Dee’s One , Only Affair Ch. 01

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There he goes again kidding with me about my Catholic school up bring and the “Victorian” way I deal and talk about things. But he’s wrong! He just doesn’t know me that well. He doesn’t know how his kidding makes me feel. It’s like I want to prove to him that he’s wrong. God since I got married 7 months ago I love sex. It seems I can’t get enough. I’m making my husband loose weight! But Bud my rider, doesn’t have the slightest idea that his discussion on sex every night on the way home makes me so horny sometimes. I could pull him to me and rape him and fuck him to death. And for sure he has no idea that right now I could move to him and kiss his lips hard and let him have my body and fuck me.

Oh shit! I hope he didn’t see me blush as I was thinking about what he looks like nude and how it would feel as he pushes into me fully with his cock! I wonder how long his is anyway, how thick? Oh God!! I can see us both naked in my bed fucking our brains out as I scream with my built and penned up passion and sexual excitement. He’s what I think about now most of the time. Even when I’m in the bed with my husband fucking him like I do every night I’m wondering how it would feel with Bud. Since we have been driving back and forth to work together I have had to have sex with my husband every night to relieve my tension and frustrations from discussing sex with this other man. I’m so sexually worked up from talking and riding and being close to Bud. He gets me so worked up some nights as I drive with him I want to fuck him so bad. But so far my husband has reaped the rewards of my lust for this other man.

Oh God what will I do? What can I do? I look at Bud and see the kidding and teasing and the sexual excitement in his sexy brown eyes. It’s my week to drive now and as we approach the red light he tells me, “You know Dee I really don’t understand your logic. If you say that you have had only one man in your life sexually and that you were a virgin when you married, how do you know you’re actually sexually satisfied? I mean how do you know that someone else couldn’t make you even happier and more sexually fulfilled? You know, maybe it could be me that could do it better with you than your husband? I mean how would you ever know unless you try it with me?”

I blush when he said, “sexually satisfied, and doing it with him”, because he’s right, I’m not sure I am sexually satisfied! GOD! I’m such a girl! I blush at everything! But now that I’m married and have enjoyed love and sex, I know I want him between my legs giving me what my husband gives me. But while I love sex, it embarrasses me to talk about it with anyone, including my husband. I hurt I want this other man so much. And I know it’s wrong but he’s slowly breaking my will and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. He’s teasing me, he’s married too.

So here I am riding with a man I have known only for a short period of time and thinking about how it might feel to have him between my legs fucking me! God my panties will be wet again tonight when I get home. I’ll almost rape my husband again tonight trying to get his cock out of his pants and into my hole! I know it will be good but will it be the best I can try? Bud’s right how would I know if I don’t try another man? I’m so confused right now I’m going to scream!

As we turn the corner, Bud places his hand on the top of the back of the seat next to me and asks again, “So can you answer that for me Dee? If you haven’t tried another man, how do you know your husband is what you need?”

I look at him and time seemed to slow down. I take his hand in my hand and lift it to my lips. I kiss his hand and look at his face. All of a sudden I feel extremely light-headed! I wonder if I shouldn’t pull over? My God I feel my nipples harden and almost hurt they grow so hard so fast. As I taste his hand with my lips and tongue my vagina pulses as it is almost dripping. My clit is throbbing and my vagina tunnel burns with my desire. My knees are shaking and I’m sitting! And I’m perspiring badly! He’s done all of this to me by just letting me kiss his hand.

I blush again and wonder if he can tell how I feel. I mean really, can he tell? Can he smell my excitement? He looks at me and doesn’t say anything. I can see a little fear no it’s more like a questionable look that is in his eyes and on his face. He doesn’t know what to do now that I showed him in a small way how I feel. What should I do? What will he do?

The light turns green and I’m still holding his hand. As I pull away, he brings my hand to his face and presses it against his cheek. I can feel his heat on my hand! He then kisses it and licks it and I think I’m melting! I let a small whimper escape my lips, as I have to stop to car. After a few minutes of him holding my hand he tells me to drive. I do as he tells me.

As we round the corner towards his street he tells me to go up another block. I do and then he tells me to pull over next to the wooded lot. I stop the car almost immediately and put it in park. It Mardin Escort has started to rain now. We are in each other’s arms in seconds kissing and swapping tongues as the embrace gets hotter and hotter. As I begin to slide over to him he pulls me faster. My pleated skirt rises up my legs and a large part of my thighs become exposed to him. His hand cups my left breast and squeezes it as he holds me and kisses me harder! His fingers send shivers over my entire body as he pleases my breasts. I moan in his mouth as he pulls me to him more and I’m half way off the seat and slightly on top of him now. I moan as he feels my body against his.

