Davey Seduces Sexy Susan Ch. 01

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Anal Bliss


This is a real life adventure–to a point. At one point it digresses into a wished fantasy. You can try to decide where that point is, or ask me and I will tell. Oh, one more thing. Not all of the names are real.


Ruby had just left the office. It was time–4:05. Susan totally enjoyed the neck massages she got from Davey, but only when Ruby wasn’t around. You see, Ruby was the office gossip and heaven forbid if she caught wind of them having an intimate moment involving touching. Davey felt his manhood stretch as he stood up from his desk anticipating what was going to happen in about ten seconds. He casually approach Susan. She heard him approaching and knew what was coming. He did this everyday for the past month and they both loved it. Davey at 49 was nearly twice her age, but it didn’t matter. They were close friends and very comfortable working with each other at the office to the point where personal space was ignored and they very casually friendly touched each other a lot as close friends do. Davey felt comfortable giving this young lady hugs and occasional friend kisses on the cheek, forehead, or hair, as a father figure would do. Susan loved the attention and soaked it all up. She had been single for about a year and this intimate father figure sort of made up for the missing relationship. So, their ritual began. He gave her a nice shoulder and neck rub everyday at the office after Ruby left. She usually sighed and moaned softly expressing sincere gratitude. He didn’t even think about if she noticed his raging hard-on or consider what he was doing to her female hormones. They both enjoyed it; and that’s all that mattered. Davey Mardin Escort was so flattered that a sweet, young thing like Susan had an interest in him at all and the fact that she was a total knockout just increased his interest, He treated this very beautiful girl as a regular person without getting tongue tied or loss of concentration. The shoulder massages were enough…for a while.

and a long while later…

Susan tried to work from home that day (02/16/2006), but internet connection problems prevented that. She even sent Davey a text message that she was breaking off their lunch appointment, but it never arrived. So, Davey arrived at the office fully expecting a nice friendship lunch with Susan and Denese, but later would be disappointed. As it turned out it was moving day for Susan. She was moving from ten feet away from Davey to the adjacent cube. Whoo, hoo. That was not the motivation. Actually, Susan was moving next to her boss where he could keep an eye on her better. So Susan moved and work continued.

During the day another Susan got involved in the work. She will be designated Sue to avoid any confusion. Susan and Sue both worked in the QA department and Davey was a software engineer (consultant) contracted by their employer. One thing Davey liked to do was help the QA girls because he could stand next to them, in back of them, or close to them and get a good angle down their blouse to see what assets they were displaying at work today. Now Sue and Susan were sitting next to each other and Davey got bored standing in back of them basically just listening. So he gave a good shoulder rub to Susan completely observed by Sue. Mardin Escort Bayan (This eliminates the Ruby affect–they are doing something bad.) One thing Davey noticed while working Susan’s muscles is that her cleavage was a bit bouncy. Indeed, he massaged down her spine to feel and check out the straps. No bra! OMG! Confirmed by watching boobs slide around while he squeezed. She was wearing just a shrug over a very pretty and somewhat intimate cami and the only support to her boobs was the shrug! He figured this was because she dressed quickly without showering and expected to go back home soon after showing her face at the office. His cock twitched with excitement at this discovery. He watched with intense interest as her boobs jostled around inside her top and she was oblivious to the show she was giving him. After all–nipples are secure and no way those puppies are falling out!

When Sue traded seats with Susan, Davey gave Sue a shoulder rub too. (Keep the jealously down and eliminate suspicion.) He recalls even the statement from Sue, “Oh, it’s my turn. Oh, this is going to put me to sleep.” Now Sue was pretty and in her 30s, but not the runway candidate that 25 yr old Susan was.

End of day. Just because a shoulder rub happened at 2:30 didn’t mean the 4:05 one was cancelled. Most of the staff left early and Davey lightly placed his hands on Susan and gave her the daily shoulder rub. He went farther than usual this time and compressed both of her arms as he slid his tight hands around her biceps and down, down to her elbows, and beyond. As he retracted and pulled back up her arms, Davey grazed her boob with his right thumb. He Escort Mardin felt it definitely and she didn’t jump. His manhood hardened even more in his trousers and he quickly formed a plan. He encompassed her arm with both of his hands on her right shoulder and massaged them all the way down to her elbow, letting his fingers run between her biceps and sliding firmly against her right boob. Still she didn’t shrink back or flinch. He did the same to her left arm, with right knuckles caressing her left boob on the way down and on the way back. This time when he pulled his hands back up he left only his right hand between her left bicep and boob–firmly against both. Wondering… can he go farther?

After a while which seemed like hours, but was maybe 30 seconds he resumed massaging her back and shoulders letting his fingers drape over her collarbone. He let his fingers slide progressively deeper down the front of her neck and then back up, teasing her, but getting closer and closer to her cleavage until his fingers were slipping under her cami and feeling the tightness of the shrug providing her only support. “You know this is really turning me on.”, she finally spoke. His penis twitched again and he felt pre-cum escape from it’s tip. All bets off. He slid his hand down her chest under the cami and tight shrug to cup her young perky breast. It had been 20 years since he had his hand on a tit this young. His hard-on reached it’s maximum and tented his pants like a Barnum and Bailey’s circus tent. He lightly squeezed her nipple. She moaned and leaned her head against his torso as he was still standing behind her. He massaged both tits smiling to himself as he confirmed–yep, no bra! There were still co-workers around, but not close. Susan placed her hand on top of his, still under her cami and said “Stop! We can’t do this here. Why don’t you go downstairs to the ladies room and I’ll meet you there in five minutes?”

— to be continued

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