Depraved Descent Pt. 03

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Lena’s Grandfather stood at her bedside once again. Night had finally fallen and a single lamp provided light in the room.

Lena’s uncovered form lay spread open and naked to her Grandfather’s perverted gaze. Evidence of the Master’s seed was gone, absorbed into Lena through her skin. He saw the subtle effects of the Master’s seeds had already begun to change Lena.

He suspected she would be several inches taller now as her limbs and torso appeared to have lengthened. Her once average breasts had become larger and her skin gleamed with a slight pearlescence. Her face had become more angular, the softness of her youth lost in harder lines now.

She was far more beautiful than she had been a mere twenty four hours previously. He stroked his cock through his trousers as he casually spread her cunt lips apart. She was wet…obviously stimulated even in sleep.

Despite knowing that it was forbidden, he longed to suck at her cunt and taste the growing corruption within her. Instead he merely fingered her to wakefulness.

Lena awoke with a mewl of delight. She thrust against her Grandfather’s fingers and smiled winsomely at him. She hastily got into breeding position.

“No sow. We go now to commune with the Master as we did last night and as we must do for another eighteen. Now come with me.” Lena’s Grandfather turned and walked from the room.

Lena obediently stood and strode after her Grandfather, giving no thought to her nakedness or the now obvious changes to her body. She felt wonderful and strong. She also felt achingly wicked and needy. She needed to be bred and fed with the Master’s foul semen.

Her Grandfather took her to the small chapel, outside and adjacent the main house. It was a cool night but Lena felt no discomfort with the wind caressing her bare skin. They entered antalya escort the dark chapel and Lena found that she could see quite well though only moon and star light illuminated it.

The grotesque statue of the Master stood fully visible to Lena now. It’s rough stone face was all angles with a jutting chin and sharp cheekbones. It was beautiful and bestial and inspired in Lena a dread longing to offer herself to it, To him, her master.

Lena hastened to the statue and dropped to her knees before it. She reached trembling hands toward the statue’s cock and was knocked roughly aside by her Grandfather.

“Caution sweet sow. You are not meant to suckle from this. The Master’s seed is first filtered through me to you. You are not strong enough yet.” He took her by the arm and walked her to the altar as she kept her eyes locked on the figure of the statue.

Lena’s Grandfather helped her atop the altar and directed her to lay on her back, her neck off the edge and her head hanging down towards the floor. He stared down at her, his eyes gone all black again. Lena’s head was level with his erection, still hidden within his trousers. She could see the outline of the two heads of his cock, twitching in tandem. She salivated, hungry to taste them.

Her Grandfather took her left hand and whispered a word as he held it away from her body and against the altar. The granite of the altar changed, becoming liquid. A thin tendril of it oozed, lava like, over her wrist trapping her arm to the altar and changed again to become a hard stone manacle.

He did the same to her right arm and then moved down the altar to her legs, spreading them wide. His movements became increasingly agitated and his erection was writhing violently now behind strained cloth. He took each ankle, spreading Lena open kemer escort as far as the altar allowed, and bound each leg down.

He stroked her legs, a hand on each, from cunt lips to ankles. Rhythmic caresses that made Lena undulate her hips up and down and mewl in need.

“You are the twentieth sow. Twenty generations to create just you. I have sired nineteen before you and you are the last I’m to touch. Listen closely sow and know the truth of who you are.” Lena’s Grandfather spoke softly, hands stroking his granddaughter’s body.

“Many lifetimes ago the Master found a young woman, a low and degenerate young woman, who called to him for aid. She was exquisite. Venal, violent, petty and vengeful she came to him to beg for the power to destroy her enemies. “

“The Master tasted within her the seeds of true evil. He saw that she could be used in his own plans to build a demon army and triumph over his own rivals. He destroyed her enemies but on the condition that she bear him a daughter.” Lena listened and writhed beneath her Grandfather’s hands.

“The Master’s seed is too powerful for a mortal human to receive so a proxy was needed. A creature that could filter the Master’s seed and transmute it enough to fertilise a human egg. I was chosen from the Master’s many loyal servants to become his proxy. I gave up my own cock to take a newly fashioned one. The Master took some of his own flesh to mould me this.” Lena’s Grandfather took his cock out at these words and stroked it’s long length as Lena watched it hungrily.

“I receive his seed from his likeness. I take it into my body, strip it of some of it’s potency and use it to breed his sows. The first sow nearly died from the breeding. But Master is resourceful and kept her alive long enough to birth his first konyaaltı escort daughter.”

Lena’s eyes stayed locked to her Grandfather’s cock as his words flowed faster.

“I raised the first daughter sow as if she were mine. And indeed she was all mine on her twentieth birthday when she was bred with Master’s seed. She also died in the birthing of his second daughter sow. I then raised the second daughter sow and bred her on her twentieth birthday, she died when giving birth to the third daughter sow. And so the cycle of death and birth continued. I have now raised twenty daughters for the Master. Each daughter becoming stronger, less human than the last. Each daughter bred on her father’s seed until the twentieth daughter was born.”

“You are the twentieth daughter borne of the Master’s seed Lena. You will be strong enough to be bred by the Master directly and strong enough to birth the foul spawn he will get upon you. You are to be his consort sweet Lena. Milady Sow. Queen of filth and perversion.” Lena’s Grandfather gave her a shallow bow, then walked to stand before the statue of the Master.

“Communion is sought Master. Bless me with your seed to better make ready your Queen.” Lena’s Grandfather dropped to his knees before the statue and took it’s stone cock in his hands. He caressed the shaft roughly then bent his head to the double heads to lick them, then suck them into his mouth.

Lena, bound to the altar, could only watch and struggle against her bonds, her body wet and wanton.

She remembered now, the previous evening, remembered it all. The whiskey must have contained a drop of semen…strong enough to make her convulse and faint.

Her Grandfather had carried her to the chapel and bound her naked upon it as she was now. He had taken the Master’s seed and bred her with it.

She understood now who she was and why she was created. It filled her with purpose to know that she would be mother to an army of hell spawn. She watched her Grandfather take communion knowing that her father’s seed was soon to be hers again.

End Part III

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