Daughters of Darwin Ch. 05

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Mark spent the rest of the night with Tess, though they relocated to one of the mansion’s many bedrooms after their second round – the couch, nice as it was, just didn’t compare to the comfort of a real bed. They made love two more times that night and once again in the morning that followed, and Mark found Tess to share probably the same sex drive as her siblings, though she was hardly as active in bed as, say, Tanya, and a long shot from Holly. She preferred to be much more passive than them, though her moaning and squirming left little doubt how much pleasure making love gave her.

After their morning fling, Tess and Mark cuddled up for a little longer, but eventually, she slowly crawled out from under the sheets and threw over a morning robe that hung on a hook near the bed. It was a little too long for her and much too transparent to hide her ample curves, but she seemed to be comfortable in it.

“Shower time?” Mark asked.

“No, I’m thirsty,” Tess smiled. “Which is mostly your fault.”

Mark laughed. “So it’s my fault you have Niagara Falls between your legs?”

“I think of it more as the Hoover Dam”, Tess grinned, “and you’ve breached it. Nine times, if I’ve counted correctly. So I really need something to drink now. You?”

“I’ll be taking a shower first, thanks,” Mark said and sat up. Though they had made love on one side of the bed and slept on the other last night, he could still feel and smell her juices on him, and though the scent was definitely one he liked, he preferred to start the day fresh and clean.

Tess smiled and waved to him, then she was out of the room.

Stretching his arms above his head, Mark yawned, then he swung his feet out of the bed and stood up. Scanning the bedroom with his eyes, he looked for his clothes, and it took him a few moments to remember that they were still lying on the floor of the parlor downstairs. There was no second morning robe either, and the only thing he could have covered himself with were the linens.

Sighing, Mark slung a bedsheet around his waist and started looking for a shower.

To his great relief, he didn’t have to look far. The door just across the corridor from his bedroom opened into a full bathroom, not as luxurious as the one he had found Stephanie in yesterday but still containing a tub big enough for two, a toilet, a sink and a large shower area fully laid out in red marble, separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall with a sliding door in it. A niche in the wall with several boards held an assortment of towels and bathrobes in several colors, some of which looked like they were large enough for him. At the very least, they were an upgrade from what he was currently wearing.

Tossing the bedsheet into a corner, Mark walked towards the shower, stepped through the sliding door and opened the tap. It took a moment until he had adjusted the temperature to his liking, then he stood underneath the shower head and let the drizzle of warm, clear water wash over him.

Sighing deeply, he closed his eyes and relaxed in the feeling of having yesterday’s sweat (and other liquids) cleaned off him, his muscles softening in the warmth of the shower. He rubbed his face with both hands, opened his mouth and let a bit of water run into it, then swallowed – it wasn’t just Tess who was in need of hydration today, he realized with a grin. He reached for a bar of soap, which was sitting in a little copper bowl on the wall, rubbed it over both his arms and rinsed them under the running water. Then he focused his attention on his neck, moving his hand with the soap over his shoulders and gave them a good scrubbing.

And just as he was doing that, the soap slipped from his fingers and fell on the floor. “Fuck,” Mark grunted and bent over to pick it up.

That was when he realized he was no longer alone.

On the other side of the glass, Mona was comfortably leaning back against the bathroom wall with crossed arms, wearing a very short, very black silk kimono that did nothing to hide her long, graceful legs. She was looking directly at Mark, which in this very moment meant straight at his butt, and a pleased smile was running over her entire face.

Mark stared back at Mona, at her long chestnut hair falling down to her hips, her slender, elegant figure, her almost impossibly long legs and then back up at her delicate face with the amused smile on it. “Um,” he said, “if you were waiting for me to-“

“No, please,” Mona said in a low, sultry voice that carried only the slightest hint of mischieviousness. “Don’t let me disturb you. Take all the time you need.”

“So, uh…” Mark was more than a bit puzzled about her behavior. “So you don’t want to use the shower?”

“I’m perfectly comfortable where I am right now,” Mona purred and adjusted her position on the wall a little while she, maybe subconsciously, moistened her lips. “Please, keep going. I’ll just stay here and… watch.”

With a slight chuckle, Mark stood up again. “So that’s what you like?”

Mona gave him a smirk in return. “Shut up and entertain beylikdüzü ucuz escort me,” she said.

