Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 06

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“Ok Courtney, now it’s your turn! You’ll love it!” I whispered.

Courtney took her place, wrists and ankles cuffed into position, and I told Judi she was first up to wield the whip, and Judi eagerly took control of the whip and she slid the spanking panties up her sexy legs. Her mouth quickly made contact with Courtney’s very sexy asshole, as she licked and fingered the bulls-eye of her tight pucker, urged on by Courtney’s sighs and grunts of pleasure. She then took Courtney’s butt plug, a dab of lube, and we heard Courtney’s grunt of pleasure as Judi slid it up between her cheeks, burying it to the stem in Courtney’s tight asshole.

“So, you little bad bitch, you take it up the ass, you lick cunt and ass, you like to whip and then fuck Mommy’s cunt! What will we do with a bad girl like you?” Rita playfully scolded her.

“Make the punishment fit the crime! Whip my ass, give me what I deserve!” Courtney grunted.

“Excellent, yes, you will get what you deserve!”

Judi drew back and whipped the thongs against Courtney’s ass. She jerked and howled with pleasure, her arms and legs pulling at the restraints.

“Oh fuck, that feels so fucking great! Do it again!”

Again the whip lashed against her ass, her howl of pleasure filling the bedroom.

“Yes, yes, more, tan my ass, beat the bitch out of me!”

Judi did so, administering three more whips against Courtney’s sexy ass, making her ass start to glow crimson.

Rita took over the whip and the panties, and gave Courtney another 5 firm lashes, as Courtney howled with pleasure and urged her on.

Then it was my turn. That sexy rump was glowing red, and I was going to give her the last 5 strokes, it was making my cunt cream up like crazy.

“Courtney, you love being an ass whipping, cunt licking, ass licking, dildo fucking little slut, don’t you? Do you think we should stand for that?” I playfully scolded her.

“No, you shouldn’t stand for it! Whip my ass, tan my ass, make it burn, do it!”

Fired up, I lashed her ass with 5 hard strokes, her cries of pleasure filling the bedroom. Her ass was now fiery red, crisscrossed with the lash strokes.

“OK, Courtney, who do you want to fuck your cunt?”

“You, I want you Mommy to fuck me! I’m so hot, I feel like güvenilir bahis I’m gonna explode!”

I strapped my black 10-inch dildo into place and positioned myself. Notching my dildo against her horny cunt, I pushed in smoothly, grabbing her hips and lunging, smacking my pelvis against her freshly whipped ass cheeks. I felt the heat from her burning ass, and my body also kept her butt plug shoved up her tight ass hole, she howled with pleasure.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, that feels so fucking good! Now fuck my burning cunt, and make me cum!”

I was happy to do so, driving in and out, pulling back far enough to see her sexy rump glowing with the whipping we had dished out, then driving forward again, smacking against her ass over and over. I power fucked her sexy cunt, giving her steamy cunt a hard reaming, I could see her arms and legs pulling against the restraints, yeah, being restrained and fucked is so fucking hot, it was gonna make her cum like a train.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum, fuck yes, I’m cumming, holy fuck, I’m cumming, fuck YES!”

Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, I slammed the 10 inches deep, right to the hilt, and held it there, her cunt spasming crazily around the 10 inches of cunt pleasing dildo buried up her fiery fuck hole. I could feel her fiery, crimson ass squirming wildly, held tightly against my pelvis as she came, her body shaking and shuddering wildly. For a second, I wished I could have been a guy, feeling the tight spasms milking my cock, and exploding a gusher of sizzling spunk deep inside the gripping hug.

After a few minutes of recovery, it was Judi’s turn. She was already breathing hard, wildly turned on by seeing us getting restrained, whipped, and fucked, and now, it was her turn.

I told Rita it was her turn to be the first up to use the whip. Judi growled with pleasure, as my daughter licked and fingered her tight asshole, getting her ready. A dab of lube and the butt plug was stuffed securely up Judi’s tight asshole. Rita was happy to pull on the spanking panties and take the whip in hand.

“Oh my goodness, look! All three of us have red, stinging, well-whipped asses, and look at the whiteness of Judi’s ass! Do you want to be like the three of us Judi, or do you want to keep your ass lily white?” Rita türkçe bahis playfully teased her.

