Date Night- The Carnival

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This is an incest story between a mother and her son. All characters in this story are 18 years or older. This is the beginning of more date nights in the future.

“Why do you look so glum, Jeremy. I thought you and Jenny were going to the carnival tonight. You should be happy, I know I always enjoyed going when I was younger,” my mom said as she laid a plate of my dinner before me.

“I caught Jenny in bed with another guy today. I went over to see her after work, and they were going at it hot and heavy. I thought we had something special going, but I guess not.”

Mom looked at me as she sat across from me at the dinner table. For a few moments, not a word was spoken. My mother was always there for me, even when my father up and left us years ago. Even at age twenty-two, she never urged me to leave or find someone. We shared a bond and worked together to keep this old house running. I know it would be tough if I ever left, as her job wouldn’t be able to keep her here, the mortgage and bills were much too high. Our combined incomes kept us plugging along, and now with my now ex-girlfriend gone, mom was all I had.

“Well son, sometimes things happen for a reason. I know you two were serious, but there was just something about her I didn’t trust. Lately, she seemed in another world, so I guess she was seeing him behind your back,” she stated before taking a bite of her food.

“I know mom, I sensed something was wrong. She seemed stand-offish alot lately, and when I addressed her about it, she just said she wasn’t feeling well. I guess I went over there today to confront her about the distance that was growing between us, when I caught her naked on top of that moron.”

“Jeremy, I have an idea. Why don’t you take me to the carnival tonight. I haven’t gone to one in years, and it would be fun, just my favorite son and I together for a night. What do you think?”

I saw the pleading in her eyes, as I replied, “Mom, I don’t feel much like it. Plus, it wouldn’t feel right. I had planned on a romantic night with Jenny, and now I wouldn’t know how to act.”

“Why, is your old mom not sexy enough to be around? C’mon Jeremy, take me to the carnival, it would do us both a world of good. And besides, pretend I’m not your mother, but your girlfriend. We’ll have a great time, and since I haven’t seen that much of you lately because you were always out with Jenny, we could get caught up on some things.”

“Mom, you aren’t old. You are beautiful, and it isn’t that. It would be hard to pretend you aren’t my mother, as a girlfriend, I’d probably be more forward.”

“She giggled and told me, “I’ll go up and get showered and changed. You get ready, we are going to have a fantastic night together, and I won’t take no for an answer!”

Figuring how much I loved my mother, I guess a night out with her would be fun. There is something about a carnival or fair that brings out the child in everyone. And seeing how badly she wanted to go and the pleading look in her eyes, how could I ever tell her no?

“Sure thing mom. Let’s go to the carnival.”

“Oh thank you son! I promise you a night you will never forget. We are going to have so much fun, and I promise, when the night is over, that bitch Jenny will be all but forgotten!”

Mom got up from the table, taking her plate to the sink. As I watched her, I was still amazed at her beauty. If she wasn’t my mother, I would have naughty thoughts about tonight. She has a great ass, something I often caught myself watching when I think she hadn’t noticed. And being 44, she had lovely breasts, which for her age seemed to be as perky as ever. Having washed the laundry for both of us at times, I knew she had a 36c bra. Sometimes when I was at home and not out on a date, she would strut around like a princess. Jeans and a blouse were her usual attire, and she always filled them out nicely.

“Well son, I will go get ready. It’s pretty hot outside, so I guess I will have to find some appropriate attire. Plus, I’m on a date with my son, and I want to look my sexiest!” she said as she whirled around several times in glee, then up the steps she went.

As she disappeared, I was happy for mom. It was tough going through the divorce, and finally I saw a side of her I haven’t seen in years. As I got up to go get ready myself, maybe the carnival and my mother was just the thing to help me overcome the heartache of a love lost.

Putting on my sneakers in my bedroom, I turned as I heard my mother walk into my room. My jaw dropped, as what I saw was the hottest woman I’ve seen in a long time. She was wearing tight shorts and a blouse tied just below her breasts. And her boobs were bared some as she had several buttons undone, giving me a creamy view of her assets. She had on white socks and sneakers, and looked more like a teenager than my mother.

She grinned as she walked before me, and did a pirouette and said, “Your mother is hot stuff, huh? I thought it would be perfect for a warm night out with my son.”

