Dares and Discoveries

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It was late, just after two in the morning, and the thudding music finally died down as Jet walked over to his parents’ enormous sound system and turned the volume down to a dull thrumming. Most of the party-goers had long since left, and it was just six people left in the basement where there had previously been a small mob of dancing teens. Jet was one of course, as it was his house. He was a lanky guy with spiked dark blonde hair, his outrageous fur-lined jacket ditched hours ago to reveal his thin but muscled frame under his tight-fitting black shirt. The other five were Cooper, Edgar, Aria, Christabella, and Violet.

Cooper was one of Jet’s best friends, a seemingly eternally relaxed boy who despite being a bit short and always dressing in dark colors had a pretty powerful presence wherever he went. Part of this was the fact that despite multiple comments informing him of this, he insisted on wearing far too much body spray. However, most of this was attributed to his powerful sense of observation and his willingness to weigh in on the personal matters of friends and strangers alike, offering advice to anyone who cared. Edgar and Christabella were a couple, albeit an odd one. Edgar was a somewhat tall and athletic guy dressed in greys and whites with a quiet and reserved disposition. He almost never spoke at the parties, and seemed pretty uncomfortable in social situations, but otherwise was pretty relaxed. Christabella was his opposite, clad all in black and wearing various strange pieces of jewelry. She was a bit of a wild card, fond of the occult and also not one to be the center of attention, but she actually seemed to enjoy the parties regardless, hanging out with Edgar and close friends in the corner of the room, poking fun and laughing.

Aria and Violet were friends of the couple, the former being a lean and almost boyishly figured girl wearing a bright red athletic tee and blue jeans, laughing quietly as she sipped on the beverage in her hand. She was much more social than the rest, having been at the center of the party all night, pulling out some admittedly impressive dancing skills. It was only just within the past few minutes that she had taken a seat to rest, and there were beads of sweat on her brow which she wiped unceremoniously away with a smile on her face as they talked. Violet chuckled every now and then, emptying her cup and flipping it upside down before reaching for a cigarette. She was pretty mellow most of the time, but she could be fun if she wanted to.

They sat and joked around for a while, before Violet spoke up. “Any more booze, Jet?” she asked, taking a puff of her cigarette. She was dressed somewhat similarly to Christabella, in a dark faux-corset top laced with emerald green ribbon under a black jacket. She had positioned herself on the floor with her back against the couch, her legs disappeared beneath her layered black skirt. Her cleavage, however, was present as ever, as her bust was on the large side and she (likely on purpose) always seemed to have shirts at a size too small. “Not that I’m letting you get your hands on. I’d like to have some left when the night’s over.” Jet replied with a smirk, flopping down on a chair in the corner of the room. The group laughed at the rib, and Violet spoke again. “Fine then. But if there’s not going to be any liquid fun, how about a game?”

The room quieted a bit in interest. “Like what?” Christabella asked, leaning forward on the couch where she sat, between Violet on the floor and Edgar on the middle cushion next to her. “Dares in a hat?” Violet offered, grinning. Edgar sighed and rolled his eyes, but Christabella smiled and Cooper offered an “I’m game.” His expression was hard to read with his black and white bangs covering a sizable portion of his face, but his lips were upturned ever so slightly. Aria cocked her head, confused. “Dares in a hat?” she inquired. “Basically,” Jet explained, “Everyone writes their name and puts it in a hat. Each person takes turn drawing names, and the person who drew gets to make the person whose name they draw do a dare of their choice.” Violet looked to Aria expectantly. “So?” Aria shrugged. “Why the hell not?” Jet sighed through his smile. “Guess we’re decided. I’ll find a hat and some paper.” Edgar spoke up “I don’t suppose I get a say?” he didn’t appear convinced that this was the case. “Of course babe… but we already outvote you, so it doesn’t really matter.” Christabella answered with a kiss on his cheek. He exhaled slowly and accepted his fate.

Jet returned shortly after with the supplies, and soon each of the group had written their names and positioned themselves in a circle around the hat, dropping in their names. “And so I am doomed.” Edgar murmured as he let his paper fall with the rest. “Oh loosen up, Edgar. Have a little fun for once.” Aria chastised, rubbing her hands together. “So who goes first?” she asked. “You’re the first-timer, Aria. You go first.” Christabella suggested. No one spoke up in opposition, so Aria shrugged. “Alright.”

Reaching into the hat, she pulled out a slip, and unfolded it to read the name. “Cooper.” she announced. Cooper arched his back and rolled his shoulders under his hoodie, smirking. “Give me your worst, newbie.” Aria scoffed. “What kind of dares can I give?” she asked. “Whatever you want.” Jet answered. “Okay…” Aria starting, mulling it over. “I dare you to lose that stupid hoodie. It’s like 80 degrees down here, you freak.” Everyone chuckled, and Cooper did as he was told, shaking his head as he did. “What?” Aria asked, looking around. “Nothing, it’s just that we didn’t realize you were that tame and unimaginative.” Christabella teased. “What do you mean by that?” Aria asked. “You’ll see.” Violet answered. Now it was Edgar who spoke up, concerned. “Wait… and what does THAT mean?” Everyone laughed again. “I forgot that you’d never played with us either.” Christabella said through a smile. Edgar went to speak again, but was cut off by Cooper. “Are we gonna talk, or are we gonna play? It’s my turn now, suckers.”

Cooper stuck his hand into the hat, pulling out a slip and reading the name. “Christabella.” He turned to her, grinning, and she met him with a challenging stare. After a moment, he spoke. “I dare you to act like you and Edgar are here alone for two minutes, to show them what we mean.” Christabella grinned, as Edgar turned to her questioningly. “Is that some kind of code? What does he mean?” Aria looked on with similar confusion. “What does who mean?” She asked. “We’re here alone.” Before he could inquire further, Christabella pushed him back against the couch, straddling his lap, and pressing her lips onto his. In his stunned shock, he sat unmoving while she continued. She leaned her mouth in close to his ear, whispering softly “I’m going to have fun, having you all to myself.” His eyes danced across the room, but his focus was poorly swayed from his girlfriend, who now grinded his lap, her ass getting pushed well into view under her tight black jeans, a bit of pink peeking out from beneath.

