Davy’s On The Road Again Ch. 01

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I had to get away. I needed to escape this place and just be alone for a while. It wasn’t like things were closing in on me either. Quite the contrary. I’d just won a few thousand dollars in the state lottery, all my bills were paid off and I was feeling flush for the first time in a long time. No, I needed to get away because I was mentally exhausted. I needed to get in touch with my creativity again. I needed an adventure.

I looked at all sorts of vacation plans but none of them really excited me. Had I a girlfriend, I’d have looked for a deserted beach in the Caribbean or something like that. But not being assured of having any sex, except with myself, on a deserted beach didn’t sound so appealing. But then I saw an ad for a place that rents RVs and it set my mind off…an RV…”Travels With Charley”…just me and my dog…hmmmm.

For the next few days, I investigated and explored the possibilities. I went to different dealers and looked at their inventory. Because the economy is mired in such bad times, I found some great deals. I finally found an offer that was hard to refuse. I could get a 32′ Gulfstream Super Slide-out for a month for $3500. They were a national chain with offices all over the country so I wouldn’t have to worry about problems. Plus this RV had all the extras and since my dog and I would be living in a long shoe-box, why not do it in style? I left a deposit and set up the rental to begin in a week. I then began to work in earnest on escaping.

The RV had a V-10 and a generator so it wasn’t like I was leaving the world, I had plenty of power. With my laptop and wi-fi, I was always in contact. With a large flatscreen TV near the galley and another in the bedroom, a CD player with a USB port for my iPod, I had all the media I could need. A full kitchen, a full bathroom with a shower, a full queen bed with another bed over head of the cab, lots of storage…hell, this could be fun!

I bought all my supplies and picked up the RV. It took me no time to pack it because I was so well prepared. My dog and I boarded the RV and took off for adventure. I turned on the GPS and aimed southwest. The first day was nice and easy and my dog found a good spot on the couch to snooze. It was late September and still warm. As I left the northeast and into West Virginia toward Ohio, it seemed to become bit humid, too. My air conditioner was working fine but my dog needed a walk and I needed to take a break. I saw a sign for a campground with RV hookups near Huntington, a few miles ahead, so I pulled off and headed for my first good night’s sleep.

The campgrounds was very nice and it was quiet with only a few cars in sight. I pulled up to the office. I was greeted by a vivacious woman in her forties who introduced herself as Sarah. A little bit padded, she had large fleshy breasts to match her bubbly nature. I told her what I needed and gave her my debit card. She told me that the campgrounds were nearly empty and she gave me a location overlooking a scenic view of the hills. She told me her husband was available if I needed any help. I thanked her and made an offer for them to come by for a sunset drink. I really didn’t expect them to show.

After I hooked everything up, I walked my dog and surveyed the campground. About three hundred yards away was an older couple sitting in the screened area off their trailer. With a slight breeze, there were no bugs around and so i really didn’t see the point of the screen. But inside, they both read books around a small table with a bug candle alt yazılı seks and they seemed at peace. We waved to each other. A few hundred yards beyond them was a tent with a Jeep Wrangler alongside. I took the circle back and passed the bathrooms and showers but no other vehicles.

Back at the RV, I decided to check out all the bells and whistles. I upped the volume on my ipod and set about opening the slide out compartments. One made my bedroom considerable longer with lots of space to move around. Another added several feet to the dining and lounging area. I took a shower and enjoyed the warm water and the roominess. Then I poured myself a drink and flopped down on the bed. I turned the TV on to see what was going on the world, not that I really cared. I flipped the stations until I found Antiques Roadshow. I flipped open my laptop and was happy to see a strong signal. I checked my email and ignored most of them. I looked up at the TV and soon fell asleep.

I was awakened by a knock on the door. It was Sarah and her husband, Billy. I welcomed them in and excused myself to throw some water on my face. I invited them to look around.

“Sorry if we woke you. I really wanted to see your wagon. This is a great way to travel,” Billy said as he check it out, “You have everything you need here.”

