Designated Driving

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It’s Friday, I watched the clock as it neared five. It had been a long hard week and I was ready to get the hell out of Dodge, so to speak. Work had kicked my ass all week. It was time to go home and spend some quiet time with the wife, the kids and the dog.

No wait, there’s nothing quiet about that. She’ll have a million projects for me to work on. The kids will be running and jumping around like a bunch of maniacs and they’ll be dragging their even more annoying friends through the house. Well, at least the dog would be grateful to spend some time with me. I sighed and watched the final couple of minutes tick down.

About that time one of my work buddies stopped by my desk and interrupted my pity party.

“Hey bud!” He did a drum solo on my desk. “A bunch of us are going down to Al’s Place and have a few drinks and watch the ballgame. Wanna join us?”

I started to shake my head and decline the offer but something made me change my mind. Suddenly, I found myself nodding agreeably. “Sure, I guess I could stop by for a couple.” After all, I told myself, I deserved a night out, it had been a long week.

He grinned. “Good! We’ll catch you down there.”

I called after him as he walked away. “I’m not staying very long!” I warned. Now, I had to call the wife and tell her. I wasn’t looking forward to the guilt trip but here goes…

I call her cell and she answers right away. “Hi hun…” I try to make it as light and cheery as possible. “…um some of the guys here asked me to join them at Al’s for a couple of beers and a ballgame. I probably won’t stay too long…”

I waited for her to whine about not spending time with her and how the kids were driving her crazy and the dishwasher was making a funny noise… but she didn’t do any of that. She simply said. “Have fun baby… just remember, don’t drive. Take a cab home, OK?”

I was in such a state of shock, I almost told her I changed my mind and I was coming home but I figured I’d better “carpe diem” the moment. “Sure sweetie, I promise I’ll take a cab. I won’t be too late.”

She laughed. “Right… whatever. I have some writing to do. The kids are staying with friends tonight. I’ll see you when you get here. Have fun.”

Immediately the guilt set in. She plays ninja games with my mind sometimes. If I live to be a hundred, I will never figure out what makes the woman tick. It’s gotta be that pussy and those fabulous tits that keep me coming back for more.

I show up at the bar and about ten guys are already there. We order a round of drinks which requires another round and another round. The game was a snoozer so we quickly got wrapped up in telling jokes and talking about our co-workers… the ones who weren’t there to defend themselves.

I looked at my watch. Shit! It was past midnight! How the fuck did that happen?

I finally push away from the table and start to leave. I can hear her voice “Take a cab home, OK?” I was a little past the point of being buzzed so I called one and had another shot before the cabbie came in and called my name.

The last shot did me in. My head was spinning as I climbed in the back of the cab. When I reached the house, it was bahis firmaları completely dark but the porch light was on… so that was a good sign. I paid the cabbie and tipped him before I made my way to the front door and fumbled for my house keys.

It was eerily quiet when I got inside. I stumbled into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and got into a hot shower, hoping it might sober me up a bit. At least I could wash away the smell of cigars, beers and chicken wings but I was blitzed, no doubt about it. Now… time to face the ball and chain.

I crept in our bedroom and she was sound asleep. She didn’t even stir, so I carefully slid naked, underneath the blankets. The room was spinning as I closed my eyes. It was the last thing I remember until the morning.

I wake up to the smell of honeysuckle and citrus body wash. I’m lying on my back and she is straddling me, fresh out of the shower. She smells wonderful and her long auburn hair is slicked back into a neat ponytail.

She has cradled my face in her hands and is showering me with sweet soft butterfly kisses, my eyelids, my forehead, my stubbly cheeks and chin and finally my lips. I love to feel her kisses, especially on my mouth. She doesn’t seem to mind my morning breath or the whiskers. I casually mention that she has another set of lips I’d like to kiss.

She doesn’t hesitate to crawl into position with that sweet freshly shaven pussy of hers directly over my eager mouth. I pull her down and play with her labia. Kiss it, open and close it with my fingers as I admire the drops of dew that are forming all the way around her sweet vagina. I insert a couple of fingers inside of it and pull her down to kiss her lovely pussy. My tongue sneaks between her inner lips and I tickle that silky little clitoris of hers. I can hear her staggering breath as I touch her just the right way. I pull it between my lips and suck on it until I can feel her pussy flutter. She is so ready to cum for me.

I gruffly whisper. “Sit on my face baby. Put that sweet cunt over my mouth and let me ravage you.” My cock is hard as concrete as she plops that beautiful pussy directly over my grateful face. She is gushing her honey all over me. I’m slurping and sucking frantically to keep up with it She starts grinding her hips into me as I grab her soft round ass and squeeze it hard.

I suck on her clit, tickle her labia with my tongue and shove my thumb up her sweet little asshole. She is trembling, shuddering and pulling on the headboard as she cums all over my face. It flows into my hungry mouth and runs down my nose, cheeks and neck. I feel like king of the mountain as this sex kitten cums like a banshee all over my grateful face.

She calms down enough to plead for me to fuck her. My cock is more than ready to pound that pussy as I gladly let her scramble off my glazed face. She slowly but steadily slides her still pulsing, cum sopped, contracting pussy over my harder than nails cock. Goddamn, she feels good.

She moves her pussy up and down on my dick as I grab her beautiful bouncing tits in my greedy hands. Her nipples are solid peach colored pebbles. I pinch and twist them between my fingers as she rotates kaçak iddaa her hips on my groin like a snake charmer. I’m in fucking heaven by now.

