Dawn of Desire

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The steady rain pounded the streets of Baltimore on a gloomy October night. Zoe was walking towards nothing, trying to escape everything in her life. Her husband, her so-called friends and even her own mind. In retrospect, that last thing was the most difficult to get away from. The omnipresent pull of her depression was enough for her to consider ending it all but her own fears of leaving someone to clean up the mess held her back. Regardless of how bad she was suffering, she wouldn’t put another person’s mental health in jeopardy by killing herself and leaving a catastrophe of a scene for them to find. Sighing to herself, she watched as her own breath hung thick in the air. The chilly wind accompanying the Nor’easter slowly blew it off to the East to dissipate in the darkness.

Zoe sighed again as tears overran her eyes and mingled with the falling rain. She stopped by the side of the road just as a car approached. Watching as the car stopped, Zoe half turned to confront whoever was intruding on her private misery. Despite the security lights installed by the County Government, the man was an enigma. All she could tell was that it was a very tall man sitting in the car, staring out at her in the rain.

“Hi, do you need a lift somewhere?” He said cheerfully enough. “It’s a horrible night to be out on the street!”

Just then, he leaned into the light so she could see him clearly. His face was thin and angular but young and Zoe estimated him to be no more than his early thirties, just like her. She gave a nervous half smile as her pulse quickened at the perceived danger of going with the unknown man.

“I can’t wait to get you alone, you know.” The man said jokingly sarcastic. “I’ve got a whole night of murder and mayhem planned for you.” He finished with a wink and a roguish smile.

Smiling, despite the threat, Zoe walked quickly to the car and got in. Her body was trembling with the boldness of her act. She smiled nervously as she looked up in the dark at the half-concealed face of the man who held her life in his hands. Leaning forward, the man reiterated his intention to kill her. His pale blue eyes a reflection of his serious intent.

“I know, and I’m at peace with that.” Zoe said calmly.

It was the man’s turn to sigh softly, his shock at her calm demeanor overwhelming him. Rather than ask her further why she was so anxious to die, he thought better to get her secure at his home before he delved further into her psyche and her body. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as she stopped trembling and, for all intents and purposes, made peace with the prospect of her own death.

The man followed I-95 South for a good forty minutes before turning off into a small town not far off the Interstate. He continued on for another half hour, driving further and further from civilization as the time passed. Casually, he looked over at the woman in his keeping and found her silently absorbing what little she could see in the car’s headlights. The road was so dark, nothing could be seen on either side of the car. He smiled with relief as they neared his home. Pulling into the driveway, the man drew the gun from his holster and indicated the woman should get out of the car.

He needn’t have bothered. She was so intent on dying at his hand, that he had to rush to keep up with her while she made her way to the dark outline of his farmhouse. Shaking his head, the man grimaced in disbelief that someone so young could have such a death wish and sought to gather the particulars of her fatalist story. Unlocking the door, the man ushered the woman inside and looked at her, nonplussed, when she began making suggestions as to how he could get away with the crime of killing her.

It was his turn to shake. The man made a decision to get to the bottom of the woman’s story and put the gun down on the kitchen counter before marching her into the living room. Sitting her down on the couch, he sighed again before nervously running his fingers through his wavy blond hair. Direct, pale blue eyes appraised the woman next to him on the couch as he searched for a means of getting her to open up to him. He noted that she was small and dark, her eyes were dark brown and almond shaped, her skin a radiant medium chocolate and her hair, which was pulled back in a ponytail, was almost true black with reddish highlights.

“So, tell me why you’re so willing to die?” He said, before adding. “My name is Patrick, by the way.”

“Can you just get it over with please?” She asked, pained.

“Not until you answer my questions,” Patrick replied, with a smile. “Let’s start small then. What’s your name?”

“My name is irrelevant. You’re going to kill me. Let’s just leave things at that.” Zoe said, acidly.

“It’s not irrelevant to me.” Patrick said.

He could tell this was going to be like pulling teeth. Never before did he have a victim so closed off. Most of the people he’d kidnapped were willing to do and say anything if they thought it would free them from his plans. antep escort This girl was different, he could tell.