“What are you drinking? Beer, soda, or…?”

“We brought wine, if you don’t mind. Sarah likes wine.”

“Great.” I opened it and poured three glasses. It was a cheap Chianti and it tasted great. Enjoying that I had company, we spent the next hour or so talking about RVs, my vacation and their lives in their quiet little camping business.

Sarah was not as vivacious as she had been earlier and Billy did most of the talking. He was taller and thinner than she and they seemed to be somewhat of an odd couple. When Billy produced a joint from his pocket, she suddenly seemed to light up.

“Now there’s a welcome sight,” I said as I lit it. The bottle was nearly empty so I pulled another one out. As we sat around the table, the smoke and the drink loosened our tongues and the conversation was becoming sloppy.

Billy asked, “So what to you do without pussy?” This took me aback as he was so upfront in front of his wife. I looked at her for reaction and saw that she was waiting on my answer.

“Well, I brought some porn dvds to jerk off by, if that’s what you mean?”

Sarah piped up, “Oh, we love porn, don’t we, hon. It helps to liven things up out here. What kind of porn do you like, Davy?” She seemed fascinated.

“I haven’t watched any of them yet but they’re mostly group sex, threesomes…like that. I like that stuff.”

“Are they with bi women?” She asked.

“Yes, they are all bi…men and women.”

Billy looked up at me, “So Davy, you like it both ways, do ya, huh?”

“Sometimes…but it has been a long time since I did that. But I like to jerk off to it.”

“Billy likes to jerk off to that, too…don’t you, hon? Sometimes, we tell each other stories.”

She got up from her chair and asked where the porn was. I pulled a few boxes out of the cabinet near the cd player. She looked over them and put one in. The overhead TV flashed with the titles and pictures of the cast. She turned the volume up. The film’s plot, for what it was, started with two couples sitting and talking around a table. Within a few minutes, one guy had his hand around a tit. The other woman was stroking a cock.

“Wow. They’re really porno 92 good-looking,” Sarah remarked. I could see her nipples getting hard under her blouse. Her bra could not conceal the dark round circles beneath. The movie began to get more involved as the couples got naked and moved into the bedroom. I could feel my erection growing. I moved around the RV closing the curtains. Billy poured more wine and lit another joint. This second joint gave me a nice buzz.

Sarah was riveted to the screen as Billy got up to pass her the joint. As he stood beside her she reached up and began to stoke him through his jeans.

“Now baby, if you keep that up you’re going to have to do something about it.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t ya, hon. I bet you’d like me to suck it.”

As I reached for the joint, I felt her other hand rub along my now straining organ. I looked at Billy smiling at me.

“Mmmm…two hard dicks,” Sarah mumbled. On the screen, the women were blowing their men. One of the women was rubbing the other woman’s ass.

“How ’bout we get comfortable,” I offered. Sarah got up to use the john and I opened up the bedroom. I took the dvd out and put it into the bedroom player. I found the point where we left off and paused it. Sarah returned holding her pants. She and Billy began to disrobe. Billy was wearing black boxers and his cockhead was peeking out the fly. Sarah was in her bra and panties, both simple white affairs. Her bra was holding a large pair of double dees and the damp croth of her panties was showing off her thin black pubic hair. I dropped my jeans and my black boxer briefs bulged.

We sat down on the bed and continued the dvd. The two couples were sucking and fucking away. The three of us watched quietly as we passed the joint and sipped the wine. Each of us were idly scratching and rubbing our genitals. I reached over and unclasped Sarah’s bra. As she slipped it off, her large tits poured out. She began to pinch her nipples. I replaced one of her hands with my own and my fingers flicked at her nipple. All eyes were glued to the screen as one of the women began to go down on the other. Both men watched the scene and began to stroke each other. Both were very well hung.

“Man they’ve got big ones,” said Sarah. With that she moved closer to Billy and pulled his cock out. It was about 6″ and very thick, topped a large red cap. She buried her hand under it and played with his sack, a large hairy affair.

“What do you got, hon?”

