Derek Pt. 04

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“Why would you fuck around on me like that? Why would you!” Karen yelled as she shoved at the barn door.

She screamed as she ran out of the barn in a raging fit.

“I like fucking him because when I grab and lick his tits he actually responds!” shouted Derek to Karen as she ran toward the house.

“You are a fucking piece of shit! My tits are so much bigger than that…” Karen caught herself. “Why? Why that little titty queen?” Karen screamed, turning around and pointing her finger at the smiling Derek.

“Because when I fuck him, he begs for my dick,” Derek said calmly, with a strut in his step as he followed her. “It makes me work harder to please my partner when they express a positive opinion beyond a ‘grunt’, you goddamn cow.”

Karen stopped, turned, and jiggled her breasts in response.

“You fucked these enough!”

“Yeah, that’s the point, Karen! Your fucking pussy was that motherfucking boring!” Derek ripped at her. “It flapped around my cock like a flag in a windstorm! I’d fuck tight boy pussy before I ever had your puss again.”

“I’m not interested in your cock anymore. It ain’t that fucking impressive. I can find bigger and better!”

Derek motioned to Chris and Chris ran over to him. Derek pushed him gently to the ground as he sneered at Karen. He pulled his cock out and bounced it over Chris’ face.

“Look, Karen, someone actually interested in my fuckin’ huge cock! I’m as goddamned happy as I can fucking be!” Derek ran the head of his cock over Chris’ lips. He looked up and flashed Karen a huge grin. “Damn, he loves my big cock! You like daddy’s big ass cock, boy?”

Chris licked his lips and nodded. Derek was still grinning from ear to ear at Karen. Derek pulled Chris up and stuffed his obscenely large cock back into his jeans. He didn’t even bother to button them up, they just gaped open showing off his hairy crotch.

Ben and I had to stifle a laugh as Karen glared. She was red in the face and shaking all over.

“Just get the fuck out or I’m calling the police, you fucking pervert! Goddamn you to fucking hell,” Karen shouted. She stopped for a second. “No, y’all all get the fuck out!” She said, pointing at us all before twirling her skirt and stomping up the hill to the house. “Goddamn,” she hissed under her breath several times. Ray was behind her, fluffing at her skirt as she swatted at him to get away.

Ben leaned in to me and poked me in the ribs.

“Ray’s been up her ass all weekend. I had told him he had to stop. I warned him not to get mixed up with her. He broke up with me this afternoon. And you know, I’m not sad about it at all,” he whispered to me.

Derek grabbed Chris by the hair and gave him a deep tongue-filled kiss.

“Fuck later?” he told Chris as he pulled away.

“Uhm, yeah, sure,” Chris answered, smiling,

“I’ve got to go get all my shit,” Derek said, as he swaggered away.

Chris turned to Ben and me. He ran his fingers through his hair and picked out some stray pieces of hay.

“And what pray tell were you two doing?” Chris questioned us.

“Well, obviously not as much as you,” Ben answered, making a fucking gesture with two fingers.

“Oh, Karen is a hateful bitch. I need to go collect my luggage too,” Chris said, tossing his hair and walking back to the house.

I gave Ben a quick peck on the cheek and we then walked back to the house to pack up and leave.

I offered to give Derek a ride back to town. Karen had taken an axe to his truck and slashed all the tires. She had also smashed the windows with firewood logs stacked outside. She was in the process of using Derek’s shave cream to write “Walk, motherfucker!” on the hood. That started another round of fighting. Ankara bayan escort Derek called the cops. Karen was yelling and screaming every few seconds. Ben, Chris, and I tried to stay out of it, especially when the deputy sheriff pulled up.

The three of us were leaning against my car when the cops pulled up. We couldn’t believe what got out of the car.

The deputy sheriff looked just like a cop straight out of a porn video. He had a high and tight recon haircut. His uniform was hugging every muscle on his body. His mirror shades and black jackboots were straight out of some gay fetish movie.

“There a problem here?” the officer asked, walking toward us and removing his shades.

He had to have the bluest blue eyes ever and they were a perfect match to his sandy blond hair, I thought to myself.

All three of us pointed toward the house. The officer walked past us. The other car door slammed and Ben poked me in the ribs. I turned to see this big Latino muscle hunk approaching us, his shades resting on top of his head.

“García, you get their statements. I’ll see what’s going on inside,” said the first officer, walking to the house.”

“Sarge, I’m on it,” Garcia replied.

