Danielle’s Dilemma Ch. 04

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As it’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything, you might want to re-read the preceding chapters to get a handle on the story!


Danielle stepped into the coffee shop and looked around, smiling as she saw her friend raise his hand to attract her attention. She made her way through the tables, attracting more than her fair share of appreciative looks. Wearing a snug cardigan that was opened at the top exposing her impressive cleavage and a pair of skin tight jeans, it was no wonder she was getting stared at.

“Marco!” she sighed, hugging the man as he stood up. “It’s really good to see you again.”

“You too, babe.” He said, giving her a kiss. “You look fantastic.” He made no secret of looking at her exposed tits, the huge creamy mounds barely held in place by her bra.

“Is that all you want me for? My big tits?” she said with a laugh as they sat next to each other.

“Hell no. I want you for you gorgeous mouth, perfect pussy and tight little asshole too!” He reached across the table and took her hand. “Seriously, Danielle. It really is good to see you again. I’m glad you got in touch.”

Years before, when Danielle had gone by the name of Danielle Daily and had been one of the biggest big tit porn stars, it had been Marco who had directed most of her films. A chance encounter when Danielle had been on holiday had led to her considering getting back into the porn business. She figured if she was going to start making movies again, the man to see was her old, favourite director.

“So how’s business?” she asked him.

“Pretty good.” He looked around at the other patrons in the coffee shop, most of whom were women much like Danielle: good looking and with figures that most porn stars would pay for. “Tell you the truth, I’m seriously considering relocating to here. The women in this town are gorgeous!”

“Can I get you anything to drink?” a waitress said as she appeared at their table. Danielle recognised her as Tiffany, the girl who had pretty much propositioned her and her sister Tanya the last time she’d been here. Her huge tits strained against the tight white blouse she wore and the short black skirt showed off her long legs.

“A coffee would be fine, thank you.” Danielle said. Marco refused as he still had most of a full cup but he couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked away.

“Fucking hell, she’s gorgeous. Why is she just a waitress? I could make her a star.”

“You should ask her; last time I was here, she practically jumped on me and my sister.”

The pair of them watched her get Danielle’s coffee and bring it back to their table.

“It’s Tiffany, right?” Danielle asked her as she set her drink down.

“Sure is.” The girl said, moving her blonde hair off her shoulder and cupping one of her big tits, ostensibly showing off her name badge. “Is there anything else . . . anything . . . I can get you?”

Danielle smiled at the girl. “Not right now, sweetie, but my friend here has a question for you.”

“You ever thought of modelling, Tiffnay?” Marco asked her. “Maybe some film work?”

Tiffany smiled. “I’ve Maraş Escort posed for a couple of local amateur photographers. They were just interested in getting me out of my clothes.”

“Was that a problem for you?”

“Hell no. The problem was that they were only interested in getting me naked. Once they’d done that, they left me horny as hell but wouldn’t touch me.” She shrugged. “Guess they were scared of messing with the police captain’s daughter.”

“You’re Captain Ellis’s daughter?” Danielle asked. Tiffany nodded. “Maybe he mentioned me? I’m Danielle Kent.”

Tiffany grinned and then sat on the empty chair at their table. “Then you’re the one I need to thank. After you had to . . . pay to get your son out of jail a couple of months ago, he came home from the night shift and . . . ” She glanced at Marco who nodded at her to continue.

“It’s okay, honey.” Danielle said. “Marco’s understanding when it comes to families and how close they can be. Like me and my twin sons, for example.”

Tiffany looked at her and Danielle nodded. “Wow, that’s gotta be hot to watch.” She dropped her gaze to the expanse of Dnaielle’s huge tits that was visible. “You mean both your sons have gotten their hands on those gorgeous tits of yours?” she asked a little quieter.

“Not to mention having their huge fucking cocks between them and covering them in spunk.” Danielle whisperde back, leaning closer to Tiffany, resting her rack on the table. The younger girl looked round quickly before raching out and slipping two fingers into Danielle’s cleavage. Danielle took hold of her hand and brough it up to her mouth, sucking her fingers for a moment before replacing them, her spit letting Tiffany slide her fingers between her tits with ease.

“God I wish we were alone right now.” Tiffany said. “I wanted to jump on you when I saw you in here last week with that other hot woman.”

“Tha was my sister, Tanya, and we’re also very close.”

“Ladies, I’m really sorry to interrupt but Tiffany was telling us about her father?” Marco said.

Tiffany withdrew her fingers, the two women smiling at each other.

“Well, after my dad came home that morning he was a lot bolder than normal. He told me later it was because of you, Danielle, and something you’d said about wanting to watch him cum over my tits. I was getting ready to come to work and we ended up fooling around. Since then, me, him and my mom haven’t stopped.”

“How would you like to carry on fooling around but get paid for it?” Marco asked. “I’ve directed hundreds of porn flicks — many of which starred Danielle here — and am setting up a new company called Circus Tent Films speciallising in busty girls such as yourself.” He smiled at Danielle. “That’s actually why I’m meeting Danielle today, to try and get her to come back to the business.”

“Cool.” Tiffany said. “You got a card?”

Marco reached into his pocket and handed her one. “Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll have some premises here. The amount of stacked women in this town is unbelivable and it’ll be easier for me to recruit here than anywhere Maraş Escort Bayan else. Once I’ve got a building, give me a ring and we’ll arrange an audition.”