“Nice panties.” Aria stammered, trying to hide her astonishment, but Christabella gave no response. Instead, she continued her motion while reaching to grab Edgar’s head and pull it in toward her chest. When she released, his blush came into view, and she stopped, leaving her straddle to stand, letting her hair down. “How do you want me?” She asked, running a hand over her body. Violet had to throw a hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Edgar was bewildered. Aria looked around the room and saw Cooper and Jet smiling widely. “You’re not nervous are you? Don’t worry. Jet won’t mind. I’m sure dirtier things have happened on this couch.” She reached behind her back under her shirt, going to unlatch her bra when Cooper spoke. “Aaaaaand… time.” Finally breaking character, Christabella let out a laugh, pointing at Edgar. “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” He blushed deeper, and said nothing. “And thanks Aria. Maybe sometime I’ll take you to get some.” She winked. “But for now… it’s my turn.”

She reached into the hat and drew a name, grinning evilly as she noted the name and turned back to the group, looking at them one by one until finally staring directly at Edgar. “Oh no… come on.” She nodded. “Really? That last one might as well have been mine. Don’t I get a pass?” Cooper grinned. “Not how the game works, bro.” Edgar looked around the room for support, but was met with only grins and chuckles. Aria bit her lip and looked away, trying not to smile herself. “Fine, but I’m not gonna grind on anyone in front of a room full of people.” Christabella kept smiling. “No… I’ll go easy on you, since you’re clearly still recovering from my performance. But since we still have the audience to consider, I dare you to take off that shirt, Oh-Hunk-of-Mine.” Looking a bit reprehensive, Edgar realized that this was the easiest he would be getting off, and proceeded to lose his shirt. Jet raised an eyebrow. “Too easy I think, but hell, I’ll take it.” Aria looked aggrivated. “That’s exactly what I dared Cooper to do!” Violet interjected. “You just had him take off his hoodie. Get some skin in the game, then we can talk.”

Edgar’s muscled torso in full view, he dropped his shirt to the floor and sat back down. He started to settle back in, but Christabella stopped him. “What now?” he asked, and she pointed to the hat. “Your turn, Muscles.” He rolled his eyes again and reached into the hat. Reading the name, he blushed, looking at Aria. “Oh, this is classic.” Violet remarked, pleased. Jet and Cooper now had the chance to be confused. Violet explained. “Edgar and Aria were an item, before she became a vagitarian.” Cooper’s smile broadened, and Jet started laughing outright. Aria blushed. “I can’t give up my turn?” Edgar asked. “If you do, one of us will give the dare instead. And we probably won’t be as nice.” Cooper jeered. “Especially now that we know what we do.” Edgar looked torn as he began to weight his options. “Don’t make us have to give you a countdown.” Jet heckled. When there was no response, he continued. “Alright. 10…9…8…7…6…” Edgar looked as though he was attempting to mask his panic. “5…4…3…2…” Suddenly, Edgar blurted “I dare you to make out with Christabella.” Aria’s face flushed white, and Christabella smiled mischievously. Jet started to clap and Cooper and Violet howled with laughter. “And all it takes is a time limit. Good on ya kid.”

Everyone looked to Aria expectantly. She tried to play it off nonchalantly, smiling and beckoning with her finger, but inside her heart was pounding. Edgar seemed as though he didn’t know how to feel about what he had done, but couldn’t bring himself to look away. Christabella crossed the space between them, took Aria’s face in her hands, and the two met lips, running their hands through each others’ hair. Aria felt her own hands drifting down, tracing along Christabella’s body and settling on her waist. Christabella, never one to do the bare minimum, pressed in further, knocking Aria to her back, almost pinning her down as her tongue traced Aria’s lips and slipped into her mouth. Aria let herself get swept up in the moment, only vaguely aware that one hand was groping Christabella’s ass while the other cupped her breast. Then, just as she was about to lose all semblance of self control, Christabella parted, winked, and moved back to her seat as Cooper and Jet clapped and whistled.

Clearing her throat, Aria smiled, catching her breath and trying to let her brain reboot for a moment. Deciding to continue the game before any ribbing ensued, she reached into the hat and drew… “Christabella.” Christabella chuckled. “Yeah, I’m sure, you lesbo. You just want to get more of this.” Aria held the paper in plain view, and Jet grinned. “I was sure it was gonna be me. Guess I’m just a lucky son of a bitch.” He looked over at Christabella before sarcastically adding “My condolences.” Christabella shrugged. “Eh, whatever. I can take it, especially from this lightweight.” She kissed at Aria to make it clear that she was being playful. Aria grinned. Time to pay back the tease. “Christabella, I dare you to take off those pretty pink panties of yours. I think I’d like them now.” Edgar began “Isn’t that a bit-” but was interrupted by his girlfriend. “That’s the game, babe. Looks like the newbie is catching on.” She stood up, started to unbutton her pants… and turned to walk toward the closet. “But she still has a lot to learn. She never specified that I had to take them off HERE.” Entering the closet, she shut the door, shuffled out of her pants and underwear, and walked out with her pants back on but her panties in hand. She tossed them at Aria, who reflexively caught them. “Enjoy, but if I don’t get those back, remember that I know where you live, Panty-snatcher.”

Aria grinned and waved her prize in the air as Christabella moved toward the hat and drew another name. “And the winner is… Mr. Holden.” She pointed to Cooper, who kept on smiling. “Uh-oh. I’m in for it now.” He said nonchalantly. “Damned right you are.” Christabella shot back. “And because of your cocky attitude, I’m not gonna go easy on you either.” He clasped his hands to his face in feigned fear. “Well, you can’t luck out forever. Shoot to kill, Chrissy.” “With pleasure.” She responded, making a gun with her finger and pointing it toward him. “Since I’m about to gag on that cloud of body spray, hows about… I dare you to go take a shower upstairs… and leave your clothes up there when you come back down.” She made a ‘pew’ noise, then blew on the end of her ‘gun’ before ‘holstering’ it in her pocket. “Wow.” Violet said, wide eyed with approval. “Not pulling any punches tonight, eh? Looks like this game is about to get really interesting.” Jet added. Cooper stood up, said nothing, and started for the door. At first, it seemed as if he was going to give up and leave, until he muttered “Eh, I needed to piss anyway. Might as well shower while I’m at it.”