Mark chuckled, slightly shaking his head in amusement about the somewhat surreal situation, but in all honesty, he really didn’t mind Mona’s attention right now. Her behavior had something playful to it, something light and casual he hadn’t felt with any of the other members of her family – well, maybe during his first time with Tanya. But back then, he had no idea how it all would turn out, of course…

In any case, Mona expected a good show, and Mark had decided that he was going to give her one. Meeting her gaze, he started to lather his chest with a good coating of soap, slowly moving the bar over it in a figure of eight. He gently moved his shoulders from side to side as he did that, mimicking the exaggerated style of beauty product commercials while doing his best impression of a male-fashion-model-face.

Mona chuckled at the somewhat silly display, raising her right hand to cover her mouth. She remained in that position for a moment, then suddenly shifted slightly and put out her hip, showing off the soft curves of her lower body. At the same time, she opened her lips a little and provocatively bit down on her index finger as if considering her next move about Mark.

The message was clear, even without her speaking out loud, and Mark understood.

Stopping his current slightly ridiculous display, he moved his hand with the soap down his belly and to his crotch. Rubbing it across his underbelly for a moment, he left some lather, then he put the soap back into its place at the marble wall and started to wash his genital area with both hands. Unlike his usual procedure, though, he moved his hands very slowly, very deliberately, and he made certain Mona got a good look at everything he did.

If Mona had been just entertained so far, this new display definitely seemed to turn her on. Her gaze followed his hands as her smile widened, and eventually, she let her left hand drop a little, running it up and down across the area between her chest and her bellybutton. Then, after another few moment, she shifted her position on the wall again, raising one foot against the wall, and then she proceeded to move her left hand down between her now open legs. Her fingers disappeared underneath the hem of her kimono.

Despite still standing underneath the shower, Mark felt his mouth become dry. For a moment, he stopped moving, but then, again, he understood what Mona was asking of him. Without further hesitation, he took his cock into his right hand and started to stroke it, up and down, up and down, slow and sensually. It wasn’t the way he usually beat off (which, as he realized, he hadn’t done for over a week now), but it would hopefully provide Mona the kind of entertainment she was looking for.

And it did. Mona’s breath became visibly faster, and she started to move her fingers underneath her kimono. Mark couldn’t exactly see what she was going, but the way she was gently swaying her hips back and forth left little doubt about that. She also moved her right hand down from her mouth to her chest, gently squeezing her breast through the black silk fabric, and her lips parted a little more as her eyelids closed halfway.

Between the stimulation of his own hand and the sight Mona was giving him, Mark felt his cock quickly stiffen and grow. The urge to go faster, to really start beating off, rose in him, but he held back as much as he could. It was a peculiar feeling, not exactly comfortable, as if keeping his spunk inside him was unhealthy, as if releasing it as quickly as possible was the right thing to do, as if not listening to the urges of his body would do him no good.

Mona seemed to have the same mindset about her own body. The speed at which she was moving her fingers underneath her kimono was steadily increasing, and eventually, she stuck out her hip far enough for the folds of her garment to fall open and her crotch becoming exposed. Mark couldn’t see much as she was covering most of it with her hand, but she definitely had her thumb pressed to her clit and was moving it around in a quick, circular motion. Her breathing was heavy by now as she was apparently quickly approaching climax. With her eyes fixed on Mark’s cock, she seemed to be eagerly expecting him to end the show on a good finale.

Well, thought Mark, if that was what she wanted, she would have it.

Casting his self-restraint aside, Mark tightened the grip of his thumb, index and middle fingers around his cock and now started to seriously wank it. Focusing entirely on the trigger zone beneath his glans, he quickly rubbed his now fully-erect rod, feeling the pressure build inside him as he was getting ready for his release. Watching Mona, he could see her starting to twitch and squirm, and he finally felt his balls contract as he shot out an impressive rope of his cum against the glass wall, followed by three more.

At the same time, Mona gave out a low groan and tightly grabbed her crotch with beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort her hand, keeping the pressure on it as her hips bucked heavily five, six, seven times. Her eyes, now gleaming like that of a predator, were fixed on Mark’s ejaculating cock as she reveled in the joy of her own orgasm.