“Fine, my name is Zoe. Satisfied?” She sneered.

“Alright then, Zoe. Why are you so willing to die then?” Patrick asked, with a smile. Just then, Zoe attempted to jump up from the couch before being restrained by the much stronger man.

“Let me go!” She bellowed. “If you’re not going to kill me, take me back where you found me!”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Zoe.” Patrick said, calmly, as she beat against his firm chest. “Are you saying that you want to live now?”

“No, I just don’t want my time wasted. Either kill me or let me go.” Zoe stated firmly.

“Not until you tell me your story. Something has made you so eager to die and I will have it out of you.” He replied, his body reacting to having a woman in such close proximity after so long. Shushing her, Patrick held her close to his chest as he gently sat them both down on the couch.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Okay?” Zoe said, her lips quivering; her eyes filled with unshed tears.

“I’m afraid you don’t really have a choice in the matter, Zoe.” Said Patrick softly. “I’m not going to let you go until you tell me all your secrets. I will have them out of you, even if it takes me a while.”

Looking into his eyes, Zoe could see that he meant what he said and decided to, reluctantly, tell her story.

“I’m a failure at everything in my life.” Zoe began, with a nervous smile. “My marriage, my job, my education and everything else. I’d rather not sully the world with my existence anymore.”

“How have you failed? In what way have you fallen short of your ambitions?” He asked, intrigued. “You must love your husband to have married him. Why leave him to mourn?”

“I don’t love him at all.” She said, after a long pause. “He doesn’t love me either. I know it. We’re just keeping up appearances and I married him because it’s what my family wanted for me. I can’t keep pretending to be a loving wife though. So, I figured it would be better off if I were dead.”

“Why don’t you get a divorce and move on with your life?” Patrick asked, confused.

“It’s not that simple.” Zoe replied.

“It usually isn’t.” He quipped back.

“It’s my fault. I’m sick in the head.” Zoe admitted. “I’ve got this illness called Bipolar Disorder. It makes my mood go up and down and makes life really difficult.”

Patrick nodded in understanding. Pulling her close to him, he began stroking her hair and comforting her. “I’ve got the same thing and it’s never affected my relationships negatively.”

“You’re a serial killer who kidnaps people.” She laughed. “Are you really one to be giving me advice?”

“That’s a separate psycho-social disorder, Zoe.” Patrick said, smiling, as his steady blue eyes bore into her shy brown ones. “Don’t judge.”

Just then, Zoe began shivering from the cold damp clothing she had on. Patrick released his grip on her long enough to remove her soaked sweatshirt and watched as she paused before letting him continue to disrobe her. At first, it didn’t dawn on him that she was yielding to his command but, soon enough, he got the message. Guiding her hands to his clothing, he continued his disrobing of her until Zoe was left in only her underwear and Patrick was left in his jeans and underwear.

Gently scooping her up, Patrick carried Zoe upstairs to his bedroom where it was a good deal warmer and more comfortable. Carefully, he laid her down on the bed and slid his hands down to her hips where he slowly removed her underwear. Then, he followed the contours of her body upwards and deftly removed her bra before standing before her while guiding her hands to the zipper of his jeans. Zoe blushed quite a bit as she tackled with the heavy button and zipper before shyly sliding them down along with his underwear, taking pains to avert her eyes from viewing his manhood.

Patrick could see from the angle of her head that she was very much the innocent as it pertained to matters of sex. Slowly, he leaned her back on the bed, covering her body with his own and with a barrage of kisses, licks, and nibbles that brought Zoe to a fevered extreme. Not knowing what else to do, Zoe tried to guide Patrick to making love to her but, on feeling her intentions, Patrick slowed and meticulously calculated just how few kisses it would take to torment her with erotic feelings without giving her the release she craved so soon.

Growling into her neck, he lifted his lips to hers and kissed her as he felt her body arching upwards to meet his own, matched by her fervent moans of pleasure. Zoe whimpered softly as he licked and kissed a trail down her body, stopping to lick around her navel, before claiming her womanhood with his wickedly experienced teeth, lips and tongue.