Once he left the basement, the room grew silent for a few minutes until the sound of running water could be heard upstairs. “Damn, he’s really doing it.” Jet muttered. Christabella grinned, and Aria and Violet praised Christabella’s good idea. “I’ve always been curious about what he might be packing. I have my suspicions that he might be pretty well hung.” Violet added. “What the fuck, Violet?” Aria giggled. “Why?” “All that confidence has to come from somewhere.” She shrugged. Edgar looked at Christabella with a forlorn look. “I was not really interested in seeing another guy’s junk today.” Christabella waved her hand dismissively. “Then don’t look.” Edgar let out a sigh of exasperation. Jet rubbed his hands together expectantly as the sound of running water was finally silenced. “Happy birthday to me.” he said cheerily to himself. Aria rolled her eyes. “It’s funny and all, but Edgar and Ankara bayan escort I are gonna have to be compensated with some female nudity if we’re gonna have dicks waving around all night, right Edgar?” Despite her words and her actual lack of interest in men sexually, Aria had to admit to herself that she was at least curious. That’s why, when the basement door opened, her head shot to the doorway along with everyone but Edgar, whose hands shot over his eyes as he groaned in discomfort. Cooper stepped in to the basement, still shimmering wet, and totally naked… except for a towel around his waist. Violet immediately gave him a thumbs down, adding “Boo!” Christabella and Jet were likewise displeased. “Hey,” he explained. “She said herself that you have to be specific. She never said I couldn’t cover up. She just said I had to leave my clothes upstairs. I assure you, its all birthday suit under this thing.” Edgar finally looked, breathing a sigh of relief.

Cooper sauntered over to the hat, reached inside, and unceremoniously stated “Jet, looks like that luck ran out.” Jet smiled and gave a ‘bring it on’ motion. “Now, now… what to dare the guy with no shame…” He began to think, and then continued. “How about… I dare you to go change into Christabella’s panties, and nothing else.” Christabella and Aria frowned, but Violet seemed quite pleased. “He’s gonna stretch ’em.” Christabella complained. “Damned right I am.” Jet said, high fiving Cooper. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you money for a new pair.” He added. “A dare is a dare.” Violet stated through a devilish grin. Christabella relented, saying “Fine.” Aria tossed the panties to Jet, and he took his turn rumbling around in the closet. When he came back out, he sure enough was out of his shoes and socks, pants, and shirt, and was sporting the panties with pride, which barely seemed able to contain him, bulging severely in the front and exposing the top portion of a blonde bush of pubic hair. “Oh come on, man!” Edgar exclaimed, turning away. The rest of the room fell into rambunctious glee, as Violet whistled and jeered, and even Aria and Christabella had to smile. “Okay, so they suit you.” Christabella added playfully.

Jet made his way to the hat, making sure to pass uncomfortably close to Edgar, and bent fully over to pick out the name, so that his ass was pronounced. “You asshole.” Edgar grumbled, scooting back a bit. Jet held up the slip, calling “Aria… looks like it’s you again.” Aria pointed at Violet. “Violet hasn’t even been dared once yet. Shouldn’t it be her turn?” Jet waved his finger as if he were chastising a child. “Not how the game works, dear. Now suffer with honor, won’t you?” Aria mumbled irritably, but relented. “Fine. But knowing you, I’m not too happy about this.” Jet chuckled. “Oh, dear. You know me all too well. Aria, I dare you to take off your shirt and bra for the remainder of the game.” Aria scoffed. “No fuckin’ way, you perv.” Jet made a tsk tsk sound, waggling his finger again. “Again, not how the game works.” Aria stuck up her nose, standing her ground. “Not a chance. I’m not gonna show my tits to a room full of people.” Now it was Cooper who spoke. “Dude, I’m in nothing but a freakin’ towel.”

Edgar spoke up next. “Look, guys, she doesn’t want to.” Aria was relieved to see at least one person come to her defense. “And she doesn’t have to.” Violet started. “She can always back out of the game. I think that should be the rule. Anyone can back out at any time, but they have to leave the room if they do, and they can’t come back until the game is over.” Jet looked at Aria expectantly. “So I guess this is a literal ‘Tits or GTFO’ sort of situation.” Christabella reached over and put her hands on Aria’s shoulder. “It’s your choice, girl, but trust me, this game is just gonna keep getting better. You do not want to miss out.” Aria was conflicted. Honestly, as rowdy as the group was, she did trust everyone for the most part, and she knew that with Christabella and Edgar there, she was sure to be safe. On the other hand, she was really self-conscious about her small chest, and if anyone made a snide comment, she might lose it. Finally, after a moment of conflict, she reached down, lifting up her shirt, and pulling it away to reveal her athletic physique and plain black bra. No one said anything, just waiting expectantly, so a few pounding heartbeats later, she unlatched her bra and let it slide down her arms to the floor in front of her. Much to her horror, her nipples were fully erect, which only made her blush deepen. She covered up with one arm fairly quickly, trying not to look anyone in the eye. “Nice.” Jet commented, nodding in approval. “Glad to see you still in the game. You’re up.”

As she reached out to grab a name from the hat, she couldn’t help but look to the others for their reactions. Much to her surprise and… oddly enough her pride… she could tell that each of the three boys were getting excited at the sight of her. Jet’s bulge had swelled, and he kept having to re-adjust to avoid having a malfunction with the skimpy panties. Cooper was all but pitching a tent in his towel, and Edgar had his eyes closed and was kneeling in such a way that she could tell he was attempting to ‘center’ himself and use some kind of meditation or whatnot to keep himself in check. He really was too nice of a guy. It was a shame she couldn’t have made it work with him, but hey, her attraction to women gave Christabella a shot at him at least. Without further ado, she lifted the next name from the hat… and blushed again. “Edgar. Sorry dude.”

Edgar snapped out of his focus, and looked truly pitiable. Aria responded with a look of apology. “Seriously, is Violet’s name even in there? Can somebody check?” Edgar pleaded. “It’s in there. You’re just trying to worm your way out of another dare, but it isn’t gonna work.” Jet checked the hat, and sure enough, Violet’s name was on the third slip he checked. “Yeah, she’s in there. She’s just a lucky bitch is all. Maybe Christabella’s working some voodoo shit on her or something.” Violet grinned in victory. “Go on, Aria.” she goaded. Aria sighed and continued. “Edgar, I dare you to lose your pants. That’s the best I can do for ya, buddy.” Edgar nodded in acceptance, and stood, undoing his belt and dropping his pants, revealing a pair of grey boxer briefs, well filled in the front. It looked like Jet might die of joy on the spot, and Violet took a good hard look herself. Cooper grinned and nodded in approval, his ‘tent’ growing a little taller as well. “Take a picture ladies and gentlemen, because at the end of the game, all of this is all mine again.” Christabella added, motioning over him as if he were a game show prize. Edgar said nothing and kneeled down again, reaching for his slip.

