Dark Stag Ch. 11

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The golden skinned man continued to sit at the receptionist desk. He didn’t seem happy to have someone turning into the brothels. He continued to write, and sort through papers, growing more upset the further he went along. He paused before reaching for a pair of glasses. They were circular glasses, that added more symmetry to this already gorgeous, gorgeous face of his!

“I don’t need this right now…” He sighed, “MARDEE!”

A very large man came from the rear.

“Yes boss?” He asked.

“I have to go check in this new guy…” Devari, the golden skinned man, said back.

“Alright boss.” The large man said back, sitting at a chair behind the desk. Davari got up, rolling his eyes.

“Come on…” He said to me. I got up following.

He led me through a set of double doors, down a long warehouse corridor. He said nothing to me as he took me to a room, a room similar to a doctor’s office.

“Take off all your clothes.” He said.

“What?” I asked.

“Take off… your… clothes!” He demanded, not looking enthused at all. Nervous, I did so. I only was wearing tights and slippers anyway.

Devari looked at me, seemingly shocked by my body in its full glory. In all honesty, I felt so vulnerable. Those eyes he had showed such predatory intent. He then sighed, opening a drawer. He pulled out measuring tape and a clip board.

“Step up on the scale…” He said. I looked around for it, seeing the teetering scale in the rear, “GET ON THE SCALE!”

His impatience startled me! I did so, standing on the scale. He balanced it, gauging my weight, “One hundred eighty two pounds…” He said, extending out the height measurement, tool, “sixty nine, point… five inches,” He then grabbed my hand, pulling me off of the scale. He wrote down the measurements as he reached for the measuring tape.

He wrapped it around my chest.

“Forty five.” He said, moving it down to my waist, “twenty eight,” Then wrapping it around my hips, “forty two” He measured each of my thighs, “twenty six,” arms, “Fifteen…” He wrote it all down. He stared at it all, seemingly shocked! There was one box left unchecked. He slowly turned, looking at my penis. Those glaring eyes of his were so intense as we stared. His lip curled as though he didn’t approve of having to deal with my member. He sighed, going back into the drawer for gloves. My stomach began to twist into knots as I realized what was about to happen.

He gently grabbed my male parts, continuing to look at them intently. He bounced my testicals in his hands as though he were testing their weight. His look of reluctance gave way to confusion as he measured the length from the base of my scrotum to where my balls hang. He wrote it down before coming back to measure my penis.

“You’re well endowed…” He said. I said nothing, hating the way he touched me. It was so cold, robotic, industrious. He could hear the nervous breathing I was producing, looking up at my face, “You nervous?” I nodded, “Don’t be… You’ll get used to this all, very, very soon.”

That statement did not make me feel better! I didn’t want any of what was coming my way! This man already saw more of me than what I could ever wish and it was only going to get worse from this point on.

“Stay naked… I’ll be back.” He said. He left, the examining room becoming extremely quiet. Minutes later talking down the hall caught my attention.

“I swear I met him before…” Devari began.

“Maybe you have…” Someone else said.

“No, I would have remembered him! His stats… all perfect… The perfect body, perfect face, suple skin, perfect proportions…” Devari said back.

The door opened, Devari being followed by a man with a lab coat, slacks and polo shirt on. The man in the lab coat froze, staring at me up and down.

“Whoa…” He said softly.

“I told you.” Devari said, with an eyebrow curl. The man in the lab coat walked past me, over to the clipboard. He read my stats, looking back and forth between me and it.

“I can already tell you, he’s going to be high profile…” The doctor said.

“He seems… shy… I’m not sure yet.” Devari said back, staring at me intently.

“I’ll get him the vaccines he needs then he’ll be good to go. You hit the jackpot my friend!” The doctor said.

“Vaccines for what?” I asked. The doctor looked at me, shocked.

“He knows the tongue?” He asked.

“Look here,” Devari said, getting up with a warm smile, “Rule number one for working here. Don’t speak unless spoken too, alright?” He caressed my face, bringing his forehead to mine. I nodded. He nuzzled his nose against mine, smiling and chuckling.

I thought he was going to kiss me. It made my heart race with fear. I didn’t want to betray Richard even though I already did. I slept with Mercury which was a grave mistake. However, if it meant he would be wrapped around my finger then so be it. I needed his cooperation with all of this. Plus, I had to remember that Richard and I were NOT türkçe altyazılı porno together. Still I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing him wrong!