“I want to be just like you! Whip me, tan my lily-white ass, give me the stinging redness!”

“Very good” Rita replied, and the whip whistled through the air, and lashed against Judi’s ass.

She gave a squeal of pleasure, and grunted, “Oh fuck yeah, more, I want more, let me have it!”

Rita was happy to oblige, and she gave Judi 4 more firm strokes of the whip, her grunts of pleasure and howls of more fired me up. My cunt was once again juicing up like crazy, after Judi’s fucking, I would need relief.

I took the whip, and scolded her, “Bad girl! Learning all the bad things, and enjoying them! Take this, you bad bitch!”

I whipped her ass, listening to her howl of pleasure.

“Do you want more, you bad bitch?”

“Yes, yes, I need more! Whip my ass, tan my ass, beat the bitch out of me!”

I was happy to do so, give her 4 more hard, firm lashes across her tight ass cheeks, her howls of delight, and her urgings of more, giving her ass the crimson, crisscross pattern.

Courtney took the whip and the panties and gave Judi’s ass 5 more whips, and she completed the fiery red, crisscross pattern that all our stinging asses bore.

When asked who she wanted to fuck her, she grunted out, “Rita, I want Rita to fuck me!”

I was so fucking horny, I couldn’t stand it. I grabbed Courtney, stripped off my dildo, and as Rita swung into position to fuck Judi, we were next to them on the bed, in a steamy 69. As Courtney’s lips made contact with my labia lips, as her tongue dipped into my gushing cunt, I felt the wash, like a slow, wrenching wave of pleasure, as my orgasm consumed me. My howls of pleasure mixed with other sounds, I was dimly aware of Judi’s grunts and cries of pleasure, the liquid squelching sound of Judi’s very juicy cunt being reamed out hard, as my daughter gave Judi the dildo fuck of a lifetime.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! Ram that big dildo in, and power fuck me! Yes, I’m so close, make me cum!”

This fired Rita up even more, and she slammed her hips forward, over and over, smacking against Judi’s well-whipped ass, keeping the butt plug buried up Judi’s tight asshole.

I quickly went to güvenilir bahis siteleri work on Courtney’s steaming cunt, pulling her down to my mouth, and licking her wildly. Courtney didn’t take too long, she was dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against my face. She was moaning with pleasure and began to buck wildly on me.

“Oh fuck yeah, lick me, Mommy, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I’m cumming fuck YES!!” Courtney howled.

With her sexy body shuddering and shaking, she let out a howl of pleasure as she exploded, coating my mouth with her tasty juices. I sucked them all down, as she shook and moaned as her orgasm tore through her.

Almost as if on cue, Judi howled, “Fuck, yes, fuck, I’m cumming, yes, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YES!”

Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, watching her body shaking as my daughter reamed her out with her 10-inch dildo had been very exciting to watch, and I could feel the tingle starting again.

Judi was released from the cuffs, and I was suddenly flat on my back, Courtney squatting above me, presenting her teen cunt to my face, Judi’s hot mouth between my legs, and Rita stroking and sucking at my tits.

“OK Mom, you’ve done a lot of sexy planning, now here’s something we planned for you!” Rita whispered.

I quickly looped my arms over Courtney’s sexy hips and pulled her down to my waiting mouth. As I dipped my tongue into her steaming cunt, she whispered, “Eat me, Mommy, it’s all hot and juicy just for you.”

As I started to lick her, I could feel Judi’s tongue dipping into my sweet center, and Rita nipping gently at my rock-hard nipples, and it spurred me on. I gave Courtney the best lick job I could, her taste was very enjoyable, and after that first swallow of her juices, I couldn’t get enough. I licked wildly at her, sucking every drop of her juices, and I kept licking at her, until she cried out in orgasm as my tongue brought her off, her pussy gushing a load of juices over my face.

That set me off, and Judi’s talented tongue did the rest, as she licked me to a writhing, shuddering orgasm, it felt like electric shocks were zapping my cunt, as I came hard.

We carried on almost all night in various combinations, daisy-chaining, 3 on 1, using our dildos, and riding the double dildo. I lost count of all the orgasms I was wracked with, fuck, it felt like I was cumming every minute. As dawn broke, we collapsed in a heap, sexually spent and asleep in seconds. Fuck, what a wild weekend.

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