Descent into Submission Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Allure of Submission

It was nearly two weeks before we Charly reprised our first experiment with the chastity device. We had lots of great sex in those three weeks, but she didn’t bring out the CB6000. I was beginning to wonder whether she was delaying doing so precisely because she knew how intensely I’d responded to it. If so, it wouldn’t be the first—or the last—time that she teased me like that, delaying my pleasure to magnify it.

Then, on a Thursday night, Charly signaled that she was going to be in charge. We were finishing up dinner and she told me that I needed to clean up alone because she had some preparation to do; she wouldn’t tell me what.

When I got up to the bedroom, she stopped me in the doorway and said, “You don’t get to take a step in here until I blindfold you. And, you have to agree to follow my every command.” Then she added sweetly, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

I had no doubt of that so I wasn’t about to turn her down. She tied the blindfold around my head and led me over to the bed. She ordered me to take off my clothes, which I did quickly, tossing them on the floor beside me. When I felt lay me down spread-eagle again, as she’d done before, I was pretty sure she was planning a repeat of the intense session we’d had two weeks ago.

There was a difference, though. Charly had apparently ordered some new toys. Instead of tying me with ropes, I felt her fasten leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and hook them to ropes that were already tied to the four corners of the bed. This was a sign, I guess, that she was as into this scenario as I was.

Charly was quietly humming to herself as she finished binding me and, then, got up to get something. When she came back I felt her hand, cool and wet, gently touch my cock, spreading lube over it and my swollen balls. Knowing what was in store for me, I didn’t even put up a show of resisting or making it difficult for Charly to fasten the cock cage on me.

My cock, though, did put up some resistance. Her touch and the anticipation of what was to come had made my cock begin to swell. Lube or no lube, there was no way it was going to fit in the chastity device in this state. It would have been nice if Charly had brought her soft lips down to suck my cock until I filled her mouth with cum, allowing my erection to subside so she could continue with her plan to cage my cock. (I was sure that, by the time she let me out, I’d have more than recovered and be ready to fuck her raw.)

Apparently, Charly wasn’t in a mood to be nice. She said, “Oh, dear … this will never work this way.” And then she left the room again. When she came back, after what seemed like an eternity, I had already shrunk to the point where she could have put the CB6000 on me, I think. But she was set on her plan.

I felt a freezing rag cover my cock and balls. Charly must have soaked it in ice water. It was uncomfortable and I writhed a bit as she did this. Nevertheless, she persisted and I felt my cock and balls shrink even more.

“There, that’s better,” Charly said in a soft, pleasant voice. (Better for whom, I thought.) “Now the little man is ready to head into his tiny cage.”

Charly slipped the cage on easily and I heard the lock snap shut.

Despite how my dick and balls had withered, I was surging with sexual energy and twitching against my restraints.

“Oh, my,” she cooed. “Aren’t we the eager little boy now?!”

And with that, she began the same sort of teasing she’d done before. I could feel her warm breath on my crotch, but she kept her lips millimeters away from my skin.

“It looks like your little penis is waking up again,” she taunted. “It wants to get big, or at sınırsız escort least as big as it can get, doesn’t it? Oh, but it can’t,” she continued with feigned sympathy, “can it? The little guy is trapped in his tiny cage.”

Now, I’ve already told you that my cock is not small. It’s slightly bigger than what they say is average. And Charly knows it. Nevertheless, the humiliation, even if insincere, was arousing me and, it seemed, Charly, too.

“Would the little guy like to be touched?” she said in a baby voice. I nodded and moaned out a ‘yes’. But she continued, “I’ll bet he would. But none of that … yet.”

She got down between my thighs and lifted my cock up, being careful to do so gently touching only the cock cage. “But maybe these little balls need some attention.”

Charly blew gently on my ball sack and dragged her nails across it. In my restrained state, this was driving me crazy. And I felt my cock swell to press against the walls of the chastity device. Charly noticed, too.

“It looks like you want something.”

“Uh-huh!” I nodded.

“Well, too bad this isn’t about what you want. Tonight’s all about what I want.”