“Okay Mr. Perfect,” The doctor said, walking over to me with a number of syringes in a metal tray, “I’m going to give you two shots in each arm, and a shot in your tuckus…” I wanted to know why but the way Devari looked at me made me fear to even ask.

I received the shots. They all were painful, something I wasn’t used to. What in these brothels would make me need these vaccinations? On a second thought, maybe it was not worth knowing.

“What is your name?” Devari asked me.

“Summer…” I said back, not thinking much on it.

“Sure…” He smiled, “Let’s get you to your accommodations, Summer.” I nodded as he led me out of the examination room. We continued down a long corridor.

I took note of every door I could find, reading every label. We then entered the main warehouse space, where the ceiling was incredibly high. There were crates everywhere, crates that rose up to the ceiling. The warehouse had windows just beneath the ceiling going all the way around. There were also guards walking catwalks high above the base level.

As Devari lead me into the depths of this place, guards surround us. We reach the very center of the snaking paths where these large cages were. Inside them were people, all naked and looking quite rough! I scanned them all looking for my sister. She wasn’t one of them… It was disappointing. What if I joined the wrong brothel? What if she had been traded?

They stopped in front of an empty cell. A guard opened the door as a number of others shackled my feet and hands. They then pushed me in.

“Am I a prisoner?” I asked as the door closed. Devari smiled.

“Yes!” He said, leaving. As he did, the person in the cell next to mine walked over.

He was a gigantic Nok man, one who was incredibly tall, muscular and robust. Between his legs was a penis so large it made my stomach hurt just staring at it! It slowly began to rise as he stared at me. A thin smile spread across his face. He stayed staring at me for hours. It was one of the most harrowing and intimidating sights. Why was he doing this?

Would these people bring me food, water something to cover myself from this chill? Being naked made the most biting chill creep in. Eventually I went to sleep. The sleep was short lived as the sounds of metal clanking and screaming awakened me. Guards were seizing a sleeping woman from her cell. She put up a fight, screaming in her native tongue. Suddenly a bright white flash, blinded all in the warehouse! The screaming subsided, only sobbing continuing on.

As I tracked them drag the woman away, it shocked me to the core to see the big black man still standing at the edge of his cell, watching me! As soon as we made eye contact, his penis lit up again.

“What the fuck…?” I asked myself, turning my back on the incredibly creepy man.

Soon I heard the clanking of metal on my cell. I was hoisted up and dragged from my cell. The guards were incredibly forceful, pushing and shoving me as they corralled me into a shower! They scrubbed me down hard with dry soaps before slathering me with fragrances and oils. Still though they offered no clothing.

They then led me into a room, a room full of pillows and bedding, a nice change from that cold hard warehouse floor. Devari was laying on the rear bed, wearing a thin silk robe and very small shorts. He had a baton in his hand, patting it against his thigh.

“Good morning, I hope you had a nice evening…” He smiled. I said nothing, looking at him as though he were crazy, “Today is the day where I break your will… You’ll learn an important lesson today… You belong to Felker Distribution… you belong to Devari Felker!” He pointed to himself before laughing so cynically. I looked at him, undaunted, “Bring him in boys…”

The guards standing in front of the door opened it. The big black man from last night struggled into the door. He was collared. Several guards struggled to restrain him as he fought to get through. He then saw me standing there, free of shackles. The big black man suddenly gained the strength of all the men pulling against him. He fought towards me with such strength it frightened me! What would he do once he got ahold of me?

“Let him go boss?” Someone asked from the rear.

“Yeah!” Devari said, watching comfortable from his bed.

The giant Nok man roared as the corralling poles around his neck dropped. He rushed towards me grabbing me by the waist and throwing me down. I screamed, the force shocking me! Even landing on the soft pillows hurt.

“It’d be best for you not to fight!” Devari smiled, watching as the giant Nok man climbed over me. He spread my ass his, massive penis pondering at my door steps. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as tried my hardest not to fight back. The giant began to slide his member deep into my walls. The lack xnxx of lubrication made this agonizing! I screamed out, trying to crawl away but a hand that encompassed what felt like my entire back kept me from moving and inch!

It was intense, intense pain! It felt like I was about to be ripped open!

“Please, stop this!” I begged. Devari looked on in delight, feeling as though this was breaking me. I put up with the pain for as long as I could but the giant didn’t know his own size let alone his strength! With every ounce of strength I could muster, I elbowed him in the face. The giant roared, clenching his nose. I crawled away, fearing I may have awakened a monster. The giant looked at me, enraged. He grunted, rushing towards my feet. A big mistake!

