Daughter Lends a Hand

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Adriana Chechik

A second before I looked in the direction where my daughter was standing, I had become aware of her presence, but it was far too late to stop what was happening. To say it was not one of my proudest moments would be the understatement of the century, and it wasn’t like I hadn’t been caught before either.

Decades ago, back when Nixon was president, my mother had walked in on me as I made love to a picture of Karen Valentine in one of my sister’s copies of Teen Beat magazine, but I had been caught just when I had begun my stroking, and after she made a choking noise she ducked out of the room, and it was never mentioned again.

This was different. Getting caught masturbating by your 18 year old daughter is about as low as you can go, but I had managed to make it even worse. How could I get more disgusting that getting caught jerking off in the laundry area of my farmhouse that I thought was deserted at the time?

I think I managed that with the panties that I was clutching to my face with my free hand; slightly stained pink panties with a discolored white crotch that belonged to the young lady who was standing open-mouthed, her eyes fixated on her father’s hand wrapped around his beet-red cock which was spitting semen onto the dirty towel I had placed on top of the washer.

I didn’t go into the laundry room with masturbation on my mind, but when I saw the panties sitting on top of the pile of dirty clothes, my hand went down and picked them up. A tiny brown hair was at the elastic of my daughter’s underwear, and as I took a closer look, wondering if Joni’s pubic hair growth was as thick and as dense as her mother’s had been, the panties somehow came up to my face.

The pungent aroma nearly made me faint, and before I knew it my cock was out and I was pumping myself like a deranged chimp, inhaling the sweet and sour scent of my daughter’s pussy that filled the crotch of her panties. Was there anything else was in the aroma, I wondered? I doubted that, because her boyfriend had just gone off to boot camp, or else it might have been his cum too and that would have grossed me out.

They had been fucking, that much I knew, but now with him gone, who knows. Joni surely had the body for sex, just like her mother used to. Joni’s body was a little plump, but still shapely. Her tits were big and full, and the 36D bra she wore was nearly as big as her mother’s were. I knew that from a previous inspection of the clothes hamper.

But at that moment I turned and saw Joni, gawking at me with a weird look on her face, everything else seemed unimportant. The checking out the size of her bra, the sniffing of the armholes of her blouses, and pondering her pubic hair development; all of that seemed minor.

I tried to cram my still-ejaculating dick back into my pants while spinning around and brushing back Joni and into the safety of my bedroom. Joni called out to me, but I stayed in my room and blasted the TV until I was sure she was gone.

It wasn’t my fault. That’s what I kept telling myself. A voluptuous teenage girl who dressed very provocatively, like all kinds these days do, prancing around and giving me an eyeful – what did you expect?

More than that. You have the right to expect more than that from your old man. You don’t expect him to be so weak as to be tempted by the charms of one so young and fresh as your own flesh and blood’s. My old man would never have touched my sister, at least not like that. Might have whipped her and punched her like he had me, but would not been caught jerking off by her.


I made myself scarce around the house for the remainder of the day, but eventually I knew that we would come face-to-face. I dreaded it, but when it happened later that evening at dinner, Joni didn’t mention a word about it while we ate, and instead just talked about her boyfriend’s letter.

She missed him so much, she kept saying, and one time she mentioned that I must know how she feels because of her Mom passing suddenly like she had. I knew alright, but it had been three years and the pain was more of a dull ache by now.

After we put away the dishes she retreated to her bedroom, probably to talk on the phone with her boyfriend Eddie, while I sat in front of the TV until my eyes grew weary and I headed to bed. The problem was that sleep wouldn’t come, so instead I just stared at the ceiling and counted sheep while trying not to keep thinking about what had happened that day.

That became impossible when I heard the sounds of Joni walking out in the hall, and when I saw the shadow of her feet at the bottom of the door I prayed that I wouldn’t hear the sound of tapping from the other side, but my prayers went unanswered.

“Daddy?” Joni whispered as she tentatively opened the door a crack, probably afraid that she would see me jerking off again.

For a moment I considered pretending that I was asleep, but since I had sneezed a minute earlier that didn’t seem plausible so instead I just replied, “Yes?” in a voice that probably gave away the dread inside of me.

“Can we talk, Niğde Escort Daddy?” Joni asked as she came into the bedroom, leaving the door open, and the resulting light that poured into the room was disconcerting as a spotlight would have been.