For the first time in the entire game, Edgar smiled and let out a chuckle. “Justice, thy name is Dares in a Hat.” He said, waving the slip toward Violet. “Time to pay the piper, Violet. Normally I’d be the nice one and give you something productive like ‘I dare you not to smoke for the rest of the game.’, but considering what Aria and I have been put through and the fact that you’ve just been able to sit and enjoy it all means I need to make this worthwhile. Who knows if your name is gonna come out of that thing again.” Violet yawned. “Wordy as ever, Edgar. Give up on the speech and give me what you’ve got. Out of this whole room, I’ve got to do your dare. That’s as easy as getting off gets.” At that moment, a look came over Edgar that seemed wildly out of character… to everyone except Christabella and Aria. A mischievous grin played across his face, and the whole room focused in. “Funny you should mention getting off, Violet. I’m going to let you keep your clothes on, but I’ve heard from your pals about what you keep in that purse of yours. I dare you to take it out, turn it on, and keep it between your thighs and against your crotch until you get dared again.”

All three of the girls looked totally shocked. Christabella and Aria had seen this side of Edgar (the former more often than the latter) in the privacy of the bedroom, but never in such a public setting. The two looked at each other, smiled widely, and looked to Violet, who seemed to still be trying to process what he had said. Cooper and Jet leaned in, wondering what was in Violet’s purse, though they had a pretty good idea. They were proven correct a few moments later when Violet closed her mouth, reached into her purse, and produced a small pink vibrator. Edgar looked fairly pleased with himself as she turned the knob at the end, placed it between her legs, and closed her thighs to keep it in place. Now Jet and Cooper turned to Edgar with looks of approval. “Perhaps we underestimated you.” Jet admitted. “So he’s more than a Greek statue after all.” Cooper added.

Violet reached quickly into the hat, pulling out a name, and stating (somewhat shakily) “Cooper.” She dropped the name back in, straightening up and trying to maintain a poker face. “I dare you… to drop the towel. You-… You’re practically showing it off already.” Cooper grinned. “You okay there Violet?” “I’m fine.” she snapped. “Really? Cuz your voice sounds a little shaky.” Everyone chuckled. “Stop stalling, asshat. Show us the goods or… back out.” Along with her words came a faint and persistent buzzing sound. Cooper just kept smiling, and stood up. The towel wasn’t leaving much to the imagination anymore. “I saw this one coming. Oh well.” And with that, the towel dropped, showing off his fully erect cock, glistening at the tip with precum. It really was fairly well sized, and everyone but Edgar focused in on it for a moment before he sat back down. Christabella, Violet, and Jet all seemed quite pleased, and Aria just stared blankly at it with curiosity. After a moment, Violet shuddered, almost barking out “C’mon Cooper, draw a damned name.” Cooper took on a sly look, jeering “Oh! I nearly forgot. Wouldn’t want to draw out your torment, right?”

By now the group was looking pretty well compromised. Cooper was buck naked. Jet was in nothing but panties which by now were hardly accomplishing any manner of coverage, with the head of his cock peeking out of the top and the rest perfectly outlined in the satiny fabric. Edgar was stripped to his boxer-briefs, which as previously mentioned showed his general endowment pretty clearly, and Aria was shirtless. The only two with their clothes on were Christabella and Violet, and the former was going commando while the latter held a vibrator between her legs. The game had gotten interesting indeed. Cooper leaned forward, going on all fours and arching his ass into the air towards Jet, which prompted another twitch in his (or rather Christabella’s) panties. His cock bounced lightly under his belly as he reached for the hat and pulled out a new name. “Jet Soshi, ol’ buddy. You’re up.”

Jet looked down at his current circumstance, stating “Well, at this point I’m willing to bet that it can’t be very tame.” Cooper just smiled. “I dare you to take off those ridiculous panties and stroke your cock for two minutes.” Jet started to stand, and Cooper added “And I mean here in this room, in front of everyone, before you get any ideas.” Edgar turned his face toward the ladies, holding up a hand to block out the ever growing number of exposed cocks in the room. Jet happily obliged, stepping out of the panties and flicking them back at Christabella, his dick bouncing once before he took it in his hand and sat back down. “Two minutes?” Jet asked. “Two minutes.” Cooper confirmed, setting the timer.

Jet leaned back, acutely aware that all eyes (save for Edgar’s) were squarely on his cock. This only served to make him further erect, and much to the ladies’ delight, he was almost a solid inch longer than Cooper, who was no slouch by any means. Even Aria seemed impressed, though admittedly less entranced than the other two. He took his time at first, gripping his foreskin and sliding it back to expose the tip, then using it to rub back and forth. “Dude, I never knew you weren’t cut…” Christabella said, leaning closer to inspect. “You can get as close as you want, Chrissy.” He said with a wink, stroking gradually faster. “Watch it man.” Edgar warned, shooting him a quick intimidating look before nervously averting his eyes from the scene once more. Christabella clenched her fist against the floor and bit her lip, and Aria knew that if she hadn’t been in a relationship with Edgar, she might have taken that offer into consideration. It looked as though Violet was considering it herself, and Cooper for that matter. Jet tilted his head back with a low groan, stroking ever faster until… “Uh… time.” Cooper stated, looking a little out of it for a moment.

Jet grinned, taking a bow. “I hope you all enjoyed the show.” he teased. “Encore!” Violet called, cupping her hands over her mouth, jolting a bit just after doing so. “Fuck. Later. Encore later. Just draw my name out of that f-freaking thing.” Jet obeyed, but not to the result she had hoped. As he drew out the next name, he beckoned to Cooper. “And straight back to you. Payback is a bitch, huh?” Cooper stared Jet down defiantly, dropping his gaze to Jet’s crotch for just a moment then back to his eyes. “I guess we’ll see.” Jet’s smile twitched mischievously. “You’ll do more than see, Coop. I dare you to finish what you started. Make me cum.” “Oh shit.” Christabella chimed with glee, drawing even closer to watch. Violet seemed to be torn between pleasure and aggravation, biting her lip as the buzzing continued. “God damn it…” Edgar commented, having taken to staring at the floor.

“I guess I deserve that.” Cooper said passively, moving over on hands and knees before kneeling in front of Jet. Jet held out a hand to give him pause, moving to retrieve the chair he had sat in earlier, placing it in front of Cooper and taking a seat. “That should make it easier for you.” Cooper snickered. “Gee, how thoughtful.” he said, rolling his eyes. “I’m a giver.” Jet added sarcastically. After a moment of hesitation, Cooper overcame his self-consciousness and took Jet’s member in his hand, pulling down his foreskin to reveal the sensitive head, tipped with a bead of precum. Tentatively, Cooper dipped his head over Jet’s lap, sticking out his tongue to graze the tip, lapping up the pearl left from Jet’s previous self-attention. This action seemed to arouse Jet further, and he ran his hand over the back of Cooper’s head, lacing his fingers through the boy’s hair. This likewise emboldened Cooper, who finally bobbed his head down, taking Jet’s shaft into his mouth with impressive depth. Jet let out an accidental moan, and Cooper proceeded on, bobbing and stroking, licking and caressing. It was obvious that he had done this before, and even Jet (whose reputation for being promiscuous was well known) had trouble hiding his reactions, especially as Cooper used his Escort bayan Ankara free hand to lightly caress Jet’s balls.