My hand moves and searches for and locates his hardening cock. Oh God I have the outline of his shaft in my hand. As I squeeze it on the outside of his slacks I can feel it pulsing in my hand as it grows very fast and very hard. I moan and then I head whimpers coming from my throat as Bud holds me tighter yet and slides his hand between the buttons on my blouse. Now as he cups my bra, he squeezes my breast again and again. So very softly he moves from the left one to the right one and back to the left again. He pulls on the tip of my bra, which holds my hard nipples. I can feel them being pulled too. “Oh God Bud!” I manage to moan in his ear as he holds me now.

Then he whispers in my ear, “You don’t know how long I have wanted to make love to you Deetie. How I wanted to feel your body on me, feel your sex and how long I have wanted to make love to you and your wonderful beautiful body. I want to make love to you Dee. No, I want to fuck you. Let me fuck you Deetie I’ll make you feel so good. You’ll make me feel so good. It will be so incredible between us baby!”

When he tells me that I start to shake with desire. Then he holds me and licks and kisses my neck as he begins to undo the buttons on my blouse. He whispers in my ear telling me, “Ever since the first day I saw you in your brother’s yard wearing those tight plaid slacks I have wanted to touch you, kiss you, hold you, lick you and to fuck you! Honestly Dee, my cock aches for you every night we drive home together. Do you ache for me too?”

I laugh for only a second and look at his face. Still stroking his hard cock on the outside of his slacks he continues to unbutton the last one on my blouse. It opens showing all of the front of my bra and the swells of my heaving breast. My vagina is running with my excitement as he unsnaps the front clasp. It opens and my breasts fall free. We both watch as his hands cup them. I smile into his eyes and said, “Those old slacks, they were two sizes to small. I just threw them on to go talk with him and you. That was the first time I met you Bud. Umm that feels good baby! Yes, pinch my nipples! Oh yes Bud! Suck them babe! Oh God babe I want you so bad!”

He smiles up into my eyes as he keeps his lips on my right nipple. Then he pulls it with his teeth and then releases it. He tells me, “I remember them because your ass looked incredible in them! They were so tight I could see the outline of your vagina in them. Your ass looked incredible that night. And you look incredible now. Your breasts are so lovely. They’re much larger than I was thinking they were. Your bra holds them tight to your body. You should show them off a little. God Dee you’re really built my love. You look so hot with your breasts free for me to love! You are so beautiful!”

As he slides his hands over my free breasts again I can feel his fingers playing with my hard nipple. He lifts my head up so I can look at his face and then he said, “Kiss me baby!”

I blush again as my face closes in on his. I lock my mouth on his as he cups both breasts and moans in my mouth! I moan back with a higher sound. Then he touches my knees. I break the embrace and as we talk more we explore each other’s body. We kiss and touch each other making gentle love. Like two teenagers in the car we make out and do some heavy petting.

Bud has my left breast in his hand and brings it up to his mouth. He tries to get as much of it into his mouth and sucks hard. We both watch as he plays with my tits! I’m blushing red I know it but I don’t stop him. We watch my nipples grow hard, red and long. He pulls them gently as we kiss and stroke each other. His cock feels like a rock in his pants. It’s so hard. And it’s throbbing. As his hand moves and lifts my breast again his lips touch my very hard red nipple and I moan, “Oh Bud! Your lips feel so good, so good!”

He sucks my nipple as he moves his hand between my knees now. I relax and he pushes them open. I leave them open for him. I lay back in his arms while one hand cups my breast and his other hand moves up my inner leg. I let him have access to my entire body now. I want it! I want his touch, his lips, yes, even, his cock. No especially his cock! I want everything he has! I want it bad! As I open my legs wider he smiles at me and kisses me moving his warm hand further up my thigh slowly teasing me.

Then he kisses me Mardin Escort Bayan again as he moves his hand further. He reaches the tops of my stockings. I realize for the first time that I have on a garter belt today! As Bud reaches the tops of my nylons he touches the skin of my uppermost and innermost thigh. He whispers and kisses my ear telling me how soft and smooth my skin is there. He’s only an inch or two below my vagina! I can’t stop him!

