Daphne II Ch. 01

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Hello dear readers,

Thank you for supporting me. Being featured in the Top 100 is something I could have never imagined when I posted my first story. I really appreciate your favorable look over my work so far. I hope to be able to continue deliver stories you will enjoy.

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Here’s the sequel of Daphne. I know! Finally! A little interlude, some sexy fun to get back into it. Next episode will develop the story further.

Enjoy! Xo


The return home was more difficult than expected. That week in Florida had definitely changed the way I saw things. There were two things I was sure of though: Daphne was the love of my life and Daphne belonged to someone else. I refused to break them up. I knew I could have done it, pretty easily at that, but I wanted it to be her decision, not mine. I wanted her to commit to that relationship voluntarily and not feel coerced. I didn’t want her to get back at me for it somewhere down the road.

After I left, she didn’t make any special move or said anything to make me feel or believe that she was willing to take that step forward. There was nothing I could do about it. I loved her deeply despite the circumstances and because of that, I was going to be there for her, whenever she needed me and she needed me every day. She insisted that I provided her a daily fix of Gabby and I complied. I chatted with her every day, if not, we exchanged text messages.

I decided that despite the fact I couldn’t have her, I wouldn’t live like a hermit either. I resumed dating, attacking fire with fire. I was hoping, doing so, I could find a person that would make me forget about her. Let me tell you right now, it didn’t work. At all. At least, my thirst was somewhat quenched.

That day, I was doing a little bit of house cleaning before going out on Friday night to one of the local bars I love, when someone rang the doorbell. I had the fun surprise to find a lovely couple behind the door.

“Sam! Claire! What are you, guys, doing here?”

“Surprise!” They chanted.

“Omg! Such a nice surprise!” I said hugging them. “Come in! Come in!”

I invited them inside and made them comfortable. I offered them some beer that I had in my fridge and we toasted to friendship.

“This new haircut suits you, Sam.”

“Thank you.”

Sam was wearing her red hair much shorter than last time I saw her. I remembered the way I would grab her ponytail to easily fuck her doggy style and literally ride her pussy. I smiled.

“I can’t believe you’re here!”

“We can’t either!” said Claire. “It’s actually Sam’s birthday tomorrow and I offered her a trip to Niagara Falls but since we were so close to you, she asked if we could come visit you and here we are.”

“Really? Happy birthday!” I said.

I leaned in to kiss Sam on the cheek but she took this occasion to literally assault me and take possession of my lips. I was surprised and looked over at Claire who smiled at me. I forcefully broke the kiss and asked, “OK, what’s really going on here?”

“You’re… her birthday gift,” Claire said.

“Oh ok, I see. So how did you plan this all thing exactly?” I asked, amused.

“We… I… hoped I could spend the night with you,” Sam said shyly, biting her bottom lip.

“Oh my cute, little puppy. Do you remember our safe word?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she nodded.

“What is it?”


I nodded in approval then, slightly worried, I asked Claire, “Is that ok with you?”

Claire nodded, “Anything to make my girl happy for her birthday.”

“Ok, then! But I have nothing for you here so let’s go shopping.”

I took Claire and Sam to one of my favorite sex shop in town. It was Friday night and the shop was empty. Tisha Summers, the owner, had the largest collection of toys, accessories and furniture. As we stepped in, I could tell Sam and Claire weren’t used to that kind of environment.

“You’ve never been to a sex shop before?”

Claire blushed, “Only once.”

I put my hand on Sam’s butt. “Well, this is little puppies’ heaven.”

“Well, well, well… Isn’t it Christmas? Look what Santa brought me!”

That was Tisha aka Big Baby. Tisha was a big black butch. Not big as in obese but big as in built as a baobab tree. She’s over six foot tall with large shoulders. Her face was androgynous but she had breasts as large as mine if not bigger. It’s funny how butch women often have the most feminine shapes and names on Earth. I knew Tisha wrapped to hide her curves. She had on a plain t-shirt with a square patterned flannel shirt, tight blue jeans and sneakers. She was a friend of mine who had desperately tried to get into my panties for years. I told her she wasn’t my kind of girl but she wouldn’t take no for an answer! She was one of the good ones though and I cherished the friendship we had.

“Come to Mama!” she said opening her arms.

“Hello, Tisha! Long time no see!” I said hugging her.

Of course, she didn’t miss the occasion to grope me a little.

“Behave, Tisha!” I warned her as I ulus sınırsız escort moved her wandering hands away.

“You can’t blame me for trying, girl! When do you come to my place? I’ve been waiting for your call.”