At first, Zoe jumped back and from this, Patrick knew that her husband must have tried much the same at some point but that the experienced was so pathetic that it left her averse to it and longing for it to be done properly. Wanting to make her first true experience with a man as pleasurable as he could, Patrick growled deeply as he pressed his mouth firmly against her with just enough pressure for his growling to resonate throughout his body.

Zoe went from whimpering to half screaming at the feel of his mouth giving her so much attention. Her husband had never before done anything so pleasurable. As he was the only man she’d fully been with, she never knew what she was missing. She moved to grab Patrick’s head to show that she wanted more but, before she could, he gave her a kiss, followed by a nibble to her maidenhead and then a lazy but determined circling pattern with his strong tongue.

Patrick looked up concerned when he heard Zoe sobbing and sniffling lightly. Moving back up her body, he covered her with kisses before coming back up to kiss her lips and show her that everything would be alright. Wrapping her arms around his frame. He felt as she halfheartedly held onto his back. He could tell that she really had no experience with a competent lover whatsoever.

Parting her legs slowly, he felt Zoe stiffen and whimper slightly. She truly didn’t know what to expect from him. Patrick guessed that she’d only had any real sexual experience with her husband and that the experience had left her traumatized and wanting. He calmed her with a gentle moan as he kissed her before slowly, excruciatingly sliding his manhood inside her tight untried entrance.

“Are you alright?” He asked her, breathlessly, his girth almost completely sheathed by her warmth.

“Yeah.” Zoe whimpered softly. Her eyes rolled back, indicating her pleasure.

“You’re so tight, Zoe, and so tense. Relax, let me take care of everything.” Patrick whispered.

As he looked down at his new lover, she smiled up at him with such an innocent trusting nature that he nearly lost himself and took her as fiercely as he was capable. Instead, he trailed her body with more kisses and held back as he began a deep but gentle thrusting that had her grabbing and clawing at his back, which came as quite a shock to her. Patrick smiled reassuringly as he looked down into her wide shocked brown eyes and kissed her tears away when they rolled down her cheeks.

Zoe gasped for air as her body tried to acclimate to the shock of being made love to by someone who actually knew what he was doing. She felt parts of her body responding to his treatment that she hadn’t known could actually feel the way they did and cried out as each thrust rubbed against her G-spot. She dragged her nails across his back as she felt Patrick’s breathing growing ragged against her throat and tried to match his kisses with her own when he’d claim her lips between thrusts. Sliding her hand up to his face, Zoe bashfully looked up at him as she gave him permission to take her the way he wanted. Her silent assent made his heart flip.

“Do you mean it?” Patrick asked of his lover.

She nodded, her eyes reflecting the mixture of passionate emotions she felt towards him, from gratefulness at his gentle attention, to passion, to an innate friendship she felt for him despite knowing him for so short a time.

Patrick’s eyes looked down into hers and asked whether she meant it again, silently.

“Yes.” Zoe said softly.

Gently, he put his finger to her lips to let her know that everything was going to be alright before stroking her cheek with equal attention. Shifting his weight over her, he poised his body for what she was asking and wrapped her arms around him for the second time. With a kiss on the forehead, followed by one on the lips, he began truly thrusting into her and felt as her hands traveled around to various parts of his taut, strong body, feeling the raw power that he was holding back to even then be a gentle and considerate lover.

Patrick swallowed hard as his body began quaking from his thrusting. Everything in his body wanting to go deeper and truly drive them both over the edge but his mind and heart knowing that Zoe most definitely wasn’t ready for so much so soon. He felt as her hips thrust up to meet his and the threshold of his resolve began to melt away with each meeting thrust their bodies made. Soon, both we gripping each other with wild lust; grunting, groaning and moaning with wild abandon as finally, he lost complete control. No longer holding back, he watched in half lust and half fear as she began registering what was happening.

At first, Zoe’s face was a masque of shock at his deep natural power which soon morphed into fear and pain as her body tried to get used to his size, thrusting and power as he drove into her. Finally, her face reflected the deep primal lust and passionate desire that had been denied to her all the years she’d gone without a lover who truly cared for her needs.

