Desire Commercials Ch. 01

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This is part 1 of a series of similar stories. They are more like fun, over the top erotic stories that may remind you more of classic porn plots, than deep and engaging romantic short stories. So take it for what it is, and enjoy!

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Part 1 — Sandra’s conundrum

It wasn’t normal for me to be sitting in my office doing nothing, but the company was doing well and there was little for me to do that day. I had spent the better part of the morning composing a mail to the staff about our upcoming 2 year anniversary party, but most of the time had been wasted on daydreaming. I decided it was about time I finished it, though, so I suppressed my desire to do nothing and placed my fingers on the keyboard. In the middle of typing I was interrupted by my secretary over the intercom.

“Mr. Castle?” the voice said.

“Yes, Suzy?” I answered absently.

“A Mrs. Sandra Doe from the 4th floor called and requested a meeting with you this morning. What message should I give her?”

“What was it about?” I wondered.

“She didn’t say. Want me to ask her?”

“No, that’s not necessary. Tell her to come up whenever she feels like it,” I said as I had nothing important lined up. “Oh, and make sure she comes in before lunch,” I added.

“Will do, sir.”

Mrs. Doe was sent in by Suzy not long after. She obviously didn’t want to waste any time before showing up. I looked up from my typing as she entered the room. She was dressed in a classy, dark grey suit with a tight skirt and a jacket. She walked over to me on high heels with a certain elegance, her hips swaying smoothly from side to side. I got up to shake her hand when she reached my desk.

“Welcome Mrs. Doe,” I greeted her.

“Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Castle. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said and shook my hand gently.

“The pleasure is all mine,” I said with a smile. She smiled slightly and quickly lowered her eyes, seemingly slightly embarrassed. She was definitely a beautiful woman, with her dark red hair and matching lipstick. Her face was somewhat round, and she had a captivating smile. “Please, sit down,” I added, gesturing to a chair. She sat down, crossing her legs, and put the folder she was carrying in her lap.

“So, what can I do for you, Mrs. Doe?” I asked after a moment of silence.

“I needed to talk to you about…” she started hesitantly. “Well, you see… me and my husband have run into some difficulties… financially, I mean.”

“Oh?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, you see… um… we just moved into a bigger apartment a few months ago. And soon after we moved in, the rent was almost doubled! Don’t ask he how, my husband was the one that handled the contract. And normally we would be able to pay that… barely… but that fool…” she bit her lip as she was getting a bit more agitated than she had planned. “My husband had taken up a loan on a boat… behind my back… I didn’t know anything about it until he told me last week. And there’s no way we’ll be able to pay for both the boat and the apartment each month now that the rent is this high. I mean… you have probably noticed yourself how the prices are increasing these days,” she explained, before quickly adding: “I’m not saying you have any problems affording it, of course…”

“Oh, yes, I have noticed. I happen to own an apartment complex not far from here, and I had to up the rent slightly for my tenants myself. But anyway. Didn’t you explain this to you husband, Mrs. Doe?” I continued. “I’m sure he could return the boat and get his money back.”

“Oh, please. Just call me Sandra,” she insisted. I nodded slightly. “And, yes. I did try to explain… In fact, I told him to return the boat. But he said it was impossible to return it now.” Sandra sighed, obviously frustrated with her husband. “Then he suggested I could ask for a raise instead, since I worked at a ‘big shot commercial firm’. I bet that was his plan all along so he could keep the boat. The bastard probably lied about making the phone calls as well just to get his fucking wife to fix it!” she said angrily, getting more agitated than she had planned ucuz escort again. She looked down, calming herself. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to say fuck… um… to swear.”

“That’s quite alright, Sandra. Think nothing of it,” I said quickly with a smile. “You have every right to be angry.”

“Thank you for being so understanding, Mr. Castle,” she said with a sigh of relief. “And to prove to you that I am serious about this, I brought some papers that may convince you that I really deserve a raise.” She opened her folder and handed me some papers.

“Thank you,” I said and got up. I motioned for her to move over to the coach as I wanted to get more comfortable if I had to go through all the paperwork. “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Oh, thank you. Cafe latte if you have,” she said as she got up.

“Coming right up. Just go over to the couch and have a seat.” She nodded and moved over to the couch in the corner. I couldn’t help but notice her behind as she made her way across the room. Her round butt was looking really great in her tight skirt as she walked across the room. I quickly called up my secretary, ordered our drinks, and moved over to join Sandra in the coach.

I told Sandra that she could take off her jacket if she wanted, and she obliged. That happened to give me a better idea of what her bust was like. Her breasts seemed to fill out her blouse perfectly, and she had certainly picked an outfit that emphasised that she was well endowed. After a quick glance, we got down to business, and soon Suzy came in with our drinks.