Charly proceeded to tease me and use me just as she had the last time she’d locked me up. She rode my face while I was tied, causing herself a huge orgasm and my face to glisten with her juices. She untied me and had me service her with my mouth, beginning at her feet and working my way up the insides of her thighs until she was recharged and ready for another crashing orgasm.

Officially, I guess, this was all about what she wanted. But it excited me, too, as was attested to by the marks on my cock from its futile attempts to swell within the cock cage.

When she’d recovered completely, she was ready to end the scenario.

“What do you say we let this little guy out?” she said, flicking the CB6000.

“Yes, please!”

As soon as Charly had unlocked me, I took over with a fervor that surprised me and, I think, stunned her.

I pushed her over onto her back on the bed and climbed on top of her. My cock, which began swelling the minute Charly had released it, was now rigid. And, Charly’s cunt was sopping from the orgasms I’d given her with my mouth.

I pinned Charly’s arms down over her head and rammed my cock between her slippery cunt lips and deep into her hot pussy, thrusting hard and fast. I was so horny that I think I could have exploded in seconds. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to fuck her hard and long.

Slowing my rhythm, I pushed myself up so that I could look down Charly’s perfect little body while I pounded her cunt. Her soft, full breasts moved up and down her chest in response to my thrusting. It was hypnotic to watch them.

The look in her eyes told me she was both surprised and pleased with the fervor with which I was fucking her.

I pulled out of her and rolled her over, pulling her up to her hands and knees. Positioning myself behind her, I jammed by eager rod deep into her cunt again—thrusting fast, then pulling out completely before plunging my cock back into her again.

Charly was gasping with every thrust and shrieking when, by pulling back on her hips, I hit her cervix hard. I knew that she loved it when I was really aggressive like this, even when it hurt her a little bit. But, frankly, I was in such a frenzy that I wasn’t really thinking about what she wanted.

On one backstroke, when I’d pulled completely out of her cunt, I looked down and focused on her tiny asshole. It called to me and I had no intention of ignoring that call.

My cock and her whole crotch were slick with our juices. We didn’t need any artificial taksim escort lube. I lined my cock up against her rosebud and pressed forcefully, but not violently, into her tight back hole.

Her gasps were louder now and she put a hand back to control my thrusting—just to give her time to adjust. When she was comfortable enough, I picked up the speed and intensity of my fucking. I was pounding her sphincter with animal-like abandon.

Maybe this was sort of a “reclaiming my male dominance” thing, though I didn’t think of it that way at the time. (I was analizing, not analyzing!) Whatever … it was incredibly intense and I’d never been more consumed in the moment than I was now.

I had visions of fucking her for hours, in every position imaginable. But those faded as I felt myself building to an orgasm. Those dreams could be fulfilled later. Right now, all I cared about was exploding into Charly’s tight little ass—filling her with my cum. And, that’s what I did. My hands were gripping her hips tightly when I rammed into her ass all the way to the hilt and began shooting my wad deep in her bowels. One … two … three … four … five … six huge shots came surging out of my cock with such force that, I swear, they would have shot across the room if they hadn’t been trapped in Charly’s ass.

Completely spent, I slumped down on her back, pushing her down to the mattress. I was gasping for breath as if I’d run a four-minute-mile.

I heard Charly give out a satisfied moan. I was pretty sure she hadn’t had an orgasm—this part of the night had been all about my pleasure. I think her display of satisfaction was all about her ability to cause such extreme pleasure in me. That ability gave her a certain power over me—a power she was just beginning to explore but already knew that she relished.

When I felt Charly move under me, I rolled off of her and onto my back, still panting from my exertion. Charly got up and left the room while I drifted into a post-orgasmic daze.

Still floating in my reverie, I felt a warm, wet rag gently cleaning my cock and balls. It felt wonderful, even if sometimes a bit intense on my now very sensitive soft cock.

She finished cleaning me and I felt her soft lips caress my spent shaft. She wasn’t trying to arouse me. She just gave my cock a sweet kiss.

Then, I felt her gently fitting me back in the chastity cage and heard the lock click shut.

I mustered enough energy to ask her what she was doing and whether she planned to leave me caged all night.

