”

In my mind I couldn’t picture Jacob talking to me while I masturbated, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine him playing with his cock whispering dirty things to me on the phone.

I got up, and extended my hand, “Thank you, I’ve probably wasted enough of your time already.”

He stood and warmly shook my hand, “No, you haven’t. I’m glad you dropped this off.” He picked up a thin folder from his desk, “Here take these, read them, and let me know what you think of them.”

I wanted to say no, I wanted to feel morally superior, but I couldn’t. I took the folder willingly. I wanted to get home. I wanted to read what he had written.

The phone was ringing when I entered the apartment; I dropped the folder on the kitchen counter as I ran to answer the phone.


“Danielle, where have you been, I’ve been calling all morning?” it was Jacob.

“Didn’t I tell you this morning, I had an appointment,” I lied.

“I must have forgotten,” he replied, “Change of plans for tonight, John just called, Becky is sick, so we are going to Rick and Debbie’s tonight for bible study. They are going to barbeque, so grab some soda, and meet me there. Rick is going to pick me up after work.”

“Okay, I’ll call Debbie and see if she needs any help, and maybe go over early,” I replied.

“Danielle,” Jacob was almost whispering, “Please wear a bra.”

I was shocked, “Jacob!!”

He was almost apologetic, “Well lately, uh…”

“Yes, well that’s in my own home with no one around,” my tone was almost icy.

“I’m sorry,” he stammered.

“That’s ok,” I replied sweetly, “I’ll see you over there after work.”

I called Debbie as soon as I had hung up with Jacob, she was relieved that I called; she said that she would definitely appreciate the help. I told her that I would be there by 4:00.

I thought about what Jacob had said about the bra, and I giggled to myself, I wondered what the other men would think if I did go bra-less tonight. Would they stare at my breasts as they jiggled unrestrained? Would it cause them to get an erection? Would they lust over them? I found myself growing wet at the thought of other men getting hard staring at my breasts. I grabbed the folder off of the counter, and headed for the bedroom. I glanced at the isveçbahis giriş clock; I had plenty of time before I had to get ready to leave.

I stood before the mirror, and slowly took my blouse off. Next came the bra, I removed it, allowing my breasts the freedom that they enjoyed. I liked how I looked, topless with the skirt. I wished the skirt were shorter; I rolled it up, further and further. I hadn’t even touched my breasts but my nipples were already like little rocks.

I moved the mirror so I could watch myself from the bed; I enjoyed staring at the image in the mirror, watching her masturbate herself. I left my skirt on, but hiked it up to my hips, and removed my panties. I picked up the folder and began to read.

She pointed to a chair and in a husky voice, “Sit down there, open your pants, I want to see you stroking your cock.”

He unzipped his pants and let his semi-erect cock out. She licked her lips as she saw it, “Mmm, looks good.”

His hand began to move slowly back and forth, his cock hardening fast. She unzipped her short red dress and let it drop to the floor. She bent over slightly and pushed her breasts together giving him the full view of her cleavage, “Do you like my tits?”

His head nodded as his hand continued it’s slow jacking motion.

“Would you like to see them?” she teased.

“Yeah baby, show me your tits,” the lust in his voice rising.

She reached around and undid the clasp on her bra, then leaned forward and let the bra slowly drop to the floor.

My fingers were flying over my clit, how I wished I had something to fuck myself with. I squeezed my breast pulling hard on my nipple. I had found that I enjoyed pulling my nipples, it sent little waves of pleasure through my body, and I went back to the story.

Her breasts were large, and still firm. Her aureola were large, and pink, her nipples jutted out proudly. “Would you like to fuck my tits?” her voice was seductive.

“Yeah, bring them over here, let me stick my dick between them.”

She dribbled some scented oil between her breasts and then knelt down between his legs, wrapping her heavy jugs around his stiff pole and while holding them tight began moving up and down his stiff man shaft.

I wondered what Jacob would do if I tried putting his cock between my breasts, I wasn’t sure if I could get them wrapped around him. As I rubbed my clit I thought about him pumping between my tits, what would it feel like to have him spill his seed on them, and maybe into my mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, move those tits all the way up and down my cock,” he moaned. His hips were moving up and down with her movements.

“Open your mouth, let my cock in,” he ordered

She opened her mouth and could get part of the tip in as his dick moved close to her face.

She was bouncing up and down as fast as she could go, she loved how his cock felt fucking her large tits.

“Open up wide baby, I’m gonna shoot my load.”

She opened her mouth as wide as possible, and pressed her chin against her chest as his cock began to shoot its thick juice. She greedily gulped it into her mouth savoring its taste; she loved the taste of man juice. Just the taste would make her almost climax.

The thought of Jacob shooting his stuff into my mouth made me feel so depraved and dirty that I began to cum. I was almost disappointed that I was cumming it was too soon. It was getting easier and easier for me to masturbate myself to a climax. I thought of how his cum tasted on my fingers as my body shook.

I showered, and changed into a pair of khaki shorts, and a white top, and headed out the door. I stopped; I knew I was forgetting something. Damn! I ran back into the apartment and grabbed the folder I had left on the bed and hid it in my lingerie drawer. That was close, I needed to be more careful, otherwise my dirty little secret would be out.

Debbie was the same age as me, long brown hair, slender, very cute. I really didn’t know her all that well; she was a very quiet person. So, I was quite surprised when she met me at the door and gave me a big hug.