“I suppose,” I replied and watched Joni come over to the side of the bed and ease down on the edge next to me while I got up on my elbow, making sure the sheet stayed over me.

“About this afternoon,” Joni said, and hushed me up when I started to speak. “I’m not mad or anything. I wasn’t sure what you were doing at first.”

“Nothing I’m very proud of,” I admitted. “I’m ashamed and I’m sorry.”

“What was it you were doing to my panties?” Joni asked. “It looked like you were smelling them.”

I nodded yes as the burning sensation covered my neck and face.

“How come?” Joni asked innocently.

“Been so long since – you know – I’ve been with a woman,” I said, trying not to let the tears welling in my eyes fall. “I’ve always enjoyed the aroma associated with women. Something about the scent of a woman I guess.”

“I like that,” Joni said. “You calling me a woman, I mean. Makes me feel all grown up.”

“Well, you are,” I said, my eyes involuntarily going down my daughter’s body, even though the shapeless night shirt revealed little of the lushness underneath.

“Did I smell like Mom?” Joni asked.

“A little, I guess,” I said, but it was getting so distant that I hardly remembered her natural scent. The panties that had remained unwashed after her passing had long ago lost that fragrance after holding them to my face countless times.

“That gets you excited?” Joni asked.

“I don’t know if we should be talking like this,” I suggested, but Joni kept pressing.

“I want to know,” Joni explained. “Eddie’s the only boy I’ve ever really been with. Don’t know much about men – what makes you guys tick.”

“We’re all different.”

“Then tell me about you,” Joni said, making the bed jump as she moved further onto the mattress. “You said the scent excites you?”

“Yes,” I said. “Your mother – poor woman – was so willing to do anything to make me happy, and she would let me do just about anything to her, no matter how weird she probably thought it was.”

“Like what?” Joni said. “I won’t think you’re weird. I’m pretty weird myself.”

I jumped when I felt my daughter’s hand on my knee, and even though it was only through the sheet it still startled me.

“I don’t know. I loved the way she smelled. Even after she would come in from gardening all sweaty, I would love to lick the back on her neck – under her arms – places like that. She showered every day, so it wasn’t like she smelled bad. Just the fresh scent of her – the pheromones and all – would send shivers down my spine.”

“Did Mom like that?” Joni asked.

“I’m not sure she did at first, but as time passed I think she not only tolerated it but began to enjoy it as much as I did.”

“That’s cool,” Joni said. “Her panties – did you used to smell them too?”

“Sometimes, but when the real thing is next to you in bed you don’t need to… you know?” I asked, and then saw Joni ease up from the bed and fiddle with something.

“Here Daddy,” Joni said calmly as she held the panties she had been wearing in front of me. “Take them. Do what you were doing before.”

“I can’t,” I said as I tried to nudge them away from my face, but as they moved the pungent aroma of her sex washed over me.

“Please,” Joni said. “That turned me on so much when I saw you. I – I can do that for you if you want.”

“What do you mean?” I asked a second before my daughter’s hand slipped under the bed sheet on a mission, and to my shame I didn’t stop her.

“It’s terrible to be lonely,” Joni said as her hand slipped into the fly of my pajamas and found my cock. “I’ve only been away from Eddie for a few weeks and it hurts so bad. You’ve been alone for so long. Please – let me.”

I looked down at my pajama bottoms, which my daughter had opened up, and her right hand had wrapped around my semi-turgid cock. Her left hand was bringing my hand – the hand that still clutched her panties – to my face.

I groaned as I inhaled the still-warm panties, the pungent scent of her sex fresh and raw. Joni had probably worked the fabric into her pussy for them to be so strongly scented, and the aroma was so intoxicating that not only did I not remove my daughter’s hands from my cock, I felt myself getting hard.

“You’ve got a real thick one, don’t you Dad?” Joni said as she began to stroke it gently, running her fingers up and down the length of my cock, moving the foreskin up and down as she did. “Do you like what I’m doing?”

“Yes honey,” I answered, my voice muffled my the panties I held to my nose.

“Am I doing this good for you?” Joni answered, her eyes fixed on my cock as she milked it.

“So good.”

“This is all I ever did with boys – until Eddie, that it,” Joni said, letting a finger rub the tip of my cock where a bead of cum Niğde Escort Bayan had oozed out.