Violet had closed her eyes to try to block out the sensations of the vibrator, and was biting her lip in concentration, seemingly having little luck as she would occasionally twitch suddenly or shudder lightly. Christabella had begun to slip her hand between her legs, unconsciously rubbing herself through her jeans, seemingly unaware of anything but the pair of boys. This in turn made Aria feel herself growing warmer, and she had to resist doing the same. Jet began to mutter praises to Cooper in a barely audible voice, punctuated with the occasional moan or breathy “Fuck.” Finally, Cooper pulled the cock from his mouth and pumped his hand rhythmically, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. Unable to hold out any longer, Jet let loose a rope of cum which hit just to the side of Cooper’s nose, trailing into his open mouth. Finishing the job, Cooper swallowed, licking clean the remaining semen from Jet’s still throbbing shaft, and wiped off his cheek, licking his fingers. Then, as if nothing had happened, and with Jet still panting, he moved to the hat and drew a name.

“Edgar,” Cooper said breathily. “I dare you… to have to watch every dare from now on. If you look away, you have to join in.” Edgar shot up a death glare to Cooper, who smiled in response. “Don’t knock it till you try it. You never know what you might like.” Edgar scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself. I know what I’m about. And I might not like it, but I’ve handled worse circumstances. Don’t get any ideas about trapping me into your sex acts, Cooper. My willpower is solid.” Cooper shook his head. “I’m going easy on you, idiot. I could just dare you to do something with us. I just thought it would be more fun if I got you to do it yourself.” This shut Edgar up, and he opted to draw a name rather than continue that train of thought. “Aria.” He read, and Aria snapped to attention. Just a moment ago, Christabella had seemed to realize what she had been doing, and looked up to see Aria ogling her. Aria had frozen like a deer in the headlights until she was spoken to. “Uh, what?” She asked, unsure if Edgar had said anything more.

Edgar looked like he was in contemplation, before he looked over to Violet, now loosing the occasional unintentional impassioned sigh as she tried desperately to contain her displays of arousal. “I guess since I’m in this deep already I might as well start stepping up my game, but I hate to start that with you, since you let me off easy earlier. So you get a choice. I dare you to either take off the rest of your clothes and stop covering your breasts… or you can spare Violet however many turns she’ll have to wait to stop by finishing her off yourself.” Christabella got wide eyed, her mouth formed into an ‘o’. “Damn baby, keep that shit coming.” she praised. Aria looked to Violet, who seemed beyond the point of protest, and then back up to Edgar uncertainly. She still had some serious reservations about stripping nude in front of her friends, but then again, was getting Violet off any less embarrassing? The only things she knew for sure were that she couldn’t back out now, with how… interesting things were getting, and that either way, she would have to nut up and just pick, because it was likely only going to get more intense from here on. That was the price of admission. She looked up at Violet and made a split decision. “You’re welcome.” she said, pulling the vibrator out from between her legs.

Violet breathed a sigh of relief, then seemed to become lucid for a moment as she realized what was coming next. However, she came to acceptance fairly quickly, just saying “Thanks, pal.” and pulling back her skirt, revealing a pair of scarlet red panties, soaked from her ‘punishment’. Aria moved to sit behind Violet, letting her lay back against her as a brace, as Violet positioned herself at a kneel, spreading her legs a bit to allow easier access. Aria slipped her right hand around her belly and into the hem of her panties, her left hand moving to cup Violet’s breast. She slid her right hand further, slipping a finger along Violet’s crease, surprised at how warm and moist she had already become. She appeared to be incredibly sensitive now, courtesy of the extended vibrations, and she was putty in Aria’s hand as she deftly slid and caressed Violet’s pussy under her panties, but otherwise in plain view of the others. Violet breathed heavily, goading her on in whispered breaths. Aria’s pace quickened, occasionally stopping to tease her clit or slip a finger or two inside her opening. Violet grew more and more vocal, panting and begging, which caused Aria to proceed with added fervor. “Yes… oh god, right there…” Violet praised. “Oh fuck, I’m almost there…” Aria reflexively teased her breast through her shirt and kissed along her neck seductively. Then, just as the breath hit Violet’s ear as Aria moved in to lightly nibble it, Violet thrust her hips and moaned, further soaking the front of her panties. Aria drew back her hands, licking her fingers clean as Violet breathed “Holy fuck, Aria.”

Aria, keeping her breasts exposed, walked proudly to the hat, reached in, and pulled the next name. She smiled, eyes drifting from the paper to Edgar. “Again?” He asked, but Aria shook her head. “Nope. But I get to repay your kindness.” She stated. “Christabella, I dare you to take off your pants and let Edgar fuck you until he cums.” Both Edgar and Christabella looked surprised, but not displeased. “Aria, I take it back. You do know how to play this game.” Christabella said, turning her back to the group as she stood, pulling down her pants to reveal her bare ass. Jet and Cooper cheered with approval, and Violet looked to Edgar’s crotch expectantly, absently stroking herself over her panties. Surely enough, Christabella bent over, pushing her ass and pussy into full view of the room, and yanked Edgar’s boxer-briefs down in one swift motion. “Really?” Edgar asked her, as if for her approval. She pulled his underwear off the rest of the way and tossed them with abandon behind her, leaning in to his ear and whispering “Oh yeah. I’ve always wanted to do this.” Edgar’s cock stiffened as she spoke, and she traced kisses down his neck to his chest, then started to suck him off while she slipped her hand to her own slit, teasing herself as she worked. It seemed as though she was intentionally pointing her pussy straight at Aria as she did this, even spreading her lips for a better view.

After she had the two of them prepared, she straddled him, pushing him to lay on his back on the floor. Aria noticed that both Jet and Cooper had joined Violet in pleasuring themselves to the sight, stroking their cocks rhythmically. Suddenly Aria wished she had opted to undress instead of pleasuring Violet, so that she could do the same. Christabella took Edgar’s shaft in one hand, balancing herself with the other. Slowly she descended onto his cock, slipping it with ease into her wet slit. Both of the couple let out a gasp of pleasure, and Christabella went straight to work pumping herself up and down, swallowing her boyfriend’s length inside of her. Edgar’s hands went to her waist, helping her keep motion and thrusting himself deeper inside. They both stared intensely into each others eyes, as if challenging each other. As the moments passed, they got faster and more intense, and Christabella drug her nails down Edgar’s chest with enough pressure to leave long scratch marks. This seemed to trigger something in Edgar, and he grabbed her wrist, forcefully yanking her off of him and throwing her to the ground. At first the room was in shock, as everyone thought they were witnessing some kind of abuse, but as he set her to her knees and pulled her arms behind her back, slipping back inside of her from behind, her face was showing pure pleasure. This sent a ripple of arousal through Aria, and suddenly she had a powerful need to be pleasured with the same intensity. With a guttural growl and a powerful thrust, Edgar climaxed, pulling out just in time for his seed to cascade onto Christabella’s lower back, coating it and spattering the back of her shirt. She huffed and shook, clenching the carpet in her fingers, shuddering before rolling over to look at him with eyes full with satisfaction.