“One can keep dreaming!” I smiled as it was always the same routine whenever I met her.

She pulled a face but then her attention got drawn to the people standing behind me.

“And who are those lovely ladies?” she asked, pushing me aside not so subtly.

“Tisha, this is Claire and Sam, a lovely couple from Florida. They came to visit.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Tisha shook their hands but kept Sam’s hand in hers.

“You are… lovely, little one. Can I give you a tour of my shop?”

“Actually, it’s her birthday and I was thinking to offer her something special so I brought her here. You have the best toys at the best price.”

“You did the right thing. I forgive you for not calling me,” she said not even looking at me. She kissed Sam’s hand and said, “Happy birthday, love!”

“Easy, Big Baby. She’s mine,” I said, separating them when I saw how Sam reacted to her touch.

“For real?”

“I still can’t believe it but yes, it’s… real,” Claire intervened.

“You’re shitting me, right?” she asked, turning to me.

I decided to demonstrate it on the spot.

“Come here,” Sam faced me, “sit,” I ordered.

Sam kneeled before me without any hesitation.

“No way! She’s your pet? Oh Gabby, now you’re even hotter than I thought you were.”

“Yes, she’s my lovely pet,” I said, patting Sam’s head as she blushed.

Sam only had eyes for me at this point.

“I know what to offer you,” I said, looking into her eyes. “Follow me.”

I went through the alleys looking for what I wanted. My idea was to push Sam further into her pet role. That’s what she asked from me but I wanted to go gradually, not only for her but for my sake too. I never had a pet before and I didn’t know what to expect from myself, if I could keep control. I had done some research online but reading about something is always different from actually living it. I enjoyed many aspects of this relationship and to protect every party involved, we, Sam, Claire and I signed an actual contract as recommended. This brought me peace of mind and Claire, as a third party, had her word to say too. I never hid the lust I had over the sexy, young redhead and Claire was OK with it. I suspected she’s some kind of voyeur because she always got aroused when seeing me kissing her girlfriend.

Sam followed me on all fours like a good little puppy without even me telling her to. Tisha was looking at the scene with goggled eyes.

“Tisha, pick up your jaw,” I chuckled.

“I can’t believe it. Since when you have a pet? I thought you weren’t into this kind of stuff.”

“I’m not but have you seen her? I made an exception.”

“Can you land her to me? One night?”

“Nope,” I answered while checking the collars Tisha had in stock. I crouched down and put a collar on Sam. It was black with metal decorations. “Do you like it?” Sam tried turning her head to see how she felt and she nodded. “Ok, if you’re comfortable, I’m gonna buy you one.”

I chose the same collar but in baby pink, with a matching leash. Then I thought she’d need a tail. I didn’t like the idea of ears on her though. I chose a long furry tail for her with a large butt plug. Finally, I bought her toys, a small rope to play fetch and tug and a bone.

“One puppy is gonna be happy.”

I walked around the store, Sam on all fours and Claire on my heels, Tisha watching the all thing. I went back to the counter and put down all I had selected.

“Give me a good price, Big Baby,” I asked with a seductive smile on my lips.

“You know my pussy tingles when you call me that, Gab, but that won’t work.”

I got an idea.

“Stand up,” I ordered Sam. “Turn around.”

I bent her over, lifted her skirt and dropped her white fine lace panties to spread her ass cheeks for Tisha to see.

“What about a lick?”

“Whoa! Now you’re talking! Can I fuck her? I have this huge dildo I wanna try but I ain’t got any pussy to try it on.”

Sam turned around, scared by those words.

“Who said you could move?” I reprimanded her as I spanked hard once. “Tisha, where are your paddles. This puppy is in need of punishment.”

“Third alley in the back.”

“Can you go get one, Claire, while I deal with Tisha?”

“Sure,” Claire answered, a bit embarrassed by the whole scene.

“So, back to business. You give me fifty on everything and I let you have a lick.”

“Twenty-five and I get to fuck her.”

“Fifty, you get a lick while she’s naked.”

“Ok. Deal.”

“Your back room is still there?”


“Sound proof?”

“Of course!”

“Perfect. You’ll need it.” And, turning around, I said, “Claire, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“That’s ok. I’m ok with it. Plus, I can tell Sam’s enjoying herself so it’s all good. And I want ulus otele gelen escort to see for myself.”

“Ok, then, let’s all go.”

We entered the back room. It was not too big but cozy with some kind of couch in which two people could lay on.

“Where do you prefer it, Tisha? Table? Couch?”