Sweat was pouring down from my forehead, burning my eyes as I watched Joni look up at me. Smiling, without missing a stroke, she undid a few buttons of her nightshirt and let it open up.

“Hot in here,” Joni said as I stared open-mouthed at Joni’s breasts, the size of which stunned me, despite having examined the bras that contained them.

Incredibly full, Joni’s breasts hung down to her waist, and the dark crimson aureoles on the bell-shaped jugs were over-sized as well, the thick pegs jutted out from their centers.

“Amazing,” I said. “I knew you were well developed but – wow!”

“I’m a cow,” Joni said with a shake of her head. “A fat cow.”

“You’re beautiful,” I said, and Joni was, because although she was a little chubby, she wasn’t fat. “You’re even more busty than…”

I stopped before finishing my thought, thinking it wasn’t right to bring up her mother at a time like this.

“Wish Eddie wasn’t circumcised,” Joni said, changing the subject. “I love the way your foreskin moves up and down. Makes it look more interesting. Scarier.”

“Wouldn’t call it scary,” I said. “I’m not very big.”

“Thick,” Joni replied, spinning her hand as she jerked me off harder. “Thickest one I ever touched. Eddie’s is scary too… shouldn’t talk about him like this.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “Eddie’s well endowed?”

Joni blushed a little and nodded.

“Not thick but scary long,” Joni admitted.

“Did it hurt when you two first made love?”

“Yeah,” Joni said. “It hurt, but it hurt good. You know what I mean?”

I nodded, my breathing getting fast and louder, and Joni’s free hand was now kneading my balls as the slapping sound of her hand moving up and down my cock filled the room.

“Gonna cum Daddy?” Joni said excitedly. “Cum good for me Daddy.”

I arched my back off the bed as my orgasm raced through my body, and through my blurry eyes I saw my cock spurting wildly in the air, accompanied my daughter gleeful cackling as she kept milking me until I finally eased back down on the bed.

Joni kept slowly pulling on my deflating member, trying to drain every drop she could out of it, and seemed amused as the head of my cock retreated into the shelter of the shroud.

“Right back,” Joni said, and as I watched her go off the the bathroom, returning with a container of wipes, I felt torn.

I had no right to let Joni do what she did. It was wrong on every level, but the fact was that I enjoyed it, and me mentally undressing my daughter as she went out and back into the room thrilled me as well. How I wanted to see that plump bottom without the drab nightshirt hiding it, and wanted to see those breasts totally unwrapped as well.

“I can do that,” I said weakly, but Joni insisted, first cleaning the ropes of my semen that were on the back of her hand, and then wiping off my cum covered pubic hair. The touch of a woman’s hand on my private parts was something that I missed so much, and she even cleaned the head of my dick after skinning me back.

As Joni cleaned me, my eyes went to her shapely legs, and I couldn’t help but notice that her nightshirt had slid up a little higher on her full thighs. Looking upward, I could see the brown triangle that guarded her sex.

“You’ve got a lot of hair between your legs, don’t you?” I said, and when I saw that I had embarrassed my daughter I quickly added, “I like that. Old school, I guess.”

“Eddie says that he’s going to buy a weed-wacker so he can see what he’s doing easier,” Joni said, laughing and blushing at the same time. “I offered to shave it but he says he likes it like it is.”

“Can I – see it?” I asked.

Joni was biting her lower lip as we looked in each other’s eyes, and then she stood up. Her night shirt was open to the waist, with most of her full bosom still exposed, and now she was holding the bottom of the nightshirt and lifting it slowly. Painfully slowly, which made it all the more special for me.

Joni had a little swell of a belly on her, but my eyes were fixed below on the glorious sight of her womanhood, and the rich triangle of brown hair that grew so densely between her legs. I could see a very faint treasure trail that started a couple inches below her belly button and led the the untrimmed forest below.

“So beautiful,” I sighed, and then noticed that the hair looked darker around her labia, which were large and prominent despite the thick growth of pubic hair she had. “You’re wet, aren’t you?”

Joni made a face, lowering her nightshirt.

“What I did before,” Joni said. “It really turned me on. You must think I’m a pig.”

“No babe,” I said, scrambling to my feet. “I love you so much. Let me…”

I eased my daughter down onto the bedding, lifting the nightshirt as I spread her plump thighs. With her legs splayed wide open, I could see that the hair grew well down to the crack of her ass, and as I moved my face into her bush, Escort Niğde the pungent scent of her aroused cunt made my spine tingle like I had gotten an electrical shock.