“Shit.” Jet muttered, grinning ear to ear. “We need to play this game more often.” Violet ran a hand through her hair, brushing it back behind her ear. “Hell yeah we do.” Christabella leaned up, kissing Edgar deeply before moving him aside and heading for the hat. “Game’s not over yet, boys and girls.” She said, grabbing a slip and still breathing heavily. “Cooper… Hmm…” She got a sly look in her eye. “I dare you not to touch yourself unless someone gives you permission for the rest of the game.” Cooper’s joy deflated, and he squinted at her sourly. “Oh, you bitch.” He hissed. “Fine. But I’ll remember that.” Jet chuckled, lightly stroking his cock. “Sucks, bro.” “Fuck you, dude.” he grumbled, reaching into the hat. “Okay, I can work with this.” he beckoned to Violet. “Violet… I dare you to strip down and blow me.” He grinned. “If I can’t do it, I’ll have someone else do better.” Violet, no longer looking reluctant, actually smiled at the idea. “Sure.” She said, standing up and beginning to undress slowly. First she shrugged off her jacket, then her shoes and socks, before seductively pulling off her shirt, revealing a very ornate and likely expensive scarlet lace bra. She pulled off her skirt, then sauntered in her bra and panties toward Cooper, who grinned ever wider as she drew closer. Reaching behind her back, she unlatched her bra, but let it dangle on her shoulders, not yet allowing it to drop. She slipped her fingers under the waist of her panties and lowered them ever-so-slightly, showing just the top of her patch of groomed pubic hair. Just as it seemed she was going to lay everything bare, she pulled them back, opting instead to shrug off her bra, letting her D-cup breasts spill out into the open air, her dark areolas framing her perked nipples. Only then did she lower her panties, showing her body completely. She may have been a bit on the bigger side, but nobody could contest why she was so popular with men. She was actually pretty gorgeous.

Cooper leaned back and spread his legs to grant her access, but before she proceeded, she made sure to tease him a bit, sliding her hand to her pussy and rubbing it oh-so-gently, spreading herself seductively and licking her finger. Once he was well and truly engaged, standing at full attention, she dropped to her knees, then laid on her stomach between his legs, holding his cock playfully, looking him straight in the eyes. “Oh come on… you’re killing me.” He begged, and finally she let her tongue glide over the underside of his shaft, teasing the spot just under the tip before taking him fully into her mouth. Her tongue worked skillfully around his dick, making his eyes roll back for a moment, but every time he seemed like he was nearing climax, she would slow or stop, looking into his eyes seductively. “She’s fucking playing with him.” Christabella whispered gleefully into Aria’s ear, and Aria grinned. “You can play with my ass if you want.” Violet cooed, and without hesitation, Cooper did just that, grabbing a handful and pulling to expose her all the more to those witnessing from behind her. He gave it a solid slap, and she let out a playful moan, stroking his cock which was well-lubed with her saliva. “You wanna cum, baby?” She uttered, biting her lip. “Yeah…” he groaned, obviously close to finishing. “You really wanna cum?” He could hardly respond, but managed to repeat “Fuck… yeah…” She stopped, letting go of his cock, kissing the tip and winking. “Then you should have been more specific.” Aria covered her mouth to stifle her laughter, but let out a snort regardless. Cooper was left stunned. Violet high-fived Christabella, and pulled a new name from the hat.

Violet grabbed the hat, gave it a playful shake, and pulled out the name of the next victim. “Oooh… Aria again.” She declared happily. “I dare you to strip down to nothing and masturbate while someone films it.” Jet called “I’ll do it!” fumbling for the phone in his discarded pants pocket. “I’m not done!” Violet interjected. “Aria gets to choose who. And she can do it in private if she wants, just her and them.” Violet winked at Aria. “As thanks.” Aria was relieved that she had some options, but the thought of being filmed doing something so intimate… Before she had time to think about it, she blurted “Christabella. I want Christabella to do it.” Violet smiled knowingly. Edgar had a strange look on his face, like a mix of relief, curiosity, and worry. Honestly, it was strange enough that Aria had to stop herself from smiling when she saw him. Still, she hoped that this didn’t make things weird between them. Christabella excitedly grabbed her phone and stood, still clothed only from the waist up, and grabbed Aria by the arm as Jet and Cooper mumbled complaints under their breath, knowing that no one would back them up. Christabella simply asked “Where?” Aria blushed. “Uh… anywhere upstairs I guess. As long as no-one can see inside.” Christabella nodded, pulling her up the stairs and leading her to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind them, Christabella pointed to the shower, still wet from Cooper’s shower. “Strip down and sit on the little bench in there.” Aria exhaled. Slowly she took off her pants, standing for a moment awkwardly in just her panties. “Been a while.” Christabella remarked, looking her over. Aria blushed deeper, sliding out of her panties and sitting in the shower. Christabella aimed her phone, smiling. “Shame I can’t help you anymore, but…” She slid her back down the door until she sat against it. “I can give you some material.” she teased, pulling up the bottom of her shirt and her bra to reveal her breasts, sliding her free hand to pinch and tease her nipples before rubbing her exposed pussy slowly, obviously more for Aria’s benefit than her own. Aria, blown away by the view and the circumstance, had to catch her breath, sliding her own hand to her slit and massaging herself almost automatically. “Recording in 3… 2… 1…” Christabella counted, pressing the record button after she hit one. As she did so, Aria saw her slide her finger inside herself.