“Ummm, Niğde Escort it’s definitely hot and sexy. Kind of a surprise.”

“Good, hoped to get a rise out of you. Are you about ready? I’ve been waiting to break out of my mundane life and live it to the fullest again.”

I could feel a lump in my throat as well as another lump growing a little lower. My mother was turning me on, and I could tell she chose not to wear a bra, which made her jiggle quite a bit as she danced around while I finished tying my laces. Her jean shorts were so damn tight, I could see her cameltoe between her legs and a deep crease in her ass. I was wondering how I was going to be able to behave with her dressed like that!

We soon were headed out the door, as it was about three blocks to the carnival. Mom slipped her arm through mine and we walked down the street as we noticed other people headed the same way. Several guys looked our way, and I knew they were checking my mother out. I was proud she was my date tonight.

“Remember son, I’m your girlfriend tonight. Just be yourself and do what comes naturally. Focus on me, and not Jenny. You will have a good time.”

“Thanks mom. “

She laid her head on my shoulder for a bit as we walked and added, “I haven’t been to the carnival in years. Your dad would never take me, he always said it was for kids. I did go when I dated out of high school, and once I was with this guy named Billy. He was such a bad boy. Makes me blush to think what we did at the carnival that night!”

We walked, which was difficult with my hard on. I think my mother noticed my predicament, but just smiled as we neared the carnival. Her perfume was wonderful, and she had added red lipstick to her lips before we left. Not only did she look so sexy, she was downright making me horny.

“Ahhh son, there it is. Doesn’t it look so beautiful in the twilight. It’s like a fantasy world for us.”

As we entered the park, the wonderful smells of food, especially cotton candy and pizza filled our nostrils. The lights on the rides and shows flickered and danced as we walked by. The barkers were calling to us to play their games of chance, and a large ferris wheel seemed to beckon us to ride it. There were exhibits and clowns, young women scantilly clad, and the humming of generators providing power for the rides and attractions.

My mom uttered, “Isn’t it neat? It’s so seductive, it draws you in. It’s so romantic, thanks for showing your mother a good time tonight, Jeremy.”

“No problem mom. You are so sexy, I am proud to be here with you.”

Mom held my hand now, swinging it gayly. Her eyes were beaming in wonderment, checking out the different shows. There was a freak show, a wild animal show, and even way down in the corner of the park, a strip show. As we neared, scantilly clad women danced as the barker beckoned all to pay their money and come in the see the nude women.

“Maybe, we should check that out later. We could see what they have. I’m sure it would definitely excite someone I know,” mom said with a wink.

“Awww mom, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s something for a mother and son to see together.”

“Jeremy, if you were here without me, I’m sure you would be checking it out. Tonight, we are going to put inhibitions aside and I know by the end of our night, you and I will share something special.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

She giggled, “You’ll see. Now I see an ice cream stand, buy your poor mother an ice cream cone, would you?”

I soon purchased two large cones, and sat beside her at the picnic table nearby. We watched the kids nearby laughing and playing with some clowns. Several teenagers were kissing, and mom laughed when an older gentleman walked into a tent pole as he lost track of his bearings while gazing at my mother’s creamy cleavage. I just looked away, trying to keep a straight face.

Then my mother began to tease me. She began licking that cone around and around, and soon it actually looked like a sticky penis. She somehow fashioned a cockhead out of the top, and then plunged her mouth over it, while giving me a seductive look. I about creamed my pants over that. Then I decided turnaround was fair play, and I began licking a deep crease in the top of my ice cream, and then as my mother stared intently, I lapped at it like I would a pussy. My mom started squirming, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling.

She whispered to me, “Keep that up son, and we won’t see much of the carnival. We’ll need to get home, ummm rather quickly!”

“You should talk mom, from the way it looks, my mother isn’t the angel I always thought she was.”

While we were finishing up our ice cream, she grabbed my arm, and we headed off toward the big ferris wheel. The sky now was dark, barely seeing the twinkling stars amongst the glow of the flashing lights. Mom put her arm around me as we walked up to the ticket booth. As she was buying our tickets for the ride, her hand slipped to my ass, and gave it a squeeze. Niğde Escort Bayan I bashfully looked around, and a mother with her two kids winked at me when she noticed the intimate touch.

“Let’s go son, I always loved the ferris wheel. Doesn’t it look romantic?’

