Dark , Stormy

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BOOM! Another crack of thunder bellowed around me. The summer skies had opened up and the rain had really started to come down. I could barely see the road enough to drive, and I still had about 50 miles to go before I reached my hotel. I pulled off the nearest exit into a small town right off the interstate. About the only thing I could find open was the town bar & grill.

I dashed inside. My shirt and slacks got wet just from that. I looked around. There were a few patrons scattered around. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink, hoping this storm would pass quickly. The only other patron seated at the bar was a nice-looking woman some distance away. She had straight, light brown hair just past her shoulders, ample breasts. She had on an attractive white blouse with a sleek, dark skirt, an outfit that was professional but still oozed sexuality.

A guy who was seated at one of the tables with his buddies came up to the woman. This guy was blitzed to high hell, and very obnoxious. He fed the woman a terrible, drunken line, to which she countered with a very witty put-down. I chuckled, both at the lack of class this guy showed and in admiration of her response. She glanced in my direction. I tipped my drink to her. She responded with a smile that indicated we understood each other.

I kept sipping my drink while my eyes darted between the TV at the bar and the woman. I think I caught her taking subtle glimpses at me. Then, nothing – just darkness and silence. The power had gone out, almost certainly knocked out by the Escort Ankara storm. In the silence you could here the storm raging outside. The emergency lighting kicked in, providing just enough light to walk around safely but nothing else.

The woman at the bar got up and walked past me toward a back exit. On her way by she whispered in my ear, “Follow me.” I was puzzled and just watched her for a second out the back door. Having nothing better to do, and given that she was an attractive woman, I soon followed her out the door. In the darkness I didn’t see the steps right outside the door and stumbled down them only to be caught by the mysterious woman.

“Tha-,” I tried to thank her but was interrupted when she pulled me against her and kissed me full on the mouth. Her kiss was aggressive and passionate. I felt her tongue searching for mine. Her body pressed up against me. Her hands reach around to my ass and pulled my hips against hers. I placed one hand on the small of her back and ran the other up and down the back of her blouse. Of course, it was wet – we were outside, in the middle of the storm, rain pouring over us.

She broke off from my mouth and went down my neck to the vee in my shirt. She unbuttoned the top button of my shirt, pulled it aside and kissed my chest, and continued with more buttons. I looked ahead but could not see anything except during the frequent lightning flashes, which revealed that we were in an alley, naturally deserted.

I could feel the rain running down my bare shoulders Ankara Escort because she had completed unbuttoning my shirt and shoved it apart down my arms. I wrestled it off and toss it on the ground while she swirled her tongue around my bare left nipple. With one hand she ran her fingers across my bare back. With the other she unzipped my pants and reached into stroke my now hardening cock. She then moved over to tease my other nipple with her tongue. A flash of lightning struck somewhere nearby and the ensuing thunder was deafening.

During the flash of lightning I saw her eyes looking at me, begging me to fuck her. I pushed her up against the brick wall of the building behind her. I placed both hands inside the opening between the buttons in the front of her blouse. My elbows out, I ripped the blouse open. She had a front-clasping bra, which I also ripped open. I bent over and sucked on one nipple while rolling the other in my finger. My sucking was hard, firm, not gentle, scraping the nipple between my teeth as I sucked it in and then out.

I reached under her skirt to find a damp thong, not damp from the rain. I massaged her pussy underneath the thin layer of fabric. She was writing her hips in time to my motion. I kissed my way up from her breasts to her neck, sucking each part of the skin as it went. I leaned against her, trapping her between myself and the brick wall behind her. I used the leverage to rub harder against her clit. She was getting really turned on. “Fuck me, oh, fuck me,” she begged.

I Ankara Escort Bayan slid the thong to one side, lifted the front of her skirt, and slid my cock inside. Initially I slid my cock in and out by bending and straightening my knees slightly. But we needed more leverage. I took my hands and lifted her legs. She wrapped them around my back and my cock slid further inside. I rocked back and forth, fucking her against the wall. She was being held up by my hands on her ass, my cock, and the wall behind her.

My fucking got more and more intense. The hard rough surface of the wall behind her only served to heighten the pleasure she got with each thrust. Another flash of lightning lit up her face. She had her head leaned back against the wall and was letting the rain pour over her face. With my continued fucking, she hung on to me as if for dear life, digging her nails into my bare back. A loud clap of thunder from yet another flash of lightning seemed to roll through our bodies and we proceeded toward climax. I could feel the cum swelling in my balls. I was listening to the moans get increasingly louder from her. We were both lost in the sensation of rain, thunder, and fucking. Her moans turned into screams, doused by the rain. With the next clap of thunder we both erupted in orgasm.

I continued to hold her and kiss her for a minute, letting us both come down slowly from the intensity, as the storm seemed to subside. She unwrapped her legs, and I helped her stand on her own – now wobbly – legs. She bent over and picked up my soaked shirt and handed it to me. She got herself put back together and gave me a kiss goodbye. She walked away in one direction and I in the other. I found a towel in my car and dried off a bit before driving the remaining distance to the hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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