Now aware that she was actually being filmed, she forced herself to continue, trying to ignore the phone by closing her eyes, but couldn’t bear to miss her own show. She found herself entranced by the scene, slowly beginning to disregard the camera and rock her hips against her hand. The more intensely she pleasured herself, the more of a show Christabella gave, teasing her clit, rubbing her nipples, squeezing her breasts, and slipping in one… two… three fingers. All of this was off-camera Bayan escort Ankara of course, and the idea that this was her own personal viewing made Aria more and more ravenous until Christabella’s words put her over the edge. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself.” Christabella teased. “Yes…” Aria responded. “You like being watched?” She continued. “Mmm… yes…” Christabella licked her lips. “Does it make you want to cum for your audience?” Aria rocked even harder, then pulled out her fingers and started rubbing her clit wildly, desperately needing to release all the sexual frustration built up over the game. “Ohhh… fuck, yes… Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” She cried, and with just another moment she was rocked by one of the most powerful, pulsing orgasms she had ever given herself. Her back arched and she had to grip the seat to stop herself from falling. To her surprise, the climax was so intense that she actually felt herself squirt, not once, but twice. “Oh, fun!” Christabella teased. “Good thing I picked the shower.” With those words, she stopped the recording and pocketed her phone, a satisfied look glued on her face. She kicked Aria’s clothes over by Cooper’s, fixed her bra and shirt, and waited for Aria to compose herself enough to walk. “That-” she added “was very fun.”

Making their way through the house back to the basement stairs, Aria thought for the twentieth or so time about asking Christabella why she was with Edgar when they so obviously had sexual chemistry, but just as always she held her tongue. She could never hurt Edgar like that, especially after leaving him herself. They really were happy together, and she didn’t have it in her to break them up. Not to mention, she had no way of knowing if Christabella felt the same way, or if she just saw Aria as an ex-friend with benefits. She unwittingly let out a heavy sigh as she started down the stairs, and Christabella turned. “Nervous about going down naked?” She asked, and suddenly Aria became self-aware, realizing that her friends were no more than ten feet away around the corner, and her full body was laid bare. She had never been so vulnerable in her life, and she froze. Christabella looked as though she was caught between amusement and pity, and after a moment shrugged and began to remove the rest of her clothes. “What are you…?” Aria queried, and Christabella, never one to wait for a full question before answering, responded “I’ll go down naked with you. That way you’ll feel more secure, and they won’t just be looking at you.” She smiled caringly at Aria, then back to the door. “Well c’mon. If we leave them alone too long, they’ll probably all start fucking each other and Edgar will flip his shit.” Aria nodded, and the both of them walked out, buck naked, into the room.

Edgar looked shocked as they entered, but Christabella explained. “Don’t worry your beautiful head, babe. I just took it off like 2 seconds ago. I figured everyone else was letting it all hang out, and I was halfway there already, so whatever.” Jet clapped. “Two for the price of one! So do we get to watch it now, or…” Violet cut him off. “That wasn’t part of the dare.” “How do we know they even did it?” Cooper asked. Christabella pulled out her phone, pulling up the video and turning it to Violet. For a moment, Aria’s faint moan could be heard, then the audio stopped. Violet smiled. “Good enough for me.” Cooper looked at Edgar next. “What about him? He was supposed to watch each dare, or else he had to participate. He didn’t do either.” Violet shook her head. “I said they could do it in private.” Cooper continued to insist. “But there’s a video, right? He could watch that.” Jet looked a bit uneasy, like he knew there would be a fight if this continued. “Guys, just chill…” he muttered. Sure enough, Violet looked like she was about to tear into him when Aria’s voice cut through the tension so swiftly it seemed to diffuse the situation. “He can watch.” Everyone looked to her with surprise. “Everyone can watch. I don’t care.” Now even Aria was in shock. She didn’t know why she said that, but much to her confusion and surprise, it was actually true. Something clicked, and it was as if her shyness disappeared completely. Christabella looked at her, impressed. “Really? You don’t have to. You already did the dare.” Aria maintained her stance. “Sure, why not? I’m already naked, so fuck it. Let the pervs get their show.” Cooper looked totally disarmed, and oddly enough, approving. Not approving of the idea that he could watch the video, but approving of the fact that she was willing to let everyone see it. Like he was proud of her or something.

After a minute of everyone taking in what had happened, Edgar said “I’ll let you have whatever privacy you can muster at this point. I’m not that kind of guy.” Cooper shrugged. “Whatever. Guess you guys can do what you want. It’s just a game.” Jet looked to the other two, then spoke. “Hell, I’m that kind of guy. If you guys aren’t gonna check this out, I sure as hell will.” Violet concurred. “I’m up for the entertainment, if you’re still good with it.” Aria nodded, and Christabella handed the phone to Violet. Jet rushed over to check it out, and the sounds of Aria’s pleasure once more rose up, along with the quieted voice of Christabella. Christabella whispered “Never knew you wanted to be a porn star.” Aria smiled. “I’m discovering a lot of things tonight.” Christabella smiled and sat down next to Edgar, and as the video was ending, Aria moved to draw a name from the hat. Jet stroked himself a few times and gave Aria a look of approval. “If you ever want to make some more movies, give me a call.” Aria, still holding the slip, shook her head. “Sorry, bro. I’m not looking to get what you’ve got.” He shrugged, sitting back down, running his eyes over her body. “Cooper’s turn again. You sure you don’t wanna back out Coop? You’ve had some rough rounds.” Cooper looked unfazed. “Just go for it.” She smiled. “Okay. I dare you to let Jet fuck you. My apologies to Edgar, but I’ve always wanted to see two guys get it on.” Edgar did look put out, but said nothing. “And by my grace… you can touch yourself while he does it.”

Cooper looked to Jet, seemingly unopposed. “Dare’s a dare.” Jet grinned. “Got any lube in that purse, Violet?” he asked, mostly out of jest. Violet, on the other hand, just reached into her purse and tossed him a bottle. “You fucking slut.” Christabella teased. She just shrugged and said “Shut up, the show’s about to start.” Cooper and Jet stared at each other intently as Jet drizzled lube into his palm and stroked his cock, causing it to glisten in the light of the room. Without breaking his challenging stare, Cooper asked “So how are we-” But Jet moved in, pushing his back to the ground and pressing in for a forceful kiss. Edgar, much to Aria’s surprise, maintained a reluctant gaze toward the pair. Taking his lubed hand, Jet stroked Cooper’s shaft, swirling his palm over the tip with practiced dexterity. Cooper moaned lowly, muffled by the kiss, and jolted a bit as Jet pressed one lubricated finger into his ass, pushing it in rhythmically as his dick slid across his friend’s belly, bumping into his own cock, which stood fully erect. Aria was entranced with glee, and the other two girls watched with lust as Edgar dutifully looked on, obviously displeased. Soon, one finger turned to two, then three… all while Jet made out with the boy fiercely, grinding on him from above. He leaned in, whispering in Cooper’s ear, saying “You’re gonna love this.” then backed to a kneel, lining up his cock to Cooper’s opening, playfully prodding it until… “Ahhhh….” Cooper moaned, arching a bit as Jet’s cock slipped inside, slowly pressing further and further inward, until his balls rested against the boy’s ass, then slipping back and pushing in again, slowly but forcefully as Cooper’s hand went to his own cock, stroking in motion to the thrusts.