“Let’s get comfy,” she smiled, inviting us to sit on the couch.

“Strip,” I ordered the lovely redhead.

Sam undressed without further discussion. To reward her for her obedience, I kissed her and said, “Good girl.” Her eyes sparkled at these words. I passed my hand on the red bush that wasn’t there last time I saw her.

“You don’t shave anymore?” I asked.

“Not since I’ve met you. I wanted it to be like yours, Daddy.”

“Mmmh… I’m flattered. I actually like it, its fiery color.”

“Can I kiss her?” asked Tisha.

“Definitely not,” I smiled. “Are you ready to eat her?”

“Definitely, yes,” she smiled back with a lusty look on her face.

Tisha grabbed Sam and threw her on the couch.

“Hey, easy!” I warned her.

“Sorry, Gab. Sorry, baby,” she added for Sam as she passed her hand on Sam’s shaved pussy.

Sam whimpered.

“You’re so soft, baby.”

“Get to it, Tisha. We have to get going.”

“Alright, alright. Relax, girl.”

Tisha spread Sam’s legs and smelled the bush. She seemed to nod her head in approval. She then poked the pussy hole with her tongue. “Lovely,” she whispered. She then dove right in. Sam moaned louder. I looked at Claire.

“Are you sure this is alright? I can stop it all right now.”

“No, please don’t. It’s her birthday.”


Claire was definitely aroused. I took her by the hand and brought her gently to my side. I held her waist and told her, “Look at your girlfriend how she loves spreading her legs for me. Does it excite you?” I smirked.

“A little,” she admitted.

“You know, I observed you. I observed you here and I observed you back in Florida as well. I find Sam’s very lucky to have you. The way you always protect her and make sure she’s happy is very commendable.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“What she wants from me…? Do you…?”

“What do you mean?”


“No, no… Not that I don’t want to. I just don’t know what to do.”

“I can give you a few pointers, if you want…”


“Yes, anything for my pet.”

“I only wanna make Sam happy, you know. I mean, she’s not unhappy but I want to give her more. I just don’t know how.”

“I can show you. Do you want me to?”

“I’d love that,” she smiled.

I kissed her neck. Several times. When she didn’t resist, I kissed her lips.

“Do you find me attractive?” I asked seductively.

“Very much so,” she answered in a breath.

“You’re very beautiful too.”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like me to be my pet too?”

Claire chuckled and say, “No way, I don’t want to be your pet.”

Neither of us had missed what was going on on the couch. I put my hand on her crotch and caressed her pussy through her sexy pair of jeans. She didn’t react. I then forcefully plunged my hand in Claire’s jeans. She was surprised but didn’t say anything.

“As far as I’m concerned, the way I see it, I could fuck you right here, right now… Your panties are wet.”

“Huh-uh…” Claire said in a short breath.

“Do you want to cum?”

She just looked at me as her cheeks reddened. I withdrew my hand from her pants only to unbutton her jeans. This time I slid my hand in her panties and penetrated her wet folds.

“Look at our little puppy go! She’s so hot.”

Sam was now so noisy, it reminded me to buy a gag for her. If I was to fuck her all night, I didn’t want to wake up the whole neighborhood.

“Tisha, you have until Claire cums so you better hurry.”

I took Claire to the couch. I slid her jeans and panties down to her ankles. I sat her right by Sam’s side and spread her legs. I caressed her pussy softly and kissed her. I penetrated her and caressed the walls of her vagina methodically. She moaned in my mouth. Her hand rose to caress my boobs and I let her. This was the first time her and I got this intimate and it was really sweet. I accelerate the pace of my fingers inside her without breaking the kiss. The harder she moaned, the harder I fucked and kissed her until she came on my hand. I caressed her pussy and said, “Thank you for letting me fuck your girlfriend.”

“You’re welcome,” was all she was able to say.

I smiled. I made her lick my fingers. She was as good as Sam.

“You’re such a good girl. I could train you to be a good pet as well if you wanted to…”

“No… I don’t think I’m into it…”

“That’s OK,” I said before kissing her one last time. “Tisha! Time’s up!” I called out.

I think Sam came a couple of times during this interlude. It was more than enough for the both of them.

“Oh come on, Gab! Let me fuck her, please. I haven’t been that wet in ages.”

I laughed, “So you’re gonna give all the shit for free then?”

“Naaawww, can’t do that!” She got up and got dressed again. “But I’ll give you eighty on everything you buy today.”

“How generous of you!” I smiled.