And then Oh God!! Oh Jesus! He moves his hand up higher and touches my sex on the outside my panties! He’s touching my vagina! Oh God I feel like I’m peeing! He’s so exciting! He’s driving me wild with lust! Oh God! Oh God Bud YES!

Running a finger up and down the full length of my vagina now, he hears me whimper and moan again. His lips never leave mine, and his tongue is fucking my mouth! I suck on it hungrily as his hand cups my vagina fully now and holds it! I can tell how wet I am as the squashing sound of his hand squeezing me can be heard.

Oh yes! The feeling is amazing! He’s squeezing it tighter now! Oh my God it feels so good! So good! He tells me how wet and hot I feel. I know I’m wet and I feel like I’m on fire. As he slowly strokes me, I can fell my body lifting higher and higher with each second that passes. His fingers never stop touching and rubbing, massaging and stroking, as this man who’s not my husband is making love to my vagina. His touch sends me higher and higher. It feels more like I am going to pee now. I feel like I’m going to pee myself. Oh God I’m going to cum! It feels like….I’m……going….to…OHHH GOD!! I’m CUMMING!!

Oh God I’m going cumming! I try to hold back but I can’t. The pleasure Bud is giving me with his fingers is just too great! Oh Jesus! Help me! I’m going to orgasm! My hips begin to slowly pump my pussy into his hand and I whimper and almost cry out as I kiss him hard and grab his hand. I hold it against my pussy tightly. I squeeze my legs together holding both our hands between my legs. I lift my ass up off the seat and pump my pussy against his hand. He’s masturbating me in my car! Oh Jesus! I’m climaxing now. I’m having an orgasm! I’m cumming. “Oh God YES! It feels so good. Squeeze my cunt Bud! Yes like that! Oh yes, Oh yes baby! It feels so good! Faster baby! Squeeze me faster harder Oh yes babe!” I moan in his ear.

Bud holds me tight as my body rocks against his hand and I continue to hump and pump my pussy on it. As he continues to squeeze and relaxes, squeeze and relaxes his hand against me my panties are so wet that his fingers are actually pushing my panties up into my vagina tunnel. I’m fucking delirious as my body takes over completely now and it keeps on fucking his hand. With my thighs closed tightly on his hand squeezing his and my hand holding his hand tightly against my panties I scream with delight and peak with my climax hard. I cry out over and over again in his mouth as he kisses me and I hump and hump on his hand like some common whore!

I am fucking his hand as if it were his cock! I want his cock. I want to fuck him. I cry out as I peak with my orgasm! I moan, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh God yes babe! Oh God babe! Oh God Yes Babeeee!! Oh God!!!! YESSSSSS!! BUDDDD!!!!!!!”

I cum like I was being fucked hard and long! It’s a great orgasm and my panties are soaked, so is his hand, so is my hand and thighs. The sexual odor of my cum fills the car. Our tongues mix and we hold the kiss as long as I begin to come down from my climax. It’s a very, very long orgasm and I moan loudly as I end it and then slump down in the seat. Again I can smell my sexual odor as it drifts up between us. I know he smells it too.

I’m very embarrassed now I mean embarrassed big time. I can’t believe I climaxed so fast from his touch. He kisses me and holds me and then he tells me that he likes watching me cum! He likes watching me orgasm for him. He loves to make me orgasm! I blush more but I don’t care now! I lay in his arms panting and holding him.

He laughs when he sees me blush so much. He pulls me to him and kisses me. As we hold each other now, Bud continues to stroke my pussy still on the outside of my wet panties. I leave my legs open and don’t try to stop him. I savor the pleasure he is giving me with his hand and fingers. He tells me he wants to fuck me. I blush but tell him, “I want that too Bud. But, we can’t babe, not now, not here!”

He asks me when and I don’t answer him because I don’t know. He asks me again and I tell him, “I don’t know. Soon”, is all I say! My emotions are running wild. I’m married! Married less than a year and I’m letting another man, another married man, touch my most private places. I’m letting him see only what my husband has seen up until today. And I love it! I love it! OH God what have I done? What am I going to do? My emotions are running wild as I lay there watching his hand stroke me and please me like my husband has never done.