Eventually, she gave out a deep sigh, straightened her body and pulled her slightly disheveled kimono back in place, looking down to make sure everything was neat and tidy again. Then she looked back up at Mark, this time straight into his eyes.

“The salon,” she said, “ten minutes.”

“The salon?”

“Through the corridor on the far side of the parlor, the door at the very end.” She gave him one of her enigmatic smiles. “Don’t be late.”

And with that, she turned and majestically strutted out of the room, very much like a queen on the way to her throne.


A few minutes later, now clad in a white cotton bathrobe with light-blue squares on it – the most inoffensive of the pieces – Mark entered the salon. It was the largest of the rooms in the mansion he had seen so far, and its most prominent feature was an enormous dining table that filled most of it. As with everywhere else around the house, all of the furniture was of the modern type, with clear lines and muted colors, and the only thing that really stood out were large double-doors with thick glass panes on the opposite side of the room that led outside into what looked like a flower garden.

On the left end of the table, comfortably reclined on one of the chairs, sat Mona, a transparent oval teapot and two matching glasses before her. She smiled and gestured to Mark as she saw him enter. She was still wearing her black kimono, and now that she was sitting, it showed a little cleavage, though Mona didn’t seem to have much to show in that respect.

As Mark sat down on the chair next to her, Mona eyed him from head to toe for another moment, then nodded. “Yeah, that’s not half-bad,” she said. “Pour us some tea, will you?”

Mark chortled but picked up the teapot and did what Mona had demanded. “You’re not used to people saying no to you, are you?” he asked.

Mona shrugged, picked up her tea glass and took a small sip. Then she stopped, looking at Mark. “Have some too,” she said. “I don’t like drinking alone.”

Rolling his eyes, Mark picked up his glass and tried the tea. It seemed to be some herbal infusion, lightly sweet but not what he usually preferred for breakfast. Putting it back down, he looked at Mona, meeting her gaze. For a few seconds, neither of them said anything.

“What?” Mona asked eventually.

“That’s my line,” Mark replied. “You called me over, and now you’re just sitting here. What did you have in mind – just some company with your tea?”

Mona chuckled and covered her mouth with her hand for a moment. “It was your company in particular I wanted,” she said, “if I didn’t make that clear enough earlier. You’re quite intriguing. From what I’ve heard from mom and the rest of my family, you were very willing to follow all of our rules if we allowed you to to stick around. However, you don’t seem to be the type of guy who’d have any trouble finding other women to hook up with if he wanted to. Normal women, I mean.” She made a point of emphasizing the word ‘normal’.

Now it was Mark’s turn to shrug. “Well, yeah,” he said.

“Why?” Mona asked. “What is it that made you decide to follow our rules if you could have found willing women without all the additional fuss we give about secrecy and… other things?”

Mark smiled. “Quid pro quo.”


“I’m going to answer your question. If you tell me a little more about you and the rest of your family.”

Immediately, Mona shook her head. “Not gonna happen,” she said. “You don’t get to ask questions. You know the rules.”

Mark nodded. “I know the rules,” he agreed. “I am not allowed to ask questions. However, nothing stops you from sharing some information with me if you want to. Stephanie even said that explicitly. I will learn more about you all once you – as in any of you – decide to tell me.


“So if you’re curious about my motivations,” Mark smiled, “you now know how to get me to share them.”

Mona pouted. “That’s extortion,” she complained.

“That’s the way it is,” Mark replied.

“Fine,” Mona sighed, putting down her teacup and crossing her arms. “Now what can I tell you that you probably don’t already know… Oh, right.” A wicked smile suddenly appeared on her face. “You’ve been around my family for a few weeks now. You should have realized a few… changes about your body. Especially regarding your ability to have sex repeatedly.”

Mark nodded. “Yeah, that was hard to overlook,” he said.

“I could tell you why. And you could tell me why you’ve decided to stick with us.”

“Deal,” Mark said. “That’s really something I’m interested in.”

Mona nodded. “Alright then. Now spill it.”

“Oh no,” Mark said with beyoğlu escort a laugh, “you go first.”

“What? Why me?”

“Because I’m not even allowed to ask questions,” he explained, “and you decide both what you want to know AND what you give away in exchange. At least do me that little favor.”

Mona blew a strand of hair out of her face, then chuckled. “Alright, you win. You’ll stick to our deal, won’t you?”