“Girl, that bitch is so sweet, it was like having my way in a candy store. If you ever change your mind, please, please give me a call. Oh my god, if only you’d let me fuck her, I would make her cry all night long.”

“Maybe some other time,” I said. I kneeled near Sam and caressed her cheek softly. “You liked it, baby?” I asked my lovely pet.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“‘Daddy’? She calls you ‘Daddy’? Fuuuuck!! Oh come on, Gab. We need to hook up, now.”

I stood up and chuckled as I watched Tisha walk out the room, shaking her head. Claire finished dressing up but Sam was still lying naked her legs spread.

“Come here!”

Sam gathered her strength and stood in front of me. I lovingly wrapped my arms around her.

“You did well. Really well. You’ve been a good girl. You made me really proud. As a reward, I won’t punish you for your behavior earlier.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Sam answered excited.

I kissed her as I grabbed her naked butt firmly.

“Get dressed now. I have to talk with Tisha,” I said, smooching her.

When I joined, Tisha, she was packing everything up.

“I’m gonna take a gag and a rod too. You can leave the paddle out.”

“You’re into BDSM, now?”

“Not really… I mean, it’s OK… it’s more for her. She likes it rough.”

“Oh, come on, Gab! You can’t tell me shit like this and not let me fuck her. She’s fucking hot.”

“I know. That’s why she’s mine, Tisha. Forget about it.”

“You want me to forget that pussy?” she chuckled. “I’m gonna dream of that pussy for months! The gags are in the fifth alley.”

Tisha showed me all they had. I bought a pink gag to go with her collar and a black crop for me. Sam and Claire joined us.

“Everything’s alright?” I asked as I tenderly caressed Sam’s cheek.

“Yes, Daddy,” Sam said smiling.

“Tonight is gonna be hot, baby,” I said, grabbing her butt and pressing her against me to kiss her.

“Gab, please, have mercy on me,” said Tisha, as her limits were almost reached.

Tisha handed me the bag and made me pay a hundred bucks. That was a more than fair deal.

“Thanks, Tisha. That was great doing business with you.”

“Come back anytime, sweetheart. You know my door will always be opened for you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind…”


Back to my place, we were having a couple of drinks and Sam became more lovey dovey with me as the night rolled out. Claire suddenly stood up and picked her stuff.

“Where are you going? It’s not even 9pm!” I asked.

“Back to the hotel. – But – I know you’re gonna take care of her and I want Sam to enjoy this night fully without thinking about what I may approve or not.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, she’ll tell me all about it anyway.”

“Sam, come say goodbye.”

Sam and Claire kissed and hugged each other tenderly. I wasn’t able to understand all they told each other but the scene was touching.

“Be good. I’ll come around 9am tomorrow morning.”

After a last kiss, Claire stepped outside. I followed her. I felt she needed some kind of reassurance about my intentions.

“Claire, everything’s gonna be alright. For your lesson, come around 8am rather than 9am so we’ll have time to review a few things.”

“OK, I will. Thanks again for taking care of her.”

“No problem. I can tell you really love her. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t think I’d be able to do what you’re doing for her right now.”

“When you love someone, you want to see them happy no matter what. Even if it means sharing them once in a while.”

“Still… I know for a fact it can hurt… and badly at that… Make sure to put an end to it the moment it starts hurting. If she loves you as much as you love her, she’ll understand.”

“Thank you, Gabby. You’re a doll.”

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry, it’ll all be alright.”

I hugged her then Claire left me and her lover alone in my apartment. When I got back in, Sam was waiting for me by the door. I firmly grabbed her and pressed her face against the door I closed half a second before. She let a little cry of surprise escape her lips. I pulled her skirt up, took a certain amount of pleasure tearing her cute lace panties into pieces and reached her front.

“What’s this? You’re a bad little doggie, aren’t you? My little doggie is in heat? I haven’t done anything to you yet. Why are you so wet already?” I whispered in her ears as my fingers got soaked in her juices. “Is it for Tisha? You wanted her to fuck you?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Don’t lie! You got that wet for her… I know.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I couldn’t help it…”

“I forgive you but… Don’t forget! You’re. Mine.” I said as I held her tight with my available arm. I bit her neck long enough to leave a mark right below her ear.

“Aaah… I won’t, Daddy.”

“I feel like tearing your ass up, right now,” I whispered as my hand caressed her wet lips.

“Please do, Daddy. I’m yours. Do whatever you want with me.”

I chuckled as her answer was unusually cheeky. I penetrated her with two fingers but didn’t move them.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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