Deputy Garcia was tall, broad-shouldered, and dark. He had a small trimmed mustache and his hair was perfectly parted and combed. He smelled like rugged musky cologne.

“So, guys, what seems to be the problem?” he asked us as he approached. He pulled out a notebook and a pen. The three of us began to talk over each other. “Ok, one at a time…you first,” he said as he pointed the pen in my direction. I swear he winked when he said it.

Before I could say anything, there was a crashing noise inside the house. The other officer yelled for Deputy Garcia and he rushed away. Minutes later, Karen was escorted in handcuffs out of the house by the officer Garcia had called Sarge. The officer had a small tear in his shirt and wet splatters on his pants. Derek walked out waving his hands in the air and talking to Deputy Garcia. Derek’s shirt was ripped also, and he seemed to be limping.

Sarge placed Karen in the car and grabbed his radio. Derek was talking to Garcia animatedly as the officer took notes. After awhile, Deputy Garcia came back to us and got our contact information. He smiled and thanked us and went to take photos of Derek’s truck.

Derek was glaring at Karen as she sat in the cop car. At one point, with the officers away from the car, he surreptitiously gave her the finger. Karen went berserk, kicking wildly inside the car.

“That bitch has gone nuts,” he whispered to us. “You see what she did to my shirt. She was throwing stuff at me, and almost clocked that deputy with a vase of flowers. Ripped some badge off his uniform. She thought he was flirting with me,” he said with a whispered laugh. “She’s ‘going downtown’, as they say.”

“She’s going to give them a blowjob?” asked Chris. Derek looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

“No, baby, she goin’ to jail,” Derek turned and said back to Chris.

“Ohhhhhhh…” Chris answered.

We loaded up into the car. As we started to pull away, Ben tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the house. Ray was standing in a window giving us a little wave.

“Well, that bitch gets his just desserts. I have no pity for him. I’m completely done with him,” Ben said as he clicked his seatbelt. “On to bigger and better,” he said, grabbing at my thigh and smiling.

Finally, Derek, Chris, Ben, and I were on the road. I was driving, of course. And Ben was on his phone writing some message to Ray. Derek was in the backseat with Chris. The first time I looked back in the rear view mirror, Derek was staring out Escort bayan Ankara the window and Chris was listening to music with his earplugs in. After a bit, I looked back to see Chris rubbing Derek’s crotch and figured somebody was on the verge of getting a blowjob. I quickly informed them they would be paying for any stains on my backseat.

It was already starting to get dark and I was so drained. I told the guys that I didn’t think I could drive back tonight…and that I didn’t want any of them driving my car either. There was a small town a few miles from Karen’s house and I thought we could stop there.

There was a motel and we got a room with two double beds. I got us all checked in. We all showered and changed clothes. Ben had ran over to the convenience store beside the motel and had gotten some beer. I myself decided to go and get some food at the grocery store nearby. When I left, Ben was drinking and angry-texting Ray on his phone, and Derek and Chris were on the bed watching TV.

I grabbed some fruit, more beer, and chips at the store, and was headed to the deli section when someone called my name. I turned around and was nicely surprised. There was Deputy Garcia with a smile on his face, beside him was his partner Sarge. Deputy Garcia was still wearing his uniform; Sarge was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. They both looked great.

“I figured you would be long gone by now,” he said to me with a big grin.

“No, Officer Garcia, it was too late and had been quite a day. We grabbed a room at the Moon Winx Inn for the night,”

“Oh, ok…and it’s Andy Garcia…yeah, like the actor,” he said with a laugh. “And this is Alex,” he said, pointing at Sarge.

“Should I be talking to you two after what happened today?”

Andy laughed and said they were off-duty. They told me that it was cool for them to talk to us. He told me they were headed home. I smiled and nodded my head, but it flashed in my brain that they weren’t just partners at work.

“Oh, I see,” I told him, lifting my eyebrows and gently nodding my head.

“Oh, no, we’re not a couple. Maybe just close roommates,” he said, winking at me and rubbing a hand over Alex’s lower back. Alex laughed and swatted his hand away.

I tried to remain calm. My heart was starting to beat fast. As Deputy Garcia, he was unattainable lust material; as Andy, I wanted him to fuck me right now…while Alex watched.

“Well, I got to get this stuff back to the guys,” I said to Andy. “If you guys want to stop by for a beer, we’re in number 164,” I said before I realized what I was saying.

“We might just do that,” Andy said, reaching out and rubbing my shoulder and staring at me. “Glad we ran into you.”