I just nodded as we soon were seated in one of the swinging cars. As we were locked in, my mother grabbed my arm and guided it over her shoulder and rested my hand on top of her breast. I was stunned, and before I could pull it away, she held it tighter against her boob. The ride would lurch a few feet as passengers got on and off. Then mom turned to me, and kissed me full on the lips. In doing so, she slipped my hand under her blouse and over her hard nipple. I jerked, but my hand closed on it’s own volition.

She squirmed and giggled, pulling her lips away saying, “Remember, I’m your girlfriend tonight. What you would have done with Jenny, do with me. Nothing is off-limits. I love you Jeremy.”

“Are you sure, mom? I must admit, you are getting me excited.”

As the ride continued to pick up passengers, my mother’s hand grazed my crotch of my shorts. Then she squeezed my cock through the tight jeans, causing me to moan as well as squeeze her titty harder. We picked up our kissing as the ride now was in full motion. Finally, we pulled our lips apart, gasping as we watched the world pass by quickly.

Mom kept up her now stroking of my cock through my pants, as my fingers now passed back and forth from one nipple to the other. I wasn’t sure if any other riders or anyone on the ground could see, but I’m sure we weren’t the only ones on the ride being frisky.

“Doesn’t the carnival look beautiful? You get a different perspective up here. As we used to say when I was younger, the carnival was a fuckin’ good time”, mom blurted out as the ride came to a halt, to let us off.

As we soon disembarked, we walked around the grounds some more, mom pointing out different things. She guided me to the wild animals show, and soon had two tickets for us to enter. We were quickly rushed inside, as the tamer demonstrated with the animals some tricks and told us some history about each one of them. Mom quickly grabbed my arm, and pointed off to the left in an area where non performing animals were penned, a lion and a lioness were mating, and my mother giggled as we both watched the frisky animals in wide-eyed wonder.

Mom whispered into my ear, “Seems we aren’t the only horny ones tonight. A carnival will do that to you!”

“Ummm, yeah mom. You have a way with making me very horny too!’

She just gave me that wicked smile as she quickly grabbed my hand and guided me out of the tent.

“I think it’s time to check out the strip show, don’t you?”

I could only stare at my wild mother as she kept tugging me along. Her ass looked so good in those tight jeans, her buttcheeks moving sexily up and down in steady rhythm. My cock was so hard, I was afraid at any moment I would be soiling my underwear.

Mom soon paid for us to enter the stripshow tent, and the man who was beckoning people to come join the show winked at us as we entered. Eventually standing amongst many men and a few women standing mostly back as far as their boyfriends or husbands would allow. As the lights dimmed, my mom once again felt up my cock, and kissed me on the cheek.

The music started and several women, I guess about my age, entered on the stage, and were wearing basically loose skirts and tops. They bucked and grinded to the music and before long they began divesting themselves of their clothing. Tits soon appeared, and although neither had very large breasts, they shook them to the now noisy mob. Mom just held on to me tightly, licking my ear as I tried to concentrate on the now naked women as their panties came off and were thrown into the crowd of horny men.

“You know son, I can do a better job of stripping then they can. Wouldn’t you like to see me doing that on stage?” she giggled with a quivering voice.

I just looked over at my mom when she suddenly pulled her blouse away from her body, showing me her breast. Her nipple was very hard, and after I stared at it for a few seconds, she pulled the blouse back before anyone else could get free show.

“Mom, your boobs looks so sexy, better than theirs.”

She kissed my cheek and we soon were watching more strippers grace the stage. Men were giving them mostly dollar bills as they soon danced naked on the stage. When someone would offer them money, they would bend over to allow the donor a quick suck of their nipple or a lick of their asses. Then mom reached into her belt purse and pulled out some money. She pulled away from me, walked up to a hot blond stripper who had the biggest tits so far and handed her the money, then mom sucked the blonde’s nipple into her mouth. The crowd cheered and clapped as the erotic display seemed to last longer than when the men had their chances.

Soon my mother returned as guys tried feeling her up before Escort Niğde parting like the sea, to allow her to rejoin her stunned son. The final strippers soon were removing their clothes, but all I could think about was my mother sucking that woman’s nipple.