Edgar, by now having gone totally soft, at least seemed to be getting desensitized to the scene, and just seemed to be waiting for it to end. The girls, however, couldn’t take their eyes off of them. Christabella and Violet massaged their bodies at the scene, and Aria looked in awe as if she were watching an exciting movie. As Jet’s speed climbed, so too did Cooper’s pants get louder, and his hand moved more rapidly, his body rocking with the passionate throws. Suddenly, Jet threw Cooper’s legs over his shoulders, hiking up his ass and pushing himself further in and with more intensity. A few more moments of this, and Jet groaned, cock twitching inside of Cooper as it blew a load inside of him, and as Cooper clenched around him, he himself finally reached the point of no return, casting his sperm all across his own torso, a bit even hitting him in the chin. The two stayed like this for a moment, before leaning close and making out passionately for a couple moments, then parting, Jet’s cock slipping out and waving about before slapping down onto his stomach, dripping the last bits of cum onto his belly button as he rolled to his back and breathed heavily on the floor.

“This is so much fucking better than pay-per-view.” Christabella announced. “I second that.” Jet huffed, panting on the ground through a grin. “If I’m sore tomorrow, all of you are on my shit list.” Cooper warned, eyes closed and breathing heavily. “If you aren’t, I didn’t do it right.” Jet bragged. “I don’t know how I got myself into this mess, but that shit is still burned into my corneas. You guys are assholes.” Edgar lamented. “I’ll make it up to you, baby.” Christabella said with a wink. “Since you’ve been so nice to me tonight, letting me play this game…” She reached down, fondling his soft cock gently. “Tomorrow night, I’ll play whatever… games… you want me to.” Cooper pulled himself up, reached for the hat, and pulled out a piece of paper. “Looks like right now though… you’re playing whatever game I want you to.” he taunted. “And I dare you to let Aria eat you out.” Christabella looked up to Edgar, who after just a moment nodded in allowance. “Not ideal…” he mumbled. “But I trust you… and it might get that last dare out of my head.” She smiled and looked at Aria with come-hither eyes, positioning herself in front of Edgar, legs spread out invitingly toward Aria. “Enjoy the show babe. I’ll be sure to make it fun for you too.” She reached back behind her, teasing his cock.

Aria moved in, having decided to submit fully to the game. Not that she would have been upset about this particular dare. She got on all fours, grinning seductively, and began crawling toward Christabella, licking her lips. “It’s been a while. I could use the practice.” Christabella stared her down, smirking. “Practice away.” Jet and Cooper moved in for a better view, Violet lighting up another cigarette and smiling. Aria dipped her head to Christabella’s thigh, kissing it tenderly from just above the knee up to her hip. She traced her tongue around her pelvis, then lowered herself to lace it between Christabella’s folds, up and down, before tracing up the middle of her slit to circle her clit. Christabella used one hand to pleasure Edgar, lacing the other into Aria’s scarlet locks, bidding her deeper. Aria brought one hand back, massaging her already sensitive pussy, giving quite a show to those watching behind. She lightly nipped the skin of Christabella’s vulva, just enough to get her to twitch with pleasure and bight her lip before working her tongue to tease the inner walls of her pussy, slipping two fingers into her own pussy as she did. Edgar began kissing down Christabella’s neck, massaging her breasts with both hands. Christabella threw her head back, her head swimming in ecstasy, pumping her hand over Edgar’s cock and letting out an impassioned “Yes…. mmmmm…. Oh, right there…. Fuck, your tongue feels so good.”

Aria’s tongue twisted and darted, her mouth slick with saliva and Christabella’s juices. Her fingers danced over her own clit, bringing her close to climax for a second time. She felt a hand on her ass, squeezing and spreading her further, but she didn’t care. Not even as she felt the warmth of a tongue teasing her anus. It only drove her further into her passionate delve, her tongue lashing expertly until… “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Christabella cried out, gripping Aria’s hair so tightly she thought it was going to pull out, and pressing her face in and holding her as her body pulsed and rippled with pleasure, cumming as Edgar twisted her nipples lightly in his fingers. Her body shuddered twice more, all the while, Edgar teased her breasts and kissed her neck, and Aria ‘cleaned’ her with her tongue, mostly for her own pleasure. “Holy… fucking… shit.” Christabella huffed, leaning back to kiss Edgar passionately. Aria looked back, noting her mystery assistant as Violet, who winked before returning to her spot. Jet and Cooper seemed very pleased. After Christabella’s mouth was freed from Edgar’s, she gave Aria a playfully accusing glare. “You need practice my ass. You know EXACTLY what the fuck you’re doing.” Aria wiped her mouth, teasingly licking her fingers. “I learned from the best.” She retorted.

After Christabella regained herself enough to do so, she reached into the hat and pulled out Violet’s name. She turned to her, smiling, and started “Violet. I dare you-” “I quit.” Violet interrupted. “What?” Christabella asked, shocked that Violet of all people was backing out, before even hearing the dare. “Why?” Violet smiled. “You forget, Christabella, that the boys are probably pushed to their limits, and much more of this for any of us is gonna start getting uncomfortable, so I have a counter-proposition.” “To your own game?” Aria laughed, wiping her chin of Christabella’s juices. “I didn’t know it would go this far.” Violet admitted. “But now that it has…” She looked across the room, admiring the view. “I think that we’re past the point of needing dares to satisfy our curiosities. I propose we make this a more regular circumstance.” Jet raised an eyebrow. “How do you mean?” He asked. Violet grinned. “I mean that my parents leave town A LOT. We have a bunch of rooms we never use, and I have places where I hide… things. I also have more money than I know what to do with, if I’m being honest. I say that whenever we want, we meet at my house, if my parents are out, and let ourselves experience whatever we feel like. No rules, except whatever rules we want to have, and no one has to do anything they want, unless they agree to do whatever we decide. I can even pick up some… accessories, if people are interested.”

Cooper grinned. “Sounds like that could be fun.” Jet nodded. “More like the greatest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.” Aria, with her newfound confidence, also agreed. “I haven’t had this much fun, or felt this good in like… well… a really long time. I’m in.” Christabella and Edgar, looking at each other in wordless communication, finally looked back to the group. Christabella said nothing, just smiling. “We’re in too… We’ll see how it goes.” Violet stood, grinning in anticipation. “Looks like we’re just getting started.”

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