As he grabbed one of my legs, I sent the heel of my foot onto his jaw. The giant dropped on top of me. I then began to wrap my legs around his throat, wanting to kill the behemoth!

“No…No!!” Devari said. Guards rushed forward just as the giant was coming back to his senses. He hoisted me off the ground, roaring out as he tried to pry me off. However, I wasn’t going to give in!

He grabbed my waist, squeezing down with so much strength, I thought he was going to crack a rib. I leaned forward, causing both of us to topple over. It put the great Nok man in a cumbersome position. With the bit of leverage I had gain, I twisted my entire body, hearing an audible crack! The giant stopped moving. I crawled off of him, panting hard. My heart was pounding from fear, this being the most terrified I had been in a while!

Suddenly a shock went through my body. Guards began prodding me with their stun staves. I screamed out in agony as they laid down voltage.

“Okay…” Devari said, the guards stopping. Devari was on one knee, checking the pulse of the Nok man, “He’s dead… This motherfucker is dead!” Devari then looked at me upset. He drew his baton back, striking me with it forcefully, “DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET ONE OF THOSE AND YOU JUST KILLED HIM???”

He loomed over me, seeing me sobbing holding my arm as I rolled in pain. He then had a realization.

“I can’t fucking use brute force to break you… That could ruin your look… you’re too perfect for that shit but damn you should have killed him. No who else am I going to use to train you?” He asked. I just stared at him, eyes wide and watery.

“Don’t look at me like that! It’s not going to work…” He said, having to turn away, “Where is… Where is Cren?”

“Cren is out on a two week escort…” A guard said.

“Stuben?” Devari asked.

“Same…” The same guard said back.

“Urso…” Devari continued.

“He doesn’t do males… We couldn’t break him to do so.” The guard said.

“The Mammoth?” Devari asked, growing frustrated.

“You’d have to pay him to fuck a man…” The guard chuckled.

“Pay him? Tell him he can bring his ass down here now or we’ll put him up for a contract termination…” Devari said, unphased… He sat on the pillows, using the dead body of the giant Nok man as a rest. He then turned to me, “We won’t use force for you any more… I promise…”

It made me no different. This still felt so morally wrong. I watched as the guards pulled the body of the giant Nok man out. As they did, a huge westerner with a hairy chest and beard came through.

“What the fuck happened to him?” He asked. Devari pointed to me.

“Another Illisian? And a dude one? You know I don’t do Illisians.” The giant man said. Devari looked at me, looking intently.

“You’re an Illisian?” He asked, “But you’re so pale!”

“I’m half Illisian, a quarter Bantu and quarter White Persian…” I responded.

“Interesting combination…” Devari said, “Mammoth, I’d like you to meet Summer. He’s our newest member to the Felker Distribution family. You’re going to break him in!”

“Is that what Brawn of Nok tried to do? I don’t think he did so hot…” Mammoth said back, not enthused.

“Brawn of Nok was a bit too forceful, too hard…” Devari said.

“And I’ll be better because? I’ve seen what Brawn of Nok could do to someone who didn’t cooperate… If this Illisian could take him down, I don’t want nothing to do with him! And I’m only gay for pay…” Mammoth sighed.

“You do get paid… so you are gay!” Devari said. The Mammoth looked dismayed, rolling his eyes.

“Fine…” He said, not resting as much as I’d like him too. He took off his shirt, and pants revealing an incredibly well muscled body. He folded them neatly, placing them on a chair. He then slid out of his underwear. His penis was of similar size to the Brawn of Nok. However, his wasn’t erect. It just dangled there. He opened a cabinet grabbing a bottle of water and strange pills. He took them.

Devari looked at me with this oddly warm smile.

“This is week one for you. This is going to be the week where you take penises of varying sizes… My friend The Mammoth here, has a thirteen and a half inch penis… porno izle He has one of the largest members in the entire industry, even bigger than Brawn of Nok’s… If you can get through this week without hurting yourself or anyone else, you can get through the rest of this. This will be six weeks of training you in sexual acts. By the time we’re finished, you will be a master… a professional…” Devari explained.

The Mammoth stroked his member, making it grow and grow and grow. He then grabbed a bottle of oil from the cabinet walking over to me.