“Thanks, Marco.” Tiffany said. “Any chance I can audition with you?” she asked Danielle.

“We’ll see, sweetie.” Danielle said. “Say hi to your dad for me, okay?”

Tiffany thanked them and went back to serving the other customers.

“So what do you say, Danielle? You coming back to the business?”

“After the crazy stuff I’ve been up to over the last couple of months, doing porno again would seem like a walk in the park.” She said with a laugh. “I’ve been thinking about it and yeah, I’m interested in getting back in front of the camera.”

“That’s great, babe.” Marco said. “If you’re up for it, I really want to play up the family angle as well. Big tit MILFs and their sons, busty daughters and their dads, sisters and brothers, that sort of thng. It’s the stuff that sells.”

Danillle grinned at him. “You know I’ve got no problem with that.” She glanced over at Tiffany. “And if you can get girls like her involved you’ll have no problem making plenty of cash.”

“I’ve already got a couple of girls signed up. Adele, the air hostess you met when you were on holiday? She’s quit her job and come to work for me. Plus I found this fantastic pair of twins while I was there called Summer and Autumn who’ve taken to porno like a duck to water.”

Danielle laughed and told Marco of how she and Jack had met up with the twins on Kapthros.

“Jesus, what I wouldn’t givee to have seen that. Did you meet their mother, Monica?” Danielle shook her head. “She’s like you, prime MILF material — good looking, great body and fantastic tits — and she’s as wild as her daughters. I’ve yet to get her in front of a camera, though.”

“Talking of getting in front of a camera, do I have to audition like Tiffany?”

Marco laughed. “Not a chance, babe. You’re a definite.”

“Shame, cos if you’d had a camera with you we could have fooled around on film this afternoon.”

With a grin, Marco leaned down and rummaged in his bag, pulling out a hand held digi-cam.

“Ready when you are.” he said.

Danielle glanced around her and saw that most of the customers were engaged in their own conversations and weren’t paying them any attention.

“Follow me.” she said, standing up and heading for the door marked toilets. Marco stood and walked after her, into the corridor that led to the bathrooms. Instead of heading to them, though, she opened the door marked Private where she had seen the coffee shop owner Hank fucking his daughter the week before. Finding the small store room empty except for shelves full of food and a small table in the middle, she stepped inside, beckoning Marco who was filming all the while.

Smiling into the camera, Danielle cupped her huge tits and began to tease him, gently pulling aside her cardigan, revealing more and more of her deep cleavage and firm tits.

“Would you like to see these?” she asked the camera, licking a finger and sliding it into the tight Escort Maraş space between her tits. “I bet you would.” Slowly she unbuttoned her top and eased it open, revealing her lacy bra that was stretched to the limit, her big jugs almost overflowing. Again she took her tits in her hands, squeezing them together before hooking her fingers into the lacy cups and pulling them down, her stiff nipples popping into view. “You like?” she asked.

Marco reached out with the hand that wasn’t holding the camera and took a handful of her tits, gently pinching her nipple and squeezing her big tits in turn.

“Fuck, you’ve got great tits, Danielle.” he said.

She giggled and slowly knelt down, the camera following her as she reached out for Marco’s belt. She undid it, then his jeans before pulling them down to his knees. His boxer shorts bulged obscenely, his cock straining at the material.

“Mmmm, what have we here?” Danielle asked the camera, stroking his boner. “Is it a big, thick cock?” She reached up to the waistband and eased his shorts down, his hard-on jumping free and waving in her face. “Ohhh, that looks tasty.” she whispered, taking hold of it and stroking it. “May I?” she asked before leaning forward and sucking on the big knob. Slowly she worked her mouth and up down the thick cock, her tongue coating it in spit.

“You like that, baby?” Marco asked.

“Mmmm, I love sucking cock.” Danielle said into the camera, rubbing his dick over her face. She spat on to the head of his cock and rubbed it in with her fingers before spitting on it again. “Would you like to fuck my tits?” she asked. “Now your cock’s all wet and slippery?”

Without waiting for an answer, she knelt up a little as Marco bent his knees, allowing him to push his lubricated cock between her huge jugs. She held her tits together as he slid his dick between them, tit fucking her as she smiled into the camera.

“That’s it, fuck those big titties.” she whispered. “I love your cock fucking my big tits.” She looked down and dribbled spit into her cleavage before looking back. “Are you watching? Watching your big fucking cock fuck my big tits?”

Marco began moving as fast as he could, panting as he tit fucked her.

“Yeah, go on, fuck those tits.” Danielle said. “I want you to cum, baby. I want you to cum all over my big . . . Fucking . . . Tits. Can you do that? Give me a big load of jism?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Marco grunted, grabbing his dick and pulling it free of her tits. It lurched in his hand and a thick stream of spunk flew from the end, splashing over Danielle’s big jugs. He gasped as another and another blast erupted, cumming again and again, coating her tits with hot jism. Danielle held up her tits and smiled into the camera as Marco came all over her, his shots draining eventually, leaving her huge tits glistening with spunk.

“Mmmm, that’s a nice big load.” she said, leaning forward and sucking on the end of his dick once more, licking the last of his cum from his cock. He stepped back and filmed her as she scooped up his cum with her fingers and fed it to herself before cupping her big tits again, bending her head and licking at the tops of her jugs. She sucked and slurped at his cum, cleaning herself off before looking back at the camera.

“So do I get the part, Mr Director?” she asked.

Marco laughed. “There was never any doubt, baby.” he said.

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