“I just had to do that, Jeremy! Reminds me when I was young, I was kind of an equal opportunity playmate for both sexes. After I was married, I was really embarrassed about it, but tonight, that’s all behind me. Your mother was quite frisky once, so I hope you can forgive me,” she said and then stuck her tongue back into my ear, teasing me.

Mom once again pulled me out of the throng before the show was quite over. She kind of had this air about her, carefree and fancy free. She was the woman that I never knew, but now I loved. But the painful erection I’ve had basically all night long was beginning to hurt me badly. My mom kept peeking down there, and I think she knew the prick teasing would have to come to an end soon.

“Maybe we should head home son, but first, win me a teddy bear, will you?”

We soon walked up to one of the games of chance, as the barker called to us and another couple nearby. They had lots of prizes, but mom stared at the huge teddy bear hanging in the back.

I asked the guy, “How do you get the big teddy bear?”

He told us we had to throw the darts into the bullseye twice in six tries, to get the big prize. One hit would get a smaller bear. So I handed him the money as he handed me the darts. Mom and I watched as the man with the couple next to us woefully missed all of his shots. Then I lined up my first shot, and just missed the target.

Mom whispered into my ear, “Jeremy, if you hit that bullseye, I’ll give you a blowjob!”

I stared at her as she licked her lipstick lined luscious lips. I was now nervous as all hell, not believing what my mother just told me. I aimed, and bingo, dead center! My mom jumped up and down, her breasts practically spilling out of her top. Needless to say, the barker as well as some men now stopped were hoping they would spill out. After the game host handed me a small bear, I had four shots left.

Again mom whispered, “I owe you a blowjob, but if you hit the bulleyes again, you can do anything you want with me tonight. Now, win me that bear!”

I tried the next three shots, but they all barely missed, frustrating me. With one shot left, I had to get this shot. I had to fuck my mother!

Bingo, the last shot hit dead center, and my mother clapped as the host pulled down the big bear, handing it to us. My mom was beaming from ear to ear, as she hugged me. I knew she must have felt my raging hardon pressed tightly against her.

“Well Jeremy, it’s time to go home, and collect your prize, me!”

I couldn’t believe how the night went as I asked, “Are you sure mother? You weren’t kidding me, right?”

Mom put her arm through mine, as we headed out of the carnival, the three long blocks walk home before us. My hand was on my mother’s ass, feeling those sexy buns as my other arm held the huge bear. Mom kept giggling and rubbing her tits on my arm.

Mom kissed my cheek and said, “To be honest son, I was going to let you have me anyways. As your date tonight, you are going to find out how a real woman can fuck you. I just wanted the teddy bear as a reminder that everytime I look at our prize, it will remind me of this night.”

After what seemed like forever for two horny people in heat, we finally made it to our door, and rushed inside. Mom stopped me after closing the door and slid to her knees. Looking up at me with those sexy blue eyes, she quickly dropped my shorts and underwear down to my ankles.

“Son, it’s time to pay up. I owe you a blowjob. I’m going to suck your wonderful cock and I will drink up all your cream. I bet you can’t wait to feel these hot lips all over this magnificent weapon.”

Her hands caressed my balls as she leaned forward and kissed my cockhead. She soon rained several kisses up and down my cock, as I felt I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

She suddenly dove onto my cock, sucking it with wild abandon as I uttered, “Ummm mom, I don’t know if I can hold out much longer. You’ve had me so damn worked up all night.”

“Cum for me son, it’s okay. I knew I made you horny, that was my intent. We are in for a long night of fucking and sucking, so this will just help you last longer when you fuck me!”

Her lips dove down once again, as she swallowed all of me. I’m not overly large, but I’m still quite a mouthful. Jenny used to struggle when she sucked me, and would never swallow my sperm. Mom on the other hand, was practiced at her craft, and had no difficulty sucking my cock like a pro. She slipped her finger between my buttcheeks, and then I felt my orgasm well up as her finger pressed into my asshole. I shot jet after forceful jet of my cum into her mouth, as she pulled back just enough to taste all of it. Her adam’s apple worked quickly as she swallowed to keep up with my shooting cock. She seemed effortless in the challenge of handling all I had to give her. She kept at it until finally I had no more to give her, in which soon she pulled off, smacked her lips with a big smile, and swallowed what was left after showing me the white stuff on her tongue.

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