My nose slid right into the fold of her pussy, which was sloppy wet, and when I started licking it that made it even wetter. Joni was squirming and clawing at everything within reach – my hair, the sheets and the pillows – and as she writhed around she worked her way across the bed.

Eventually, when she she finally stopped cumming I was holding onto her so she didn’t fall off the bed on the other side, and after I managed to pull her safely onto my bed we held each other for a long time.


Joni had gone back to her room by the time I woke up in the morning, and when we first saw each other it was a bit awkward, but by the end of the day we were both more at ease. Not a word had been said about the night before, and I thought that perhaps we would treat what we did as never having happened.

I wasn’t expecting the tap at the bedroom room after I had retired for the evening, nor was I prepared for seeing Joni enter my bedroom wearing a cute white nightie. While it wasn’t overly provocative, it was much different than the frumpy nightshirt of the night before.

All of Joni’s lush curves were on display for me, and to my shame I did not look away. I stared at the cavernous cleavage between her huge breasts, gazed lovingly at the shadow of the lush pubic forest visible through the thin fabric, and when Joni sat down on the edge of the bed my eyes went to the bottoms of her ass cheeks that the nightie had not covered when she walked.

“Joni,” I began to say, but she took the book I had been reading from my hands and pulled down the sheet, undoing my pajamas and pulling them down.

“Love you Daddy,” Joni told me. “Been thinking about last night all day. What we did. What I wished I had done.

Joni gave my cock a couple of pulls, looking at the limp stub briefly before leaning down and taking me in her mouth. I did nothing to stop her, merely looking down and watching my daughter sucking my cock. Our eyes met a couple of times, but Joni was intent on what she wanted to do, which was to get me hard and get me off.

It took a while for me to get hard, but it was more from guilt than from Joni’s cock-sucking skills, which were as good as her mother’s. Despite my thickness, she was able to take me easily, letting her lips slide all the way down the shaft until her face was buried in my pubic hair. That was something I suspect she couldn’t do to her boyfriend’s cock.

My balls were given an exquisite washing in her talented mouth as well, forcing me to try and pull my daughter’s up so that I could have her straddle my face and let me eat her out, but she stayed where she was. Later she would tell me that she had trouble concentrating in the ’69’ position, and would sometimes accidentally bite her Eddie if they tried it.

After holding out for as long as I could, I warned Joni that I was going to come, and that news drove her into a frenzy, her mouth going up and down my cock faster and harder until I felt my member spurting my seed into my daughter’s mouth.

Joni kept sucking my dick even after it went soft, but now she let me pull her up so that her knees were beside my head. With her help I got her nightie off, and as Joni bent back down to resume going down on me, I saw the amazing sight of the undersides of her big jugs as they swayed down to rest on top of my stomach.

Above my face was my daughter’s hairy grotto, and I put my hands on her hips and brought my face into the fold. She was just as wet as she had been the night before, and the scent that poured out of her pussy even more tart and tantalizing. I attacked her pussy with my tongue while clawing at her ass, almost as if to have her pussy take in my whole head.

Joni came at least twice while she sat on my face, and although my tongue was screaming for relief by the time she got off my face, it was well worth it. My face bore the evidence of my efforts, as I was drenched with her pussy juices and the aroma of her feral pussy clung to me like a most delightful scented oil.

My cock was sore as well, since after Joni neared orgasm she had taken it out of her mouth and just yanked savagely on it, and when she came Joni was pulling so hard that it was as if she was going to rip it off my body.

In each other’s arms, we cuddled for the rest of the night. The feeling of my daughter cradling my head between her breasts was so soothing that I fell asleep a couple of times as we cuddled.


“Daddy, I’m all sweaty!” Joni giggled as she reclined on the back the next night, her arm raised back over her with her hand resting behind her head.

“I know,” I said as I bent down again and let me tongue slide along my daughter’s exposed armpit.

I had been staring at the pale hollow for a few minutes, enjoying the pheromones that were rising up from her underarm, which was shaved, unfortunately. Noticing the dense pattern of the faint 5 o’clock shadow which filled the wide crater, I suspected that if she had let the hair under her arms grow, like her mother had done in her “hippie” days, she would be even furrier than her mom was. Another time and another generation, I mused, but that didn’t stop me from having fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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