Deidre in the Islands Ch. 04

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Janine strode confidently into Iznoma Hedonia’s private-side restaurant, La Diva. Heads turned and people smiled at her and she knew they were looking at her unusual breasts, which had very large pink areolas that colored a large part of her C-cups around the nipple. It was an attention-getting feature on her small, taut body.

Carlos, the maître d’, who had just fucked her sensationally that afternoon, was solicitous and attentive. She smiled warmly at him but neither of them tried to make anything more out of the encounter thanit was. He was the best gigolo imaginable — she was completely satisfied that afternoon and she had no doubt that he had thoroughly enjoyed having sex with her, too — but the reality was that he was a resort employee doing Deidre’s bidding and both of them knew it. Both he and she knew they had no real relationship.

La Diva was similar to the public restaurant on the other side, where she had first been received by Deidre, and shared the same kitchen. The dress code at La Diva was “resort formal” — it was the only food service on the beach side where clothes were required. Some women went topless and others covered their tits but everyone at least wore loincloths. Janine didn’t even have to decide. Now that she had broken through her inhibitions and was focused on her feelings, with the help of Carlos, it only felt right to go topless.

Deidre was already sitting at the table, with another woman Janine did not know. Deidre’s Dutch and English heritage had given her an extraordinary body: tall, voluptuous without sagging, very narrow-waisted, wide-hipped, long-legged, skin slow to wrinkle, naturally blonde with light streaks on her head and fine soft pubic hair, and a hauntingly beautiful face that men and women could not help but stare at. At 45, Deidre was still the most beautiful woman in the Islands. Her breasts were uncovered and elegant, sitting high on her chest with the nipples pointing defiantly straight ahead.

“You made it!” Deidre said, in her husky alto voice, as Carlos pulled the chair out for Janine. “Let me introduce Marjorie.” Marjorie, thin, blonde, pale and pretty, with high Slavic-looking cheekbones and low-hanging, full breasts with prominent veins and red-tinged nipples, said hello and that it was a pleasure to meet a real, published New York journalist. Janine noticed a strong accent, which did not sound exactly Russian to her but was obviously Eastern European. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering for all of us — I want to show off our Island specials. But first, how are you feeling?”

Janine had no doubt that Carlos had already reported that she was feeling much better after being orally pleasured and boned within an inch of her life that afternoon, but she answered anyway. “Much better. I got some rest and got my head straight. It was a little overwhelming. It kind of freaked me out when that guy’s come hit my leg as we were walking by.”

Deidre laughed, a hearty but feminine, almost feline laugh. “You get used to flying body fluids around here.”

“You know, I’m impressed with the luxury of the resort,” Janine remarked, to change the subject. “The erotic art is really beautiful. All your inside furniture is real leather and your carpets are gorgeous. I love the tiled floors, too. Everything looks so expensive!”

Deidre laughed again. “That’s so that everything will be easy to clean and will stand up to the use. Remember that we have to clean every chair and loveseat twice a day and when they get soiled. It’s bad enough that most of our guests are nude and sit on things with their bare butts smeared with sunscreen. Here you have people screwing on them and women dripping with arousal and men ejaculating all over the place and sometimes guests lose control during orgasm and squirt or pee on things. Nobody wants to sit on a sticky chair in a sex resort.” Janine gulped. She remembered that just a few hours ago she was dripping with arousal herself.

Marjorie had not said much but she joined the conversation about things that had happened on the Island. Janine understood from the conversation that Marjorie’s role was make sure every man had a good time and that if the staff told her that someone was somehow not getting any, or not enough, her job was to seek him out and screw him, but always in a way that let him believe that he had seduced her, not the other way around. She was the mercy fucker. Deidre explained that it was too early in the week for Marjorie to get started, because they did not know yet if any of the new male guests would soon be feeling neglected. All of the stay-overs were paired up or doing fine by themselves. When Marjorie shifted position in her chair, Janine noticed that her long, pale, veined tits swayed and rippled. They must be very soft to touch, she thought. She kind of wanted to.