“Me too,” I said, giving him a goofy grin. Then I gave a little wave and walked away.

I checked out quickly and rushed to my car. I sat there for a minute, cussing myself for being such an idiot. I was really turned on by Andy, and I’d blown it. I just thought about being on my back while Andy penetrated me, filling up my ass and slowly fucking me. I thought about looking over at Alex sprawled in a chair stroking himself while his ‘close roommate” thrust his fat Latino cock in and out of my begging ass. I ran my hand over my zipper, my cock straining against it. I unzipped and felt my hard meat, the spongy head pushing against zipper teeth. I thought about Andy’s full lips encircling my knob, then I… Blam! Blam!

I looked up and there was Andy grinning at me. He had tapped on the car hood as they walked by. He paused and winked, he was making a thumbs-up sign as they continued to a big blue truck. My heart raced as I wondered if he had seen my hard cock half-way out of my pants; I had definitely Bayan escort Ankara seen the outline of a half-hard cock snaking down his uniform trousers in the bright light of the parking lot. Fuck, I thought to myself, I bet he and Alex were going to go home and fuck like two hot rabbits. I wondered if they ever fucked in their uniforms as I drove back to the motel.

When I got back to the motel, I could see the flickering light from the television through the curtains of our dark room. I figured the guys were asleep by now; so, just in case, I just fumbled for the key in the dim light instead of knocking.

I almost dropped the grocery bags when I opened the door.

Derek was spreadeagle on his back on one of the beds as Ben was bobbing up and down on his big cock. Ben was deepthroating the monster cock like a pro. Chris was straddling Derek’s hairy chest, while Derek was grabbing and pinching the blond boy’s tits. Ben, with a throat full of cock, gave me a little wave. Chris looked at me and tossed his hair, grinding his bubble butt against Derek’s hairy torso.

I walked in and put the cold stuff in the mini-fridge, setting everything else on the table. I unbuttoned my shirt as Derek pulled Chris down and gave him a wet sloppy kiss. My shorts soon fell to the floor, releasing my horny hard cock. I walked over to Ben and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled off Derek’s cock with a pop and took my cock into his mouth. I moaned as his warm mouth swallowed my dick.

Chris turned around and began to give Derek head. Derek ran his hands over the fat smooth bubble butt, groaning as Chris’ tongue lapped at his cockhead. Derek spread the full cheeks and spat between them. He ran his fingers up and down over Chris’ tight hole as Chris moaned around his big cock.

“Yeah, baby, daddy wants some more of this sweet boy ass. Need to feel this boypussy wrapped around my big horse cock.”

I thrust my hips forward, gagging Ben. Spit and my precum dripped out of the sides of Ben’s mouth, his puppy-dog eyes looked up at me and I almost shot my load. I pushed him off my cock and took a deep breath. I pulled him up to me and gave him a tongue-filled deep kiss and pinched the nips topping his thick muscled chest.

Derek had pulled Chris’ ass closer to his face and was eating it like a pussy. His head shook as his tongue flicked over the winking hole. Tip of his tongue caressed around and around the center but never touching it, causing Chris to groan and grab at the sheets.

“Baby, you want them to see me stretch that boycunt with my big dick. You want them to watch me fuck you?” Derek teased Chris. “Fuckin’ tell me you want them to see my big dick pounding your ass.”

“Yeah, I want them to see you using my hole, daddy,” Chris cooed in his most feminine voice.

My hands were roaming Ben’s muscular body as we watched Derek push Chris from on top of him. He got off the bed and pulled Chris to the edge. Chris was on all fours as Derek positioned his big cockhead at the tight hole. As the head began to sink into Chris there was a loud knock at the door.

Sheriff’s department! Open up! We have some questions!” came a deep voice as Derek sank into Chris’ warm ass.

I pulled away from Ben and went to the door, cracking it and hiding behind it to cover myself. I hear a short giggly laugh as I looked around it. There was Andy with a wide grin on his face, holding up his hand in a casual salute. Behind him was Alex holding up two six-packs and grinning.

I was a bit stunned. Andy had changed out of his uniform. He was wearing a tight white T-shirt and I could see the outline of nipple rings on his chest. The white shirt made his dark skin glow. He looked delicious.

Chris groaned as he asked who it was. Ben peeked out the door beside me.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Andy said, looking away for a second, embarrassed that he had made a mistake.

“Oh, I’m not,” I answered back and opened the door so they could come on in.

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