“Sure, honey,” she said, sweetly. “I think this guy’s done for the night. He might as well be snuggled up safely in his cage. We’ll see what he wants to do in the morning.”

I didn’t protest. I thought she was right about my cock being done for the night. And, really, all I wanted to do was to drift off to sleep, which I did almost immediately.


It was far from a peaceful sleep, though. Charly might have been right that my cock was “done for the night.” But it certainly wasn’t done for the early morning. I woke up several times during the early hours of the morning feeling the discomfort of the chastity device restraining my cock as it tried to swell with a nighttime woody.

Those moments of wakefulness through the night, were vivid reminders to me of Charly’s control over me. I would wake, feeling the pressure of my cock straining against the CB6000. This served only to intensify my arousal as I remembered last night’s incredibly hot scene. And that served only to provoke an even stronger attempt by my cock to grow to its full length and girth—with no success, of course.

I tesettürlü escort was so horny during these wakeful moments that, any other time, I would have gotten up and jacked off to relieve the pressure. But that, obviously, was denied me. So, I’d had to just lie there, fitfully, waiting for sleep to return.

I consoled myself by remembering Charly’s words, “We’ll see what he wants to do in the morning.” I knew what my cock would want to do in the morning when Charly woke up. I’d drift back to sleep imagining that release.


In the morning, though, Charly had other plans. When the alarm went off, she got up immediately.

“Wait,” I pleaded. “We have a little time. How about getting this thing off?”

“Do you mean your cock cage,” Charly said teasingly, “or your cock?”


“Not right now. … Maybe later. … We’ll see.”

What the fuck! I thought. What’s this, “maybe later” crap?

“Come on, now.” Again, that sweet cheerful tone. “Come take a shower with me.”

Well, that was promising. Sometimes we had pretty steamy showers, and I’m not talking about the temperature of the water. Maybe Charly was planning to unlock me in the shower, gently wash my cock and balls as she sometimes did, and then suck me off as the hot water rained down on our bodies.

That would be terrific! So, I hopped out of bed, hopefully.

Again, though, I’d mistaken Charly’s plans. Oh, she washed my cock and balls, alright—as well as one could through the cock cage. Her slippery, soapy hands fondling my exposed and sensitive balls served only to highlight the fact that the CB6000 deprived my cock of the wonderful sensation of her soft hands.

She turned off the water, opened the shower door and grabbed her towel, blocking my way to my own towel. I stood there, in the shower, dripping while she dried herself off. I looked down, watching the water drip from my constrained cock through the end of my chastity device.

Then Charly grabbed my towel and dried me off, saving my crotch for last. She carefully dabbed the towel around my cock and balls, apparently taking pleasure in the way my cock tried, unsuccessfully, to swell, in response even to this slight stimulation.

“Okay,” I said in my “game over” voice. “Now take this thing off so I can get ready for work.” I’d given up the prospect of sexual release this morning. I’d have to settle for just being released from the cock cage.

“Oh, you can get ready for work. This isn’t getting in your way,” as she flicked the chastity device with her finger.

“What?! … Are you crazy? … I can’t go to work like this.” I wasn’t feigning outrage; I was genuinely shocked by her suggestion.

“You can … and you will.” She looked me straight in the eye and I saw a strength there I hadn’t seen before. “And, you know what?” She paused, but it wasn’t really a question for me to answer, just a set up for her to go on. “You’re going to like it.”

I doubted that.

“In fact, you’re going to love it. You just might not realize it at first. But give it a try. Wait until tonight, when you get home and we really have time to play. Trust me.”

I still had my doubts. But I didn’t doubt that Charly could cause me almost unimaginable pleasure when she chose to. It seemed that I was going to be playing her game no matter what, so I decided to play it willingly, if reluctantly.

As I dressed and got ready for work, as I ate breakfast and walked to my car, I was intensely aware of the CB6000 on my cock. It wasn’t visible under my pants, but every movement, no matter how slight, reminded me that I was caged in a chastity device, that Charly held the key, and I would have no release until tonight.

I wondered how I would concentrate on my work during the day. I wondered whether I would continue to be constantly aware of my condition or whether it would come to feel normal. It was going to be an interesting day.

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