It was apparent that Sandra had done a good job at the firm, but the amount she asked for was still a bit high. I went over her papers one more time as I finished my drink.

“So…” she started carefully. I didn’t reply, so she continued. “What are my chances, Mr. Castle?”

“Well, it’s apparent that you are a real asset to the company, but I fear what you’re asking for is a bit high for the type of work you do,” I stated.

“I can work late if you wish. Or maybe there is something else I can do as well. I just can’t lose that apartment! Please, there must be some way we can come to an agreement,” she pleaded.

“My dear Sandra, there is always a solution. But what would your husband feel about you working late?” I asked.

“To hell with him. The more frustrated he becomes the better, so don’t worry about that. I wish there was a way I could get back at him for buying that fucking boat behind my back,” she said, this time without apologising for her language.

I took a moment to study her, and I didn’t hide that I checked her out. She was nervously fingering the buttons on her blouse, and ended up unbuttoning the top button. “I don’t know about getting back at your husband…” I said as I lowered my gaze to her skirt and thighs. She uncrossed her legs and put a finger to her lips, as if she was thinking… “but I’m sure there is something you can do to satisfy me enough to grant you your raise.” My gaze then continued below here knees, studying her legs all the way down to her high heels.

“I’ll do anything,” she said. “What do you want me to do for you?”

“First of all I want you to relax. You look really tense, and with good reason I guess. But I don’t want you to end up in bed because of it. I need you to be fit and healthy first of all. You don’t want to know how many people get sick every year because of stress,” I told her. “Here, let me give you a massage. That always helps me when I am tense.”

“Oh… thank you,” she muttered. She hesitated a little before she turned slightly to the side and moved her hair out of the way. I moved closer to her and gently started to rub her shoulders. She didn’t say much at first, but as I started to apply pressure I could her hear sighing. “I think I needed that. You’re actually good at this.” She visibly relaxed as I continued to massage her, and her sighs soon became soft moans.

After a while I noticed she started to unbutton her blouse some more. This was so she could pull it down to bare her shoulders, but it was hard for me to avoid peeking down her now exposed ümraniye escort cleavage. She then adjusted her position a little, moving closer to me, and leaned slightly more backwards. I tried to focus on rubbing her shoulders, her soft skin warming under my fingers, but it was getting more difficult when she pulled her bra straps off her shoulders as well.

“Mm… it feels really good,” she purred. She had apparently unbuttoned her blouse completely, because it started to slide down slowly, revealing more and more of her back. “But I didn’t intend for you to do something for me, Mr. Castle. I was suppose to do something for you, remember?”

She turned around to face me, her blouse now open in the front. She still had her bra on, which barely held her big breasts inside and barely covered her nipples. Her left hand rested on my thigh, and she stroked it slowly.

“I want to be sweet to you, Mr. Castle,” she purred. “Do you want that? I mean, I don’t know if you find me pleasing or anything…”

“Oh, I do!” I blurted out. “I think you’re a really attractive woman.” She smiled at me, then, before she leaned in closer and gave me a kiss on the lips. I gripped the seat tightly when I tasted her soft lips, but she pulled away before I could kiss her back.

Then she got up, turned her back to me, and slowly let her skirt slide down while she gently stroked her legs, bending over all the way. She was wearing a tiny g-string that was sliding in between her bulging pussy lips, offering little cover.

She took promenaded in front of me in her underwear for a bit before she got down on all four, her heavy breasts swinging under her as she crawled closer. She pushed my legs apart and gently started to stroke my crotch, obviously starting her massage there. I didn’t protest of course, and soon my growing bulge was starting to get hard. To my surprise she quickly unzipped my pants and deftly fished the cock out from my boxers. She started running her fingers up and down the shaft, moaning softly in anticipation.

“Would you like me to suck your dick, boss? I think that would piss off my fucking husband, and hopefully please you,” she said as she continued to rub my cock.

“I would love it if you sucked my dick, Sandra,” I replied.

“Mm, yeah… You know… I denied my husband any pussy after the boat incident, and that means that I haven’t had any dick in a long time. So now I am hungry for a big, throbbing cock down my throat, baby!” And with those words she gaped over my rod.

She sucked me deep a few times right from the start, before she started playing with the tip gently with her tongue. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the blow job, and soon she started licking my balls enthusiastically. She made sure to rub my shaft while her mouth was covering my balls, and soon my dick was rock hard.

