Delivery Ch. 1

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Mike Morgan

It had been a long exhausting trip: Tortola to Miami, then across the pond to Lisbon, and then the final leg to Horta. My legs were numb from sitting so long. As the taxi rolled into town during a beautiful late May afternoon, I considered the days to come.

I had been contracted as delivery captain on a transatlantic run back to the BVIs in a new sailboat, and it promised to be a challenging voyage. The problems I saw were several. First, there are always breakdowns in a new boat. A shorter shakedown cruise would have been preferable, close to land where spare parts and repair facilities are close by. Second, the owners would be aboard as delivery crew. I’ve seen problems with this setup before, where the owner’s ego and the necessity of having a single captain collide. Despite my misgivings, I needed the money and the pay was good.

A bright side was that the boat was a Halberg-Rassy 46. I’ve sailed several HR models, and this Swedish yard makes some of the best boats around. The 46 indicates the length at the waterline, and that’s big enough so that I and the owners would be able to have some space when needed. Even such big sailboats can be cramped, and they are even more so when the inevitable tensions that are a part of passage making bubble to the surface, thousands of miles from the nearest land. This particular boat was named C-Breeze, and I hoped it would be prophetic.

I hadn’t yet met the owners. The arrangements had been made through the delivery agency I contract with. I knew that the owner was named Jim Burke, and that there were three of them making the voyage. Most marine insurance companies require a four-man crew for offshore, so they needed one more person. Apparently none of the Burkes had much experience beyond coastal cruising, so they had decided to hire a professional, me, for the 2300-mile voyage. I don’t mind inexperienced crew as long as they are eager to learn and can follow directions. But a passage is hard work and I will be happy to get back home in a month or so.

Because it was late in the season, the Burkes had chosen to combine the commissioning of the boat with a coastal trip from Sweden down to Spain and then across to the Azores. They had a yard crew for that part and so would likely be OK. I knew the Burkes must be pretty well set for money since a new HR46 costs about $600 thousand, and an offshore sea trial isn’t cheap either.

I arrived at the guesthouse where a room had been reserved for me, stowed my sea bag, and then strolled down to the marina to see if my clients had arrived. The harbor was crowded with yachts but the HR was not among them, so I went into the port captain’s office to see if there was any news. The information from the radio net was that C-Breeze had stopped for minor repairs in Lisbon, but was in route and would likely arrive in the next two days. I wasn’t disappointed with this news as it gave me time to rest up after the flights. We would need time before putting to sea again including buying provisions for the trip. Often this is harder work than actually being at sea.

Horta is a pretty town in the Azores, a group of small islands that are part of Portugal, but 900 miles out in the Atlantic from Lisbon. It is the normal jumping off point for cruisers heading for the Caribbean or Bermuda. The guest house I was staying at was full of yachties waiting for weather and circumstances to allow them to depart. It was late evening when I got back to my room, and before long I fell into a sound sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a need to pee and craving for a strong coffee. The first need being taken care of, I dressed and went down to the breakfast room. Finding an empty table for one, I ordered coffee and toast. Scanning the room, I saw that most of my fellow diners were middle-aged, with the exception of a striking young woman sitting directly across from me. She looked to be in her early twenties, with strawberry blond hair pulled into a ponytail, green eyes, and a slim figure. I glanced at her a few times while eating, and once saw her looking at me. We exchanged smiles and went back to our breakfasts.

After eating I strolled down to the port again for an update on my boat. There was nothing new, so I walked along the waterfront inspecting the range of yachts moored alongside. There were boats Marmaris Escort of every size and make, and I saw quite a few of the type I had done deliveries in. I was drooling over a big Swan when I sensed someone beside me. It was the girl from breakfast. She smiled at me and said, “This is a nice boat. It’s not yours is it?” She wore a baseball cap and sunglasses, a polo shirt, khaki shorts, and hiking shoes. I had on the same attire, but my clothes were positively shabby in comparison. She was my height, five feet eight, very slim and trim, in a word, elegant.

From her accent, I could tell she was American. “Hardly! I couldn’t afford a boat like that in two lifetimes. But hello! Mike Morgan here. I guess you’re from the states too.”

She gave me a little smile. “You could tell, huh? I’m Janet. You here for a crossing?”

“Yep, as soon as my ship comes in.”

“I’ve heard that one before.” She smiled again. “What ship are you on?”

“C-Breeze. It’s a new boat, on the way here. I’m captaining the delivery”

“I’m just looking at the boats here too. Can I walk with you?”

“Sure. Are you doing a passage too?”

“Yes, I’m waiting for a boat too. Been here two days.”

As we strolled about commenting on the good and bad points of the various sailboats docked at the marina, I was continuously amazed at how pretty she was. It was clear she had done quite a bit of sailing, and I asked, “Where did you pick up so much knowledge about boats?”