Marjorie and Deidre then told some of their favorite stories about life at the resort, including celebrities who showed up, porn films that were shot on location there (including four starring otele gelen escort Deidre), couples who conceived children while on vacation (between themselves or not, who was to say) and then named their children Deidre (maybe, maybe not) or Carlos (suspicious), couples that had split up and recombined for the trip but went home together at the end, and at least three nude marriages consummated in front of the guests. Funny things had happened, like the man who fucked his sister in the dark during the big Island power failure a few years back.

Janine watched the interaction between the two other women during the conversation. There was a spark there. The way they glanced at each other when they thought Janine was not looking was another hint. Janine figured they must both be bisexual and maybe they got it on together. She did not see what was plainly visible to the waiter and several of the other diners, which was that Deidre had her hand on Marjorie’s thigh under the tablecloth and was stroking her. She also missed the moment when Marjorie patted Deidre’s left tit while the women were arranging their napkins in their barely-covered laps.

“Marjorie has an interesting story to tell.” Deidre said after a while. Janine invited her to tell it.

“My real name is Madalina,” Marjorie began, leaning forward so that her white tits rested comfortably on the table. “I took the name Marjorie when I came here because it started with the same letters and would not stand out on any list. I learned my English in school but we have much better language teachers than you do. Also, every one in our school wanted to speak English well so we could get out of our country and away into the world.” She leaned back to sip her rum drink and her long tits lifted and swayed.

“In my country, the government is run for the benefit of a few people in power who get very rich. I knew that — everybody knew that — and I wanted to be with people with power instead of people without anything. I finished secondary school and I wanted to go to university to study English and German, because good language was, how do you say, our “ticket” out. I was kind of rebelling at home, also. We lived in a medium-size town in the west, but our country is small so nothing is far from the big city. There is only one big city, our capital. So my parents sent me to live with my sister, who had moved there and started a beauty shop that did the hair of the wives of the government officials and because they favored her she had a flat. My sister did not like that I came, because she wanted her own freedom, but she could not deny our parents.

“I had lots of boys. My sister was unhappy because I spent all my time out of class with boys. In our country the government did not mind young people having sex and made it easy to end pregnancy because they wanted young people not to ask questions or talk politics. Soon I met a special boy who was a military cadet. He was very serious and he wanted to marry me. I said OK and we got married. Then I got involved with his commanding officer — he did not know. My husband was sent far away to another country for training and then again to a base in the south for joint maneuvers with the country we border and every time he was gone his commander was with me. One day I went to a party of the nomenklatura with his commander. I had too much brandy to drink and he had sex with me in front of other people. Then two other officers had sex with me. I didn’t mind.

“Word spread that sex with me was very good and I got a visit from a man who asked me to come along to meet someone important. So I went and I found out later that he was a very big military chief but he did not command anything in the army.” Janine looked puzzled. “OK — I know you don’t know anything about the world I grew up in but I figured out pretty fast that he was chief of the secret police. In my country that person has a military rank.

“The General wanted to have sex with me too and after he did me once he me wanted me every week, more if he had the time. He wanted me real bad. He said nobody had ever made him feel that way. He seemed to go a little crazy for me. He gave me good food, from special hard-money shops, and lots of brandy, and money. Then he got for us small flat near his office but a long way from the flat my husband and I were given. I visited him there during the day and he screwed me, maybe two, three times a week. I stayed for the night, maybe one time a week for months. When my husband was home I got less money and no gifts from my lover. My husband was confused. He did not know why I was unhappy every time he came home. His career was going very good but I was unhappy with him so he was unhappy. He did not know about the General and that this person in the high command did not want him, my own husband, to have sex with me but nobody could tell him. He did not want me to have sex with my own husband any more. I did not know that the General was falling in love pendik escort with me, like a — what do you call it – obsession. He was getting — how do you say — possessive. Very possessive. Jealous — even of my husband.