I took hold of her thick, red hair to be able to guide her movements, and she moaned audibly as I moved her head up and down my pole. She gagged a little when I pushed her too far, but she just smiled and went at it again. I then pulled her head back with one hand and used my other hand to slap my hard cock against her cheeks. She gasped as my heavy shaft hit her, and she tried to lick it with her tongue. I let her lick it for a while, before pulling her head back again so she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Then I slapped the heavy dick against her tongue a few times, before I pushed her head back down so she could swallowed the whole length again. I kept it deep in her throat for a while, before pulling her back so I could slap her with it again.

She moaned and panted the whole time, but still smiled up at me when she finally took a break from the sucking. I got her up on my lap next, and she spread her legs and slid down to my erect penis. She rubbed her panties against it while pushing her bust in my face. I quickly undid her bra and soon had her huge tits right in front of my face. I squeezed and sucked her breasts eagerly while she continued to stroke my prick. Her tits were big and soft, and had a nice shape. They weren’t too perky, but her nipples were starting to üniversiteli öğrenci escort get hard. It didn’t take long before she wanted my dick deep inside her pussy, though. She had pulled her panties to the side so her pussy was exposed, and took a firm grip around my staff. Then she guided herself down on it slowly. I continued to suck and pinch her nipples as my dick forced its way into her tight pussy. She was wet, though, so I was sliding steadily deeper. She let out a moan as she lowered herself all the way down to my balls, with my dick completely inside her twat.

She started to ride my stick slowly, and her breathing increased a bit. I ran my hands down her side and over to her back. I took a firm grip on her ass as she started to ride me a little bit faster.

“Oh, yeah, girl. Ride that rod hard!” I encouraged her, and that was hardly needed. She increased the tempo, and I guided her up and down while squeezing her ass. Her boobs started to bounce as she humped me harder and harder, which really turned me on. I continued to suck on her nipples some more, but mostly just watched as her gorgeous tits bounced freely in front of me. I stuck my head in between her big bouncing breasts as well, enjoying how they slapped against my face.

After a while she slowed down a bit, and I continued to suck on her nipples as well as squeeze her ass. I spread her butt cheeks apart as well, letting a finger slide in between them. She didn’t seem to mind, so I pushed the finger slowly inside her tight hole. She gasped as she felt the finger in her ass, but continued to ride my pole. So I kept on finger fucking her anally for as long as she was riding me. It didn’t seem like she had experienced that before, but she didn’t really protest.

I was starting to feel that I couldn’t keep up the fucking for too much longer, so I picked her up and put her back down on the coach. It was time to pound her for real now and fill her wet cunt with cum, so I didn’t bother starting slow. I jumped on top of her and pushed my dick back into her slit. Then I started to pound her real good as fast as I could.

“Oh… Ah… oh, yeah… fuck me hard! Oh, Mr. Castle! Fuck me, just like that!” she moaned. “Please, boss. Pound my cunt as hard as you can!” And I did just that, and then some. It was hard for her to talk between all the moaning and slamming of her pussy, but she kept talking dirty as I fucked her silly and squeezed her big tits beneath me.

“Ah! Ah! Oh, yeah! Ah… oh, I want you to come inside me. I want you to fill my twat with your hot cum! Oh, boss! Fill me with your juices!” she said as she dug her nail into my back. “I want to taste your dick right out of my cum-filled pussy!” And I could feel I was about to come right then. So I pumped her as hard as I managed the last few thrusts just before I exploded inside of her. Sandra shrieked in glee as she felt my cum shoot into her cunt. After having almost emptied myself inside of her, I pulled out and moved my crotch up to her head, dripping cum over her face. Then I put the wet dick into her mouth, letting her suck it dry — something she was more than happy to do. I fucked her between her massive tits a few times to get the last drops out, before I put it into her mouth again. She sucked down every bit of cum, and looked up at me with a big smile on her cock-sucking mouth

“I need to go to lunch soon,” I said after I had climbed off her. She inched over to me and started licking my softening dick again before I could pull my pants up.

“Are you sure you don’t want to fuck my horny cunt again, boss? I don’t mind,” she said as she started to suck my cock slowly. “And are you sure I deserve a raise after this? I’ll do anything necessary.”

“You’re a great fuck, Sandra, and I would love to fuck your brains out all day,” I said as I pulled her head back enough to get my pants up. “But how about I give you that raise now, and you can thank me some other time, alright?”

She leaned back, spread her legs and pussy wide open, while squeezing her breasts. “Are you sure you have to go now, Mr. Castle?” she asked. I nodded and zipped up. “Well, then. I’ll look forward to next time. And thank you so very much for helping me out! If there is anything else I can do…”

“We’ll see,” I said nodding. “But I have to go now. Just let yourself out when you’re dressed. Bye, Sandra.” I squeezed and kissed both her breasts before leaving with her moans still ringing in my ears.

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