She replied, “My parents have owned boats since I was little. I grew up sailing dinghies in Seattle. We also chartered in the Caribbean almost every summer. How about you?”

“I grew up in Miami, sailing all the time. After high school I couldn’t see going to college. I got a job teaching sailing for a while, then bummed around the Caribbean. Then I was a charter captain for a few years, and for the last two years I’ve been doing deliveries. It pays enough for me to live on my own little boat in Tortola.”

“Neat. I want to do something like that someday.”

We spent the rest of the morning together, but at midday she excused herself saying she had errands to run. I had been having ideas of a quick port fling, but these quickly crashed. As I was about to say goodbye, she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then skipped away with a silvery giggle. She wasn’t visible at dinner, and being overcome by jet lag, I sacked out early once again. The next morning I slept late before going down to breakfast. Just as I was starting the second cup of coffee, I saw Janet arrive in the room. She spotted me and walked over.

“Hi Mike. You’re the only one I know here. Can I have breakfast with you?” Of course I wasn’t about to say no to that. She looked even prettier than the day before. She went on, “I got up a bit early and went to the port office. I asked about your boat, and they said she was due tomorrow.”

“That’s OK with me,” I replied. “It was a long flight over, and I’m glad to get the extra rest. How about your boat?”

“It should be here about the same time.”

I decided to make my move. “I’m thinking about looking around the island. Are you doing anything today?”

“Nope. In fact, I was just about to ask you the same thing.” That was a promising response, and we spent a pleasant morning strolling about the narrow streets of Horta’s old town. She was wearing the same khaki shorts as the day before, and they way they emphasized her slim waist and the flair of her hips was truly erotic. I found myself continually dropping behind in order to readjust the erection in my pants. After a quick lunch at a waterfront café, we took a taxi to the other town on the island, Cedros. This town has many old churches and other sights, and by the end of the afternoon, we were strolling through the narrow streets holding hands.

Returning to Horta, I asked, “I’d like to take you to dinner, but I don’t have anything nice to wear.”

“Yes to the dinner, but I want to pay. I know deliveries don’t pay that well.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “My clients are paying my expenses here since the boat is delayed.”

She nodded. “Well, OK then. Why don’t we just eat here at the guest house. The food is as good here as anywhere in town. And you can just wear what you have on.” Marmaris Escort Bayan

Dinner was delicious, fresh seafood and vegetables with a nice Portuguese rosé. We chatted about boats and places we’d sailed and wanted to sail. From time to time, I felt her leg rub against mine under the table, but I didn’t assume anything from it. After a coffee, she stretched her arms behind her thrusting her small breasts towards me, yawned, and said, “I feel like dessert. I thought we might have it in my room. Is that OK with you.”

“Sure. What did you order?”

“You’ll see.”

Her room was larger than mine, with a double bed and large windows overlooking the harbor. She disappeared into the bathroom while I stood looking out at the harbor lights. Hearing the bathroom door open, I turned to see Janet standing there in a glamour pose, totally nude. My eyes roamed from her small perfect breasts and their light pink nipples down over a flat tummy and then to her mound and pussy lips, covered with fine light red-brown hair. I felt the blood surge to my cock.

“What do you think of this dessert?” she purred.

I was tongue-tied for a moment. Then, I managed to come out with, “My favorite I think. God, you are lovely. And you look delicious.”

She trilled a little laugh and came over to put her arms around my neck. As our lips met, she pressed herself against me and pushed one knee between mine. My cock was painfully hard inside my shorts, and I knew she must feel it against her thigh.

“I think something needs to be let out,” she said. Dropping to her knees she undid my belt and zipper, letting my shorts fall to the floor where I kicked them off. She dropped to her knees, pulled my briefs down to my knees and took my rod in both hands. “This looks useful. Just the kind I like, not too big and not too small.” Bringing her head down, she took the tip into her mouth and let her tongue roll over and around the head, while her hands moved up and down the shaft. I sat back onto the edge of the bed, pulling her with me, then kicked my shoes and briefs free. While she continued to mouth me, I pulled my shirt over my head so that I was a naked as she.

She seemed content to suck me, so I lay back on the bed enjoying her attention as she knelt on the floor. It had been a while since I had been with a woman, and I was afraid of cumming too soon. When I felt my balls start to tighten, I sat up and pushed her head gently away. “Let’s not go too fast. Come up here and let me do something for you.” Laying her on her back, I was amazed at how lovely she was. Her round breasts were flat against her chest, but the light pink nipples were hard and erect. I took each of them in my mouth in turn, holding them gently in my teeth while circling them with my tongue. She began to moan and opened her legs.

I moved down and placed her legs over my shoulders, bringing my mouth to her pussy while I reached up to play with a nipple in each hand. Her outer lips were swollen and I could see traces of her juice on the inner parts. Moving my tongue slowly up and down, I slowly parted her revealing the pinkness of her interior. Her clit was standing up from its hood, and as my tongue circled it, more of her juice flowed onto my lips and chin. When I thrust my tongue into her tunnel, she began to push her hips into my face as she moaned and grunted.