Mark nodded. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Alright.” Mona shifted slightly forward in her chair. “You know our biology is a lot different from that of other women,” she began. “The whole deal with the fast pregnancies, right?”


“There’s a few more other things,” Mona continued, “not the least of which is that we produce hormones other people don’t, and not all of them are directly involved in pregnancies. One of them is a pheromone – a sexual fragrance – we call pro-testosterone.”

“Pro-testosterone?” Mark raised an eyebrow. “I’ve heard of testosterone, but-“

Mona raised a hand. “The pheromone we emit causes increased testosterone production,” she explained, “but only in other people. Our family is apparently immune to it. We think it’s some sort of evolutionary defense mechanism.”

Mark snorted. “Defense,” he said, “that’s funny. So it’s supposed to make the men around you more… manly so that they can take better care of you?”

“Exactly,” Mona smiled, and this time, her smile was positively wicked. “Of course, we don’t usually keep men around. You are an exception, and you are the first man in a long time to experience all the benefits from that part of our biology.”

“Interesting,” Mark mused, “I didn’t think of it that way. So your scent is basically putting me on steroids.”

With a nod, Mona nudged him in the arm. “And now it’s your turn. Why stick around with us despite all the rules?”

“I’m hoping”, Mark said, “that one day you’ll trust me enough to tell me all there is to know about you.”

Mona’s face showed immediate disappointment. “Really?” she complained. “You’re just being curious about us?!”

“It’s more than that,” Mark quickly added. “I’m genuinely intrigued with you. You’re the next step in human evolution, that much is clear. And you’ve given me the opportunity – an opportunity no other man has been given – to be a part of all that. A part of the evolution of humanity! I mean, how could I have said no to that?”

“So you’re saying…” Mona eyed his face suspiciously, scanning for any signs of insincerity. “You honestly want to be a part of our family and walk with us, no matter where we’re going? Even if you have only begun to understand us?”

Mark nodded. “My daughters are already going to be a part of your family,” he said. “And I want to do all I can to support them. So I’m staying around. No matter what it takes.”

Mona’s face relaxed into a wide smile. “Wow,” she said. “You seem to be the real deal. Mom said you were, but I didn’t really believe her.”

Returning her smile, Mark leaned back on his chair and picked up his tea glass again, taking a sip from it. “I’m happy I could convince you,” he replied.”

Chuckling, Mona took her own tea glass and emptied it in one big swig. Putting it back down on the table, she stood up. “Come with me,” she said.

“Where to?”

Mona didn’t answer. Instead, she pulled on an end of her belt. Her kimono fell open, revealing the gentle curves of her bosom, her bellybutton, and soft, fluffy pubes the same chestnut color as her hair.


Mark quickly rose from his chair and followed Mona as she walked around the table towards the large double-doors. She opened them wide and stepped out into the garden. It was a nice, sunny morning and already warm enough to feel comfortable outside, and Mark realized that a spacious patio lay immediately behind the mansion, with the flower garden he had seen earlier following right behind. To the right were three deckchairs with flat cushions on them, but Mona headed to the right – towards a large Hollywood swing, the kind with a roof on top.

Mark’s eyes widened. “Man, I haven’t seen one of these things in ages,” he mused. “I think my grandpa had one, back when I was very little, but it was all musty and grimey and-“

“This one isn’t,” Mona chuckled. “Have a seat.”

Mark sat down on one of the two large pillows on the swing. That one pillow alone would have easily had enough room for two men his size, and it was so soft that he sunk into it quite a bit. Leaning back on the swing, it was quite comfortable, though, and he rested his arms on its back.

Once he had found his position, Mona joined him on the swing, kneeling down on the second pillow. Her kimono now stood open quite a bit so that one of her breasts was fully exposed – a flat but very firm B-cup with a nipple the color of cocoa that stood out quite a bit from her otherwise only lightly tanned skin. Licking her upper lip in a gesture that almost definitely was no longer subconscious, she reached for Mark’s leg and slipped her hand underneath the hem of his bathrobe.

She didn’t have to feel around for long until she found what she had been looking for, and as she grabbed Mark’s cock and started to stroke it, he untied the knot in his belt and opened his bathrobe wide. Grinning, Mona looked up at him. “What, does it feel so bad that you thought I should better see what I’m doing?”

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