“He never talked about the General’s wife but he did not go home on the days we were together. He couldn’t get a whore or play around like other men — he had to be very careful. It must have been very hard for a powerful man with big appetites and lots of stress. I think I was his only outlet for sex and he needed me. I was his sex life.” Deidre smirked and Janine thought her suspicions about the two of them were probably true.

“One day my husband found out about the General and he was very angry. He wanted to leave me but he had nowhere to go himself because the General had helped us get our flat and there was for many years the shortage of flats. Also, he could not do anything against my lover — he said my lover was too powerful and knew everything that happened anywhere in the country. He just got angrier and angrier and we lived three years more together with no relationship. I was sorry for him but my time with the General was more important. There is a word I learned in English for this: ‘cuckold’.” Janine could not help but say “You’re English is pretty good.”

“The General was very gentle with me but he expected a lot and sometimes he tied me up. I would have to sit on his lap for a long time with my hands tied behind me while he played with my tits and sucked on me, sometimes really hard. His hand was always between my legs and he liked to put his fingers up me and then lick them because he said I had a beautiful pussy. And he wanted me to suck on him for hours! Sometimes that was all he wanted. It didn’t matter if he was on the telephone or looking at papers, he wanted me to get on my knees and suck his penis with my hands tied. He had a cushion on the floor by a writing table and that’s where I would spend hours if he had work. Then at night he would release me and let me put on a dress. He liked to dress me up in girly, frilly outfits or peasant dresses, without panties. He said it was so my pretty pussy would be there ready for him anytime he wanted.” For a moment Janine found herself wondering what Marjorie’s pussy actually looked like. She would bet it looked good.

“We would go to some fancy restaurant — he was always given a room of his own, or to a party, usually in the officer’s club, with other nomenklatura and their girlfriends — never ever their wives. Sometimes they would come with prostitutes. Those parties were fun at first but they were always the same and all the time everybody drank too much. He liked for me to kiss other girls and let them feel me and sometimes he let the men kiss me and feel my breasts but never my cunt because that was his. And only he could fuck me. He liked to do it with people watching. Then we would go back to the apartment late the next morning and he would tie my hands together and we would go to sleep with his dick in me from behind. I couldn’t get up in the middle of the night without waking him.” Deidre laughed at that detail. Marjorie saw that Janine was stunned by it and didn’t understand.

“It took me a long time to figure it out. He was in love with me but he lived in a state of fear. There was always a guard at the door and the guard always searched me before he came in the room. The guards sometimes put their fingers up my holes — they would say they were looking for hidden weapons but they were laughing when they did it. I didn’t mind because many men had fingered my pussy — what was one more – and I knew it was probably necessary.

“Many people would try to kill the General if they had a chance. He knew many bad things and he had files on them. He could be assassinated, even by his own men – even by me. I think he tied me up so I could not surprise him and kill him somehow. But it was just to be sure, not because he thought I would do it. I think that he loved me and tying me up was his way of making sure I could not do anything to spoil it, to keep me his special friend forever. His way of feeling safe with me so there would be no doubt and no regret. Janine sat there spellbound by the story.

“I think if he lived a normal life he would have taken me as his wife or at least his regular mistress. Once he said that he would make me pregnant someday when I did not expect it. I did not understand because I took pills and I got them from the chemist in my neighborhood. He said our child would be very smart from him and beautiful from me or it could turn out wrong and the child could be paranoid like him and irresponsible like me.” Marjorie laughed at the thought.