“You should feel honored! Seven foot one inches of three hundred thirty pounds of raw meat is about to go deep inside you!” Devari teased. I looked at him, wishing he’d shut up. The Mammoth got on his knees, sighing. He didn’t want to do this either. He kept coming forth, pouring the oil on his penis.

I backed away, not wanting that to go inside of me. The Mammoth’s member was bigger than Brawn of Nok’s and I couldn’t even handle Brawk of Nok’s!

“I’m not going to hurt you! Be a man and sit still…” The Mammoth said, grabbing my foot. I kicked him in the chin. He fell back.

“Hey Summer… Easy…” Devari said back. The Mammoth held his mouth, rolling around in pain.

“FUCK, that hurt…” He eventually said. He then looked at me, “I’m not doing this…”

“Both of you are being so difficult… Summer… It’s not that bad…” Devari said, taking off his robe, “If I can take it… you can take it…”

“Boss…?” A guard asked, “Isn’t this a breach of code?”

“If you hush your mouth, it isn’t…” Devari said, slipping out of his shorts. He was semi erect. The Mammoth smiled in delight.

“Now this is a turn on! I get to fuck my boss!” The Mammoth smiled.

Devari smiled back, sitting on the Mammoth. He kissed the giant man, only to have the Mammoth wreath in pain.

“Wait…” He said, gently moving Devari over. The Mammoth went over to the mirror, seeing his lip was busted and bleeding from my foot driving his teeth into it, “This isn’t good…”

“Get back over here!” Devari demanded.

The Mammoth did so. I watched as Devari lowered himself on to The Mammoth. He grabbed the Mammoth’s penis, sliding it in. Devari’s ass swallowed every cubic inch of The Mammoth’s penis. However it was not without incident. Devari moaned and groaned as he rode the Mammoth’s massive penis. The Mammoth laughed, placing his hands behind his head.

“I can sit here all day!” He laughed. Devari then looked at me.

“See, not that bad…” Devari shrugged.

I closed my eyes, building up the willpower to do this. I gave one last sigh as I got to my feet. Devari got off of the Mammoth, the giant stroking his member, as I stepped over him. Devari watched as I lowered myself down, studying the way I moved. He assisted in putting the giant’s penis in my ass. It hurt like hell but wasn’t as bad this time. Maybe it was due to the lubrication.

The Mammoth, looking at the ceiling, suddenly looked at me, alarmed!

“Ease into it…” Devari coaxed, “Roll your hips.” I did as was told.

“No wait, FUCK!!” The Mammoth screamed, throwing me off of him. I landed on my side, confused. Suddenly, cum squirted several feet into the air as it erupted from the Mammoth’s penis, “Fuuuuuuucccckk!”

“What happened?” Devari asked with a chuckle. The Mammoth was at a loss for words.

“That mother fucker was tight! TIGHT!” The Mammoth said, pointing to me, “I feel like less of a man! Who busts after four strokes? This shit can’t be real man… Not even from a woman, either… A man did this to me!”

“Get back on it…” Devari said to me. I did so, remembering what he told me. Again, the Mammoth looked at what I was doing, confusion spreading across his face. He was breathing heavy, trying to hold in his moans. I said nothing, showing no expression.

“About to bust again?” Devari asked The Mammoth.

“No but…” The Mammoth said back, losing his train of thought. He laid back down gripping the pillows tightly as ecstasy spread across his body. The giant shook, panting heavily as I continued to roll my hip as his member tunneled deep inside me. The pain became numb after a while, this motion becoming extremely boring.

“Speed up…” Devari whispered to me. I did so, the Mammoth growling deeply as his closed eyes bucked open. He gripped the pillows even tighter as I sped up. Devari smiled at me, nodding for me to speed up even more. I did so.

Suddenly, the Mammoth sprung up. He placed a giant hand on my back and he leaned over top of me. He then placed his arms underneath my legs as he began to pound away. The sound of his balls slamming against my ass did something to me! It sounded like sheer power as he hoisted my ass up so his tall frame could get deeper and deeper. This was the deepest anyone had ever been inside of me. It felt wrong… I wasn’t in love with the Mammoth for him to be so far within me!

“No… No… Stop…” I said, pushing the giant off of me. He looked confused. I stood up, crying, “This is wrong… This is so wrong…”

“What?” The Mammoth asked, frustrated and confused.

“No one has ever plunged that deep within me! Not even the man I love! This is not right… This is betrayal…” I said, clenching my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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