Debt Repaid

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You had promised me a night of passion for a new story I had written. Tonight, would be the night you paid your debt off. Little did you know the debt would be so difficult for you to pay. However, sometimes…debts can be fulfilling.

Summer had come and gone and the nights were becoming a little colder. You were just finishing up your shower as I was lighting a few more candles in the living room. I could hear you shuffling about in the bathroom doing this and that. So, I took the opportunity to put some soft music on the stereo. I opened the front door and looked up at the sky to see a full moon. The black was highlighted with what looked like a million stars. I smiled thinking of your reaction to what I had planned for the evening. I walked into the bedroom and laid out your PJ’s. You came out of the shower to see a pair of red silk boxers and a matching tank top. I knew the silk would cling to the bareness between your legs while your nipples were carressed by your shirt. I couldn’t wait to see you in it.

I stood in the doorway and watched you dress. I could see you shiver with excitement as the silk began draping over your chilled skin. A slow smile spread over my face as your eyes finally met mine. I could see so much uncertainty in your eyes as you tried to keep my gaze. With my chin raised, my eyes steely, and my arms folded across my chest, I slowly walked the few steps over to you. I could feel you tense up just a bit as I came to stand just inches from your face. I slowly walked around you, leaning in a bit to let you feel my breath on your neck. I knew how silence affected you. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen…I leaned in and ran my cheek across yours, feeling you melt under that first touch. I knew you could feel my lips brushing across your ear because of the way you shuddered with desire. I opened my mouth to udder one word…”Kneel.” I could hear a small whimper escape from your throat as your knees began to lower to the floor.

Standing over you, I looked down at what a site you made. So completely at my mercy…kneeling below xslot me. I walked around you once more, finally stopping behind you. I waited. Knowing you were unsure of what to expect. “You DO remember what you owe me, don’t you?” My voice low, but firm.

Shakily you replied with a meek “Yes, Baby.” T

he serenity in your voice combined with how you looked at my feet was enough to make me catch my breath. “You remember what your symbol of surrender is, do you not?” I was insistent with my questions because I knew it unnerved you. Again, meekly you replied that you remembered. Leaning down to look into your eyes, I studied them intently, gauging your reaction. Slowly, I pulled your collar from my pocket. I could see you trying not to moan out loud. It would be the first time you had felt the leather around your neck. It would be the first time you completely understood what it meant to belong to me. Almost agonizingly slow I turned it over in my hands, examining it as your eyes took in every inch of the black object. “From tonight on, you belong to me.”

My voice was stern but loving, as my hand reached out to caress your cheek. “Look at me”, I commanded. Your eyes met mine once again and I held your gaze as you felt the leather surround your neck for the first time. The smell filling your senses along with the realization that you did…belong. As the buckle was closed for the first time, I could hear your breath quicken. My eyes steely, I brought out your leash. Very sensually, I began to drag it across your skin before attaching it to the loop in your collar.

Standing up, I looked down to see you. Your hands on your lap, your white skin a complete contrast to the leather around your neck, and the silver of your leash keeping you as I wished…on your knees. Wordlessly, I began to walk and you had to choice but to follow. You began to stand and I turned to look at you with fiery eyes. “NO…you STAY on your knees” I could see the frustration in your eyes but you didn’t dare to refuse me. Nodding, you got back down on your hands and knees to follow xslot Giriş me. I walked purposefully out of the bedroom, across the living room, and stopped in front of the front door. I could hear you sigh with disbelief as the realization of what I wanted began to dawn on you. I turned to look down at you, your chain grasped firmly in my hand. “You will repay your debt tonight. No questions asked.” My voice was steady and assured. Your breathing kept you from giving me any kind of answer. Slowly I opened the door, letting the moonlight stream across your face. I could see anticipation and excitement reflected in your eyes. I had draped a blanket over one side of the porch and laid one more on the bare wood along with a pillow. I could see your eyes darting about nervously. I chuckled softly, knowing that this was going to be perhaps one of the most difficult things you would be told to do.

I opened the door and walked over to the blanket pulling on your chain signaling you to follow me. You moved slowly and perhaps a bit unsure of what you would be doing. I looked down at you, bathed in moonlight, collared, and completely submissive. You looked incredibly erotic. I smiled knowing that this would be a big lesson for you to learn…how to please me in the most interesting of places. You knelt before me, not looking up. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, enjoying the way you got uncomfortable when you were unsure of what was on my mind. One word escaped my lips…”Taste” I could hear you whimper as your hands shakily reached for the zipper on my pants.

“NOW!” You heard me firmly command. I could feel you quicken your movements, undressing me completely. You growled when you realized I was bare underneath my jeans. I grabbed your hair and pulled you into my wet pussy. Your tongue snaked out to reach deep inside me. I love the way the first plunge of your tongue feels. I stood and let you pleasure me. I looked down to see you, on your knees, my hand still holding your leash, pulling it every now and then to remind you of your position. My grip tightened xslot Güncel Giriş on your hair as I felt your tongue flick over my clit. “FUCK me” I hoarsely managed. I could feel your fingers enter me as your tongue flicked harder against my clit. My orgasm came quick. I think it was because of the situation…knowing I would have you within seconds.

After my breathing slowed, I pulled you up hard and forced you against the rail of the porch. The wood pressed into your back roughly. Your breathing became ragged as I slipped my hand into your shorts. I leaned close to your ear, pulled on your chain forcing your head to one side, and let my lips just brush your ear softly as I whispered “Do you know what I’m going to do tonight? I’m going to play with what’s mine. I’m going to fuuuuuuuck my new toy” As the words slipped out of my mouth, I slammed two fingers up inside you. Your mouth opened but no noise came out. I pulled harder on your chain causing your chin to raise enough into the air so I could lean in and sink my teeth into your skin. Leaving bite marks all down your neck. I could feel your knees buckling under you and I pressed harder into you letting my thumb rub across your clit. My mouth hot against your ear you hear me talking sternly to you “You like that don’t you? Me fucking you? I bet my little toy wants to cum, doesn’t she?” All you could muster was to nod your head. I let go of your leash long enough to pull your head back. Forcing three fingers inside you, I hissed “Beg me…I know you want to…you NEED to cum, don’t you?”

Weak from having my fingers so deep inside of you, you whispered, “Yes baby. Can I…baby, can I please cum?.” I let my lips travel down your neck to bite hard into your flesh. I could hear you moaning so I pressed my knee against my hand and commanded, “Now…I want you to cum NOW.” You gasped and I could feel the waves overtaking you as you gave in to what I desired. I smiled feeling you slump against me. Softly, I kissed your forehead as I withdrew my fingers. I could hear you whimpering because of the empty feeling it left you with. You looked up to see me smiling softly at you. “I’m VERY proud of you. You done good.” I could see the appreciation in your eyes as you struggled to breath after your orgasm. Laughing softly, I led you back inside. “Well, I would say we’re ALMOST even” **Wink**

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