“One day the General was very serious. He had been drinking. He told me that I was in danger because of my husband. Something he had said or done about the government. Something big, involving a lot of people. I never knew what. The General gave me advice. “They” were watching my husband rus escort and if they came to get him they would come get me too because I was married to him. I didn’t know who “they” was or why the General could not stop them — maybe “they” worked for the General. He told me I might have to go far away and he gave me a package to keep safe until I needed it. I told him that I had relatives in Chicago who could take me in. He said he knew that and so did the enemies of my husband, so I would not go to Chicago. But he had a friend who maybe owed him a favor in a place I could easily understand the language and get work. He would protect me and I would have fun and maybe make some money. When it was all over, then I could go where I want because at the end of it I would be single again. I didn’t understand at the time. He looked very sad when he said this. That day for the first time he could not get an erection but I helped him to be satisfied with my mouth anyway, and he felt better. He was ok the next time and the time after that.

“One day I got off the tram and was walking toward our little flat and I looked up at the balcony, as I was told always to do from that day. The flower pot was on the right. It was always on the left before. That was the sign.”

Marjorie had been very calm up until now but Janine could see that reliving the day made her upset.

“I walked past the building and kept going to my sister’s beauty shop. I went into the alley behind it and the back entrance was open, as usual. I sneaked in quietly and went to the toilet in back. I could hear my sister and her customers talking but they did not hear me. My sister knew I had a lover but did not know it was the General and she thought my lover was going to take me on a vacation to the Black Sea but I had to hide my bag from my husband. She believed this. She let me leave a suitcase with her and it was hidden behind some boxes stored in the toilet of her shop. I put the suitcase on the toilet and took out the package the General had gave me and opened it. There was a scarf with a pattern in brown and yellow, some money in Deutsche marks and our money, a passport, an air ticket, and some papers. I put the passport, ticket, and papers in the pocket of my coat. I combed my hair back and put the scarf over it. The General told me to be sure to wear the scarf, that someone would look for the design on it. I always wore dark glasses to go to the General and I put them back on then. Then I closed the suitcase and sneaked out the back carrying it. I knew my sister would be happy I am gone.

“I knew that day that I would not see my husband again, but I didn’t care.”

Janine suddenly realized that she had been holding her breath for a long time, in suspense. This was better than a spy movie.

“I walked quickly to the square and hailed a taxi and went to the airport and paid the fare with some of the money. I don’t think anybody saw me but you don’t know. I had put some paper and a pen and a stamp in my suitcase for writing goodbye. I wrote a message in the taxi to my parents that I am ok — nothing else — so they would not worry. I told the taxi driver to stop so I could put it in a mailbox. I did not want to mail it at the airport. It will take two days to get there, I thought, and even when the censors read it at the post office tonight I will be gone for a long time.

At the airport I went to emigration and security checkpoint for the citizen leaving the country. Second window from left, what the General told me. The man there, he saw my scarf and seemed to know it. He got very nervous as I came up. I gave him the passport and my identification card and all the papers and he looked around and reached under his desk. He handed me back another passport cover, empty with another passport inside, from a different country, and new papers. The name was not my name. He said ‘you are finished’ and it was clear he wanted me to go away fast.

“The General told me to stay away from the VIP room, so I went to the woman’s toilet and stayed for a long time. You might say I hided — no, hid.

“I went to the door — no, it is ‘gate’ in English — at the right time and got onto the plane right away. It was not crowded. My seat was in the very back. I kept my dark glasses and my scarf on and did not look at anyone in the face. I did not see anybody on the plane I knew.

“When we got to Vienna, I felt so good. It was an adventure to travel outside. The airport was like a big market with many shops. Still it was possible that passengers from my country could be there, so I kept to corners facing walls. I went to another plane gate and when the airplane took off I felt truly free! I took off my scarf and glasses. Then I got out again in Amsterdam, where I did not hide. It was a long flight, I thought, but I did not mind because I was now free! I had another airplane to get into but time and money to eat something. The next one took a very long time more and I was very tired. I sleeped — slept — for many hours even though there was cinema — on the plane! Then another flight from Mexico City all the way back to here. I went west to go east. I got here in two, almost three days. But whatever was happening back in my country, I was more happy to be in an airplane far away than to be there.

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