She leans toward me and starts to lick her own cum juice off my face. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven as she starts to have another orgasm. Holy fuck! Her pussy tightens up and throbs around my cock like a vise and my balls feel like they are going to be sucked up her sweet little asshole.

She’s digging her nails into my chest as she growls like a wildcat in heat. It’s all I can do to keep from getting my nut off just watching her writhe and shudder over my throbbing cum soaked cock.

She is so wet that my groin is soaked. Her sweet cum is flowing down under my balls into the crack of my ass. I want to pick her up and slam my cock into her so hard but something stops me from doing it because I can tell she’s not finished with me yet.

She leans forward and kisses me hard, then growls in my ear. “Fuck my ass baby. Fuck it good and hard!”

I had to pull her back for an instant, just to see if I had the right girl. My eyes widened. “Are you serious?” She never lets me fuck her ass. Says it’s dirty.

She spit fire from her beautiful eyes as she hissed at me. “Yesssssssssss! Goddamnit! Fuck my ass NOW!”

I wasted no time as I tossed her body off me like a ragdoll and landed kneeling behind her with her knees shoved to her chest. Her sweet ass was raised high in the air like some kind of altar, ready to make me a sacrificial offering.

Her sweet little pink asshole was pushed out for my pleasure at the same time as all ten of her fingers grabbed her own buttocks and pulled those lovely cheeks wide apart.

My face fell instantly into her ass. I started to tongue her anus like the last meal of a dying man. She wiggled and pushed her ass harder into my face as I tossed her a salad good enough to serve the queen.

If there’s anything I love more than eating her pussy, is eating her ass. It kills me because she rarely lets me do it but this morning she was offering me up the all you can eat buffet and I wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass me by.

I could hear her whispering between gasps. “Fuck me baby… shove that big fat cock of yours deep in my ass. Fuck me hard and deep.”

I didn’t want to waste anymore time for fear she’d change her mind but she kept her cheeks parted wide for me. I noticed there was some special anal lube on her side of the bed, within my arm’s reach. This little minx had this whole thing planned out. My cock was throbbing and my nuts felt like they were going to burst at the mere thought of it.

I held her hips steady as she whimpered and moaned beneath me. Her hands went from grabbing her ass to fisting the sheets as I rubbed my cock and her asshole with the lube. I began inching the head of it inside her tight asshole. She squirmed a little but kept her ass held high.

The puckering disappeared as I pushed slowly inside of her. She growled and groaned with pleasure as I slowly impaled my rather thick girth inside her little anus.

Shit it felt fantastic! She was incredibly tight, as the pretty smooth pink skin stretched around my kaçak bahis cock to accommodate my size. She gasped and muttered into her pillow until I had sunk my cock, balls deep inside her little butthole. The temperature inside her ass had to be 120 degrees! I’ve never felt anything that warm on my dick before. Her soft skin was gripping my cock like a velvet glove.

She hissed out of the corner of her mouth. “Fuck me hard you bastard!” That really got my motor running as I cautiously pushed a little harder into her. She turned her head and practically bit mine off. “I said – fuck – me – HARDER – goddamnit!”

She didn’t have to tell me again. I gripped her hips and slammed into her like a man possessed. She screamed, growled, grunted, groaned and pushed back hard into my groin. The harder I fucked her, the harder she fucked me back. My balls were slapping against her dripping, throbbing pussy. I couldn’t hold out too much longer. My thighs were tensed up and my nuts were about to boil over. She rubbed her clit furiously and I could feel her pussy and ass tighten up and clamp down on my deliriously happy cock. By the time I heard her say. “Cum inside my ass baby. Fill it full of your hot thick jizz.” It was all I could take. I pumped her full of what felt like a gallon of sperm up her sweet ass as she shuddered with another mind blowing orgasm.

Her trembling body collapsed underneath me as I slid down and rested my head on the back of her thigh. I whispered to her as I massaged that beautiful fucked ass. “Creampie me baby. Show me what you have back there.” She knew how much I loved to see my cum flow out of her ass so she strained her ass cheeks until a stream of sticky white jizz spilled out of her tightening bunghole and flowed down onto her sweet cum drenched pussy. I used my hands to lightly rub it into the soft skin of her puffy labia before licking my fingers. Nothing could taste as delicious as our hot sex mixed together.

She squirmed a bit and I crawled up behind her and cradled her extremely fuckable ass neatly into my pelvis. I wrapped my arms around her spent body and softly caressed her lovely, soft tits. My senses filled with her sweet scent.

I rested my chin on her shoulder and smoothed a few strands of hair that had escaped from her ponytail onto her serene face. I had to know what had brought all this on.

I thought she was going to be pissed at me for missing a Friday night home alone with her and instead she gives me the fucking of a lifetime. I softly stroke her cheek. “So… what did I do to deserve all this?”

She grinned with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “It’s not like I never fuck you, smart ass.”

I chuckled. “Well, you know what I meant.” She hadn’t fucked me like this since… well, I can’t readily recall when she last fucked me like this.

“So, I thought you’d be pissed at me for coming home late.”

She smiled. “Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, I did… and way too much to drink.”

“You took a cab home. That’s all that matters.”

“So, I drank responsibly and got rewarded?”

“Something like that.” She scooted further into our comfortable spoon. “Now hush, let’s get some sleep. It’s Saturday, no kids. When we get up, we can go out for breakfast and pick up your car.” She closed her eyes and I swear I could hear her purring.

“Yes ma’am.” I whispered as I pulled her even closer.

The End

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