She reached into my shorts and pulled out a cock similar in size but not quite so thick.

“Look Billy. Davy has such a nice dick. You both do.” She took each of us in hand. We sat with her between us. As she stroked us, our four hands traveled around her body. It was obvious that she was enjoying this because within moments, the room filled with her scent and her nipples stood up and saluted.

“Sarah, look at this.” The screen had the women in a 69 with close ups of lapping tongues and dripping holes. Both cunts were shaved and their clits stood out like pearls in a clamshell. The camera turned to the men, one of whom was on his knees devouring a 10″ salami. The cock was so big, it seemed he could hardly get his lips around it. That is, until he deep-throated it.

“Oooh, this is a good movie. I’m really wet.”

Indeed she was. I reached over and felt her sopping pussy. Billy started tweaking her nipples and she sighed happily. We all moved closer to each other and began to masturbate. I pulled xvideos porno her panties to the side and stuck my finger into her hole. Damn, was she ever wet. I withdrew my finger and lifted it to my face, I smelled ripe and I licked it off. then I went back for more.

Billy got off the bed to shed his underwear and Sarah and I took that as a signal to do the same. Sarah pushed me back onto the headboard.

“Guests cum first…call it West Virginia hospitality.”

She laid down between my legs and went to work licking on my hard member. She started at my balls and slowly snaked her tongue along and up my cock. She did this for a while. I looked up at Billy who was still standing. He was watching the screen and stroking his cock. It stood at a perfect ninety degrees and it, too, was throbbing. He looked back at me and watched as his wife sucked on me.

“She sucks great, don’t she?” I had to agree. She was very good. I was enjoying this immensely as she slurped my balls and rolled them around her mouth. She looked over to Billy and invited him closer. Billy got on the bed and crawled over. He reached over and held my cock at the stem and squeezed it.

“I need my pussy done. Want my pussy, Davy?” A rhetorical question sometimes needs no response. I moved down the bed and lay on my back as Sarah squatted over my head. I looked up into her hole as she dripped onto my face. It was raining pussy and I had to be in heaven.I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my face. My nose rubbed her taint and tickled her rosebud as my tongue slurped and swallowed her syrup. She wiggled around on my face and squealed happily.

I felt Billy take my cock in his mouth and start to suck, His hand stroked and twisted my dick and I knew he could suck cock better than she. I also knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer.

Sarah got up and stretched her legs out so that she was lying prone above me. Her thighs enveloped my head and she positioned herself so that my nose was in her pussy as my tongue sucked and twirled her clit. My face was dripping from her abundant juices as the tip of my tongue ran circles over her nub. She began to moan and pant. Her body was writhing above me as she spoke to Billy.

“You like that cock, don’t you, hon…He has a nice cock…I want to see you drink his cum, my cocksucker man…” She began to buck against my face and I was drowning in her twat soup. She smelled so hot it took me over the edge and I began to feel my cum boiling up.

“I’m cumming,” I somehow managed to say as her cunt slapped my face.

“Let me see you drink him, Billy,…ooooohhh…cum….cum.”

Billy pulled of as I began to shoot streams of cum into his wide open mouth. Sarah was pushing down on my face and heaving. I kept shooting.

“That’s a big load…take it all, Billy…take it all.”

Billy grabbed her and pulled her off me. Throwing her onto her back, he plunged his cock deep inside her. Grunting like a wildman, he held her big tits and leaned down to share my spunk with her as she sucked it in voraciously. It took him a moment to cum and in a moment it was all over as he collapsed upon her.

After a few minutes, they got up and began to dress. Nonchalantly, he said that it was time for bed. They thanked me for the drink and the orgasms. It was like they made a house call and now, in a matter of fact, they were going home. Billy left another joint in the ashtray and, just like that, they were gone.

I fell asleep with a large smile on my face and my moustache reeking pussy. My dog seemed to take extra joy in licking my face.

The next morning, I was on the road again heading west. I knew I had made the right decision and that this vacation would be memorable. It already was and I had hardly started.

End of Part 1

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