Finally Bud asks me if I’m going to relax my hand since I’m Escort Mardin cutting off the blood flow in his cock. I realize I have been squeezing his cock so hard for many minutes now. Bud’s cock is super hard and I don’t know what to do but I relax my hand. But, I don’t remove it from his hard shaft. He kisses me and tells me that I own him one. I don’t understand. So Bud has to explain it to me about giving me an orgasm but he didn’t cum yet. I guess I am a Victorian era person.

Bud tells me he’ll show me what I can do for him the next time we are together. He releases me now but holds my legs open. He looks between my legs and sees my wet panties sticking to my leg. The outline of my vagina slit is showing completely. He looks up into my eyes and smiles at me. He strokes my pussy a few more times and I tell him how good it feels. Good? No it feels divine!

He moves down now and places both hands on my inner thighs. He opens them wider yet. I let him. Then he lifts the leg of my panties up and to the side. He can see my entire vagina now I know he can smell it too! I look down and watch as I see my pussy open and Bud touching it with his fingers. He opens the lips of my vagina and shows all of my pink insides. I am burning up from embarrassment and from my desire. He tells me how beautiful I look.

Then he slides his hand under the leg opening of my panties! When his hand touches my pussy directly, I arch up to meet it, I can’t help it I want to fuck something! Anything! I what to fuck his hand again! No! I want to fuck his cock! I want to fuck Bud’s cock!

As he moves his fingers over my hard, thick, red clit I cry out little with a deep lustful sound. His fingers play with my slit and the lips of my vagina too. God!! His fingers are everywhere on my vagina! It’s driving me wild! Then he finds my vagina opening and inserts his finger all the way deep into my tunnel. Oh God it feels like electricity is shocking me everywhere every second. It feels like I’m going to explode! Oh Jesus I’m going to cum again!

In and out he moves his fingers and it’s driving me wild with lust! I cry out again and hold his head as he bends down more and starts kissing and licking over my thighs. He’s licking over the tops of my nylons! Oh good God if he licks me on my vagina I’ll go insane! I’ll die from the pleasure! Bud bends his head down further and begins to kiss and licks my thighs higher as he pulls his finger out of my pussy and when he sits up, I watch him put the finger in his mouth as he suck the wetness off of it.

I’m stunned a little but I try to smile as he looks up at me. He cleans my cum off his finger sucking and licking it! I’m burning up inside. My vagina feels like it’s on fire! My own musk is filling my lungs I know it’s filling his! His mouth is inches from my wetness again. Is he going to lick me? I watch as he inserts his finger into me again. Then he inserts another one and he starts fucking me with them again. I fuck them back as best I can sitting in the seat. He kisses my pussy and I feel his tongue lick it a few times. I begin to hump his face. But he pulls out his fingers and sits back up again.

As I lay my head back on the headrest he holds both fingers up and this time he offers one to me. I open my mouth and suck on one sticky finger as he sucks on the other one. Our faces are inches away from each other as we begin cleaning my cum off his fingers. My pussy odor is strong! He smiles and tells me how good I taste and smell. He also tells me that I’m making his cock so hard by the way I’m sucking his finger. He tells me he wished my lips were sucking on his cock instead. I feel my face get red. I moan as I suck on my finger.

I blush more but keep sucking his finger tasting my own cum. He looks at his watch and we both realize it’s getting late. Bud smiles as he pats my pussy with his hand and kisses me hard as his tongue makes love to my mouth! I can taste my juices on his tongue. He lets my panties move back into place, closes my legs and pulls my skirt down. Then he finishes buttoning my blouse. He tells me to pull out and drive again. I move over behind the wheel and begin to drive. His hand is still between my legs stroking the skin he tells me he loves to touch. Again it’s the soft skin on my upper thigh over my stockings between my legs. It’s all wet. My panties are soaked too. Bud tells me to always wear the garter belt when we are together. I agree to do so.

As we pull up in front of his house I see his wife on the porch waving to me. I wave back and smile. He looks me in the eyes and said, “Tomorrow we’ll pick up and I’ll show you what you can do for me Deetie. OK? OK baby?”

I smile and tell him, “If I’m still alive Bud. I’m going home and rape my husband now! I might kill him as I think about you and me and what we did today.”

He laughs as he gets out of my car. “I’ll see you tomorrow Deetie!” He smiles at me one last time and I pull away waving at his wife. I get to the end of the block and have to stop. I masturbate and orgasm once again before I can drive home. I know my car smells like sex, my sex. I open the windows and drive around the long way to air out the car. When I get to my house my husband is in the driveway working on something. He waves as I toot the horn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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