Both smiled as their nervousness melted away and both began manically laughing and crying at the close bond they both seemed to be forming with one another. Zoe was soon at the point of exhaustion and cried out in a half scream, her nails clawing across his back before her fists pounded into the bed in a mixture of orgasmic pleasure and desire for more. Patrick smiled down at her, letting her know that she could let it all out and he would never judge, make fun of or hold it against her. On seeing such acceptance, she began crying and gasping for air as she felt his thrusts becoming ragged and his manhood growing rigid inside her. Gently, she stroked his face as she saw tears falling down his alabaster cheeks. It was her turn to give her permission for the conclusion they both longed for.

Reaching up, Patrick wrapped her legs around his waist before holding her hands in his as he began the final round of his lovemaking. He felt Zoe gripping his hands tightly and trembling against his body in anticipation and exhaustion of both his orgasm and her own. He saw that this was an entirely new experience for her and wrapped his arms around her to comfort and guide her through this beautifully traumatic event. That was all it took as Zoe moaned loudly before screaming into his chest. Then, a moment later, he felt her exploding over him. At the same moment, she felt his body tighten and his manhood gush inside her.

Despite years of training herself to immediately jump up on being ejaculated into, she didn’t care at this moment whatever the consequences. With Patrick, she could sense, the situation would be different and, whatever the outcome, he’d stick by her and be worthy of her if she got pregnant. Zoe smiled weakly as he gently collapsed over her on the bed. Both breathed heavily before he lifted her and gently placed her under the covers. Following her under, he pulled her close to him and wrapped her warmly under the blankets before cajoling her to get some rest.

“Get some sleep, dear one.” He whispered to the exhausted woman. “You were beautiful tonight.”

“So were you.” She said smiling as she drifted off.

Zoe snuggled close to Patrick in the bed, her head resting softly on his chest and Patrick felt as she truly relaxed for the first time since he’d met her. As she slept, he smiled to himself as he kissed her hand, her forehead and any other parts of her that were accessible to him in the position they lay in. He felt as she shivered slightly and warmed inside when he felt her snuggle closer to him in her sleep. Patrick smiled as he thought of the possibilities that could stem from this experience and wondered if she’d leave her husband for him or, would she, like so many others before her, turn on him and try to go back to her life after having used him for a night of pleasure?

True, Zoe didn’t seem the covert type but others had coyly played a similar game before trying to get away. Something about the way in which she was so willing to die made him think that she might be different though. His thoughts soon drifted off and, with his arms wrapped protectively around the woman whose last name he didn’t even know, he fell asleep.

When Zoe awoke a few hours later, it was early morning. The sky was just brightening and the clouds had a blood red tinge to them that, to anyone else, might have been frightening. She had no such fears though and breathed in the fresh air coming from the open window before stretching a bit and looking around the room once she realized she was alone in the bed. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she sat up groggily and slipped out of bed onto the chilly floor, which caused her to jump a bit. Wrapping the sheet around her short nude frame, she went exploring in search of her mysterious lover and soon smelled the cause for his disappearance coming from the kitchen.

Walking down the stairs, she flinched as the second stair creaked loudly under her weight but she didn’t let that deter her in finding the man who’d given her so much goodness in such a short amount of time. Even if he did kill her, she was thankful for everything he’d done to give her at least a few hours happiness after so long in such a dead depression. Poking her head in the kitchen, she looked for him but he was nowhere to be found. With Patrick being such a tall man, she found this hard to believe and sought to investigate further inside the kitchen especially considering the frying pan was still cooking the sausages and eggs he’d put in it.

As she walked further in, she could plainly see that no one was there and uttered a soft sigh before boldly exploring other sections of the house and eventually looking out of the windows in each room to see if he might be somewhere outside. Zoe saw that his car was still parked in the driveway and guessed that, based on the evidence of the cooking and that, he must still be around.

“Where are you?” Zoe whispered, pain evident in her voice.

“Right behind you.” Came Patrick’s voice, just behind her right ear.

Zoe jumped in shock and her hands flew to her face in an embarrassed laugh, forgetting the sheet she’d wrapped around her small frame, she blushed, even more, when it felt to the floor too quickly for her to catch it. Patrick smiled and caressed her face.

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