Dave’s Apartment

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


After my divorce, I had several sexual encounters that led me to try experimenting with things I would previously never have considered. This story is about the third guy I experimented with one-on-one.

The first time I went to Dave’s apartment, I spent most of the evening on my knees, licking, kissing, and sucking his massive black cock while he watched a basketball game. We met as a result of a personal ad, and had talked on the phone prior to me working up the courage to go to his apartment. Dave had a deep, manly voice that made me melt. He told me that he liked being serviced by white boys like me, and was happy that I was willing to suck bare cock and swallow, even if I needed him to wear a condom if I ever allowed him to fuck me.

Dave quickly realized that I was a bit skittish about his monster cock, 10.5 inches, thick, cut, and hypnotic, so he took control of the situation, grabbing my shoulders and forcing me to my knees, then holding me down while he pulled down his sweats and yanked out his thick meat, guiding it between my quivering lips. One of his large, meaty hands was resting on my head the whole time, giving me a feeling of connection that I loved. At certain points, he’d put down his beer and take my head in both hands, squeezing my skull passionately and pushing my head down as he thrust his hips upwards into my mouth, forcing his long, thick cock deep into my throat, gagging me and bringing tears to my eyes. I was in heaven.

Dave was everything I wanted in a cocksman, even if I didn’t know it at the time. He ruthlessly pushed my head down and held me in place as he came, chugging his seed straight down my throat. Then he kept his hand on my head, making it clear that I was to keep his cock in my mouth until he was ready for the next round — and he always seemed to be.

Dave taught me to worship his cock, and taught me how much I loved to hear a black man telling me what to do to please him — calling me a bitch, slut, whore, cocksucker, faggot, pussy, and whatever else he wanted. türkçe altyazılı porno He made it clear that my only purpose while in his apartment was to pleasure him, and that as long as I did that, I was a good slut. It was like finding religion.

After pumping two or three loads of his creamy cum down my throat, Dave would want to fuck me — which meant that Dave fucked me. That first night, I told him no, but he bent me over the couch, twisted my arms behind my back, and told me that no white bitch was going to tease him and not deliver some ass. I struggled a bit, but was not in a position where I could do much. He lubed his cock and pressed his big mushroom head into my ass, silencing my denials by asking me “You like that cock, dontl you, bitch? You want to make that cock happy, like a good little whore — right?” thrusting in as emphasis. As much as I hated it, and as furious as I was about being raped, I also loved the way he was making me feel — so sexy and powerful to be able to drive a man to such acts. The simple truth is that we both knew that he owned my ass from that moment, my resistance crumbled, and I gave my ass up to his violent and furious fucking.

As it always did, having a cock enter my ass started out being somewhat uncomfortable — even painful – but the feel of a hot cock throbbing in my bruised and stretched ass would excite me and make me wiggle my ass backwards to invite him to thrust in deeper, harder, faster — to get him to fuck me senseless. When being ass-sucked, I would generally reach that happy place for a while, but after a few minutes, the pain would come back, mixed with the pleasure, and — if it took the guy too long, replacing the pleasure, so I would be crying and moaning in pain, begging him to finish up so that the pain would end. With Dave though, the feeling would change after he’d been fucking me for a while, and I would get something like a “second wind” of the ecstatic feeling, and when he finished, I would crave having his cock stay inside me to get soft before he withdrew, instead of wanting it to be over and xnxx out of me as soon as possible. It took me a couple of visits to realize what the difference was — Dave was taking the condom off a minute or so after he started fucking my ass, and the pleasurable sensations of being barebacked — of his hot precum and sizzling semen shooting into me were what made being fucked by Dave so much more pleasurable than what I had experienced with other cocks.

Dave fucked hard, like an Olympic athlete training at the gym. In missionary, he would fold my legs back to where they were behind my head, and drive his cock in long, deep, and hard, his sweat dripping onto me as he fucked me for 20, 30, 40 minutes before grabbing me and roughly forcing me into a new position. In doggy, he would pull up on my hips, then reach over and shove my head down so my ass was fully elevated for his convenience. He also fucked me standing, forcing me to lean against the wall for support as he drove into me with such force that I would stagger as if I was being tackled. He was strong and forceful, and didn’t hold back. His stamina was amazing, and he would fuck me until my ass was raw and aching from the friction and overuse. Any evening at Dave’s apartment would have his cock in my ass for at least an hour, after spending more time than that down my throat. He was a one man gang-bang.

After that first night, I was not sure if I was ever going to return — in one sense I wanted — desperately needed — to feel so sexy again, to have that wonderful cock in my mouth and ass — to look at it, hold it, breathe on it, lick it, kiss it, suck it, worship it… On the other hand, after the first night, I had bruises on my arms and thighs where he had grabbed me while manhandling me, and it hurt to sit for two days.

Dave called me constantly, asking me when I was coming back for another visit, telling me how sweet my tight ass was, and how I made him feel better than any other white slut, male or female, ever had. I held out for about a week.

The second time I went to Dave’s apartment, he answered the door in a robe, porno izle and asked me why it had taken so long for me to come back. “I liked it last time, but you hurt me. I need you to be more careful, Dave.”

“I know you ‘liked it’ — you loved my dick you little slut, and you’re going to love it again. You’ll get used to the size, and if you don’t fight me, you won’t get bruised. Now, get on your knees and show my cock that you’re sorry you made it wait so long to see you again.” I tried to step into the apartment to start pleasing his cock, but he held up his arm and blocked me. “I said, get on your knees and show my cock that you want to please it,” he said, in an angry voice, then pushed me down onto my knees on the doormat, and slid his robe open to reveal his magnificent cock.

“You know I want it, but can’t I come in first?” I pleaded, “Someone might see.”

“Cocksucker as good as you are deserves an audience” he snarled, pushing his cock towards my mouth. “Now start sucking, or I’ll bend you over and fuck you out here, instead”. I gave in and lovingly and worshipfully took his cock into my mouth, coming in my underwear as I slobbered all over his think black cock, the doormat bristly under my knees, the porch light making me visible to anyone who entered or exited any of the neighboring apartments, or even drove into the parking lot. I closed my eyes and focused on turning my mouth, lips, tongue and throat into the ultimate pleasure delivery system, and got him to groan out and fire a load into my mouth fairly quickly — only ten or fifteen minutes after first taking him into my mouth. “oh, fuck!, Yeah! Suck that black dick you white bitch! Make it happy! Drink down my load you fucking whore!” His hands on my head, he thrust deep into my throat, overpowering my gag reflex, my futile attempts to push his thighs back from my face too weak to do anything, I couldn’t breathe as he made his final thrusts, and was starting to black out as his cum gushed down my throat in spurt after spurt. My head was spinning as he dragged me, still on my knees, into his apartment, flipped me on my back on the floor, and then planted himself on my face to lick his ass while his dick hardened so I could suck him again. I was dizzy and disorientated, and wasn’t sure if I heard cheering and applause from outside of the apartment, or of it was just the TV.

I wondered if I would ever find out.

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