“I’m so glad you came over to give me hand, Rick didn’t give me any notice at all,” the relief was evident in her face.

We spent the next hour and a half getting everything ready. When all was ready Debbie asked, “Would you like a margarita?”

“Oh,” I said.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you and Jacob don’t drink,” Debbie apologized.

“Well, I would love to try one,” I said grinning.

As Debbie was making the strawberry margaritas the top blew off the blender splashing the both of us with the frozen concoction.

“Oh Danielle, I’m so sorry, come with me and I’ll find you something to wear,” Debbie said apologetically.

Debbie led me into her bedroom, without even thinking I pulled off my shirt, the red drink had seeped through my shirt, and was staining my new white bra. Debbie had suffered the same fate; both her shirt and bra were covered with the margarita mix. Debbie removed her bra, as isveçbahis yeni giriş I removed mine.

We both stood there for a minute staring at each others naked breasts. We were about the same size, but her nipples were larger and darker than mine. I felt a twinge in my pussy for a moment as I wondered if she played with her breasts the way I played with mine.

Debbie opened a drawer, “Grab a sports bra, that should fit you just fine.”

I reached in her drawer and picked up a gray sports bra, and was shocked at what was underneath. It was perfect, it looked so real, and it was a cock, a rubbery looking cock.

Debbie turned bright red, “I’m so sorry, I forgot…”

I looked at Debbie; the look on my face must have been priceless.

“Please don’t say anything to anyone, please,” she begged.

I looked at her; she was still topless, as was I. “Can I touch it,” I whispered.

Debbie nodded, I picked up the rubbery cock, it was so perfect in every detail, the head was darker than the shaft, the veins, I slid my hand up and down, and this was what I wanted.

Before I could go any farther we heard Rick and Jacob drive up. I quickly dropped it back into the drawer, and Debbie covered it up. We quickly dressed and before we went out Debbie pleaded, “Please don’t say anything Danielle.”

I smiled and patted her on the arm, “No, I won’t say anything.”

I could see the relief wash over her face, “Listen, can I come over and have lunch with you tomorrow?”

“I’d love that, please do,” I responded.

Rick and Jacob came in as we walked out of the bedroom, “What happened,” asked Rick.

“We were making smoothies, and the top blew off the blender,” I replied as I gave Jacob a little kiss on the cheek.

Debbie and I finished getting everything ready while Jacob and Rick got the barbeque ready. The other two couples arrived just as the burgers went on the grill. We all sat outside eating and laughing. As the bible study began Debbie and I cleaned up the dishes, and then joined the others.

The evening passed quickly, again my mind was elsewhere, thinking of what I saw in Debbie’s drawer. I would glance over at her and tried to picture her using that rubber cock on her pussy. I wondered if she had shaved herself as I had done. I wondered what it would feel like. I couldn’t wait to talk to her alone, I had a thousand questions for her.

When we were leaving Debbie whispered in my ear, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

I smiled, “Yes, please do.”

When we were in the car Jacob asked, “Why is Debbie going to call you tomorrow?”

“We are going to have lunch together,” I answered.

“Good,” Jacob smiled happily, “I’m glad you and Debbie got along so well.”

I couldn’t wait for the next day to come; I was excited that Debbie was coming over for lunch. I had so many questions to ask her about her toy. I wondered what it felt like; I had loved the feeling of the sausage penetrating my wet pussy.

Once Jacob had left for work I hopped into the shower and let the water just flow over me, it felt so good. I dressed slowly, and decided not to put a bra on. More and more I was enjoying the feeling of having my breasts unrestrained. I dressed in a snug, white blouse, and khaki shorts, and did my hair up in a ponytail. I looked in the mirror and was happy with how I looked.

Debbie called me to let me know that she would be here around 12:00. I wanted so badly to ask her to bring her toy with her so I could see it, but I couldn’t work up the nerve. Right at the end of the phone call her voice became very quiet.

“Would you like me to bring it with me?” she had asked.

I knew instantly what “it” was, I could feel my heart pounding heavily as I replied, “Oh yes, please do.”

Debbie arrived promptly at noon and gave me a hug after I closed the door. I had her sit at the dining table as I went into the kitchen to get the Caesar salads I had prepared. I could feel her eyes on my breasts as they jiggled as I went back and forth; I found it a little exciting that she was looking at them.

“That was delicious,” Debbie smiled as she finished the last of her salad.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I replied.

“Thank you for not saying anything to anyone about what you saw in my drawer,” Debbie looked a little guilty, “Rick doesn’t even know that I have it.”

“I had never seen one before, a toy like that, I mean,” I could feel my cheeks blush with a combination of excitement, and embarrassment.

“Would you like to see it?” there was a tinge of embarrassment both on her face, and in her voice.

I could barely contain my enthusiasm, “Yes, I would love to.”

We sat down in the living room where she had left her bag, she opened her bag, she had the sex toy wrapped in a small towel, and she removed it and handed it to me.

I could feel my pussy tingling as I touched, it almost felt life like, “Where did you get it?” I asked breathlessly.

Debbie blushed, “I won it as a door prize.”

My mouth dropped, “Where?”

“Oh God, I can’t believe that I am going to tell you this,” Debbie’s cheeks were bright red.

I wanted to hear so badly, I put my hand on Debbie’s knee and patted it, “I won’t tell anyone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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