“Oh God, Mike! Please fuck me now. I need you inside me.”

Pushing her legs apart and off of my shoulders, I crawled forward until I could bring the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I always especially enjoy the initial penetration. Slowly I fed in my entire length until I was buried balls-deep in her and my thighs were glued to hers. Her cunt was warm and tight, gripping me like a velvet pouch. Leaning over I cupped her head with one hand, kissing her while I supported my weight with the other, as I started to thrust in and out.

She did not talk or scream as we fucked, just moaned or emitted little gasps of pleasure, then thrust her tongue against mine. After five minutes or so, I knew I couldn’t last much longer, and I couldn’t tell if she was near to orgasm. I buried myself, stopped, and whispered, “Can you cum? Are you close?”

“Yes! Yes! Almost there! Keep fucking me! please!”

I knew I was too Escort Marmaris close to orgasm myself, so I rolled over keeping her impaled on me, so that she was lying on top. “Ride me. I can last longer that way.” I had my legs spread, so she braced herself with her hands on my knees as she bounced up and down, eyes closed, breathing hard. With my hands free, I cupped her breasts and moved my palms over her nipples.

Regardless of my desire to wait for her, I felt the cum collect at the bottom of my shaft, then shoot up into her as I pulled her hips down onto me. The first three jets were hard pulses, followed by two weaker ones. I couldn’t remember cumming so hard. She continued to move up and down on my still-hard cock, but then I started to soften and my cock head was too sensitive to support her motion. I rolled her back over, pulled out, and dove down to tongue her clit once again. After a few seconds of this, she yelled out, “Ahhh! Yes! Ohhh!” as more of her fluids, mixed with my sperm, flooded out onto my mouth and chin.

As I raised my head, I heard her let out a long sign as her whole body seemed to relax at once. After a moment, she whispered, “Oh that was so good. It’s been a good while since I had a fuck like that. How did you like the dessert?”

I moved up alongside her, taking her into my arms as she lay on her side pressing against me. “That’s the best dessert I’ve had for quite a while too. Where did you find the recipe?”

“Oh! It’s just a little home cooking. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we’ll have room for seconds later.”

“That would be nice.” And indeed, we had seconds and thirds before the sun finally rose.

Next morning, I lay stretched out in bed watching as she sat naked at the dresser, brushing her hair. She turned to me and said, “I never asked you, Mike. How old are you? Do you have a girlfriend back home?”

“I’m twenty-eight. What do you care if I have a girlfriend? Do you want to make her jealous?”

She sniffed, “Hardly! Do you think she would be?”

“Well I don’t have a girlfriend now, but all the ones I’ve had would be jealous. How old are you, by the way?”


“Eighteen!” That was a surprise. “I would have sworn you were at least twenty-two or so. I feel like a cradle robber, a dirty old man.” Looking at her closely in the morning light, devoid of makeup, I could now see how young she seemed.

“You didn’t act like an old man last night.” This latter statement was made with her legs pulled up with her feet and ass on the seat and her knees apart, showing me her pussy and anus.

“Unless you put on some clothes I might feel like getting into the cradle again. God, you’re so sexy and hot! I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon. I feel like I want to fuck you three times a day for the next month. Does that sound crude?”

“I feel the same way, although I’d probably kill you if you tried it that much.” Laughter. “But you know, fate has a way of bringing people together when they least expect it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you again after Horta. Would you like that?”

“You know I would. But for now I need to get down to the marina to see how my ship is doing. Want to come along?”

“Sure. Remember you promised me a tour.”

We collected our clothing, dressed, and took the short walk to the marina office. The word was the C-Breeze had called in and was expected to dock in an hour or so. We set down on a bench outside the office holding hands and enjoying the warm morning sun and the fresh breeze blowing across the water. We were drowsing when the port captain came out to tell us that she was just entering the port. He directed us to her assigned slip, so that when she maneuvered into it, we were there to catch her mooring lines and cleat them to the dock.

Once the ship was secured, Janet jumped on board and ran to embrace the tall man standing by the mast. Soon they were joined by an attractive woman who also received a share of the embrace. For my part I was greeted by two middle-aged blond men. “You da delivery captain? Mr. Morgan?”

“Yes I am. You two must be the men from Halberg-Rassy. How was your passage?”

“Da boat is pretty good. We only got a couple a tings ta fix. But tree more weeks a dis couple we be dead men, I can tell ya. It a good ting a young fella like you is doin da rest.”

Janet and the couple joined us. The tall man introduced himself, “Hi Mike. I’m Jim Burke, and this is my wife Ellen. I see you already met our daughter.”

I shot a glance at Janet, who smiled wickedly back at me. I could tell the next few weeks were going to be interesting.

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